Isshuukan Friends Ep. 6: Mental blockage

one week friends 0606

Kaori’s buddies have been doing poorly in math, so it’s up to her to help them pass the make-up test. But, ah, where might they study? After all, she gets so bloody worked up at the thought of her classmates potentially whispering behind her and her friends’ backs. Oh hey, I know! Let’s study at Kaori’s place! And thus begins Yuki’s hemming and hawing over what a momentous fucking occasion this study session will be. Most of the time, I like One Week Friends. No really, I do. Its premise isn’t even bad. This episode, however, has got a terrible premise. It’s just so goddamn played out. How many different times do I have to see anime characters act like it’s a big deal to visit another person’s home. Egad, man, it’s the opposite sex! The opposite sex! Seriously, you need to get out and experience life a bit more if you think going over to a friend’s place is noteworthy.

one week friends 0605

The saddest thing is that the wrong person is making a big deal out of it. Y’see, I could understand Kaori being nervous about having her friends over. After all, she hasn’t exactly had a lot of friends in recent years, has she? I definitely understand her mom being nervous about it, because last thing Mom wants to do is to screw it all up for her daughter. But really, of all the people to get worked up, it’s Yuki. When Kaori first invited him, he even thought it was inappropriate for the two of them to be in her room together. Whoa there, slow down, buddy. You guys haven’t even started dating yet. Then when Kaori invites Saki as well, Yuki has the gall to whine that he and Kaori won’t have any alone time. I’m really starting to sour on his character. He’s just a giant, whiny loser these days. What he’s got with Kaori is no longer endearing. It’s just kind of pathetic.

Midway through the episode, the characters realize that Kaori still has a hard time talking to Shogo. Saki suggests that the two of them should just have a conversation, but Kaori ends up saying mundane things like, “So, do you like studying?” and “Th-The weather sure has been nice lately!” Naturally, Shogo doesn’t have much of a response to Kaori’s lame attempts. But it’s just obvious, isn’t it? When you use terrible conversation starters, you end up having, well, terrible conversations. Fancy that! But, ah, we can never put the blame on the cute girl. Yuki and Saki are in agreement that it’s Shogo’s fault that he and Kaori can’t seem to talk about anything. But is it really that hard to start a conversation? Is it really difficult to ask about a person’s interests and/or passions in life, and thus allow them to open themselves up to you? No, it really isn’t.

one week friends 0601

At the end of the night, Kaori’s mom hands Yuki’s a note that says she wants to meet him privately the next day. Yuki brilliantly deduces, “She must want to talk about Fujimiya-san.” Naw dawg, she actually wants to start an illicit romance with a high school kid. Of course she wants to talk about her daughter, Christ. Anyway, surprise, surprise: Yuki is nervous about yet another thing again. He even tries to rope Shogo into coming along, because having a talk with your friend’s mother is also a momentous occasion worth fretting about. When he finally meets with Kaori’s mom, it just turns out she wants to talk about her daughter’s memories. Wow, who could’ve predicted that? Actually, Shogo did. Y’know, he was a bit of an asshole a few weeks ago, but he’s clearly the only sensible person in this show. Can’t he be the main character instead?

So anyway, we learn from Kaori’s mom that the girl’s strange memory affliction started shortly after she nearly got run over by a car. Nevertheless, Kaori’s mom believes the oddly specific memory loss is due to an emotional trauma, because the doctors said Kaori didn’t suffer any physical brain damage. Oh dear, here it comes. Knowing anime, it’s about to get incredibly cheesy and sappy up in here. On the day of the accident, Kaori had supposedly left the house in order to meet a very important friend. Alright, let me guess. We know the girl had ran a red light because she was in a hurry to see a friend — probably because the friend had to move away or some equally clichéd nonsense — and because she had gotten into an accident, she missed her one opportunity to see said friend. So to prevent herself from ever disappointing another friend again, Kaori has developed some sort of mental hang-up where she prevents herself from making friends.

one week friends 0603

Oh anime… Well, I guess you can’t let friends down if you’ve got none. Anyway, Yuki says “good morning” to Kaori in front of their classmates the following Monday, and Kaori realizes she actually likes having her friend greet her. At least someone is making progress. So we’ve got that going for us… which is nice.


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