Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 19: A fast-sinking ship

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1914

And we’re going down with it! I hope you guys are happy.

— First, someone goes, “Illegal aliens are arriving ashore from a small cargo ship in Cargo Pier 5.” Then shortly after a pair of investigators blow up said cargo ship — I really hope there weren’t illegal aliens on the ship, but knowing this anime, those illegal aliens are probably all baby rapists or something —  we cut to a bunch of dirty Chinese people infiltrating Yokohama through… a well? An underground tunnel? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is how every single arc has been about Chinese people and what dirty, manipulative scum they are. First, a Chinese organization recruited Japanese youth and tried to stage a rebellion. Then, Chinese gangsters tried to rig the Nine Schools Competition. What now? Seriously? What now? Are they going to assassinate the Prime Minister? Or, even worse, kidnap Tatsuya’s precious imouto?! More importantly, the creator has some major hang-ups about Chinese people. It’s really fucking pathetic. It’s like Stormfront level, but for anime.

— After the opening credits, it is now apparently a new school year. Not only is Miyuki now the vice chairwoman of the student council, Azusa is somehow the chairwoman of the whole shebang. Yes, Azusa… I personally always thought she was an idiot.

— So what has our Gary Stu been up to these days, you ask? He’s been studying alchemy so that he can one day make a philosopher’s stone. Yes, the fabled item that can not only turn worthless metals to gold, but have also doubled as the elixir of life in countless tales! But… can it make this robot feel? That’s the ultimate question!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1915

— Oh, of course, we now get a lecture on what a philosopher’s stone is and what it can do. Riveting stuff.

— “…we’ve got sustainable nuclear fusion through Gravity-controlled Magic in our sights.” I don’t think it is physically possible to roll my eyes any harder.

— All of a sudden, Miyuki takes a knee, then he pats her on the head like she’s a dog. There isn’t a reason why this happens. Just because, I guess.

— After pretty much singlehandedly winning the Nine Schools Competition for First High, Tatsuya is now being recruited for the Thesis Competition. So basically, some author came up with a character who is a walking, talking weapon of mass destruction…. only to stick the character into a high school setting and have him participate in relatively juvenile competitions. In different hands, this would’ve been a parody. But no, Mahouka is completely earnest. Say, why don’t I go back to kindergarten and own the playground with my brilliant monkey bars skills. Those little punks’ll never know what hit’em. Oh, but if anyone asks, I’m only here to protect my imouto. But still, this is funny in a very different, more crucial way. Tatsuya can crush entire armies by himself, but we still have to watch him attend high school and do mundane high school things like have student council meetings. In other words, the creator can make the character as overpowered as he wants, but he can’t even imagine what said character would be like in the real world. That would, y’know, require a modicum of actual maturity, emotional or otherwise. So back to high school we go, the one stage in childhood development that apparently the author is still hung up on.

— What I’m laughing about right now: this guy’s tiny, tiny head:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1901

— God, it’s the same fucking story every time. You want to recruit me into the disciplinary committee? Are you sure? But I’m a Weed! Will that sit well with everyone? You want to recruit me as an engineer to help calibrate the athlete’s CADs? But I’m a Weed! This has never been done before. Will that sit well with everyone? You want me to take over the freshmen Monolith Code event? Are you sure? I’m entering the competition at the very last minute! Will this sit well with everyone? Finally, once more with no passion whatsoever: you want to recruit me to the Magical Thesis Competition? Are you sure? I didn’t even sign up! Will this sit well with everyone? Holy shit, dude, come up with a new story. But again, this is all about a lack of emotional maturity. Someone is still sadly and pathetically hung-up on high school, so he’s created this fantasy Gary Stu character who keeps going back and sticking it to all the cool kids. Neener neener, I’m a reject, but they still want me to join their respective clubs, teams, organization, etc.

— What’s the topic of the proposed? “[T]he technical feasibility of a Gravity Control-type Magic thermonuclear fusion reactor.” Oh, how convenient! Tatsuya was just looking into that! Man, isn’t it nice how things just come together like that? Tatsuya’s waist deep in his own Perfektenschlag.

