Captain Earth Ep. 2: More like Captain Nonsense

captain earth 0204

Bones, please…

Episode Summary

So Daichi kicks the enemy mecha’s ass… naturally, it’s the second episode of the season, so c’mon, what else was he going to do? When he turns to Earth, he meets up with his two former “friends.” Some shady-looking guy in a suit is practically torturing our hero’s friends, and tries to do the same thing to Daichi, but he… uh… summons his gun and destroys a sensor tower in the distance. As a result, he and his friends are free… free to toss a boomerang around on the beach. Right. Elsewhere, an even shadier-looking CEO is schemeing something with his perverted AI.


• Well, if you couldn’t get enough of last week’s long-as-hell transformation scene, here’s another extended recap! The animators are really proud of what they’ve put together here, aren’t they?

• Daichi looked so confident at the end of the mecha transformation sequence. All of a sudden, he’s completely lost the plot as the enemy mecha rains down punishment on him.

• Westvillage is a killer surname.

• Well, I guess Bones has been working on their boob physics.

captain earth 0201

• The fight feels pretty anti-climactic. The enemy mecha was winning until Daichi sudden tells himself that he doesn’t want to die. Out of nowhere, he powers up and punches the enemy mecha in the gut. The end.

• So this Globe organization has this fancy mecha that they refer to as the Earth Engine. Unfortunately, they haven’t had anyone to pilot it until Daichi fortuitously showed up in last week’s episode. Even worse, there’s no one to direct the Earth Engine aside from a random nerdy, Eddy-ripoff character who isn’t even on Globe’s payroll. Right. It’s okay; we don’t have to worry about her because she proceeds to disappear from the rest of the episode. So do the rest of the people on that floating space station.

• Apparently, Earth is besieged by space invaders, and Globe is our only defense.

• It’s a little weird to see Daichi act all chummy with Teppei as though they’ve been in touch this entire time. It makes you wonder how long he’s been treasuring the memories of their brief encounter. You can’t really call it a friendship. I mean, they knew each other for about what? Just one afternoon? So the way our protagonist has come alive in this week’s episode is a little bizarre.

• Oh look, a mecha show with a strange, cute animal. Captain Earth is really working the tropes now.

• More bizarre developments: you know that gun-shaped thing that Daichi used in order to pilot his mecha? Yeah, it’s called a Livlaster, and it’s “an extra-dimensional life form” that is somehow shaped like a gun. And yes, it even has a will of its own.

captain earth 0203

• Random scenes of random people talking about mysterious stuff. And not only that, the dialogue is heavy in jargon. Lead gears. Designer Children. Ego Block. Entangle Link. Machine Goodfellows. Macbeth Revolution. Ugh.

• Everything the bad guys do is sexual. They can share memories with each other, but only if they kiss.

• And then we see a CEO have a conversation with his pervy computer. Looks like the CEO is up to no good, and neither is the pervy computer itself. It keeps insisting that our CEO really could’ve banged his secretary tonight if he had tried!

• In last week’s episode, Daichi was rather quiet and reserved. Now that he’s been thrown into a strange situation, the kid’s personality has seemingly taken a complete turnaround:

Daichi: “What’s that girl’s name?”
Grumpy-looking fella: “That is none of your business. There are many things in this world that you don’t need to know.”
Daichi: “That’s kind of exciting!”

It’s such a departure from he acted previously that I don’t know what to make of it. And then Peter Westvillage tells the kid the girl’s name anyway.

captain earth 0202

• So Daichi defies orders by leaving the vicinity of the base despite the fact that he’s got a lead gear on his head. Out of nowhere, he raise a palm to the skies and summons his Livlaster even though it had been sitting in some fancy case. How does he know how to do that? Where did he get the ability to do that? What is even his thought process during this scene? “I’m really going to throw that boomerang around with my friends! I know, I’ll do this thing which I’ve never done before!”

what the fuck is going on

• And so our three friends meet up at the beach to throw a boomerang around. Aaaaaaaah.

Closing Thoughts

This episode is completely nonsensical. Yeah, yeah, it’s a mecha anime, so everything’s shrouded in mystery. And in later episodes, we’re going to reveal everything one-by-one. But just because other anime series have done this same thing doesn’t mean I’ve gotten used to it. And it definitely doesn’t mean I’m going to like this sort of storytelling. It’s just too much, too fast. Instead of introducing each element of the plot one-by-one, Captain Earth just dumps everything in our lap at once. That doesn’t make the story intriguing to me. All you’ve done is lose my attention completely.


11 Replies to “Captain Earth Ep. 2: More like Captain Nonsense”

  1. How is it you missed all the sex and puberty metaphors? I agree, the story telling was nonsense, but the subtext is amusing. Like the gun that gets inserted into the cockpit, and everyone being powered by orgones, or trying to show a girl his boomerang, and final image being zoomed in on a flower’s pistil and stamens.

    1. Dat ED.

      A drop of water forms from a flower’s pistil and stamens, slides down a petal, falls from the suspiciously camel-toe shaped curve of the petal to become a little girl in a foetal position.

  2. The boomerang has an angled shape, and always comes back to its launcher.
    The Livlaster has an angled shape, and always comes back to its owner.
    Coincidence? I think not!

    About Teppei: I had the impression those flashbacks didn’t represent only one afternoon, but multiple encounters taking place during multiple days. I think at a point they said something like “today I want to show you something etc.” implying that they were meeting repeatedly during that summer.

    (also: random AI seemed the unholy spawn of HAL 9000 and the Space Core from Portal merged with a dating advisor. But then again, he IS called Puck, the trickster that spreads the love potion in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so there might be something to his match-making tendencies. Overall, this is nonsense, but it’s very amusing nonsense so far, so I’ll keep watching)

      1. maybe he’s trying to say that the Livlaster would come to Daichi whenever he needs it. but still, that doesn’t solve that gaping plot hole of how he knew that he can call it in the first place. No one said it to him, and he is not even shown contemplating about that possibility earlier. They will probably try and pull a half-assed explanation saying that Daichi knew it all along and cite that scene where he asks “Where is my livlaster?” as example.

        1. maybe he’s trying to say that the Livlaster would come to Daichi whenever he needs it.

          Maybe, but that’s such a banal thing to create a metaphor for.

      2. Ah, about that… no fucking clue. Though I’m pretty sure there’s some sexual metaphor in there.
        Honestly, as I said, I think this is nothing but amusing nonsense. I hope I can be pleasantly proven wrong, but as long as it’s at least amusing I’ll maybe stick around.

  3. Even for a mecha show this is way to much shit at once. They just dump the plot on your head and say keep up with it. So much crap has happened I don’t even remember how Daichi acted in episode 1 if things don’t slow down this series is getting dropped and I am a huge mecha fan so yea.

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