Winter 2014 Harem Hill, Week 12, ImoCho Finale: Sayonara, Chikanhime!

imocho 1220

This is it, my friends. This is our last episode of ImoCho. What’s that, you say? Since it’s the finale, ImoCho might go out with a bang? Surely, you jest!

Tired of being in a harem anime and seeing nothing happen, Neko asks to meet our harem lead alone in the middle of the night. What could she possibly want with him though? Well, before we get to that, let’s quickly show the viewers how unladylike and uncouth Aunt Nanami is:

imocho 1201

Wonderful! Oh, I mean… subarashii for the aspiring weeaboos amongst us. Alright, so back to the topic at hand: what exactly does Neko want with Yuuya anyway? Basically, she wants to know how he feels about the two main girls in his life, i.e. Mitsuki and Yuki. Unsurprisingly enough, they’re both like sisters to him. Well, Mitsuki is literally his step-sister, and since Yuki’s a childhood friend, she’s like a big sister. Poor Yuki. But on the bright side, this is technically progressive for a shitty anime like ImoCho:

imocho 1202

Good for you, Yuuya–…

imocho 1203

…oh. In response to Yuuya’s reluctance to bang his sister, Neko says, “…you seem to have a fixation on the formality of the ‘family.’ Blood-related or otherwise.” Yes, the “formality” of not banging your sister ’cause she’s a family member. So as a result, Neko decides to hypnotize Yuuya into letting go of his self-control. Y’know, the self-control of not banging your sister. Anyway, it seems that the act of hypnotism requires Neko to kiss the harem lead or something.

imocho 1204

Well, why not? It’s a fucking harem, after all.

The following morning, everyone gathers ’round Yuuya because it looks as though our harem lead has come down with a fever. Still, he eventually wakes up. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see a harem anime where the main character isn’t afraid to speak his mind! After all, bland harem leads always have interesting things to say. So have at it, Yuuya! Open your mind to us. Show us what you’re thinking! First, he calls his sister cute. Oh. Well, I’m sure he’s just saving the best for last. Plus, it doesn’t fail to make Moa jealous:

imocho 1205imocho 1206

Yase, deep down, all imoutos are just tsundere for their oniichans. If she doesn’t want to bang your brains out, it’s only because you haven’t spoiled her with sweets and compliments enough. Still, this isn’t a story about Shotaro. This is about the uninhibited Yuuya! Again, Yuuya, again! Speak forth from your heart!

imocho 1207imocho 1208

Wow, I had no idea that inside every bland harem lead was really just a perverted old man with antiquated ideas about women’s bodies! And to think… he’s been holding back this side of him this entire time. What a poor bland harem lead! I pity his inability to grope his best friend’s boobs at any time. No wonder those chikans have to resort to trains and buses to take what is rightfully theirs.

After Yuuya passes out from being slapped by Yuki, Neko reveals the truth to all her friends: she has hypnotized our hero into being more honest with his desires. Hiyori brilliantly adds, “Hey, but you know, I get the feeling that he wasn’t being ‘honest’ so much as blurting out how he really feels.” What?

T-T-T-Truth bombs from the perverted old man uninhibited bland harem lead!

“Torii, you’re a good, honest guy…”

“[Aunt] Nanami-san, there’s a hole in your lounge sweatpants. Don’t you think it’s time you bought a new pair? …I don’t think that’s right for a woman.”

We then briefly take a break from Yuuya… to hear the girls talk about Yuuya! Yaaaaay! Basically, Mitsuki isn’t nice enough to her poor oniichan. Now, back to dem t-t-truth bombs!

“Nanami-san would probably be more popular with guys if she were more modest and could control her drinking.”

Mm-hmm, nothing like telling a grown woman how to act because getting a man is all that really matters in her life!

When our group of friends finally make their way home, Yuuya decides to go to sleep early because he’s got a fever. Still, he takes this one last chance to tell Yuki that she needn’t change herself completely. Uh-huh, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind though if she kept that giant rack he had groped earlier. In response, Yuki says…

imocho 1209

C’mon Yuki, the guy is being honest with you, so you could at least be honest with him. In any case, he passes out and she heads on home. Before she leaves, however, she suddenly reveals to Mitsuki that she’s always been able to see Hiyori: “I’ve always had a sense for the supernatural.” That’s it. There’s nothing special about this revelation whatsoever. Yuki isn’t secretly a shrine maiden tasked with hunting down monsters and phantoms or anything like that. She simply has always had the ability to see dead people and that’s it.

