Aldnoah.Zero Ep. 12 (Finale): Inaho makes a terrible plumber

Aldnoah Zero - 1201

See, you’re supposed to save the princess from the castle, not drag her there and get yourselves both killed! But seriously though, one has to wonder if anyone’s truly dead. After all, this is just the end to Aldnoah.Zero‘s first cour. With another one slated for the upcoming winter season, i.e. a mere three months away, can Inaho and Asseylum really be dead? Would the show really have the guts and the savvy to kill off either of its main characters? I doubt it. Sadly, it’s somehow much easier to come up with some stupid reason for why Inaho and the princess are both still alive. And even though Saazbaum had gestured at Slaine to aim at his head, Slaine didn’t actually finish the count off. He might not be dead either! So, again, who really died? That’s what I find kind of frustrating about our “finale” episode. I don’t think anyone’s dead, and I don’t think we’ve really reached any sort of conclusion. Basically, we’re forced to sit here and wait three months before we find out how these characters will magically survive.

Slaine’s pretty useless, huh? He never manages to do or accomplish anything. Doomed to be Inaho’s foil, Slaine is thus more emotion than action. Whereas Inaho bizarrely saves the day all the time, Slaine has mostly been confined to the periphery all series long, crying for his dear Asseylum. To add insult to injury, his robotic counterpart actually gets to spend invaluable one-on-one time with the princess. Even in this very episode, Slaine looked busy, but he did nothing until the very end. He climbs into Cruhteo’s mecha, but doesn’t even do anything cool with it. Then the one chance Slaine got to be useful, he essentially helped Saazbaum “kill” Asseylum. Again, I don’t think the princess is dead, but on the small chance that she is, Slaine can pat himself on the back for a job well done in aiding her demise. It’s hard to be sympathetic for a character who simply exists to pine. Sad thing is, he has strong feelings for Asseylum, but she probably thinks of him as just a friend. Still, I guess it’s not entirely his fault.

Aldnoah Zero - 1202

I mean, how different would this episode have been if Inaho hadn’t shot the guy down shortly after they defeated Femieanne? Remember that? Slaine couldn’t give Inaho a satisfactory answer, but the latter didn’t really give the former a chance. Both guys were hot-headed, and I’d say they’ve paid for it and more. Just imagine if Slaine could’ve joined the good guys right there and then. Slaine wouldn’t have gotten captured and tortured by Cruhteo. Would Saazbaum have killed Cruhteo anyway? Maybe not, but let’s say Cruhteo would have died anyway just for simplicity’s sake. The good guys reach Russia, Saazbaum lands his castle and attack, blah blah blah. But now with Slaine on their side, maybe the two guys would’ve held Saazbaum off together, and it’s likely that none of them would now be on the ground, bleeding to death from their multiple gun wounds. How much different would things have been if we had just made this one small change to the story?

In the end, I can’t help but think Inaho’s cold, calculating way at looking at the world finally managed to bite his ass. So if you’ve been waiting for our mild Gary Stu’s comeuppance, I guess this would be the episode for you. Personally, Inaho’s always been boring to me, but he never bugged me as much as he bugged others. In any case, at the start of this week’s episode, Inaho argued that wars aren’t really about emotions. The way he sees it, wars are really just about accruing political advantages, and emotions are one way to get the wheels of conflict rolling. Well, Saazbaum’s motives sure seem emotional enough to me, so there’s a lot Inaho doesn’t really understand about the world. But more importantly, Inaho’s spiel is just indicative of the way he operates. And it’s because of the way he operates that everything ends up falling apart. Yeah, his cold, hard logic has helped him save the day countless of times before, but everything would’ve gone swimmingly in this week’s episode had Inaho not been so distrustful of Slaine back in week seven.

Aldnoah Zero - 1203

It’s hard to say much about Asseylum’s character, because she simply fulfilled her mission in this final episode. Her character hasn’t really grown, and fittingly, I don’t feel as if the story has grown either. Nothing’s resolved nor have we hit any real high point other than the shock that the good guys might have died. Few of the side characters even have much to do or say in this week’s episode. Yuki has more than a couple lines, but they’re all wasted on being whiny with her brother. I think my general dissatisfaction with the finale comes down to this. Although this isn’t the final episode to the entire series, it is nevertheless the final episode to a cour. But despite this, I can’t feel as though that we’ve reached any sort of conclusion, thematic or otherwise. As usual, we got some slick fighting between Inaho and the bad guy of this week. Yeah, it’s Saazbaum, and he’s somewhat of a major character, but his mecha ends up just being some amalgamation of all the previous mechas. I was still entertained by the action, but it could have been better.

