Brynhildr in the Darkness Ep. 7: Lazy exposition time

brynhildr in the darkness 0702

The writing in this show is so weird. Whoops, by weird, I mean to say that it’s really just stupid. Y’see, Ryota had come to Kogoro because the latter supposedly has the means to synthesize more of those special pills that our endearing witches so desperately need. After all, our hero and his harem can’t go raiding a pharmaceutical factory every single time their supply of pills run low. There’s only one problem: it’s not as though Kogoro has any clue what this pill is nor what it’s made of. As a result, it should take some time to determine the chemical make-up and molecular structure of said pill. At best, it might take him and his team six months. At worst, we could be talking years here! Wait, what’s that? The witches only have a month’s worth of pills left? Why, let me just change my tune completely! Kogoro later calls Ryota to deliver the bad news that the pills can’t be synthesize within a month’s time, but whatever. Knowing this anime, however, he’ll flip-flop soon enough and claim that his team has made a breakthrough or something. Pills for everybody!

In any case, the serious part of the story is over for now, so let’s have a sleepover where all the girls can talk about how awesome Ryota is! Yay! All hail the harem lead! Now let’s all talk about how much Ryota likes Kuroha. Yay! Even though Kuroha tries to deny it, claiming that Ryota is too hung up on a childhood friend who looks exactly like her, Kazumi nevertheless glares at her friend. Sweet, it looks as though one of the haremettes has developed a new emotion: jealousy! Yay! Luckily for Ryota, Kazumi has the romantic IQ of a kindergartener. As such, her displays of affection include things like hitting the back of Ryota’s head with her book bag. It’s okay, though! Since she blushes at him afterwards, we know that she truly cares for him. Not only that, a random male classmates walks up to our hero and whines, “You’re so lucky, Murakami! Getting to chat with Kazumi Schlierenzauer.” Yes, the Kazumi Schlier-whatever. I’ll also have you know that this male class is probably one of the many idiots who had voiced his desire to rape Kuroha back in the first episode, so you know his opinion really counts. If you think the episode gets any better from here on out, you’re sadly mistaken.

brynhildr in the darkness 0703

In fact, the rest of the episode is absolutely wooooooothless. A bunch of classmates invite Kuroha to a karaoke bar. As such, Ryota cuts his tutoring session short just so he can stalk Kuroh–… I mean, make sure everything with her is okay. After all, she’s hanging out with a bunch of people who are not him, and you never know what’ll happen if a haremette strays too far from the rest of the flock. She might liquefy or something. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, the girl that Ryota tutors is also in love with him. Continuing on, Ryota finds his harem in nothing but their bathing suits the very next day. I think Kazumi ends up kicking the hero in the face, but I’m not sure. At this point, the episode is nothing but a blur to me. The two of them eventually end up going on a “date” to Akihabara. This excursion into the otaku capital of the world includes a discussion on whether or not eroge-lovers are virgins, the worthiness of a girl’s virginity, and last but not least, a wonderful shit-course meal at a maid cafe. Nevertheless, this is the most fun Kazumi has ever had in her life, guys. Coming to Akihabara and eating overpriced omurice that you could make at home in just ten minutes is literally the best time she’s ever had. Whoo!

To be fair, the episode isn’t completely devoid of plot development, but like a lot of other lazy-as-fuck anime series, Brynhildr in the Darkness opts to have the characters sit around in a room and just yap about stuff. Chisato meets with his mysterious superiors again. They then talk about recovering the “grane” at all costs, whatever that is. Fuck yeah, I love name-dropping shit that nobody has any clue about just so that we can explain it at some later point in the series. Storytelling! So anyway, recovering this “grane” thing is truly serious business, so Chisato will send yet another witch out into the field. Her fearsome name? Nanami! Oh, oh, and there’s even an S-rank witch above her! Considering how Kikako can shoot laser beams out of her frickin’ mouth, I bet this S-rank witch can literally fart out cosmic rays at the main characters. Truly frightening. Then there’s some stuff about how the top secret laboratory was originally founded to study alien ruins that the evil organization had managed to stumble upon one hundred whole years ago. Not only that, every single one of his Ryota’s haremettes has encountered an alien before. Wowie!

brynhildr in the darkness 0704

In the end, Ryota turns on that PDA-like device Kuroha had given him a couple episodes ago, and a map appears on the screen. Ominous German words in Gothic lettering — why? — also accompany the map, and they tell Ryota to kill all the witches if he wants to know the truth. Sweet! But before I end this post, let’s just address one quick thing. Apparently, some people think this show is a parody. Well, you can think that it’s a parody all you want, but an effective parody or a satire still needs to convey a certain point-of-view, whatever that point-of-view may be. If it’s just a parody for parody’s sake — “Haha, aren’t mahou shoujos stupid?” — then that’s a pretty worthless parody to me. Not only that, the argument that this anime is a parody is equally worthless. I mean, c’mon, if you’re going to advance an argument, go hard for it. Don’t just casually mention that, “Y-y’know, this seems satirical,” and leave it at that. At least give me something compelling. Besides, the show takes itself too seriously to be a parody anyway. So  yeah, that’s my two cents on that particular topic.


11 Replies to “Brynhildr in the Darkness Ep. 7: Lazy exposition time”

  1. There are some shows that can be a parody with out saying so Needless was a parody but it had a main character with common sense to point out how nonsensical the world is. This series is just purely bad humor and is not a parody at all some one finds this crap entertaining which is sad.

  2. I’m trying to decide whether this is better or worse than Elfen Lied based on your descriptions. I’m tentatively going with “not quite as bad as it could have been in comparison”. Then again Elfen Lied was an ever downward spiral, so there’s still plenty of time for this to outdo it.

  3. I guess that it can be an effective satire/parody only if the cast break the fourth wall at some point and let the viewers know how ridiculous the set-up is. This show is just plain stupid. It feels like a bunch of half-assed plot lines and themes just thrown in and mixed about with the inherent hope that the mix would make collective sense than their individual counterparts. Witches, aliens, super-powers, harems, mad-o scientist-o, beach episodes, bountiful oppai alone may not make sense, but super powers wielding,bountiful oppai witch haremettes who are on the run from Mad-o Scientist-o who visit the beach to show off aforementioned oppai in yellow mizugis sure make a whole lot more sense!!!

    1. Even if the cast broke the fourth wall, all this would do is confirm the idea that it’s a parody, but not that it’s a good parody. Simply making fun of something isn’t a very good parody.

  4. I wanted to pile on my distaste for this title, instead I’ll ask the following. Has anyone ever fantasized about having a paralyzed girlfriend like Kana-chan? Not that I have, I’m just curious, I have a friend that mentioned that, is all.

  5. I know it’s unrelated but I just remember lynn okamoto also wrote some manga called nononono or sth like that. It was about a girl that had to crossdress so that she could compete on some sport’s winter olympics. It sounds like it had some feminist potential but
    I can recall it turning completely disgusting, like in one scene the main character getting raped by a coach so he wouldn’t reveal her secret…

    1. I know that manga. It was written by the same guy? Let god damn him.
      I love shoujo manga where the protagonist crossdresses as a guy, so I thought that one will be the same, even though the art seems to be shounen. But then, yeah, that shit happens. The protagonist got found out by a creepy dirty old man who is her coach. He blackmailed her and molested her in exchange of keeping secret. I don’t remember if he successfully fucked her or not, since I stopped reading the shit manga.

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