Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 3: Too cool for school

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0317

Have you heard how awesome Tatsuya is? ‘Cause he’s awesome!

Episode Summary
We spend minutes painstakingly explaining what Tatsuya did in order to defeat Hanzo. Then we spend minutes painstakingly introducing him to the Disciplinary Committee. Later that day, Miyuki disrobes in front of her brother so that he can fiddle with her CAD or whatever. She then nukes with a spell because he doesn’t just fuck her on the spot. The next day, Tatsuya goes on his very first patrol as a member of the Disciplinary Committee. He quickly saves Erika from sexual assault and breaks up a fight between the kendo club and the kenjutsu club. Wow, what a guy!


• Tatsuya didn’t need magic! He just instantly warped behind the guy thanks to the power of ninjutsu!

• Let’s stand around and talk about Psion waves. In other words, who the fuck cares?

• Oh my god, this fucking explanation is still ongoing. And now, we get a blueprint-like technical analysis of exactly what Tatsuya did in order to win a fight that didn’t even last ten seconds. Hell, probably not even five seconds.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0314

Look, he won. End of story. So why are we sitting here, fapping about details that don’t mean dick all to the show’s characterization or the plot (let’s just pretend either of these things actually exist at the moment). This is like reading some goddamn wiki.

• All the girls stare expectantly at Tatsuya.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0318

Gosh, how are you so awesome, you manly anime specimen!

• And now, one of the girls is squealing over Tatsuya’s CAD because it has been made by a mysterious engineer. So the guy gets specially-crafted stuff for him, and he’s also learning ninjutsu on the side. This is starting to sound like that childhood “friend” who’s always like, “And I can fly! And also, I have invisibility! And you can’t hide from me because I have x-ray vision too! Oh, don’t worry, I have a weakness. But it’s not really a weakness because I can read your every move.”

• But you guys don’t understand! This level of inane details is important! Since we don’t have to worry about silly nonsense like… being interesting, we can slowly world-build, which is so, so important! I can totally feel the compelling drama, the gripping characterizations, and the thrilling plotting boring themselves straight into my brain because I totally know that the Silver Horn has been optimized for Loop Casting!

• More technical analysis:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0315

I can’t get enough technical analysis!

• Magic invocation speed! Target Data Rewriting Strength!

• So, we took four minutes to come to a rather simple fucking conclusion: “I see, so that’s what happens when tests don’t reflect your true abilities.”

• Aw, Hanzo’s now apologizing to Miyuki. He just doesn’t say a damn thing to Tatsuya. After all, our hero’s still a Weed. And grr, even though the one-dimensional discrimination at this school is all based on the perceived superiority of the Blooms over the Weeds, and this guy just kicked my ass, I still won’t be contrite!

• It’s alright. He leaves Tatsuya to a room full of girls all impressed by Tatsuya’s “gun.”

• Mari: “They shouldn’t be all poisoned by discriminatory impulses yet, right?” Uh, were you not here for the last two episodes?

• Two members of the Disciplinary Committee report back to Mari. Of course, they initially take a bit of umbrage with Tatsuya’s presence, but after hearing how our hero managed to easily defeat Hanzo, they’re now glad to have him around. This is another thing that’s silly about the discrimination in this anime. The elitist attitudes of the Blooms solely hinges upon the perceived notion that every single Weed is not only worse than them, but drastically worse. At any average school, however, the distribution of aptitude is most likely going to be one continuous gradient. But not at this school though! You have one chunk of smart students, and one chunk of not so smart students. So of course, when you contrive such an unnatural scenario, you really take the air out of the discrimination subplot. It’s simply not believable.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0316

• Afterwards, more boring spell talk at the Shiba household. Miyuki wants Tatsuya to recalibrate her CAD — that saucy lass — and this means she has to strip down to just her underwear. Meanwhile, Tatsuya gives us this face:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0301

I’m watching such an amazing anime.

• Aaaaaaand here’s where the imouto tries to seduce her oniichan. But guys, there’s no incest here! Trust me! emot-rolleye

• Y’know, it at least took Kirito half a season to win over the girl of his dreams. Asuna didn’t just throw herself at her Gary Stu right from the very start.

• Miyuki: “Or is it perhaps that you don’t see me as a member of the opposite sex?” What an asinine thing to say. Guess who else is a member of the opposite sex? Tatsuya’s mother. Sure, sure, she’s probably dead or whatever, but by Miyuki’s logic, he should be willing and ready to bone his own mom just because she’s a member of the opposite sex. Let’s just throw the whole “Oh by the way, we’re blood-related” thing right out of the window.

• Miyuki then accuses her brother of having too much fun talking to Mayumi and Mari earlier today. For someone who loves her brother so much, Miyuki is fucking blind. ‘Cause here’s a random sampling of Tatsuya’s facial expressions throughout this very episode:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0309Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0308Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0307Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0306Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0305Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0304Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0303Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0302

Basically, a piece of lumber does a better job of emoting than this guy. :I

• The imouto then nukes him with a spell because she thinks he has had lecherous thoughts for the aforementioned girls. Great, she’s violent too. But hey, now we get to see Tatsuya all naked and shit. Even recovering from an injury has to be a long and drawn out process as Tatsuya vomits jargon in the audience’s direction. Load Magic Sequence!  Core Eidos Data!

