Everything Else, Summer ’14, Week 11: Fool’s gold

Everything Else Week 11

I’m starting to see the finish line, you guys. And I’m just so excited to see all those harem shows coming up next season. But we still have unfinished business here, so let’s get back to the matter at hand.

Week 10’s Results

Last week, I asked you guys which shows would likely falter in the final weeks of the season. These polls are flawed, however, because PEOPLE just want to dump on bad shows. In reality, the question is really asking you guys which good show might end up disappointing us at the end of the season. But instead, you guys simply voted for your least favorite shows. Case in point, Aldnoah.Zero got the most votes. But how is it a show that will give us a disappointing finish when it has already been disappointing us all season long? Everyone has been bashing the show non-stop since the third or fourth episode. Yes, a bad show can nevertheless disappoint us, but enough to top last week’s poll?

Akame ga Kill!, Sword Art Online II and Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei also got a lot of votes, but why? They’re all shit shows. How can they falter any harder? Anyway, I feel that last week’s poll was a waste. So much so that the rest of the results aren’t really worth discussing, so let’s just move on from it.

Week 11’s Rankings

16. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

The action is boring, the characters are bizarre and unrealistic, the bad guys are faceless nobodies, and the show’s racist. What more can you ask for?

15. Sword Art Online II

Once again, the characters sit around and do nothing but tell us things we already know.

14. Glasslip

Glasslip - 1101

— Touko thinks that perhaps Kakeru doesn’t really understand her. Yeah, I’d agree with that. But how did she come to that conclusion? She came to that conclusion because he doesn’t see the snow that is falling down around her. The snow, man, the snow! It’s really what’s important here!

— People keep saying how this show is worth watching just for the animation alone, but I’ve never been impressed with P.A. Works’ technical ability. Sure, the characters look almost flawless, but there’s something very sterile and processed about the way they look. I don’t feel as though P.A. Works has a bunch of great artists under their employ. Rather, they’ve perfected an assembly line that helps them churn out these shows. Not every single P.A. Works anime looks the same, but for the ones that do, they lack heart. They’re pretty in that Thomas Kinkade sort of way.

— People say such hilarious shit about this anime, too.

“Yeah, I’m enjoying it, but it’s true that it doesn’t have a plot.”

“The characters are boring, but that just makes it a realistic slice-of-life anime.”

Basically, I admit the show is shit for X reason, but I like it anyway.

— These two haven’t even started dating, and they’re already worrying whether or not they really understand each other. Yo, some couples can date for months and still not understand each other. What happened to kids just hanging out, having fun, and getting to know each other over a long period of time? Kakeru then suggests that they go and see one of his mother’s performances. Oh, so it’s like a date! It’s that thing Touko and Kakeru should’ve gone on since the start of the series! Fancy that.

— But when Kakeru calls his mom up about it, she suggests that he invite Touko’s parents as well. C’moooooon.

— For some reason, Touko decides to stay overnight at the school. You can get away with anything in Japanese schools, I guess. Sleep in it overnight, hide a nuclear bomb in a locker…

— While following Hiro down the mountain path, Sachi suddenly disappears from sight and says things like, “It feels a bit strange not being able to see someone who’s close, doesn’t it?” When he asks the girl to show herself, she goes, “No, not yet.” What the hell is this shit? This isn’t psychological. This is just eye-rollingly bad.

— All of a sudden, Kakeru reveals that he might take up his mom’s offer to travel the world. Needless to say, Touko’s super bummed out about not being able to spend more quality time with this “boyfriend” of hers.

— This is just a standard love story prettied up with a whole bunch of pretentious characters. Every single character on this show is unsure of how they feel. That’s it. They need to talk to each other, but they can’t, because they’re a bunch of emotional, awkward teenagers. Kakeru then shows up as a catalyst, forcing everyone to say what they need to say. Unfortunately, they all do it at the same time, so shit hits the fan, people are selfish as they prioritize letting themselves be heard over considering other people’s feelings, blah blah blah. And now, Kakeru might run away because he is afraid of relationships, and while I’ve never been in that situation myself, I hear lots of people that age are afraid of the sort of commitment that a relationship entails. Lo and behold, snow returns. The problem isn’t with the actual core of the story itself. The problem is that this is somehow a 13-episode series instead of a 2-hour movie. Fuck this, man. Go watch The Garden of Words instead. It’s even prettier to look at, too.