— So let’s see… in the first arc, Tatsuya proved himself to be a beast on the battlefield as he maintained discipline and crushed the student rebellion. In the second arc, he proved himself to be a beast in athletic competitions. In this arc, he’s going to be a beast in the classroom. I hope in the fourth arc, he invents a time machine, goes back to the 60s, and shows the Beatles what true music really sounds like.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1902

— But like every arc we’ve seen thus far, the story mostly involves the characters sitting around in a room, talking about a topic in the driest way possible. Right now, Tatsuya is hearing all these exciting details like venue locations, deadlines, more deadlines, and thesis submission approval process. Sure, we saw some action… we saw a pair of new faces blow up a cargo ship carrying illegal aliens. Oh, trust me, the author would never pass up on a chance to blow up some illegal aliens. But other than that, it’s talk, talk, talk like it has always been.

— Finally, a scene where the characters sit around and talk has finally ended. We now cut to… another scene where characters sit around and talk. Between The Irregular Conversations at Talking High School and Talking Art Online, I have no idea which of these two shows is better! They’re both just so… talky!

— It’d be one thing if they were talking about something new and different in each and every single scene. But they’re not! They really are not! In the previous scene, Tatsuya was carefully informed about the competition and his responsibilities within the team. In this next scene, he’s now informing his friends about the competition and his responsibilities within the team. Holy shit, I like the Sisyphus of anime bloggers. I watch one shitty scene, I think it’s over and done with, then I get to watch another scene that’s just like the previous one. Back to square one, bitch. Watch the fucking scene again!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1917

— And every time Miyuki’s present, everyone’s talking but her. She’s just creepily staring at her brother the entire time.

— When the two siblings return home, they find that their step-mother has let herself in. Miyuki even has to hide herself behind her brother’s back, because according to anime, women are weak and easily scared.

— Aaaaaaaand of course their stepmother has giant breasts. ‘Cause y’see, unless an older woman in anime is an obaba, anime refuses to draw them with an older face. Their faces must look young and pristine as if they’re teenagers. But how do you distinguish an older woman from a shoujo like Miyuki? Why, you give the older woman giant breasts, of course! On the flip side, of course, every single older male in this show has been drawn with square jaws and broad shoulders to distinguish them from the younger male characters. But can you imagine if the same logic had been applied equally? Oh man, every older male character would be distinguished by giant balls swaying to and fro around their ankles.

— Tatsuya tells his sister there’s no rush to prepare dinner, and that she should change out of her school clothes first. Miyuki then goes, “If you have any requests as to my change of attire as well… Whatever your desire, Brother, I’ll be happy to wear it!” Really? In front of your stepmother too?


— Sayuri, the stepmother, gripes that the two siblings still resent her. Tatsuya valiantly leaps to his imouto’s defense: “She may look mature, but she’s just a fifteen-year-old girl, after all.” Nah, I don’t think anyone in the real world thinks she looks mature. Obviously, her breasts are too small.

— Take notice at how Sayuri continually has her arms crossed, propping her giant, mature breasts up for everyone to see. Like c’mon, who has their arms crossed for that long?

— Alright, so what does Sayuri even want? She wants Tatsuya to return to the research lab, but this would require him to drop out of high school. Wha…? Quit…. quit high school? And join the real world? And interact with adults? I… this is all too much! I’ll just use the “Miyuki needs a guardian” defense, ’cause obviously, women can’t protect themselves. This is despite the fact that, y’know, First High is full of girls from all these prestigious families, and they all seem quite capable of being on their own. Not only that, none of them are even as overpowered as Miyuki. Let’s not forget that Miyuki’s a Mary Sue herself! Sure, Tatsuya’s Gary Stu-ness has overshadowed the girl, but she’s still overpowered as fuck too!

— Since none of Sayuri’s arguments will work — and c’mon, he’d never abandon his imouto — she will bring the work to him:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1906

I don’t know what it is, but it needs analyzing! And it needs to be replicated! Why? Meh, do you think I care enough to learn why? I pretty much just tune out the details when any of Mahouka‘s characters start going on and on about “magic.”

— Oh god, she finally uncrossed her arms. Hallelujah!

— Yeah… yeah… sitting around talking about a rock. What of it?

— Sayuri eventually leaves in a huff, but Tatsuya has a hunch that she’ll run into trouble. That Tatsuya just has a nose for damsels in distress. So he tells his sister to lock up and wait patiently for him to return. He then hops on his motorcycle, ’cause that’s just what Gary Stus do nowadays; Kirito had one too.

Such brilliant animation. And once again, the streets are practically empty. I fucking swear, the show’s environments are as soulless as the main character himself.