• Shockingly enough, he’s been knocked out for the entire night. It is now morning time. Yes, Miyuki was so jealous, that she knocked her brother out for an entire evening. But don’t worry, ’cause she assures her brother it was just a prank gone wrong. Yep, this is one of the main characters. And not only that, you’re supposed to root for the strong bond between her and Tatsuya. Right.

• At school, Tatsuya comes face-to-face with Shun again. Basically, you have a lot of grimacing and a lot of yelling. Same ol’ one-dimensional discrimination.

• On his patrol, Tatsuya spots a group of students nearly stripping Erika of her clothes just because they wanted her to join their respective clubs. Are you serious? You can’t be serious, right?

• Our hero then springs into action! He quickly grabs one of Erika’s hands and absconds with her! But oh no, her shirt has come undone and we can see her cleavage!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0310

• “I’m so mad that you saw my cleavage! I’m so, so very mad! If you want to make up for it… you’ll have to… uguu, spend time with me…” /blush

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0311

Is this real life? No, guys, this isn’t a harem anime! Trust me!

• Tatsuya: “…maybe I’m just not as emotionally invested.” Understatement of the year.

• All of a sudden, the kendo club and the kenjutsu club begin to butt heads. But not if Tatsuya has anything to say about it!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0312

Very cool. So dashing.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0313

And once again, in less than five seconds, Tatsuya subdues another male asshole, thereby adding another female admirer to his collection. The rest of the kenjutsu club tries to gang up on our hero, but naturally, his ninjutsu proves superior.

• On the side, a guy pushes up his glasses with a single finger and mutters, “Omoishiroi.” Christ, could you get any more generic?

Closing Thoughts
Three episodes in, no signs of an interesting plot yet. Just another day in the life of a Shiba Tatsuya. Yeah, he’s pretty much a hardcore Gary Stu.


39 Replies to “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 3: Too cool for school”

  1. He’s not supposed to emote – he just does not have the capability to do so. It’s completely deliberate, which is why I found your comment that a piece of lumber does a better job at emoting hilarious.

  2. > Gosh, how are you so awesome, you manly anime specimen!
    > Y’know, it at least took Kirito half a season to win over the girl of his dreams. Asuna didn’t just throw herself at her Gary Stu right from the very start.
    > Yeah, he’s pretty much a hardcore Gary Stu.

    I warned you, bro! I warned you about this show! Things are only going to get worse from here. I would ask you to abandon ship, but then where else am I going to get my weekly fix of Mahouka fanboyism this good? Keep it up! Let’s see just how much Tatsuya can one up Kirito. From this angle, things are looking great so far.

    1. Yeah, it can be my SAO until the SAO sequel comes out. In saying this, people will think I’m just out to troll, but ah, fuck them. This show sucks.

      1. Just wait till you see the rampant Japanese Nationalism in Mahouka – Mahouka has very right wing sentiments behind it. You’d have a field day mocking the Yokohama arc, with their vilification of the Chinese. I am predicting that you will compose a parody poem in honor (or dishonor) of “Divine Tatsuya” at the end of the series – yes, Tatsuya is so much of a Sue that his sister literally thinks of him as a higher, superior being – though, that’s probably quite obvious by now.

  3. Maybe I am reading too much into meaningless jargon, but I thought imouto actually killed her brother and that’s why he “reloaded from backup data” or some such. It erased his recent memory since the backup which is why he doesn’t remember what his sister did to him. My theory is that the main guy is actually a magitech robot.

    Probably I am delusional but that would be hilarious if he is not only imouto’s brother but also a robot built and controlled by her.

  4. After browsing some anime related forums, I don’t understand why so much people genuinely enjoy this show. LN readers go as far as to tell it’s a masterpiece.

    The amount of comments praising the incest is outstanding.
    I thought “wincest” was a joke or something, but an overwhelming number of people seem to crave it.
    If you like incest, you are “accepted” by LN readers, but if you don’t like it, they will immediately and sometimes angrily explain you that there is no incest and there is a justification later. They never do it to those who like it.
    Justification or not, the author did the boob-press, etc to pander to the incest fans.

    They are so many things that irks me about this show, like how everybody except the MC is either a girl who always compliments him or an arrogant male bloom put there to make the MC the unique badass “alpha male”. All that without the MC intent of course. Same with the incest undertones.

    The bloom/weed separation through magic skills is also there to make him part of the bullied lower class. Underdogs are cooler, right?

    Anyway, is it safe to not like this show on this blog? the Mahouka fanbase is one of the most scariest/obnoxious I have ever seen, sorry if I offended anyone and for my poor english skills.

        1. This blog (and there are other safe blogs too) is one of the best places to bash Mahouka.

          Although on your incest comment – to me, the incestuous overtones demonstrates just how screwed up both Miyuki and Tatsuya are mentally – the justification is acceptable, only if you are willing to accept that both Miyuki and Tatsuya have… quite a considerable number of screw looses in their head. Actually, I’m very surprised no-one has spoiled you yet on the reason, even with a private message.

