Isshuukan Friends Ep. 11: That’s quite enough for me

One Week Friends 1101

At the start of the episode, Kaori says, “Thank you, Hase-kun. For always being my friend.” Haha, so much for that. I can only watch and groan as Yuki distances himself from Kaori because he thinks he’s doing her a favor. He’s not even the one with the trauma, though. So y’know, why not let the girl decide what she can or cannot handle. But of course, Yuki’s job right now right now is to create unnecessary drama in order to prolong the series. It’s quite ironic how he has often been too scared to take action throughout the series, but he has no problems making this decision to hurt Kaori. She isn’t even hung up on Hajime anymore. She cries when she hears about the painful moments from the past, but this is true for a lot of people. Besides, crying is cathartic, and after the incident at the restaurant, she recovers the very next day. I could understand if Kaori had locked herself away in her room all week, but she’s making the best of the situation. As such, you’d think that someone who has been her friend for nearly a year now would realize that the best thing for him to do is to just be there and support her. But nope, Yuki’s got bigger designs!

Yuki finally learns why Kaori had lost her memories, and he’s completely freaking out over it: “Seeing Kujou made me realize that that could have been me.” Yuki’s worried that his friendship with Kaori may end up hurting her too. It’s like when a close family member dies, you start to worry that maybe someone else close to you will die as well. As a way to cope with the loss, people pour their energy into being overprotective, worrying that death could strike another loved one at any moment. With time, most people recover and return back to their normal selves. Others, however, require therapy to get over their newfound fear of death. But back to the anime, that’s the thing: Kaori got into an accident. It wasn’t Hajime’s friendship that hurt her. She got into a freak accident. I could understand if Yuki gets nervous every time Kaori tries to cross a street, but he’s worried about their friendship instead, which is silly. And that’s the other thing: Kaori was being bullied at the time by people she thought were her friends. As a result, she lost her faith in friendship or whatever. Great, yet another anime in which a bunch of girls hurt each other over a boy. But I digress. It’s probably safe to say that there aren’t any girls willing to bully Kaori over Yuki. So y’see, Yuki has nothing to worry about!

One Week Friends 1102

Yuki: “No matter what, I don’t want to make Fujimiya-san suffer any more.”

But that’s impossible. That’s literally impossible. Life is suffering, and this isn’t some Nietzschean or Sartrean bull crap either. This is just reality. As you live life, you will suffer. But you will also find happiness as well. But man, there isn’t going to be any goddamn happiness if your best friend decides out of the blue to give you the cold shoulder one day. In fact, a person might even suffer from this! Hell, what am I saying? There’s no ‘might’ here. C’mon, raise your hand if you’ve ever not suffered when a friend ignores you. Anyone? No one? I mean, isn’t it goddamn hilarious that he wants to prevent Kaori from suffering by deliberately hurting her in the first place? Oh right, he wants to prevent her from having to deal with a potentially greater suffering. That’s why he has decided to ensure that she’ll suffer now instead. Good logic. And what’s even the upside? Does Yuki expect Kaori to look back on this one day and go, “Yeah, he completely ditched me as a friend, but he did it to protect me! So overall, I’m happier!” That sounds patently idiotic. Yuki is patently idiotic. No, wait, it’s even worse than that. He isn’t just idiotic; he’s a coward.

Yuki confesses, “I don’t want to see Fujimiya-san in pain anymore.” That’s all it is. He can’t handle seeing her in pain anymore, so he’s going to distance himself from her even though this would clearly hurt and confuse the girl. You can’t force yourself into someone’s life for the past year, then turn the switch off unilaterally. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Yuki is trying to do, and he thinks it’ll work. I understand being scared. He’s still a kid, after all. But c’mon, I can’t respect this doublespeak. I can’t respect him for trying to spin this horrible thing he’s about to do to the girl as him just trying to protect her. The worst thing is, Yuki’s not even going to talk to her about it. It’s her life too. They both should have some say in the matter. But although this conversation may happen in the next episode, it won’t happen now because… let’s be honest, it takes guts, which is something Yuki is in short supply of. He is too scared to even talk to someone he considers a close friend. I find that despicable. So y’know what, cry all you want, Yuki, ’cause I’m done with this series. I’m sure there’s a happy ending at the end of the series. I’m sure someone will knock some sense into Yuki eventually. I just don’t care anymore.


36 Replies to “Isshuukan Friends Ep. 11: That’s quite enough for me”

    1. If there is just one chapter left, I think that if they really had to pull this plot twist or whatever, it should have been done a little bit before than the penultimate chapter, seriously.

      1. ya, you are right, i just finish watching this episode before reading this and dam… i really do not wish to watch this, but i am trying to convince myself that it is just 1 more episode… just 1 more episode to go … AND… it’s not working, i just cant find myself bringing myself to catch the next episode

    1. I know I’m certainly not watching the last ep (though if done I’ll read it), but I am really curious as to how they will manage to turn this train wreck around in 20min. Yuki’s character is all but ruined, his intentions are going to bring ruin, and anything Kaori says will only make the jackass leave anyway.