— Tatsuya was right; bad guys are attempting to steal that Maga-whatsit away from Sayuri. You can see her here practically suffocating in her car:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1909

Why didn’t the bad guys attempt to steal the relic before Tatsuya had gotten home from school? That’s why you chumps keep failing, man.

— “I didn’t expect this guy coming!” I’m speechless. But seriously, you know what smart people would’ve done? Had a spotter to see “this guy coming.”

— But then…!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1910

Tatsuya got shot! Wait, Tatsuya got shot?! Not like it matters. The wound closes up as if he’s the T-1000. Funny part is, the T-1000 displayed more emotions in a single 2-hour film than Tatsuya ever could.

— Our Gary Stu then uses his superior intellect to trace the path of the bullet back to its original location. When the sniper smugly looks to fire a second shot, our Gary Stu is already prepared. What a joke. Can we ever lose a battle? Nope. Can Tatsuya just run away from a fight for once? Nope. People tell me they’re okay with this, because they’re tired of weak, ineffectual characters. But where’s the middle ground? Where’s the moderation? Why must we go from one extreme to another?

— Because everything’s got to be fucking binary, man. It’s too much work to draw the line right down the middle. It’s too much work to create a character that has realistic strengths and weaknesses — flaws that he might have to work around! It’s not like discerning tastes will care either, so why not make the hero as Gary Stu as fuck?

— Afterwards, Tatsuya returns home to an imouto desperate to show off her new apron to him:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1913

Nope, no incest here, guys. What? You’ve never had a woman — let alone a sister — model an apron outside of a bedroom before? C’mon, guys, what is this? 2014? Puh-leeze. We’re still in the 50s!

— Tatsuya: “You look lovely in it. So much that I want to secretly display you in a glass case just for me.”


Aight, I’m out. There’s an additional scene after this, but I am fucking out. That’s enough Mahouka for me this week.


16 Replies to “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 19: A fast-sinking ship”

  1. Oh, God, I can’t believe how hard you hit that nail on the about the writer mentally tethered to high school. Mahouka and SAO are just criminally guilty of being just a horny highschool boy power fantasy.
    The Gary-Stu-ness of the episode was especially sickening. A sniper versus some guy with a pistol. Wait, that’s a Gary Stu Pistol, never mind, it makes sense completely.

    But that GIF of the dude throwing up. I hope to see more of that, maybe for some SAO posts too.

  2. Hilarious review as always! You had me laughing out loud at some parts. I hope the show at least gives you as much amusement as your reviews do to us readers hahahahaha.

    Mahouka can be very enjoyable to watch though, you just need a different mindset/viewpoint when looking at it. It can change from ZzzZzz Gary Stu stomping again. Into LOL HAHA SO RIDICULOUSLY OP GARY STU! Of course to view Mahouka from the latter perspective one has to enjoy watching the characters to an extend and ignore some questionable writing decisions by the author.

    Although I differ in opinions with the anon above about the Gif. x.x it wasn’t very pleasant to look at.

  3. The writer just doesnt know how to make a good story, so far all we can see is that he is OP adn everyone worship him, except for a few character. However, early on we see him struggle but does come out victorious in the end without a problem. Like seriously, when do we see a villain that is more OP then Tatsuya so we can see him being defeated and being humiliated.

    E minor in this Arc, you will see how OP Tatsuya truely is. Believe me he is OP as fuck but he is nothing compare to Rikudo Madara. However, in this Arc, there is absolutely no tension whatsoever. Thats the point with Weak and Flaw character that many bitching OP fanboy have. Weak and not OP character create Tension, they make us root for them and we see how far they can go from being a weak to a strong person. An OP person like Tatsuya who had like the most powerfull magic that can blow up the entire world is nothing interesting and he dont create any tension that make us feel like he is going to loose.

    Also, many fanboy have try to defend that Tatsuya have no emotion and he cant feel any emotion except for the love for his sister. He gain that OP power because he was being experience by his own mother and Aunt. BUT I beg different, if he doesnt have emotion then why dont the Author just focus on the story about Tatsuya trying to regain emotion, if he had lost those thing forever it can be regain, and make it a story instead of just making the story of how Tatsuya is so OP that everyone worship him as a God or something. I already like the crimson prince because even through he is OP as tatsuya he is very interesting and there are many people out there that is more stronger then him. Even through he is not the MC I would like for him to be the MC instead.

