First Impression: Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to

Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0112

So yeah, this show won’t be getting another dedicated post after this one, but I’ll probably include it in this season’s big Harem Hill post just because of how stupid it is. It’s usually not a great sign when the characters all have the same facial expression:

Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0101


Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0102

8D 8D :D

Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0103


So I guess one of the big themes this season is that we should grope women’s breasts for a greater cause. Right off the bat, our mangaka informs his assistant that he wishes to “grope some breasts.” But don’t take it the wrong way!

Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0104

This is for science! How can we be the best manga artist if we can’t translate our real life experiences to the manga itself! And how can we translate our real life experiences to the manga itself if we’ve never had any real life experience! So there you go! Even though it’s wildly inappropriate for a boss to approach his assistant in this way, especially considering the inherent power imbalance in their working relationship, it’s just like in Kenzen Robo Daimidaler. Breast-groping is for the greater cause, and what woman wouldn’t want to achieve greatnessforhermaleboss? Unfortunately, his assistant Satoho doesn’t agree. Sigh. What’s the next best thing then?

Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0105

A ha! And she might even go along with it too since she wouldn’t want to lose her job or anything. Then while she’s distracted, that’s when you strike!

Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0106Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0107Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0108

You molest her anyway! Heh, that’ll show her for rejecting you the first time. It’s okay though. We’ve got a perfect solution to diffuse this nasty tension. Just like in other anime, all Satoho has to do is to get physically violent with the guy, and all will be forgiven and forgotten!

In the very next scene, Yuuki’s editor Mihari pays him a visit to complain about the unrealistic portrayal of women in his manga. Apparently, the girls he pen are always ready and willing to show off their panties to any male who shows them the slightest bit of attention. Mihari calls this unrealistic, and let’s face it, it’s pretty disgusting too. In the resulting discussion, Yuuki is shocked that neither his assistant nor his editor would willingly allow themselves to be groped by their boyfriends at any time during the day. El-oh-el, guys, it’s like there’s a time and a place for sexual activities, and there isn’t always a green light just because two people are in a relationship! Next, you’ll be telling me that husbands aren’t entitled to sex from their wives whenever they want it! In response to this reality check, Yuuki moans, “Can’t we at least have our dreams in manga?!” He then accuses Mihari of having lost sight of her dreams. Really. Just because she doesn’t think girls in manga should just freely offer themselves to everyone, she’s apparently lost sight of her dreams. Still, Mihari tells him that she does too have dreams. She dreams of “[publishing] lots of interesting manga for the world to read.” But that’s not good enough for our mangaka.

Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0109

Mihari finally has to admit that she ultimately wants to get married. Oh, apparently now it’s enough.

Afterwards, Yuuki and Sahoto discuss how less is sometimes more, especially with panty shots.

Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0110

Oh boy.

Then in the very last story of the episode, Mihari somehow runs into Yuuki in a lingerie shop. Yuuki is a connoisseur of women’s undergarments, y’see, and he’s discerned Mihari’s cup size just from looking at her. But please, don’t think that just because she’s a AA-cup, our protagonist would have no interest in his pettanko of an editor:

Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to 0111

And again, just get violent with him and all will be forgiven and forgotten. Wow, what a great show!


8 Replies to “First Impression: Mangaka-san to Assisant-san to”

  1. I don’t know why but I saw the artwork for this and assumed it was going to be a non-pervy romance. Apparently not.

    Also Jesus those faces

  2. I’m not sure how it’s changed from manga to animation, but Mangaka-san-to-Assistant-san-to is supposed to be a satire of manga and mangaka. Aito is not meant to be anyone’s idol, and I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s found himself in extremely emasculating situations in the manga.

    Whether it makes for effective satire is another question.

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