      Kaori: “But…you said you were my friend…”
      Yuki aka Shit: “I was. This is for the better.” END
      Kaori (while crying): “We’re friends, aren’t we?! Why would just leave like this?! Do you want me to forget you?!”
      YukiShit (probably while crying too): “Yes, I do. Forget about me.” END
      Kaori: “Please don’t go… I don’t want to be alone again…”
      [Yuki says nothing as he walks away sniveling] END

      I can’t imagine the asspull in character they’ll have to make to avoid any of the above outcomes.

      1. well, watching it right now.. Ya.. i mentioned i wont be watching but argh, i just want to see what quite of asspull are they gonna do here..

        Yuki is still a p.o.s./coward.

        I am at the 7th min, he is still saying the same thing, i don want to hurt her… blah blah fucking BLAH….
        16 mins to go i can do it… I can do it… I am in a clear, peaceful place…

        8 mins in, both of them pull the “My family and I are going on a trip, so i cant join you guys” excuse.

        10 mins 30 sec+/-, we have the cliche of “Main character: I wont see Heroine (or in our case Kaori) and heroine show up ”

        12 min 40sec +/-: Witness the power of crepes … Also, yes… it’s probably a date even if they consider themselves just walking around, after all, we are using the anime definition of every date out there. If crepes or dessert are involved, you are on a date. So, far yuki is still a chicken in my eyes, and there’s only a few mins left, i really cannot wait to see the asspull on this.

        14 mins in, he has muster all the courage he have to…… walk kaori closer to her house, if you are friends, why do u need to hesitate? A guy accompanying a girl to her home should be an okay thing, isnt it? or is my common sense failing again?

        15 mins in, a wild shrine appeared and you know what that means.. A visit to th shrine.. come-on asspull, where are you, how are you going to turn yuki into a human again?

        15min 40sec in: IT’S HERE!! Prediction no.3 came true.
        In the end, kaori was the one who said that she wish to be friends with YukiShit who till now has never taken the initiative, everything was by his friend or kaori, god dam chicken.

        16min: She confessed to him, at least that is what it sounds like to me, and you are telling me the chicken didnt realized that? 12 episodes… he was the only who had to constantly re-introduce himself, while everyone else didnt. She even mentioned that only those special to her, she will not be able to remember..

        16mins 50 sec, HE FINALLY REALIZED HE IS AN IDIOT… like what else is new? Still, i guess that’s one way of resolving this drama, making kaori cry in font of this chicken, after all, we knew that he was a coward..

        So at the 19 min mark… Is this gonna be a thing, every week, everyone stop whatever the hell they are doing so yuki and kaori re-introduce themselves to each other?

        YES!! An epilogue, hopefully this means I will not have to see this bs again. We see yuki writing a diary and he was wondering what kaori wrote in her diary……and…. that’s it.

        Other than repeating the intro cycle, did anything else progress, we dont know… all we know is that chicken started writing a diary.
        …. well… i guess… you could consider as an ending of sort..

      1. at least you didnt have to waste your time with this. Also, you can go ahead and say it now.

        You can just said “I told you so” :)

      2. That’s true, it’s like this show was able to come out with any twist what so ever.. Anyone watching the last episode will be guys like me who are only looking at what asspull are they gonna do to fix this, will yuki grow a pair of balls at last min? Will he change his name to Hashit ? what bs will be showncase?

  1. Damn it! How do I post a gif of people applauding on this site?!
    Whatever. Point is I was pissed by the end of this and reading your reaction was great.

    And this right here is EXACTLY why I’m in total agreement with you and the other commentators on Harmonie staying a short instead of a series. Can you imagine just how much better this would have been if it was a short?
    – No stupidity to pad out the run time
    – No melodrama to elongate the series
    – No Yuki being a shit

    Know what? I’m going to go wash out wash out my eyes by rewatching Harmonie. I prescribe the same medicine to anyone just as frustrated.
    A-And no it’s not just because I really like that short o-or anything!

    Only good thing to come from this is my achievement in actually having my intuition be right for once! …Then again, this was really telegraphed for a while. Meh, I take what I can get.

    Well anyway, if you want to go for broke by doing the last ep, I’m always reading. Not always commenting, but 9/10 I’m reading so I’ll read it as always.
    But honestly with how the show has been crotch-punting us with compounded nonsensical melodrama from a (once likable) character that is now the definition of “a shit” I would not blame you for not watching the next ep. I refuse to.

    1. Well anyway, if you want to go for broke by doing the last ep, I’m always reading.

      Nah, I’ll probably use the slot next week to post previews for next season’s anime.

