Brynhildr in the Darkness Ep. 6: Dumb and Dumber

brynhildr in the darkness 0604

Ah, another episode of this complex anime and its brilliant characters.

Episode Summary
Despite the girls’ best efforts to get themselves killed, Ryota hatches a plan that saves the day. Afterwards, Ryota and Kuroha have to convince Kotori to take her much needed pills, which, of course, they manage to do successfully. At the end of the episodes, our hero looks to recruit the help of some researcher to produce more of the pills that the witches need.

• Oh god, it’s dumb and dumber. Ryota smartly suggests that they run away. After all, Shino’s dead so there’s no point in sticking around. The characters nevertheless gawk as Kikako tears the harnest out of Shino’s neck. This ghastly sight enrages Kuroha, and she almost runs headfirst into battle against a witch who clearly outclasses her. Still, Ryota manages to convince the girl otherwise yet again! But don’t you worry, ’cause Kotori quickly shows up to the scene, screaming her lungs off for the now dead Shino! Wow, an evil witch is in the area? Why, let’s attract attention to myself by making as much noise as possible! So then this gives Kuroha the opening she needs to play the martyr again: “Murakami, take care of Kotori. I’ll distract Kikako.” I almost feel sorry for Ryota because he has to deal with these two idiots. Almost.

brynhildr in the darkness 0605

• Kazumi’s not too bright herself. You can tell the story’s trying to create a false sense of tension by having her rage at Ryota for not getting Kuroha away from Kikako in time. Obviously, however, the guy has a Keikaku™ with a capital K.

• Apparently, Kikako’s laser beams have a charge-up time, which allows Kuroha to dodge them if she’s on her toes. Then while the witch is distracted, Ryota can run up and disable her. I still don’t think this is how they defeat the evil witch, though. The way I see it, Kotori’s teleporting powers is the story’s Chekhov’s gun at the moment.

• What the hell? Why would Kotori tie herself up? Look, she’d switch places with Kuroha right? So the logic here is that Kuroha wouldn’t rush to Kotori’s rescue after the two have swapped places. But c’mon, Kuroha would just end being a sitting duck anyway. This is such an idiotic plan when the obvious solution is staring her right in the face: swap places with Kikako. But of course, everyone has to be a complete idiot. This way, Ryota can look like the biggest genius in the world’s smallest pond.

• Ryota tells Kotori that she will die if she swaps places with Kuroha. The girl doesn’t mind because she’s run out of pills. And right on cue, she starts to bleed from her mouth. Wow! What timing! How convenient is that!

brynhildr in the darkness 0606

But anyway, did it ever occur to her that they could nevertheless come up with a plan to kill Kikako? Yes, she’s going to die either way, but this current plan of hers does nothing but merely save Kuroha’s life. By swapping places with Kikako, however, they could take out an evil witch once and for all, then Kotori can go and die to her heart’s content! That’s the thing though. None of these girls seem to have any sense of self-preservation. Instead, they’re always jumping at the chance to die for someone else’s sake. That sounds like a good thing, but not necessarily. Because they’re always so willing to sacrifice themselves, they don’t even bother to come up with a better solution. They all just want to die and tug at the heartstrings.

• Anyway, Ryota finally realizes the obvious solution that’s been staring all of us in the face the entire time. But no, he doesn’t want to put the evil witch out of her misery. After all, it just doesn’t feel right to kill someone! Nope, let’s not do that. Instead, let’s leave her tied to the poll, which allows the big, bad villain to bring Kikako back to the lab where she’ll probably suffer an even worse fate. Think, man, think. Use that fucking brain of yours.

• Then to top it all off, Kotori runs off to die on her own, forcing her new friends to look for her. Jeeeeeeesus Christ, man. I’m just going to call her Dumber from now on.

• Our heroes locate Dumber, and she tells them a sob story about how her friend Chie had sacrificed herself so that Dumber could live to see her birthday. Not only that, Chie transferred Dumber into a high school because it’s plainly obvious that the girl sorely needs an education.

brynhildr in the darkness 0607

• Ryota won’t allow Dumber to die, because they need her as a club member! Otherwise, the Astronomy Club will be shut down. Hurr, so wacky!

