Everything Else, Summer ’14, Week 10: Just a few weeks more…

Argevollen - 1001

A shorter post than usual this week, since I’m a bit exhausted these days.

Week 9’s Poll Results

The top 5 finishers

— Not surprisingly, Psycho-Pass 2 takes the majority of the votes.

“I, what most people have probably done as well, voted for Psycho-Pass 2. I’d rather stick with something I’m familiar with, than a completely new series.” — Ax_v

“Doubt psyho pass will be as good with out Maki to carry the show.” — BoyTitan

As I said in my fall ’14 preview post, I don’t expect the anime to disappoint me, but at the same time, I don’t expect it to be brilliant either. I think I’m mostly watching the show just to see where the story goes. The first season proved that Psycho-Pass can be a bit hazy when it comes to handling its themes. The sequel has a different writer helming the story, but I think Tow Ubukata won’t stray too much from what Urobuchi had established.

fate yuri

— Old franchises are getting the nod as Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works grabs a distant second place.

“Hmm, next season looks lame, aside from Psycho pass and maybe Fate/stay night.” — Anonymous

The visual novel simply has way too many fans for this anime to go unnoticed, even if this version of Fate/stay night is merely taking a different route.

–Again, sequels or reboots continue to rule the poll as Mushishi Zoku Shou 2 settles down in third.

“Mushishi is one of my favorite shows ever, ranking in my top five comfortably sandwiched between Ghost in the Shell: SAC and Kino’s Journey. Seeing a sequel to it makes me so conflicted because I want some more Mushishi but sequels RARELY as good as their predecessor.” — Anonymous

The voting is starting to get closer now, though. Yeah, I certainly think Mushishi is a great anime, but when the show actually airs, few people will talk about it. It’s just one of those shows that gets no attention even though most people consider it a top tier anime.

gundam parasite

Kiseijuu barely finishes behind Mushishi Zoku Shou 2.

“I loved the Parasyte manga. And Madhouse is a good studio when they aren’t adapting awful LNs to rake all the money. Too bad they are using new character designs instead of the original super 90’s looking ones.” — RoboMambo

“I’m really excited for Parasyte, some trusted manga readers have told me that it might beat Ping Pong as anime of the year if it lives up to it’s source (or improves on it).” — Good Taste

I can’t deny that the trailer looks cool, but I’m always wary of Madhouse. Of course, I’m being a bit pessimistic, but that’s only because it’s fun to rib Madhouse for their recent efforts (Mahou Sensou, Mahouka, BTOOOM!, etc.). Still, it’s the first show on this list that’s neither a reboot nor a sequel. That’s gotta count for something, right?

— Aaaaaand we’re right back to the sequels as Log Horizon 2 grabs the fifth and final spot.

“Log Horizon an MMO fantasy done right.” — FlameStrike

I think the poll results have been a bit conservative. Anime fans seem to prefer what has already worked over newer and possibly more exciting possibilities.

Other notables:


— The Chaika sequel comes in at a distant sixth, but still far ahead of the other fall shows. Again, I’m not quire sure what people see in it. The anime has nothing interesting to say.

Gundam: G no Reconguista barely edges out Gundam Build Fighters Try with five extra votes in the battle of the Gundams. In other words, Gundam, Gundam, Gundam!

Madan no Ou to Vanadis is the only show to take zero votes. I guess we’re just desensitized to big-breasted anime babes with powerful weapons.

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de to do better, since everyone loved Kill la Kill and thus Trigger by association. It, however, finished below the likes of Amagi Brilliant Park, Terra Formars, selector spread WIXOSS, and World Trigger. I personally thought selector infector WIXOSS was a disaster, but I guess it has enough fans wondering if Yuzuki will ever get to bang her twin brother or not.

— There’s little hype for Garo: Honoo no Kokuin, and Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis only got four measly votes. I find this odd because the PVs for both these shows look decent enough. But again, people go with what they’re familiar with. Plenty of people have read the manga for Terra Formars and World Trigger. Few people seem to know what the hell Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis is supposed to be.

Week 10’s Rankings

16. Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance

accordion sword

Nothing’s happening. Nothing’s really taking shape. I wonder if the show even has a plot. But hey, Kamito’s slowly winning over the ‘Fart girl, so that’s cool…

15. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Nothing’s happening here either. The show keeps telling us something big’s about to happen — and the good guys even ship our Gary Stu an ugly-ass mecha for this eventuality — but I see nothing. I see absolutely nothing happening with the plot except an extremely dry and boring science presentation. On the bright side, there’s been less Tatsuya lately. Since I’m such a generous guy, I’ll bump the show up a spot.

14. Rail Wars!

“This show still has trains in it! It’s still a train anime!”
“It’s more moe now than trains. Twisted and evil by shiny boobs and glossy butts.”

13. Akame ga Kill!

Anyone surprised Esdeath quickly turned into yet another quivering moeblob? I’m not. It’s funny how an all-powerful general would allow her boy toy to slip out of her grasps. In my book, that’s just lazy storytelling.

12. Sword Art Online II

Hilariously stupid. Dramatically stupid. Spiritually stupid. Ecumenically stupid.

11. Ao Haru Ride

ao haru ridearino

More shitty people pretending to be best friends with each other. Worst part is, we’ve finally reached the “Will they or won’t they?” part of every generic shoujo romance. Everything else is done. We’ve established the characters. We’ve established the love triangles. We’ve finally learned why Kou is such a tortured character. Now we just get to sit tight and watch this awkward dance between him and Futaba.

10. M3 – Sono Kuroki Hagane

If Aoshi dies and nobody cares,  does anyone uguu? Hell, if anyone in this show dies and nobody cares, does anyone uguu?