      1. can you pit in the next seasons animes previews also what you think about the new sailor moon anime which will come this summer at july 5?

    2. “Can you imagine just how much better this would have been if it was a short?”

      That was called “Tonari no Seki-kun”. He clearly made Yokoi forget everything during his wacky shenanigans!

      But back to the topic in-hand. A-hem. I will finish the series, it didn’t enrage me to the point of dropping it now. It’s more like it went from “this is good and really sweet” to “meh, YET ANOTHER instance of anime forced drama that just *happens* to come up around episode 10 because we need a conflict to end the cour”. It’s annoying not only because the shape of the drama itself is been so done it’s a horse that’s been beaten to death, brought back by a necromancer, and beaten into Hell again with spiked clubs, but because even the time around which it presents itself is predictable. This conflict (someone wanting to distance himself from a friend/loved one to prevent them being hurt) could make sense now and then, but it’s been thoroughly exploited by anime, and in some cases it made at least more sense (“I want to be your friend but it’s better if I leave you alone because crazy cyborg assassins are trying to blow up me and everyone around me every other day!”). Here it just doesn’t. And the worst thing is the manga is still ongoing, so we’re not getting any resolution, most likely: we’re going to get a washed out finale where Kaori and Yuki go back to being friends by Deus Ex Machina (or more likely, Shogo Ex Machina. Thay guy’s a saint) and everything is restored to the status quo. Five episodes of wanking around this Kujou subplot just to go back to square one. Too bad, this series had started out very well; now it’s going down the road of a slightly better AnoHana.

      1. TL;DR: the only way this could fix itself in the last episode and go from “meh” to “FUCKING GREAT” is if everyone finally understands their true sexual orientation, Yuki gets together with Kujou and Kaori with Saki. Shogo can have Kaori’s mom, she seemed a bit too keen to play around with teens.

        1. Well, it would be a hilariously troll-ish ending. That’s all there is to it, don’t think about it too hard. It’s fun only because we know it can’t possibly happen.

      2. it didn’t enrage me to the point of dropping it

        Your comments seem to imply that any sort of disapproval from me these days is equivalent to raging.

        1. Huh? I only said it didn’t enrage ME to that point. Implying that for me to drop a show at this point it’d require it being seriously enraging, because after following it until now I’ll see it through otherwise. The only show I ever dropped past the mid point was Sword Art Online (though in some cases I tend to put not very engaging shows in a sort of indefinite hiatus, thinking that maybe one day I’ll pick them up again until I forget them entirely).
          Either way, you’re dropping it, so it does seem like a kind of “fuck this, I’m outta here!” reaction. Though of course “enraging” is just a figure of speech, assuming we’re all mildly sane people here who are involved in this only as fans (as opposed to whoever is actually part of the industry) we won’t actually feel “rage” over an animu. More like mild annoyance, a head shake and a disappointed “Oh, Japan.” before we move on with our lives.

        2. …I don’t know, really. I could keep a database of all the comments that I write here in order to check whether I’m using the same words with slightly different meanings (because honestly I can’t remember right now) or you could just make a guess from the context I’ve used it in, or believe me when I expand upon what I meant. Honestly, what’s the point of being so hung up on such a tiny detail? I wasn’t being confrontational. Just take my word for it and ease up.

  2. For a show that is all about forming a genuine friendship, the guy is really too hooked on making a girl his friend and treats it as the most important thing on the list right now… Iunno, like I said, whatever the guy feels seems more like a goddamn love story than it is ever a friendship. I mean, there will be a billion trillion people who will say how much this is so a friendship and how this is touching… But aside from just talking to her and hanging out with her like… actual friends… We got this forced drama about OMG girl wants to make friends with other people and OMG old friends… I gotta leave her alone.

    Tl;dr: Yuki… do you want her to be your friend or your girlfriend?

        1. Well, he does think it would be totally inappropriate for two people of the opposite sex to study in the lady’s bedroom. Scandalous!

    1. Thats the thing, he just cant decide at all, instead he felt that being a piece of shit is a better option.

      I am gonna watch The Hero Yoshihiko once more to get rid of this show memory and replace it with happy DQ parody.

  3. I find the whole “bullying a girl because he’s my guy” scenario to be more appropriate than the other shows. They were just kids who don’t know any better. Kids tend to make a lot more mistakes than teens do because they are too oblivious to how much they hurt others, whereas in a scenario where teens do it, it’s cliched and forced because teens tend to reflect on their mistakes more quickly., but anime decides to make it worse just to create so-called drama.

    1. I never said it wasn’t appropriate. I’m just tired of anime always making girls out to be bullies. There’s a reason why there’s a perception out there that girls are bitches to each other while guys are just total bros. Popular culture plays a part in it.

      1. I know. All I’m just saying is that it handles it better than most shows have done it because it’s more realistic.

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