— I’m going to keep the name Junji Nishimura in my head, and I’m going to remind myself never to watch another one of his fucking shit anime again.

13. Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance

The harem lead came, he saw, he conquered, he came some more. Our latest victim? Fahrenfart.

12. Ao Haru Ride

Shoujos can be cheap and exploitative too.

11. Akame ga Kill!

An unremarkable, fillerish episode.

10. Captain Earth

We all knew Puck would end up being the true villain of the story, but somehow, the anime still fucked up on the execution.

9. Tokyo Ghoul

Yeah, last week’s episode was that bad.

8. Rail Wars!

Stupid and simple beats stupid and pretentious.

7. M3 – Sono Kuroki Hagane

For what it’s worth, M3’s quality has evened out. It sucks, but it hasn’t been getting any worse, I guess.

6. Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen

Argevollen - 1101

— Samonji is informed that Arandas is slowly losing this war, which I find odd because we only ever see the victories.

— Tokimune said a while back that he would focus his energy on the current situation, but he often finds himself staring at his sister’s picture for extended lengths of time. I can’t imagine that this is very healthy for someone in a combat position.

— Jamie asks our hero a bunch of personal questions, because knowing him means they’ll know “the future of Argevollen.” Uh-huh. Somehow, these questions include asking Tokimune where he washes himself first in a shower. I guess the show is trying to be light-hearted and funny, but… it’s just kind of cringe-inducing.

— Jamie then asks Tokimune what the Argevollen means to him. What is this? A high school writing assignment?

— Half of this show is Samonji looking all stoic as he stares at stuff, and Saori staring at him.

— There’s a long-ass party scene afterwards that’s pretty meaningless. But near the end of the episode, Samonji sees Tokimune in private, and basically takes all the blame for Raika’s death. Of course, I bet you anything Samonji wasn’t really responsible. I bet you anything he just blames himself more than he should. Still, I don’t fault Tokimune for his actions. If someone went up to you and said, “I could have saved your sister, but I watched her die,” you’d be pretty fucking pissed too. But afterwards, we see Saori marching towards Tokimune’s cell with a head full of steam. The episode suddenly comes to an end, but if what we see next week is something along the lines of “Let me set you straight, Private Susumu,” I will be sorely disappointed. Why? Because I think it’s a lame storytelling gimmick. It’s cliche as hell, and doesn’t add anything to the narrative but make things needlessly dramatic.

5. Tokyo ESP

Boring flashbacks.

4. Re:_Hamatora

Re Hamatora - 1101

Art finally betrays Ishigami like we thought he would. He then stabs Nice, and in doing so, he manipulates Hajime into using her powers and wiping out everyone’s powers. And what’s the point of all of this? He’s just fulfilling a promise he had made to his fucking otouto. That is so lame. I wish bad guys would have a stance just from the stance’s pure ideological merits alone, so we wouldn’t need to squeeze in some stupid flashback at the 11th hour about a character that the audience can’t possibly have any connection to. And I also hate how it’s so easy to manipulate Hajime into using her powers. Turn up the tragedy, then bam! Uncontrollable shoujo rage! It makes her feel less like a real character, and more like some plot device. Insert so and so ingredients, and you’ll always get the same finished product on the other hand. Hajime can’t control herself whatsoever, even though it’s plainly obvious what Art is trying to do. The story has potential, but it’s not quite there.

3. Aldnoah.Zero

This doesn’t mean the show is good. This just means I’d watch none of the other shows if I wasn’t blogging.

2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

1. Terror in Resonance

The show hasn’t given it any reason to bump it down.

Week 11’s Poll

Last poll of the season? Second to the last poll of the season? Who knows!

13 thoughts on “Everything Else, Summer ’14, Week 11: Fool’s gold

  1. eternia

    Tokyo Ghoul is really the most logical choice, for a show who raised your excitement and slammed you back down.
    Why can’t people understand simple question?
    Who the **** voted for Mahouka and SAO?
    I really want to see these guys test results from when they were still attending school….

