No Game, No Life Ep. 5: The humiliation of Stephanie Dora

No Game No Life - 0501

I guess Stephanie isn’t as dumb as everyone thought. It turns out she’s been attempting to quell a noble’s uprising through political machinations. If she’s got so much sense in that department, I don’t quite understand how she can be foolish about so many other things, but oh well, that’s anime for you. If people can be dumb when it’s convenient, they can certainly be smart when it’s convenient. Still, the fact that Stephanie has some brains doesn’t stop the poor girl from humiliating herself. Y’see, she thinks the siblings are just a couple of lazy bums. After all, they sleep in until the afternoon, and they don’t help Stephanie with running the kingdom. They tell her what to do, but that’s about it. She doesn’t know, however, that the siblings have been studying the other races hard.

As they say, knowledge is power, blah blah blah. Sora tells Stephanie that they can’t hope to beat the other races if they don’t know anything about them. After twenty long minutes of unfunny jokes, Stephanie finally points the two siblings toward a National Library that Imanity once owned. As you might have already guessed, the kingdom went and lost it in a game. In fact, they lost it to a Flugel, a race of book-loving warmachines. Yeah, warmachines. The Flugels were created by the Old Gods in order to fight their battles for them. I guess the Flugels broke away from their masters at some point. I’d say it’s rather disappointing that it takes an entire episode for the show to set up its next antagonist, but hey, I must sound like a broken record at this point. I just honestly feel as though the middle fifteen minutes of the show are absolutely pointless, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

No Game No Life - 0502

Anyway, since Sora so badly wants to conquer the Animal Kingdom for its bevy of, uh, doggirls, he’ll just have to win the library back. So that’s where we stand after the dust settles. But really, the episode is nowhere near as exciting as it sounds. In fact, most of the episode is padded by the wacky humiliation of Stephanie Dora. Like I’ve said, she thinks the siblings are being a bunch of bums. As a result, she keeps challenging them to a game. If she wins, Sora will have to become a “fulfilled” person. Sounds like the line could’ve been better translated, but whatever. If Stephanie loses the games, however, she gets humiliated. Naturally, she doesn’t win a single game. After all, the siblings never lose! First, they make her dress and act like a dog. Then, for every subsequent game that she loses, the siblings win a piece of her clothing. By the end of the episode, Stephanie is nearly naked.

No Game No Life - 0503

Stephanie breaks down at one point and wonders why she can never win. Eventually, Sora lectures the girl on how there just isn’t any such thing as luck! If you can’t win, it’s because you lack knowledge! Yes, very incisive stuff. The thing is, none of the games you see in this episode are very well thought out. After all, that’s why there are so many of them. If this episode had been about Stephanie challenging the siblings to just a single game, the story would have to put a ton of effort into making that game well thought-out and interesting for the viewers to watch. You can obviously tell that No Game, No Life opted for the quantity over quality approach instead, The episode buys time by simply having Stephanie fail at a bunch of silly yet equally stupid games.

Ah, how long will it take for those pigeons to take flight? What’s the gender of the next person to walk down this alley? See? There’s nothing here to remotely sink your teeth into. For instance, Stephanie doesn’t even know what card-counting is. She challenges Sora to blackjack, but by rendering her this clueless, it’s obviously a walk in the park for the guy to beat her. How is this interesting to watch? The only real appeal here is that the poor girl slowly strips herself down to practically nothing. But hurr hurr hurr, anime boobs!

Ah well, there isn’t really much else to say about the episode unless I want to comment on Stephanie’s nakedness, which, well, I don’t. Oh, I guess I can sort of talk about the other races. Yeah, the Warbeast race is just about you’d expect from anime:

No Game No Life - 0506

Apparently, individuals from this race can read minds, so things like strategy and bluffing won’t work on them. But, uh, they’re only ranked 14th in this world. What makes it even funnier is how Sora’s first objective is to defeat a Flugel, who belongs to a race that is ranked 6th, in order to gain a library, which might help him defeat the Warbeasts. Yeah… Speaking of the Flugel, here she is:

No Game No Life - 0504

She looks pretty generic, but the siblings act as though they’ve just laid their eyes on something majestic. Honestly, stuff in this anime is just hard to make out. Case in point, here’s the 2nd ranked race in the story:

No Game No Life - 0505

What the hell am I even looking at? Shrug. Oh well, that’s about it. I just don’t have anything else to say about the episode. It’s just not particularly interesting.


16 Replies to “No Game, No Life Ep. 5: The humiliation of Stephanie Dora”

  1. @e minor you remember the strategy game i was talking about last time then this strategy game will be against this angel without magic and even if she not looks like it she is the most smart among her race

  2. I’m still waiting for Sora and Shiro to be challenged to a more physical game. I mean, they obviously don’t do much exercise, so I’m pretty sure something like lifting weights will be a real challenge for them. They might even lose. But that’s probably never going to happen.

    1. Slow down there! We wouldn’t want this show to be REALISTIC by any stretch of the imagination, would we??? Remember what kind of SUPER FIT AND ATHLETIC PEOPLE are probably watching this great show!!!

    2. I guess that’s simply not considered a “game” for all the purposes of the show, or Steph would have thought of that. She’s not THAT dense.

      Plus it’s a staple of game centred shows: nothing can be determined by physical superiority. At least here there are the Ten Pledges to enforce that. When WIXOSS had a single girl threaten two girls and a boy into giving her their email or she wouldn’t have “let them go” (despite her being clearly absolutely unable to stop them), well, THAT was derpy.

  3. “looks kind of generic”
    I’m offended you didn’t gape in awe over the overexposed God rays pouring down on the Digimon character!
    Though honestly that thing might as well be a pea with giant wings and a yellow scarf for all the good it does trying to decipher that image.

    LIke you’ve mentioned, the artwork and worse the coloring is awful in this show, but even more awful is how it’s coated in what seems like five different filters at any given moment. It’s almost physically painful to look at, let alone watch. How do you do it?
    Maybe it’s just my eyes being sensitive to this thing, but I occasionally had to look away while watching this episode.

    I was interested in the warbeasts as some kind of mecha-transhumans or werewolves. Guess that was a dumb hope haha

    1. Yeah, the show’s ugly, but since I already bitched about it in the first post on the show, no point doing it again. Still, not a week goes by that I don’t think, “Man, this is ugly as shit.”

    2. I actually sorta enjoy the uberfiltering and the color palette. I mean, I totally see how it’s a rather cheap trick to make the show look “different” without really making an effort, but yeah, for now it works for me. It surely makes everything look unreal enough. There’s not much creativity in the visual direction of course – I guess everyone who knows his shit about that in MadHouse at the moment is working on HunterXHunter, and thank goodness for that!

      1. Well, I think how we feel about the anime can certainly ‘color’ our perception of its heavily-saturated palette. I’ve noticed that people who find the show funny don’t seem to mind the show’s aesthetics all that much either.

        1. the problem with the strategy game against this angel is there is going to be lot of fanservice that they may use the white bar or mist to cover their naked body

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