          I am not surprised that the incestuous undertones have elicited such a strong response of derision among large sections of English speaking anime viewers. The only reason why derision hasn’t turned into disgust, is because it’s a one sided Incest of a female making passes on a male. If Miyuki was Male and Tatsuya female, Mahouka’s incestuous overtones wouldn’t just be a target of mockery, but also utterly repulsive and nigh unwatchable. It’s funny how such double standards exist.

    1. (reply to andmeuths, i can’t reply directly to his post for some reason)

      I already read spoilers about Miyuki’s obsession.
      As I said above, even with justification, it’s just as disgusting for me and clearly there to please incest fans.

      (one example I find similar is saying that’s okay to show Mina Tepes nude body in a suggestive manner in Dance in the Vampire Bund because according to the story, she is a 400+ year old vampire, although she looks very young.)

      I think the author set the story this way to get a wider audience.
      Those who are into incest have plenty to fantasize about while the show is not crossing the line, and those who dislike it are given reasons to bear it. Doesn’t work for me.

      Sorry if it wasn’t clear but the incestuous undertones were not mocked, they were welcomed with delight by the vast majority, I am part of the (apparent) minority who find the incestuous overtones repelling, be it Miyuki towards Tatsuya or vice versa.

    2. Why is this show popular? Worldbuilding, that’s why. Many people have obsession over obtuse and long winded exposition of useless worldbuilding that is unrelated to the plot. You’ll see “bu-but the worldbuildng!” defense for this kind of fiction.

  5. I dropped the show after the first episode but that won’t stop me from reading your posts. And totally not because your pain amuses me.

    But sometimes I have to stop laughing and, out of genuine concern, ask: E Minor, are you okay? Does this hurt you as much as it hurts me? Or are you fueled by some sort of (somewhat odd) pleasure while watching this?

  6. Funny review you wrote even thought i actually love Mahouka disregard flaws pointed here, MC don’t have strong emotions due reasons to be clarified in near future, its a pity they dropped Tatsuya monologues, it would make much easier to understand his character, things like how he is oblivious to human interaction, how he can’t understand why his sister is using less and less clothes day by day, or even why people keeps talking to him, the writing awkward but that’s the whole point of Mahouka, its like watching the demon lord lv 100 last boss going to school with his little sister while interacting and beating lv 1 characters even restraining himself yet not trying to look serious but being somewhat comic instead.

    1. I can understand if Protag over hear has his own thoughts and ideas. Though his thoughts summarized in the LN is “oh, why are people talking to me. Why are girls trying to bang me.” Which is also a huge excuse to give fans the vague ability to put themselves in the character’s shoes.

      But then again, giving the guy an actual Personalirt would cost more fanservice and would destroy the ULTIMATE BADASSNESS the main protag brings.

      GREAT Modern-day Male characters in anime don’t need EMOTIONS and personal Perspectives! Those things are for anime GIRLS in order to make archetypes and fetishes out of! Male Characters need to be vague in order for the fans to fill in the character’s shoes but badass and strong enough to be a power fantasy.

      Have we learned nothing from KIRITO Online? Have we learn nothing?

      1. There’s alot of butthurt among LN readers over axed monologue in Mahouka – it’s safe to say 70% of Mahouka is exposition spam and internal monologue. Ironically, the anger is not because the Male MC monologue was axed, but because Incest-bro-con Imouto’s monologues were cut.

        But given your logic, why does Haruhi and Monogatari (or OreGairu indeed) devote so much attention to the internal monologues of their MCs and sell so well? Whatever the merits or demerits of those shows, their anime left little room for interpreting their Male MCs.

        As to why Tatsuya has all the emotions of a wood: well, Tatsuya is technically a Lobotomized Weapon of Mass Destruction. Now, how and why was he lobotomized? The least spoilerish way I can put it, is simply that Mahouka is a Transhuman dystopia, where human experimentation modification and “enhancement” is rampant. I supposed if all boys will gladly trade a good part of what makes them human (their emotions) in exchange for being a badass wish fulfillment character, it says something rather depressing about humanity.

        1. I get what you mean that internal monologues can explain many reasons why the character is this way. With that, I will take back the snarky “vague excuses” paragraph (which was more or less just awkward sarcasm).

          Though the big problem I can have with anime adaptations is that how they can translate the LN while having the ability to stand on its own. People can tell me to read the Light Novel in order for me to get the full experience of the anime, but that means that I have to rely on the Light Novels only to make the anime good when I can just watch the anime in itself to get what the light novels meant without the words.

      2. Have we learned nothing from KIRITO Online? Have we learn nothing?

        Yeah, we learned that people love this shit, so let’s create more inane versions of it.

  7. But reading and engaging your snarky comment is my escapism!
    In case you misread my earlier comments as way to defend to show, it is not. I haven’t even watch the first episode. Reading blog posts of this show is much more entertaining and less

    1. Shrug, I have a quick trigger nowadays. I may nuke a few innocent people, but I figure it’s better for my sanity in the long run.

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