• Man, these lines without context, though: “It’s fine, so just take it, or I’ll shove it down your throat!”

• Soft piano music plays as Ryota wishes Dumber a happy birthday. Afterwards, she goes to visit Chie’s grave. I just can’t roll my eyes hard enough. The drama in this show is so cheap and lame. And since we’ve just gotten over a “serious” moment in the anime, prepare yourself to be bombarded with fanservice in 3, 2, 1…

brynhildr in the darkness 0601


• The show essentially oscillates between “serious” moments and fanservice moments. So y’know, I only really have to pay attention when the show is trying to be serious. ‘Cause honestly, am I really missing anything by skipping the fanservice portions? Let’s be frank here…

brynhildr in the darkness 0602

Nope, I’m not. I can get all the shitty ecchi I want during Harem Hill, so there’s no need to endure it here. The post’s over! See you Brynhildr fans next week!

• Nah, I’m just kidding. Ryota pays a researcher by the name of Kogoro a visit. This guy can apparently help Ryota and the witches out because he’s got the means to produce more of those pills that the girls need so badly. But uh, Ryota’s friend seems to have a few screws loose in the head:

brynhildr in the darkness 0603

Alright, alright, now I’m out.


14 Replies to “Brynhildr in the Darkness Ep. 6: Dumb and Dumber”

  1. My god, I can’t thank you enough for saving us from crappy anime like this. I look forward to how your articles pick apart dumb shows like these.

    And your Harem Hill evisceration posts are manna from heaven. I kid you not; please keep up the excellent work!

  2. The first chunk of this episode was mind numbingly stupid.

    But the scenes with the researcher was great. Ryota came in with a plan, and a sales pitch, and got the guy in in an entertaining way.

  3. I agree, it seems like brynhildr is using the same trope as NGNL, as in making some character/s really stupid just to make the protagonist with a little common sense look like a genius in comparison.

    And btw, the manga’s pacing/tone were setup better, the fanservice was still very uneeded but at least it wasn’t people dying on one page then boob groping on the next. But I guess since they are trying to cram as much story as they can in 13 eps it comes off as awkward pandering. 6 eps in and this is at chapter 23(out of the current 99+) so I’m betting this is gonna get some kinda axed anime original end(like elfen lied) that’s just gonna piss everyone off.

    1. yup, just found out that this animes opening had characters that didnt show up in the manga till chapters in the 70’s, so anime original ending here we go…

      …and btw, I know that it’s just for fanservice and all but what’s up neko’s uniform, does it have to be so tight that it even shows her navel?

      1. I’ve seen cosplayers look forward to fashioning themselves an outfit like Kuroha’s so I guess it’s working to some people.

    2. I’m betting this is gonna get some kinda axed anime original end(like elfen lied) that’s just gonna piss everyone off.

      Not me. I sure as hell don’t think this needs to go on for any longer than a season.

  4. So what I got from this was: Everyone’s a suicidal idiot except for Toyota who is the only one with average intelligence, but due to his cowardice and/or confused moral compass, he refuses to kill OBVIOUSLY EVIL threats.

    Ray Liotta really needs to get his balls in hand because thus far his whiny ass has been saved from having to make such a decision twice now, and by pure happenstance. First was the obviously evil witch who he was going to save but then turned to goop. Now it’s this one which he was going to leave alive but then got taken in by the villains to be gooped to death most likely.

    Retarded Iota better step up soon. If he’s going to be the only character with common sense then he has an obligation to use it.

    1. If you’ll believe certain people, this is apparently a parody. I think people will go to any lengths to defend the shows they like. After all, a parody should actually have a point of view. All I see here is “Hurr mahou shoujos are stupid, am I right?!

  5. So, the biggest question remains the same. Why the hell are the villains trying so hard to kill these girls, when they need drugs to survive, and they have average intelligence of a goldfish. LOL.

    1. Ah, this presumes that the EVIL LAB is any smarter than the girls they set loose on the planet. But, they’d have to do something REALLY stupid at some point in this series. Like exterminating a witch without even obtaining her reconnaissance.

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