Brynhildr in the Darkness Ep. 4: Pure idiocy

brynhildr in the darkness 0405


Episode Summary
Ryota and Neko escape from the factory with the pills. Kazumi ends up moving into the observatory with the other two witches. Some other witch has betrayed our three witches to the evil organization, so the bad guy sends a AA+ witch after our heroes… by pretending to be a transfer student! haw

• Oh, Saori can turn back time. I must have glossed over this detail in last week’s episode, because, well, I don’t really give a shit. But yeah, I guess this is how Neko will be saved. Y’see, Ryota will stab Saori in the heart, and if she doesn’t want to die, she’ll have to turn back time. The story will just literally rewind itself. That’s not cheap and lame at all. Of course, if Ryota had stabbed her a little too hard, Saori might have been too weak to do anything. Luckily, he stabs her juuuuuust right so that the girl has time to carefully consider her options and ultimately decide to do what he wants her to do. Oh, don’t tell me… Ryota had read a book on the human heart before, so he knows the exact way to stab Saori such that she wouldn’t go into shock or collapse completely. Mm-hmm, that sounds reasonable.

• Anyway, we go back a minute, and Saori is now “hung up.” It makes sense that manipulating time would use up too much of her magical energy, so she’s now a sitting duck who can no longer use her spells. I guess this is what “hanging up” means.

brynhildr in the darkness 0411

• The bad guys don’t seem too nonplussed about the fact that our heroes will succeed in stealing those pills. Makes you wonder why they’re even after these witches to begin with. They’re not high-ranked, and they likely would’ve died on their own if the bad guys had done a better job of guarding the damn factory. So what threat do these girls even pose to the likes of this evil, witch-enslaving organization?

• Neko painstakingly explains to us that “[t]ime manipulation consumes too much physical strength.” Uh, we just saw Saori attempt to run and stumble on her ass, so I think the audience is smart enough to come to its own conclusions.

• I thought our heroes had tied Saori up to grill her about the location of the pills, but no… they want to know what had caused her to rewind time. ‘Cause y’know, Ryota and Neko aren’t going to remember that they had died in a future that ended up being erased. Still, who cares? Why are you wasting time asking her about this? She turned back time. That’s all you need to know. You won the battle. The end.

But what’s even more important is that — again — time is short. That evil organization could be calling for backup for all they know. After all, the bad guys already know that Saori has “hung up,” and as a result, “[s]he is useless.” Sure, our heroes don’t know that, but I think it’s a pretty safe fucking assumption to make. But it’s not just that. After all, isn’t Kana literally bleeding herself out. Doesn’t she need to take her medication soon? I thought the whole point of this fucking mission was to save their goddamn friend, and yet they’re sitting here asking pointless questions.

brynhildr in the darkness 0412

• Because of the whole time manipulation thing, Ryota ends up forgetting the fact that Neko has those three moles located on her left breast. Oh well, too bad.

• Neko then tries to convince Saori to escape with them! Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Neko: “If she got away from them, she’d have no reason to go after us.”

Sure, if she’s a good person. How do you know she’s a good person?

• Saori explains that she can’t escape anyway. A beacon on her “harnest” — that thing on the back of a witch’s neck — allows the evil organization to track her movements. If she even tries to leave the premises, they’ll just kill her remotely. Ah well, sucks to be you. We have a friend back home to save though, so y’know how it is–…

Ryota: “Let’s see if we can remove the beacon or not.”

oh come on

Ryota: “Your life is on the line. Don’t you think we should try everything we can?”

Ah, what a bleeding heart. I guess no one has a sense of urgency anymore.

• Saori is a bit defeatist at first. After all, she’s going to be disposed of for failing. So if she knew that, why did she even bother rewinding time? She knew she was going to die either way. As such, the only reason to rewind time is in some silly hope that the good guys will idiotically jeopardize their mission in order to save someone who just moments ago had wanted to kill them. Wow, lucky guess.

• Oh look, Saori plans to kill our heroes with her bare hands once they help her. Wow, what a shocker!

brynhildr in the darkness 0413

• In the end, the good intentions of the two idiots are all for naught anyway, because the evil organization beats them to the punch and remotely ejects Saori’s harnest. So yeah, the two idiots are ironically saved by the bad guys.

• As Ryota watches Saori slowly liquefy, he screams, “Isn’t there anything we can do?” Well, what do you think you can do, buddy? No, really, I’m all ears.