What’s that? We haven’t gotten an insight from the mind of a perverted old man in a while? Well, why didn’t you say so!

“When they pressed against me in the bath, they were so soft and springy…”

Take notes, guys. Go up to your woman and say, “Baby, your boobs are so springy!” It’ll make her knees quiver… like springs!

“The sensation was incredible. All right. I’ll get her to let me touch them again sometime.”

Let you? I didn’t think you’d wait around long enough for her to “let you” do anything! Soon, Yuuya begins to fantasize about Mitsuki’s chastithong. Elsewhere, Hiyori is elated about Yuuya’s true feelings for Mitsuki. Mitsuki thinks it’s unnecessary to seduce Yuuya though. After all, the gauge on the chastithong fills up whenever anything sex-related happens to either of them. So why bother seducing Yuuya to get the job done? Naturally, Hiyori agrees. So she proceeds to rape Mitsuki for the last time in the series.

imocho 1210anchorman

I mean, c’mon, were we really going to let this series end without at least one last lesbian rape scene?

More insights into the mind of a perverted old man, but this time, in the guise of a young, dead girl!

“Hiyori’s hands fondle Mitsuki’s breasts. Sometimes gently, sometimes roughly. Mitsuki starts to feel turned on by the groping, despite her resistance. She grabs Mitsuki’s panties and slides them down and off. Hiyori keeps making her moves: Grope, Grope, Go, Go, Jump! ‘How do you know my weakness?’ ‘Because I’m possessing you!'”

All of a sudden, a feverish Yuuya barges into Mitsuki’s room and demands that his imouto stops wearing the chastithong. This enrages Mitsuki, so she kicks him out of the room. Still, the interrupted rape scene was enough to fill up the gauge on the chastithong ever so slightly, but… oh what’s that? The stairs to heaven are complete?!

imocho 1211

Does this mean Hiyori will finally go away for good? Uguu, lemme take your hand, my rapist, as I walk you to the pearly gates of heaven:

imocho 1213


imocho 1214

“LET BYGONES BE BYGONES AMIRITE!” Like a traumatized victim, Mitsuki can only meekly reply, “It doesn’t matter anymore.”

imocho 1215

Yeah, it was totally a blast to rape Mitsuki and nearly trick her into banging her brother. They should do this again next time. Well, I was only kidding about the last part, but Hiyori must’ve heard me because she then suggests, “I’d like to come back as the child you and my brother have.” For what? So that you can rape Mitsuki as her daughter? Still, this makes Mitsuki tear up:

imocho 1216

And slowly — ever so slowly — Hiyori disappears into the light…

come back

Just kidding!

imocho 1217

It’s only the second floor!

imocho 1218

Ah, the classic non-ending ending! So as you can see, there are still many more steps to form! And who knows if the door up there even leads to heaven! Maybe it just leads to the third floor! And then the fourth floor! And the fifth! In fact, this story could go on forever! But you’ll have to read the currently still ongoing manga series if you want to know what happens next, ’cause this is the last episode of the adaptation.

Now, now, there are some loose ends to the story. For instance, who the hell is Hiyori anyway? And what’s her real name? Will Yuuya and Mitsuki’s parents ever return? Is Neko some kind of twisted goddess or what? These are just a handful of the mysteries still surrounding the story, but nevertheless, there’s one thing you can always rely upon… the chastithong!

imocho 1219

Why, my dear friend, it’s so that I can rape you even harder!

Oh well, that’s it. We’re done. I’ve blogged through an entire season’s worth of Harem Hill, and it looks like there’s still more to come as Nisekoi continues on into the spring season. Plus, we’ll have the harem anime of the spring to contend with. But for now, we bid ImoCho adieu… and hopefully for good.

imocho 1212fuck this shit 2


17 Replies to “Winter 2014 Harem Hill, Week 12, ImoCho Finale: Sayonara, Chikanhime!”

  1. I said it before, but: it blows my mind that a story that’s literally just about a girl being raped and sexually humiliated got greenlit for what passes as mainstream broadcast in the anime world.

    1. You can take your pick from a list of excuses:

      1) She’s just a cartoon character! You can’t hurt an imaginary character!
      2) If she didn’t want it, why was she turned on?
      3) This is not your culture! You just don’t understand!
      4) Just turn your brain off and enjoy!

      So forth and so on.

