M3 – Sono Kuroki Hagane Ep. 21: Minashi goes off the deep end

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2101

Not exactly the most romantic place for our two lovers…

— Kasane says her final goodbyes to Aoshi, but elsewhere, Mahmu isn’t reacting well to the news that LIMs can die. Also, who the hell is the new girl?

— Iwato stupidly considers turning himself into a LIM so that Raika can pilot the Reaper. I just don’t understand why people aren’t trying to be more resourceful. Everyone just assumes that without three LIM-powered mechas, defeating a Corpse is impossible. Two just ain’t gonna cut it, apparently. Plus, everyone else who has turned themselves into a LIM had to, well, do so. It was their only recourse. Had they not chosen the path of the LIM, they would’ve become 100% Necrometal. Iwato doesn’t have that excuse, which is why he happens to have that vial of Corpse juice with him! Holy shit, does nobody keep important stuff under lock and key? Why can anyone just get their hands on this thing and trot it out to the beach like that? Who’s in charge of security around here?

— Elsewhere, Kasane’s trying to log into one of Natsuiri’s old computers. If she couldn’t get in before, how did she know the computer contained anything useful? She claims it contains “[a]lmost all of the research data from 10 years ago,” but that’s not how computers work. How can you see its content without knowing the password to begin with.

— Even though Minashi tells the guy, “I’m sorry about your older brother,” Akashi hasn’t looked too worked up about the tragedy. That’s why I wasn’t a big fan of last week’s development. Okay, so we killed off Aoshi. No one seems to worked up about it, honestly. Kasane cried for a short bit, and… yeah…

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2105

— Minashi continues to spout more bullshit about how the spoken word sucks, and I could buy that. I really could. But y’see, the thing is, thinking still uses words. When I have a thought — any thought — it’s in English, so there’s nothing here to make me think, “Yeah, yeah, telepathic thoughts are superior. We should just link our minds up and misunderstandings will go away completely!” And you just can’t take words away. We don’t have a universal “thought language” to substitute in, and even if we did, it’d still be a language of some sort. Let’s just face it: communication with others will always be flawed unless we literally share the same brain. But at that point, who’s to say we are distinct individuals anymore?

— Not only that, our thoughts aren’t always clear even to ourselves. Sometimes, I don’t know what to think or what I really want. Hell, opening up our hearts could lead to even more misunderstandings, ’cause until I sort my feelings out, they’ll be a mess. How will that be of any use?

— And like I’ve said before, we sometimes have intrusive thoughts that don’t even make sense. Can I trust others to see those thoughts and not think poorly of me?

— Minashi: “Because you were clamming your heart shut, neither Tsugumi nor Sasame could understand you…” Yeah, well, that has nothing to do words passing each other by or whatever. That’s just Akashi being Akashi.

— And besides, I can hardly see how it’s Akashi’s fault that Tsugumi is a crazy yandere girl. How will Akashi “opening up his heart” solve anything? She chose to freak the fuck out just because she couldn’t find her friends during a game of hide-and-seek. Sometimes, people are just nuts, and opening up your heart to them won’t do shit.

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2106

— But anyway, her despair is causing the Lightless Realm to expand, I guess. People are busy getting the fuck out of town; everyone but IX will abandon the place. They even give the kids a choice to leave if they want.

— So Kasane managed to get into those password-protected files. Apparently, she just had to read Mimei’s old blog. Alright then, did the computer contain anything useful? Not really. They can revert the effects, but they still need to defeat the Corpse. Welp, time to step up to the plate, Iwato!

— Buuuuut he chickens out at the last second. He got a kiss out of it though, so… I guess chickening out is the way to go. Dude, close your eyes at least when you kiss. Not content with just one, he continues to blubber even more afterwards. What? Does she need to fuck you before you suck it up and get over it?

— So the rest of the team are going to try and defeat the Corpse with two-and-a-half mechas. Wait, that was the plan, but Minashi wants to take his mecha and go see Tsugumi alone. This guy, man, this fucking guy. He keeps going on and on about how important it is that they be connected with each other, but he then goes and acts on his own like this. Fine, I get it, he doesn’t agree with Akashi; he thinks Akashi is selfish for closing his heart. But what about the rest of the team? What about his other friends or does he even consider them to be his friends? And isn’t Susan in charge? Why doesn’t he try to communicate his ideas to her or the rest of Team Gargouille if he thinks his ideas are so fucking great? If others agree with him, then maybe they’d even help convince Akashi! I just don’t understand Minashi’s thought process. Why is it all about Akashi and Akashi alone? Why doesn’t he seem to interact with anyone else? This just seems like lazy writing, but that’s what we’ve been saying all season long.

— Minashi comes right out and says he intends to save Tsugumi. Again, if he thinks he’s got the right idea, why isn’t he telling others about it? Why is he only telling Akashi?

— Um, awkward…

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2103

…but that’s one way to be connected, I guess.

— What’s funny is that Sasame hesitates to follow Minashi’s orders, so the two of them aren’t even all that connected! What a dumbass. Here he is, going on and on about how he’s the only one who can save Tsugumi, but Sasame doesn’t even understand him fully.

— So everyone’s in hot pursuit of Minashi, but an Admonition conveniently shows up and slows them down. Elsewhere, Minashi offers himself up to Tsugumi, so now the good guys have less mecha.

— But hey, remember that Heito dude?! We can always turn him into a LIM! Sweet! I guess we gotta fight one crazy with another crazy.

— By the way, it’s been so long since Heito had any lines, I almost forgot what his voice sounded like.


2 Replies to “M3 – Sono Kuroki Hagane Ep. 21: Minashi goes off the deep end”

  1. They aren’t even trying to make Minashi’s proposal believable. You’d think that they would at least have Akashi and Minashi talk it out but not Even The crazy doctor and the Big sister? The two of them were researching the damn thing and no attempt has been made to bring up a conversation on the matter.

    You know with moral in Hamatora I didn’t agree with him but I could appreciate his motivations because he and Art had a lengthy and interesting conversation about it and some other scenes with Nice. You said already that there’s no love in M3 that she doesn’t seem to be trying and it just becomes clearer and clearer I’m still wondering if she’s writing this thing.

    1. I’m sure she’s writing it. It’s just like with Nicholas Cage. Cage can act, but passion for your craft kind of goes out the window when you’re constantly churning shit out. I feel like it’s the same way with Okada. It feels like she has a show every season — sometimes two — and as a result, it feels like there’s less passion in his work.

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