Brynhildr in the Darkness Ep. 11: The harem lead breaks down

brynhildr in the darkness 1103

Alright, let’s just get this post out of the way.

— The episode kicks off with Valkyria conjuring up a ball of antimatter to annihilate one entire side of a small hill. That’s right! Antimatter is literally a glowy, purple ball of energy that in no way resembles matter at all!

— Elsewhere, the cops are trying to clean up Valkyria’s handiwork, but they’re too distracted by the burning hill. Just look at that awesome censoring though. If we’re going to censor everything that can potentially traumatize us, I’m not sure why Brynhildr‘s badness is being ignored.

— Somehow, one of the previously dead witches manages to stitch her severed body back together. Damn, that’s pretty powerful! We find out later that she can even survive her head being crushed. But yes, she’ll still die if she doesn’t take her meds every once in a while. That’s just stupid.

— Our heroes hear about the explosion on the internet. They instantly suspect that Valkyria is behind it. When they talk about her, however, it sounds like they’re talking about some kind of goddamn Pokemon.

brynhildr in the darkness 1116

“…the ultimate hybrid. She can use eight types of magic. … But she should be asleep deep in the lab.” Mewtwo, please!

— But remember, Valkyria isn’t supposed to be able to do as she pleases. Ichijiku claimed he could keep her under control. So much for that. He now gets a scolding from his… well, I assume they are his superiors, but I have yet to see him them exert any goddamn influence over anything. They only ever appear in the anime to sit around in a circle and say a bunch of cryptic shit. This time, though! This time, one of them totally has instructions for Ichijiku. Uh-huh. We’ll see.

— Valkyria is so powerful, she can detect that four witches — our four witches — are hiding out in an observatory. Stitchy — I’m going to call her that from now on — tries to use this information to locate Ryota and his girls. I’m guessing someone is itching to join the harem. Unfortunately, there is eight goddamn observatories in a single prefecture. Yeah. But as you can see, she ends up stumbling upon the right observatory anyway, so why even bother mentioning that there are eight observatories in the area?

— Stitchy walks into the observatory to discover everyone playing possum:

brynhildr in the darkness 1106

So a super powerful Mewtwo with eight different types of magic at its disposal wouldn’t have been able to notice that the people in front of her are merely playing dead? I believe it. I just hope they at least used real blood on themselves. Preferably pig’s blood.

— Conveniently enough, Stitchy is already friends with our witches. Well, that’s nice. We won’t have to test her loyalty or anything.

— None of them even knows who or what #1107 is. This entire time, I thought Kuroha might have been the special witch that the bad guys are after, but who even knows anymore. It might be one of the othe–… whoa, I just remembered I don’t really care.

— Even though it’s true that Ryota would readily die for his witches, he’s offended to hear Kazumi say it: “That’s fine when I say it myself, but would you please not?” Jeez, calm down, man.

— Ryota notes that Kazumi has become less selfish since he’s gotten to know her. U-urusai, baka!


“S-So what if I have?”

— It’s not even real blood. GG.

— Valkyria hot on our trail? Let’s all get naked at the onsen!

Maybe she is.

— Stitchy: “But by tomorrow my boobs’ll be back to their beautiful selves.”

— Stitchy also intends to “size [Ryota] up” herself. Oh boy, another haremette! You just know she’ll fall in love with him. I still don’t know why she’s questioning his loyalty, though. Why would a normal person risk their lives over and over for these witches only to betray them in the end? What does he even get out of it? But honestly, this is just an excuse for the anime to kill even more time. Need I remind you that Valkyria can still show up at any moment to kill our witches? But not until Stitchy tests Ryota’s loyalty!

— So Stitchy throws herself off a tower in order to test Ryota’s compassion or something. Our bland harem lead’s protective instincts kicked in and barely hangs onto the tower as he grabs a hold of her hand.

brynhildr in the darkness 1108

What a tense scene. Obviously, if he doesn’t jump after her, she’d still survive. But what if Ryota had tried to save her and failed? What if his hand gripping abilities weren’t as good as Wander’s from Shadow of the Colossus? What would Stitchy have done then? After all, she can only save herself. Oops, sorry, but I kinda killed your harem lead!