  4. I mean he the crimson prince is not OP as tatsuya but he still interesting and be a good character. I am sorry if there is many flaw in my Comment, I was in a hurry.

  5. Normally, I would hate your for not understanding how brilliant and well-throughout and research Mahouka is..But then I told myself that you probably have yet to read the light novel. So I do what I do when I hear criticism towards my favorite series (Mahouka)

    I laughed and look at their view point

    1. Brilliant = How the whole series revolves around one gary stu & his imouto, with everyone else being filler characters who only exists to either praise the gary stu, be converted by his stoicness or get one shotted by him.

      Well-thoughout = 12 volumes & we are yet to see the actual plot development. Every nation except mary suetopia Yamatoland portrayed as second coming of Nazis, also being unable to produce any good mage without assistance from Yamatoland’s superior mage breeding. Some stupid infodump on pseudoscience takes more pages than developing something called plot & character development amounts to going from not knowing gary stu to worshipping him. And the fact that someone thinks walking nuke should walk around in a highschool showing off others who aren’t even comparable to him is a brilliant story idea & have zero self awareness about how retarded that idea sounds.

      Research = Bunch of pseudoscience infodump that does nothing to help develop the plot & some faux symbolism that adds nothing to the plot. Like one can’t read actual physics if he wishes to know more about them.

      I don’t see why the light novel is even considered good. It takes a lot to read the damn thing & not have some kind of head trauma.

      1. Yeah thats the point the story is where everyone worship Tatsuya and he is so perfect and OP that almost every woman worship him as well as being able to develope new magics, and is a special lieutenant who had the power to destroy the entire world.

        Brilliant: yes you got that right, its basically a story where a character exist to praise and make the gary stue superior then them and make woman feel hot for him as well as if that is not enough.

        Well thought: yeah a 12 volume of massive infodump, gary stue being very perfect, and china nazi being evil. Very well thought isnt it, the author doesnt even know the rule of fiction 101, he seem to be the type that hated Chinese people for some reason. Why the author just decided to take a massive info from magic and dump it in almost every volume page and somehow he doesnt leave the rest to the viewer imagination. Thats why the anime NEVER shut up about massive info about magic this and that.

        Research: Right, those massive info dump seem to not to do anything to make the story go anywhere instead it just a bunch off page of about Incest, more magic infodump, and more incest. Jeez, even a college kid wouldnt do this taken this to an extreme trauma level.

    2. Let me laugh too. You are running out of material to defend your case with the whole “Read the Light Novel” BS. The core story sucks

    3. I love the novels, they make me laught so hard, but it because in my head they all descendant s of GTO, spinoff Great Troll Tatsuya. GTT!.

      Otherwise I am waiting for Tatsuya to become god. I seriously believe that the light novels will ends witth Tatsuya becoming god. Like he will die and dissapear but since he is immoral he will stay there watching how her imoto takes showers for the rest of her life. Hence becoming god. EIther that or somehow some1 destroys the world at some point using a black hole and Tatsuya applies regrowth on the whole universe and reccreates the bigbang however he loses his physical body and become magic itself.

      Cuz let me tell you this, Tatsuya will not graduate like a normal azzhole, he will graduate from humanity

  6. You seem to have skipped the part where they say the Nino Magatama was something able to store magic sequences making it the second conviniently introduced thing in the episode after the theme for the thesis.

    I can’t wait to see what you think of the rest of the arc, it’ll be hilarious.

    1. You seem to have skipped the part where they say the Nino Magatama was something able to store magic sequences making it the second conviniently introduced thing in the episode after the theme for the thesis.

      “I don’t know what it is, but it needs analyzing! And it needs to be replicated! Why? Meh, do you think I care enough to learn why? I pretty much just tune out the details when any of Mahouka‘s characters start going on and on about “magic.””

  7. I was hoping the “illegal aliens” would survive due to the fact they were suppose to be blown up indiscriminately.

    Yeah…that gif was a perfect example how I felt on the whole Miyuki exchange. Why sisters be actual sisters?

  8. Interesting a series that seems almost devoid of sexual fanservice still feels so deprived. Also, that last line. Holy shit what the fuck?

  9. “You look lovely in it. So much that I want to secretly display you in a glass case just for me.”

    It will dress itself in silly outfit or get the hose again.

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