• As the clock is ticking, Neko sits there and cries. Ah, poor Saori-chan. She tried to kill us, but she failed. We knew her well.

• Ryota then says, “We gotta hurry up and find those pills.” Wow, really?!

• But then our heroes spy some green slug-like thing inching its way towards Saori’s harnest. Ryota immediately screams and stomps the weird creature to death when it tries to bear its teeth at him. Meanwhile, Neko is suffering from an existential crisis: “What are we?!” Yeah…

• But no, it gets even better as Ryota displays his killer logic. Y’see, the “harnest” isn’t some bastardized version of the word “harness.” Nope, nope. It’s actually “her nest,” i.e. the metal shit on the back of the witches’ necks is a nest for “her,” the green slug-like thing.

brynhildr in the darkness 0401

“Johnson, what should we name this thing?”
“I dunno, man, what do you think.”
“Well, I was thinking “her nest” because it’s her nest.”
“That’s pretty stupid, dude.”
“Oh… uh, what about… har… nest.”

amazing job

• And… that’s it. The mission is over. The next time we see our heroes, they’re already on the train home. That was, uh, anticlimactic. As the two of them sit there in silence, Neko suddenly cries out, “Kana, hold on…” Well, Kana’s got 35 hours right? Not exactly. Neko tells Ryota that it’s different for every witch, so Kana might already be in deep trouble. Ooh, I had no idea you guys were in a rush. Gosh, I hope you guys make it in time to save your friend.

• When the two of them get back to the observatory, Kazumi has already made her way there, and she’s bleeding from head to toes too.

• Even though Ryota helps save her life, Kana is still a bitch to him. Ah well, sky’s blue, the world is round, anime characters gotta anime.

• Yeah, I had a bad feeling when the whole mission was wrapped up before the episode was even half over. ‘Cause guess what? We’re going to the beach! Yaaaaay!

brynhildr in the darkness 0402

• Neko is still worried that if she gets caught, the evil organization will go after Ryota too. Ryota then thinks to himself, “I don’t mind losing [my life] protecting you.” Gee, that was fast. Remember, he lost his memories of seeing her moles, so at the moment, he doesn’t know that this Neko is his Kuroneko. Nevertheless, he’s already ready and willing to die for some girl he has only met. Certainly, the fact that she reminds him of Kuroneko plays a role in his thought process, but it’s still incredibly dumb to me.

• Later that day, Neko suddenly gives him a mini-tablet and a cylindrical container of some sort. According to the girl, the container has… an alien inside it. Yes, that’s right, an alien. The scene ends before we can get any further explanation. Nevertheless, the fact that Neko just hands the guy a fucking alien shortly after they had gotten off the bus also implies that she’s been carrying that thing on her body everywhere she goes.

• According to Kazumi, Kana can move. She just chooses not to for reasons we don’t yet know. And if Kazumi dares to reveal this secret to Neko, Kana will kill her. Welp.

• But nevermind all of that, because it’s bath time! At a mixed onsen! That’s right, there’s just a mixed onsen conveniently near this observatory. Aliens, weird slugs with a billion eyes, liquefying witches, and hot ass babes at the onsen all in one anime! We truly live in blessed times.

brynhildr in the darkness 0403


brynhildr in the darkness 0404

Please buy the DVD for the uncensored version of this scene! Thank you very much!

• Elsewhere, a bleeding, pink-haired witch is being interrogated by the big, bad baddie — y’know, the guy with long, silver hair. I guess she used to be friends with the other three, but she’s currently selling them out for some pills. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that this was all a metaphor. Y’see, this is really a story about a bunch of prostitutes that had managed to run away from their pimp, but one of them ends up betraying the other three because she needs her heroin fix. And it’s up to Pimpmaster Ryota to make sure his girls don’t get in trouble. In the meantime, he’ll teach these poor, downtrodden prostitutes what being a real girl is like… like visiting the beach! And experiencing horribly cliched encounters at a mixed onsen! Well, this would explain Kazumi’s booby fee.

brynhildr in the darkness 0407brynhildr in the darkness 0406


• If you hadn’t already guessed, Kazumi is transferring into Ryota’s class. Yeah, let’s have all the witches convene in one location. Surely, this won’t raise anyone’s suspicions.

brynhildr in the darkness 0409

Naw, dude, it’ll be fine. We’re witches.