— But Ryota is such a good harem lead, that he doesn’t even believe Stitchy that she’ll survive the fall. What if the girl is just trying to save him by sacrificing herself?! Ryota won’t allow any potential haremettes to escape his grasp! And thus, Stitchy is even more impressed. So heroic.

— These two got into this predicament nearly two minutes ago. Ryota is still holding onto that goddamn bar. Even so, he intends to swing her to a nearby platform. He’s not Wander. He’s Nathan fucking Drake.

— That’s a helluva swing, bro. After safely landing, however, Stitchy looks back to see Ryota plummeting towards the ground. Whoops, someone didn’t think this shit through. But just in the nick of time, Kotori shows up out of  nowhere to swap places with Ryota. I can only imagine that by somehow swapping places, our bland harem lead loses all of his momentum. He lands in his new location with a thud, but certainly not enough to injure himself. But whatever. Saved by the most useless witch again.

— Uh oh… is someone in love?

brynhildr in the darkness 1112

Add another girl to the list! She kisses him, Kuroha gets mad, Ryota chases after her, Kazumi chases after him, etc. Just the same ol’ shit every episode.

— The next day, Kogoro calls Ryota into his office to tell him all about why the witches melt when they don’t take their medicine. It’s the build up of protease, you see. Using a former colleague’s research, however, Kogoro will be able to fashion a pill in a month’s time. And that colleague’s name?! Ichijiku! Wow, we’ve come full circle!

— Speaking of Ichijiku, we see a scene between him and Valkyria. We learn her real name, but it doesn’t really matter what it is. She tries to intimidate him, but he flatout slaps her across the face. And this… this somehow tames her. It makes perfect sense now! Ryota and Ichijiku are just two sides of the same coin. Except, y’know, our protagonist has been pilfering from Ichijiku’s collection.

— Ryota tells his girls the bad news, so Kazumi proposes thatintend to draw lots to see who gets to survive. Pfft, as if Kuroha would allow that. She thus removes herself from the lottery, setting in motion a domino effect wherein no one wants to become a part of the lottery. In the meantime, Stitchy leaves the room because she too doesn’t feel that she deserves to be a part of the lottery process. In reality, she has a bunch of pills on her, and she’s just holding out on everyone. She tested Ryota’s loyalty, but who’s going to test hers?!

— “Minna~ let’s just enjoy our last week of summer vacation together!” Alright then, back to fanservice-y hijinks! Quick, someone tear off Kuroha’s dress!

brynhildr in the darkness 1114

Good ol’ Brynhildr in the Darkness.

— But you know what this does, right? Ryota finally finds out who Kuroha really is, so he grabs her and goes, “You were alive. Kuroneko, you were alive! Lord, strike him down now! If you’re really up there, strike this wretched shounen down now and end all of our misery!

brynhildr in the darkness 1102

And that was the last we ever saw of Ryota. Byrnhildr in the Darkness as an anime series ended abruptly here, confusing fans across the world. But seriously, this show has fans:


I plumbed the depths of Tumblr to find this image. Pray for my soul. Here’s a bonus picture for good measure:


“Interesting story” used twice to describe both shows…


15 Replies to “Brynhildr in the Darkness Ep. 11: The harem lead breaks down”

  1. “Alright, let’s just get this post out of the way.”
    Aw don’t be all tsundere[shark] about it. haha
    No but really that shark is painfully cute. Do you just have a folder of tsundere sharks now or what? Because my friend and I just keep running across the same ten pics on search engines.

    Come to think of it, didn’t Mewtwo also shoot out purple glowing orbs of “antimatter” also?
    If we’re gonna use Stitchy I vote we call Valkyria “Mewtwo”. haha

    You know I can tell you have restraint when it comes to Say What? because if it was me I’d put just about every other frame of this episode into the section. Or just link to the video. This is remarkably more stupid than the last episode. I don’t even know how they manage to keep up the inverted quality but with each new addition the writing loses more brain cells.
    I mean the writing causes brain cell losing. Losing brain cells because of the- You know what I mean.

