Akame ga Kill! Ep. 12: Simply putting me to sleep

Akame ga Kill! - 1203

Uh-oh, Akame ga Kill! is trying to be funny again.

— We haven’t met the other recruit yet, have we? Well, her name’s Chelsea (what a boring name), and she looks like she just stepped out of a shoujo anime (what a boring look). Yeah, not exactly the best change in career paths.

— So, uh, how will long will it be before we see her without her clothes on? Hey, it’s anime, and not only that, it’s Akame ga Kill! You can’t expect the show to have class.

— Najenda: “Until then, I guess we’ll be leveling up here.” I guess if you repeat the joke enough, it’ll eventually be funny. But yeah, our heroes are looking for a new base of operations. Even though it didn’t look as though Stylish managed to tell anyone about what he had found, I guess Night Raid just wants to play it safe.

— Tatsumi makes a comment on how Chelsea looks even less like an assassin than Mine. Uh, have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror, buddy?

— Susanoo can apparently chop down a ton of trees, construct a large building, cook an entire meal, and do everyone’s laundry all by himself in a few short hours. Get it? The show is funny and light-hearted right now, and moments like these draw a sharp contrast to the rest of the anime’s more brutal, blood-filled nature! But seriously, I’m just terribly, terribly bored right now. I mean, just look at this. This is just lameass shounen humor. Then every once in a while, the anime feels the need to be edgy, so people lose all their limbs and shit. I may as well be watching one of those shitty shounens instead, because at least nobody gets raped over there. With a huge slate of fall shows to watch, I’m not sure if there’s a good reason I should stick with this anime. We’ll see how the upcoming schedule shakes out, I guess.

Akame ga Kill! - 1205

— Back in the capital, Esdeath and her cronies come to the conclusion that Stylish is dead. Good for them. Seryu suddenly starts crying buckets, because he was the one who gave her new limbs and everything. To comfort the girl, Esdeath embraces Seryu from behind and rubs her head. Man, really? Ughhhh. See, if the anime was really this over-the-top, not-serious schlockfest that we could laugh at, then I wouldn’t see this stupid scene where Esdeath and Seryu are trying to engage my sympathies. The only humor here is the fact that fans will idolize a mass murderer simply because she has large breasts, she’s in love with the boring-as-shit male lead, and she cares about her mass murderer underlings.

— According to Najenda, the day of revolution is near. That’s interesting to hear, ’cause we haven’t really seen anything on that front. Plus, it’s not as if this changes anything for our heroes. They’ll just continue to train, continue to go on missions, so on and so forth. Basically, we’re going to maintain the status quo, but shhh, the day of revolution is near!!!

— And naturally, nothing of consequence happens afterwards anyway. The characters cook, the characters eat, the characters make shitty jokes about how Najenda apparently looks like a man (are they blind?), blah blah blah. And oh yeah, Chelsea disguises herself as a cat to steal Mine’s dessert. Yeah, the girl’s Imperial Arms is a make-up box. Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

— Then we see Tatsumi and Leone beat up on some lizards. It’s all part of their training, y’see.  Sadly, this is what the show has come to. Yeah, yeah, you level up by defeating the bad guys. Uh-huh, I’ve played JRPGs before; I totally get the reference. But here’s the thing… I’m sure there’s a never-ending supply of bad guys to fill the ranks. For some reason, however, Akame ga Kill! would rather pick on the wild life this week. It’s not even interesting to watch. The bad guy of the week is a predictable and lame storytelling gimmick, but it is still more interesting to watch than some fucking cat and her bottomless cleavage murder a mother lizard and her babies.

Akame ga Kill! - 1213

— Chelsea drums up some cheap drama when she feels the need to insult the memory of both Sheele and Bulat. They were bad assassins apparently. I’d defend them, but I just realized I didn’t like those characters either. So yeah, good on you, Chelsea!

— With literally nothing better to do, Mine ropes Tatsumi into a scheme to get back at Chelsea. Great episode, you guys.

— Aaaaaaand she’s naked. Of course. It didn’t even take her an entire episode either. Good thing she disguised her nipples away. We wouldn’t want to corrupt the youth with lascivious nipples.

— Lubbock’s genius plan? It’s simple: “You turn invisible, and go in after her from the back.” Yo, that’s ra–… oh right, I’m watching Akame ga Kill! Carry on, then. And of course, our upstanding hero goes along with the plan. Shounen heroes always stand for justice, but when it comes to peeping on a girl, you can just throw morality out the window. This is an honored anime tradition!

— Ah yes, conflicted. What to do, you guys? What to do? This is so hard!

— When Tatsumi approaches the bath, he is utterly shocked to find Susanoo instead of Chelsea. We’ve already covered how Chelsea can disguise herself with her Imperial Arms, but Christ, this guy is dumber than I thought.

— In the end, Chelsea teaches Tatsumi a lesson on how he should conceal his “presence” even though he’s invisible. Our hero then realizes that she only says mean things because she doesn’t want to see her teammates die. Too bad she’ll be the one dying.

Akame ga Kill! - 1212

— We cut to Esdeath, and she’s still pining for Tatsumi. She then wonders if the heavy feeling in her chest means she’ll soon have to face off against Night Raid. Even the foreshadowing in this anime is lazy. It’s literally just a monologue from one of the bad guys.