9. Glasslip

— Sachi claims she’s confessing to both Touko and Hiro. Pfft. Words are ultimately meaningless. Sachi has done nothing but manipulate Hiro, so that’s all that should really matter. I mean, name one selfless thing she’s done for the guy.

— Even though he’s temporarily lost his “powers,” Kakeru continues to blow us all away with his intensity. Everything he does is intense. His philosophy, his questions, his stares, his lop-sided face, so on and so forth. If Glasslip ever gets a live-action adaptation, I hope Tom Cruise gets to play this amazing role.

— Touko and Kakeru’s parents crawl into Kakeru’s tent to talk about how weird he is. Oh, the irony…

— “You… kiss me! I don’t know what I’m thinking, because that wasn’t even the first time I’d seen it! What’s happening to me?!”

Glasslip - 1001

Teenagers fantasizing about kissing each other? Nah, that’s not possible. Things like that never happen, so this is truly a deep mystery that we need to solve.

8. Captain Earth

Still flawed, but last week’s episode managed to keep my attention for the most part. That’s more than I can say for the shows ranked below the anime.

7. Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen

Okui visits his hometown, the good guys tussle with Ingelmian troops, and… well, honestly, the episodic nature of this anime is putting me to sleep. Sad thing is, we’re just going to get more of these episodes. If they’re going to bother fleshing out Okui’s character and origins, why wouldn’t they do it for the rest of Unit 8? Once again, an explosion nearly kills Tokimune, but he somehow manages to survive. I really wish something big had happened, e.g. the explosion separated Tokimune from the rest of the team. Let’s see Tokimune on his own, because he’s not very interesting when he’s with his team.

6. Tokyo ESP

The characterizations here are weak, but at least something actually happened. I’m even kind of curious how the good guys will recover from this latest setback.

5. Re:_Hamatora

Re Hamatora - 1001

I like how Hajime leaves the group just because she doesn’t want to be a danger to her friends. Then what does she do? She falls right into Momoka’s hands. Good job, girl! So this allows the evil lady to lead Nice and company on a wild goose chase in a futile attempt to save Hajime. Something about this just feels contrived. Anyway, Nice duke it out with Ratio isn’t very original, but at least the stakes are high.

4. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

3. Tokyo Ghoul

See below.

2. Aldnoah.Zero

With Tokyo Ghoul‘s plot lately having less of an emphasis on its characters’ mental states, I find myself looking forward to watching Aldnoah.Zero more and more. This Aogiri Tree arc just isn’t very compelling to me. Maybe the next episode will convince me otherwise.

1. Terror in Resonance

Questions about Five’s realism aside, no other show this season has engaged me as much as this one.

Week 10’s Poll

Alright, it was fun to look ahead, but let’s focus our attention back on the current season. For this week’s question, I know some of the shows below will continue well into the fall season. Still, just think of the end of these shows’ first halves as their unofficial summer finales.

Anyway, I’ll try to make next week’s “Everything Else” a little meatier to read. Just kind of out of it this week.

16 thoughts on “Everything Else, Summer ’14, Week 10: Just a few weeks more…

  1. eternia

    Voted for Tokyo Ghoul. I am glad that we have passed the “Nooooo. Noooo. Nooo. I am a human.” period, but the anime studio introduced too many things at once. Can they really make a good closure? We can only pray… :-D

  2. Lim Cheng Yi

    Voted for Adnoah, because it seems to have enter a monster of the week formula… i dont expect it to be decent.

    Tokyo Esp? Never had any high hopes for it, so ya.. not expecting it to suck or to rock too.
    Tokyo Ghoul? It’s shounen, how badly can u screw that up?
    Space dandy 2: It’s a self contain episode, so i will only be able to judge it for what it is.
    Re: Hamatora: I enjoy season 1, season 2? Not so much, will it disappoint? Probably it will give me a meh feeling, that’s all.
    SAO2: It’s already a disappointment, i dont see how it could get more disappointing esp since i have already read the light novel and know what is happening next.
    Terror in resonance: So far so good, i cant see it turning into shit so fast so soon.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Re: Hamatora: I enjoy season 1, season 2? Not so much, will it disappoint? Probably it will give me a meh feeling, that’s all.

      That’s interesting. Most people seem to think the second season is far superior. Any reason why you prefer the first?

  3. Naota

    Mahouka was among the names on my list, but hear me out: I don’t think Mahouka is anything but condensed disappointment as it stands. That it carries absolutely no expectations was never in doubt.

    I do, however, I believe that Mahouka will find a way to disappoint beyond our lowest expectations.

    1. Anonymous

      There’s literally no way for Mahouka to redeem itself. The show was written to hell from the very beginning.

      I agree with you that the ending will blow our minds away with its “quality”; I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Good Taste

    I’m unreasonably excited for Parasyte. Madhouse is finally doing a good show again and it’s confirmed for 24 episodes. Is the 2nd cour of Aldnoah going to air in the winter?

  5. A Day Without Me

    I’m pretty sure Argevollen is running through the autumn.

    “If Glasslip ever gets a live-action adaptation, I hope Tom Cruise gets to play this amazing role.”

    I hope Nicolas Cage plays it. Actually, no, I want to see a live-action Glasslip with Cage playing every role.

  6. mintrubber

    Voted for Aldnoah,

    +Kuroshitsuji and Love Stage are over.

    Love Stage was solid start to finish (nothing much to say there) and Kuroshitsuji was above and beyond anything I expected of it. The ending was brilliant. If I made a ranking, it’d be right below Terror in Resonance.


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