      1. While 1) has a valid point, that only stops it from being illegal (in most sane cases), not from being horrible shit.
        Kind of sad people would even begin to defend a show like this, especially with points 2-4 as the crux of their argument….

  2. Perhaps what’s more shocking than it’s abrupt ending is it’s MASSIVE balls to even dare tease a continuation of this rancid, contrived, disgustingly TERRIBLE story.
    But according to you the manga is still going and there’s even a live action film being released, so what do I know?

    I can’t say I’ll miss this show. At most I’d say reading your posts on it was easily the best part of Harem Hill aside from the continuing misadventures of “Childhood Promises: The Show”, but even then I think everyone is glad it’s finally over.

    All that’s left are uneasy questions… Not about the show. No, I mean- haha! Who gives a damn about that?
    I mean the questions of what this show is and if it’s a sign of a terrible future for anime. Now to sound like a doomsayer, but it’s undeniable that anime as of recent years has become increasingly obsessed with little-sister incest. Some of the biggest, most successful titles to come out all involve such a theme! Is this just a prolonged version of the “highschool band of moeblobs” trend that kicked up a short while back? Or is this just getting started down it’s long run?

    No one wants to be the first to do something negative, whether it’s censorship or incorporating uncomfortable themes into your product. However, with each previous precedent of this garbage it seems studios are willing to take just another step closer to absolute incest. “Well BLANK did it and it did great, so let’s try pushing just a little more.”
    “Hey, BLANK worked amazingly, right? If we push a bit more in BLUNK we might get ever more revenue.”
    “A story just like BLUNK and BLANK, here comes BLENK, raunchier and funnier than ever!!”

    I’m not surprised nothing came of it this time. No sis-con kisses or implied hand holding (again), but it really makes me wonder if down the line, as more shows like this get regurgitated from the putrid vat of this nonsense, there will actually be that one mainstream mega-popular anime wherein the duo actually get together.
    And it’ll be fine, because they aren’t blood related, hence their family bond means nothing.
    That’s what upsets me the most about this trend, as I’ve said numerous times before. Not only is it just outright gross, but from an objective universal point of view it’s a genuinely harmful thing that ebbs away at the already difficult topic of raising an adopted child or re-marrying another parent.

    Or maybe I’m going WAY too far with this train of thought. Starting to sound like the kind of loon who cried about how Fist of the North Star was warping people’s mind to be ultra violent. haha!
    Meh whatever. It’s over and thankfully you managed to poke enough holes into ImoCho that it roasted into an even cinder.

    1. I can’t say I’ll miss this show.

      Are we supposed to miss any Harem Hill show?

      Some of the biggest, most successful titles to come out all involve such a theme! Is this just a prolonged version of the “highschool band of moeblobs” trend that kicked up a short while back? Or is this just getting started down it’s long run?

      Eh, I don’t know. I live too much in the moment to look at the whole thing at a larger scale.

      Or maybe I’m going WAY too far with this train of thought. Starting to sound like the kind of loon who cried about how Fist of the North Star was warping people’s mind to be ultra violent.

      I disagree with ImoCho’s content, but I’m a rather optimistic guy. And as an optimistic guy, I don’t think people are generally dumb enough to watch ImoCho can come away from it thinking they should rape their sisters. Rather, I just attack the anime itself. I don’t worry about what others might think.

      1. “Are we supposed to miss any Harem Hill show?”
        Ha! Good point.

        “And as an optimistic guy, I don’t think people are generally dumb enough to watch ImoCho can come away from it thinking they should rape their sisters.”
        HAha! Well I meant that it would help the “you aren’t siblings if you aren’t blood” fallacy not that it would lead to imouto rapes sweeping across Japan. haha!
        But fair enough. I understand where you’re coming from, mate. It’s probably best if we leave the “implications speculation” to a minimum and just enjoy the roasting of these crap anime.

        1. I mean, it’s a bad message to send but eh… people who are likely to be swayed by a fucking anime are probably terrible people to begin with.

  3. This has got to be a joke. Who the hell would watch this and actually like it? …You know what, don’t answer that. I already have a pretty good idea as to that “who” might be. I’m picturing neckbeard, sweaty, creepy, rapey, and anime-club. Yech. (Yes, I had really weird and bad experiences at anime clubs, so I know what I’m talking about.)

    1. (Yes, I had really weird and bad experiences at anime clubs, so I know what I’m talking about.)

      Sounds like you have stories to tell.

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