    1. Naota

      To be fair, it was kind of a hard question for this season where very few series have really fluctuated in appeal. Most of the anime that’s going down the drain wears that fact right on its sleeve. I voted Tokyo Ghoul and Argevollen, but I threw Mahouka on the pile as well because:

      Mahouka was among the names on my list, but hear me out: I don’t think Mahouka is anything but condensed disappointment as it stands. That it carries absolutely no expectations was never in doubt.

      I do, however, I believe that Mahouka will find a way to disappoint beyond our lowest – nay, non-existent – expectations.

      It’s just that bad. I honestly believe it will find a way sour us that much more by the end, just as each arc has been getting progressively more boring, racist, and awful since the start.

      1. eternia

        I dropped it at episode 1 as I saw all that stupid blabber about how magic power is determined by bloodline and how they separate the student into classes. Also the awful fight scene, a main character who acted “I am holier than thou” all the time, and a little sister who has wet dreams of him every night.

        1. Naota

          I know, right? But think about it: starting from that precipitously low point, this same series has managed to drop expectations ever further with each consecutive episode… for twenty four episodes. So do I think the finale is going to be a double dose of condensed terribad with a fine garnish of disappointment? You bet! It’s an absolute marvel!

      2. E Minor Post author

        To be fair, it was kind of a hard question for this season where very few series have really fluctuated in appeal.

        Shows don’t have to fluctuate in appeal for them to have the highest potential of misstepping. And my only point is that it is boring to talk about the same shows over and over. Unfortunately, people just want to vote for the same shows over and over regardless of what I ask. At that point, it becomes a circlejerk.

        1. Naota

          They don’t, but aside from Tokyo Ghoul (which I also voted for) I can’t really predict any series this season ending in a particularly more disappointing way.

          Aldnoah Zero isn’t ending, I’m not seeing any reason to lose trust in Zankyou no Terror, SAO II is going to be just as uproariously dumb start to finish, Sabagebu lacks a plot, Rail Wars is a fanservice ouroboros, Tokyo ESP is consistently just “kinda dumb” and looks to end that way, Captain Earth’s expectation flatline has been stretched out for some 22 episodes with nary a blip. Argevollen got a vote from me because I can’t see its disparate episodes coming together to mean anything by the end, but that’s just typical Argevollen. Finally there’s Akame ga Kill, which might also get an uninspired ending, but it’s played so safe I can’t imagine a catastrophic failure.

          Maybe I should’ve picked up one or more of this season’s main shoujo drama series? They seem like they might fit the bill.

          Anyway, I suspect it’s just natural for people to vote for either:
          -The big popular series they don’t like but many other people do, because those other people are clearly wrong and a poor ending would validate their dislike. Aldnoah Zero and Zankyou no Terror suck up these votes without a doubt.
          -The unabashedly awful series that already disappointed everyone, because on some level (clearly one above real reading comprehension) the poll is asking which anime will contain a negative quality, and what’s worse than the infamous dregs of the season? Safe bet! Mahouka and SAO II!

          1. E Minor Post author

            Aldnoah Zero isn’t ending,

            In a way, it is. There’s going to be a sense of finality to the first cour’s last episode.

  2. Anonymous

    I had to vote for Space Dandy this week, since it has a huge number of very interestingly designed characters, irrelevantly to almost none of them appearing in more than one episode. This is of course due to the purposely high variance in staff for each episode, and the fact that many of the one-off background aliens were designed by one person each. The best character designs of S2 can be found, IMO, specifically in Yasuhiro Nakura’s episode (S2E8).

    > Samonji is informed that Arandas is slowly losing this war, which I find odd because we only ever see the victories.

    Well, there’s the great wall main defense line from the first episode, the retreat from that canyon, and the one from that dude’s village. And that tactical briefing map from two weeks or so ago showed quite clearly how the situation was along the whole frontline.

  3. Good Taste

    It looks like Tokyo Ghoul will have the best final episode of the season. Let’s see if resonance manages to compete.

    1. mintrubber

      Kuroshitsuji has the best final episode so far, followed by Love Stage. I don’t think anything can beat those two.

      Then again, I also don’t think people here watched them.


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