• Oh my god, the big, bad baddie ends up reporting to a bunch of faceless baddies to discuss a very ominous plan that totally isn’t being delayed whatsoever by the fact that our three witches are on the loose.

brynhildr in the darkness 0408

• Don’t worry, guys. I’ve got this. I’ve sent an AA+ witch to their location!

brynhildr in the darkness 0410

She’ll pretend to be a transfer student, join their Astronomy Club, and earn their trust! Then before they know it, we’ll have those three escaped witches right where we want them!

Why don’t I just raid the goddamn observatory with overwhelming force and capture them? Uh… show’s over!

Closing Thoughts
I feel dumber after having watched this episode.


12 Replies to “Brynhildr in the Darkness Ep. 4: Pure idiocy”

  1. “AA+ witch after our heroes… by pretending to be a transfer student” ,they never said they were sending a transfer student notice the witch has no beacon on her neck for tracking. They won’t send in a full force because the witches would most likely betray them. The witches have some creative powers so it is possible .Oh btw they still don’t know where the witches are hiding again notice the transfer student has no beacon on her neck. Anyways she didn’t carry around the tablet all the time its unimportant so I will just tell you after the beach trip she decided to give it to him.I agree the lewd jokes were terrible I wonder if the author of this series found that crap funny it just kills the tone like you have a decent sci fi universe going why ruin it with shenanigans Elfen Lied ironically did the same exact crap.

    1. “AA+ witch after our heroes… by pretending to be a transfer student” ,they never said they were sending a transfer student notice the witch has no beacon on her neck for tracking.

      Well, it’s the story’s fault for being purposefully misleading by juxtaposing those scenes together, and expecting the audience to look for a beacon. Or I just don’t care enough to pay close enough attention. Oh well, no skin off my back.

      They won’t send in a full force because the witches would most likely betray them.

      In the second episode, they had armored vehicles to capture one of the witches. I fail to see why they can’t do the same thing again.

      1. Alot of the stuff gets explained later but yeah, I get what you mean, they obviously mislead the audience to add some sort of trolling “suspense” to the story but with all of the unrealistic elements/plotholes it wouldn’t be surprising if the bad guys actually did something stupid like making a witch go undercover transfer student for them.

        I found it funny when kana was bleeding to death and the MC decided it was the best time to act high and mighty.

        I was kinda laughing at the “evil villains” discussing their plans at some ominously cliche evangelion-ish chatroom.

    2. yeah, I know what you mean but they most likely dont expect the watchers to look that far into it like the her not having a beacon on and the opening already spoils that she’s a part of the main cast and is somewhat of a “good guy” anyway..

      I liked the manga a little when I read it a few years ago but the main thing I really hate about it is how much it panders to otaku’s, if they toned down the highschool and harem cliches like the new transfer student every few episodes and the gothic tsundere loli’s then maybe there’d be more room for a good story with less plot holes but then it’d have a hard time selling to the people that only want to see uncensored mixed hot spring baths.

  2. Seriously, witches are weak to bullet element as well, it’s not like it didn’t work the first time. They should have been doing that repeatedly, sheesh. AA+ witch in one direction, a platoon of troops surrounding them. But no, we’re going to have terrible fights that involve people just standing there.

    It’s a dumb exploitative contrived show but it isn’t totally unwatchable. The MC has just enough grit and moxie to elevate this from a self insert harem adventure to someone that we can root for.

    1. yeah, this was made by the same guy that made elfen lied, if anything it’s pretty much a spiritual successor.

      So you can expect more harem cliches to come, morbid stuff(less with censors), and tragic events just for the sake of being tragic.

  3. “he knows the exact way to stab Saori such that she wouldn’t go into shock or collapse completely”

    Maybe he watches a lot of porn.

  4. The thing that you need to realize about Lynn Okamoto’s works is that they’re complex. Sure, at first glance, a lot of things don’t add up, but if you stop for ten seconds and think about it, you can come up with a logical explanation.

    The only criticism that I can’t rationalize is the first one. There, you’ve got a point. He was REALLY lucky she didn’t die instantly from that.

      1. I mean, I’m not trying to be rude or anything. Underneath all the insanity is a well thought out plot that will get better the longer you watch. I’m just throwing that out there.

    1. Sorry dude but alll he does is create decent sci fi universes that are some what worth a read. They are far from complex and usually follow a linear path and don’t have anything close to a mind blowing plot reveal. That is the reason for all the Childish sex jokes and the tsundere he knows his works won’t stand on their own.

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