— Right before the credits roll, we see a bunch of monsters tear into and eat a bunch of miners in a mine shaft. A hooded figure then says a bunch of generic shit about how he’s acquired interesting toys. OMOSHIROI! OMOSHIROI! Pfft. I guess our bad guy of the week was just fittingly a week late.


34 Replies to “Akame ga Kill! Ep. 12: Simply putting me to sleep”

  1. That’s what I thought too when I first saw Chelsea in the manga!
    That hair accessories! That checkered skirt! That shirt!
    What’s a shoujo character doing in Akame ga Kill?!
    It’s a really really bad career choice.
    Uh oh. I am sick with all the love triangle and competing over some bishounen, I want to experience some thrill. That’s probably what she thought. Lol.

    Why are you sure that she’s going to die? You looked up some spoiler?

    1. “Uh oh. I am sick with all the love triangle and competing over some bishounen, I want to experience some thrill. “…. you forgot the afterthought…”And compete for yet another bishounen, well, maybe more like shounen hero, but still applies!” hahaha another lamb to the slaughter, they are stacking by now! plus, what kind of terribly unconvenient arms is that!? A make-up box? really? Couldn´t they mak it just a special robe or something? Why everyone else has like zero weakness and she is the only one with limitations!? Is like the show decided “yep, she´s the only one who´s going to play it fair” too bad no one else does, death flags everywhere!

        1. I would have loved this when I was younger and less judgmental. Then again nvm even the action in shounens has been crap lately :(. Anime action needs what Bruce Lee and mma did for martial arts/action movies establish some rules and make great choreography a standard.

  2. A girl who stepped out of a shoujo manga and a main lead who stepped out of a japanese high school in a fantasy setting. We are coming full circle

    1. The studio went, “FUCK IT! FULL GENRE CHANGE”.

      Who’s kidding themselves that this show is a “parody” of shounen or anything?
      No. Just. No.

  3. It’s no use, when Akame Ga Kill is trying to be funny it fails, this week I didn’t laugh, I just end up boring myself looking at this garbage.

    1. Fun works when you try to use some black comedy in a setting like this. Who in their right mind has fun with this kind of jokes when everyone has seen how it treats mass rape & drops people in thousands just because it can.

      And also, has anyone read this comics called Manhattan Projects? It’s relatively new & full of misadventures of Einstien, Feynman & ww2/cold war era scientists, including talking & evolved Laika. The violence in the comics is over the top even compared to this (Openheimer’s powers involves eating people & assimilating their personality), but dark humor there is off the chart & writing is very solid

      1. Western comic writing is in a whole other league compared to Japanese LN/manga writing. Galaxies maybe. While comics do fuck up and do dumb shit, on average the West just produces MUCH better story-telling and characters.
        I’d peg it on just better education in terms of how to create a compelling narrative. Things like university classes and simply being surrounded by good literature. Just seeing the sad state that the Japanese anime industry’s output of derivative garbage to good, solid shows is really depressing. It seems that the only real requirements for getting a LN published and being animated is to be somewhat literate and know how to put words on a page that sort of makes sense. And somehow that’s enough to get people to eat that shit up.

        And in this season coming to a close, there’s a very distinct lack of CRAFT in the “biggest” shows this season. SAO II, Mahouka, Akame ga Kill! These are seriously the GIANTS that were supposedly to hold the season together? When you realize that, it’s just amazing that there are people out there that hold these types of shows to a higher regard than they deserve.

        If you showed these shows to Western critics (no, not weeaboos), they would be torn apart without mercy. Pretty much like the Twilight series, the poster child of “How And What The Fuck NOT To Write”.

        What we call the “comedy” in this episode of Akame Ga Kill! is “tonal dissonance”. Something that rips the audience from the story and makes them ask “What the hell?” Well, at least those sharp enough to sense it and not be distracted by bright lights and flashy swords (which apparently is failing most of the time too).
        It’s not wrong to try and crack some comic relief, but setting a tone and sticking to it is vitally important.

  4. Development from new chapter, spoilers be damned (since there aren’t AGK fanboys in this blog that much). The biggest shit-tanic ship has just been torpedoed & someone you’d expect has entered Yandere mode. While shippers are crying all over the internet.

        1. It wouldn’t last………….like it did in the first place
          Took a peek and it looks like it could be ending soon. Or am I wrong?

      1. Weren’t you mocking that stupid pair just a few weeks ago? And let’s face it, this show is going to screw canon & go for it’s own ending like Fullmetal, Soul Eater or Claymore.

    1. Went to take a peek out of curiosity, and I’m starting to think I like Lubbock’s character. How the story has been treating his character (and how it’ll probably continue to) feels frustrating to me. Unlike Tatsumi, he’s actually suffering from torture – both physically and mentally. As I read he seems about to break and give in to his captors – thus damning the rest of his colleagues, some which he even seems to have had feelings for (his portrayals up to now would say otherwise). Though I don’t think the show will deliver through on this end, given how it’s inclined to choose easy, straightforward conclusions rather than give us a fully riveting, tense end to a character. At most, he’ll probably die in a heroic sacrifice for Tatsumi.

      Also, in a group of 7 people, only one isn’t a goddamn rapist. Every villain is a goddamn rapist.

      1. Took a peak at the latest chapter. Even though he died the same chapter I saw him in, I did found his resolve endearing. I kinda liked him

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