    And those can’t be serious, can they? The tumblr pics. I mean I know how the anime community can be and in an ocean of mediocrity people will cling to the nearest floating plank no matter how rotted it is as long as the fungus on it is uniquely colored. Still, how can they both have “interesting story” as a serious trait? This is the same show that literally went from the meaningless death of a lonely young girl to a fan service beach episode within minutes! It’s the show where the most telegraphed and obvious reveal comes at the 11th episode and is shown via titty spots!
    _Unless they mean “interesting” in a “I’m interested in how this warranted an anime adaptation”, which would make more sense.

    Another fun post with great fodder. Was chuckling the whole way through.
    Where are you going for your Brynhildr episodes, mate? I’d want to watch along with your notes, especially since you usually like your readers to have seen the episode beforehand too, but the sites I go to don’t have any episodes of this show.

    1. I love how Mahouka’s “interesting story” picture is just three people standing still in a mundane location sort of halfheartedly looking in a nonspecific direction, while a conversation doesn’t so much happen as it does diffuse itself through the background of these static people.

      I mean damn… at least Brynhildr managed something evocative of evil science – and thus intrigue – going on, even if the show isn’t really capable of pulling off a proper mystery.

  2. That was hilarious, the mewtwo clone…I mean “Mako” who is apparently a witch with 8 different powers(going a bit over the top there lynn) has an abusive relationship/stockholm syndrome with the “evil” scientist dude…really? And I was laughing at the bad animation along with the emotionless pimp face ichijiku made when mako was crying in his arms afterwards.

    I know they gotta rush the anime adaption and all but all of these instant contrivances can get annoying.

    1)Like how Stitchy’s beacon magically came off because she was pushed down, seriously?
    (In the manga she was one of the escaped witches from the accident like everyone else)

    2)The wet shirt and stripping to reveal the moles, while in the manga they were circling around this whole mole thing forever..

    1. I’m not even sure the moles are an adaptation problem. Even there it felt like the author tipped his hand too early, rewound time to back off the (already immediately obvious) reveal, then left the whole thing in limbo for ages and forgot about it…

      Until the events of this episode, where he suddenly realized he needed Murakami to know who Neko was again in order to support the imminent plot point, so without any buildup, foreshadowing, theming, or setting of the scene (or tone, for that matter!) he just took off Neko’s shirt for a totally arbitrary reason to get this belated scene out of the way right now. It’s actually kind of impressive just how little craft went into setting up the twist here. I don’t think you could make it fall any flatter or more awkwardly if you tried.

      1. yeah, the whole mole reveal thing was pretty stupid and drawn out in the manga too but the way it happened in the anime was just really random and forced.

        Kotori: Hey, I just spilled something on you, let me just rip your shirt open for you…

        And the moment I saw that censoring light and ryota’s stupid face in shock from the reveal I just facepalmed so hard I almost had a concussion.

        I can already see some axed anime original ending from a mile away now. At ep11 the anime is probably caught up to chapter 70-ish, and at the speed they’re going/rushing(and cutting things out) they’re probably aiming to put the next 30 chapters in two eps.

  3. Hahaha. WTF made those pictures.
    Also, how come compressing air creates anti-matter?
    She should create plasma, instead, assuming that she’s also an electro master.

  4. Sounds like this show hasn’t had anything quite as bad as the Elfen Lied train scene. That, combined with the lack of a diaper girl gets it the “not nearly as terrible as it could have been given the circumstances” distinction.

  5. What is with censoring anime in japan lately Elfen lied was uncensored,Hellsing the t.v. series uncensored. This things manga uncensored.Don’t give me gore at all if you are going to censor it just completely takes me out of the action seeing giant censored blobs. They did this crap with the new blood series,Deadman wonderland and future diary this trend of censoring is enraging me.

    1. i guess for them, boobs are alot more scarier than blood/gore? We could only chalk it up to it’s a cultural thing.

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