The only notable “change” I can think of is possibly Inaho’s feelings for the princess. As our dying hero crawls towards the lifeless girl after she had been (fatally?) shot by Saazbaum, he has visions of their time together. It’s enough to make you think the guy is really in love with her! But maybe Yuki was just right all along. Maybe Inaho was really on cloud nine all those times he spent with the girl. And certainly, this does add another dimension to his character. The problem is, Inaho had been one-dimensional all series long, so what does adding one extra dimension at the last minute really do? I suppose when the second cour rolls around, and our heroes inevitably find that they’re still alive, Inaho can stop being so goddamn robotic and actually push hard for Asseylum’s love. Still, I can’t help but think that Inaho’s been so cold on the surface this entire time just to make his crawl towards Asseylum feel somewhat like a twist — an emotional twist, if you will. Even so, why not just make an interesting, well-developed character from the start?

Aldnoah Zero - 1204

A short ending monologue tells us that “Asseylum… has not been heard from since” the end of the battle. There’s no way Slaine, as obsessive as he is about the princess, would just leave her lifeless body there on the ground, huh? But where would he drag it to? And what would he do with it? Ah well, I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, we can distract ourselves with Psycho-Pass, Mushishi, and more. In a different universe, Inaho wouldn’t be such a boring character. And maybe in this same universe, I’d be dying to know what happens next. But although I was adequately entertained by Aldnoah.Zero, the story never lived up to the foundation Urobuchi had laid out for it at the very start of the season. Instead of an interesting political thriller that sometimes has mecha fights, we got a series of mildly competent mecha fights and little more. You can just forget about the political thriller part. So while I’ll watch the second cour when it finally airs, I’m not left wanting. I’ll live, y’know? Let’s just hope Inaho doesn’t wake up to find himself in school, and his sister has turned into a brother.

See ya in three months…


48 Replies to “Aldnoah.Zero Ep. 12 (Finale): Inaho makes a terrible plumber”

  1. This episode has redeemed Inaho a bit in my eyes, regardless of whether he survives. My biggest gripe with him as a character was how his decisions always seemingly turned out to be perfect and correct, but in the end his extremely utilitarian worldview was his downfall. The “logical” choice of shooting Slaine down turned out to be incorrect in the long run.

  2. If being shot was the only thing needed to kill the royal bloodline dead, that emperor would be long gone.

    This magic stuff powers interdimensional barriers, antigravity, anti-inertia, anti-interesting-story etc etc. so cheating death isn’t really that far fetched.
    While i love to finall see all these bimbos bite it, i also agree that they will not stay dead.
    The Church of Jesus Yamato will hav a new apostle it seems. Or a bunch of em.

    Heck, Marito yet lives, so he essentially did exactly NOTHING useful the whole series.

    And count Sülzbaum became incredibly boring after his “reveleations” to slaine.
    Hey, countjackass: Ever tried BUYING shit from earth? Trade? You know exchange of goods?
    The World traded with ex-nazis after ww2, so what made you think you would be trated differently? Just because you blew up the moon? OH PUH-LEASE.

    One would think a people who rock around space capable statinos would be able to go mine some valuable shit from the solar system to sell on earth….

    Yeah well. This really felt like a whole pile of “nothing happened except dead people.”

  3. I hope they really are dead. I don’t hate their characters or anything but I just hate it when series make death scenes look like it’s no big deal, because they are just going to show they survived somehow. Or worse, they find a magic way to come back to life.

    I rather just see Inaho’s sister, Slaine and/or Rayet become the main characters next season than have the princess and Inaho come back living. I have no idea what S2 will be about but I hope it doesn’t make death look cheap at least…

    1. I also hope they are dead, I would like to see Slaine as the MC and how he deals with what happened in this episode.

      Unlike many people out there I don’t think Slaine is “an idiot” or “the worst” or whatever they keep calling him, since Inaho shot him down I knew that it was going to end badly and look what happened.

      Slaine did warn Inaho to not use the Princess to further his own goals, I put the blame mostly on Inaho (not saying others aren’t to blame but Inaho imo is the most responsible for the outcome).

      1. So what would you do with the princess of the people who are attacking your planet?, Inaho did well in taking the princess to saazbaun ship,its fault of Slain for being so jealous.

  4. I’m not really sure why it’s so hard to believe that the characters are actually dead?? One main character is still alive, as well as most of the more important minor characters. Wherever the plot goes next, it has to be somewhere relatively new no matter what, because the ending seemed to imply that the war is pretty much over. And I mean, this is a Gen Urobuchi series after all – the guy is kind of infamous for this kind of stuff. I’m not even saying I think this show has been GOOD up to this point, I just think it feels kind of pointlessly cynical to dismiss these characters as OBVIOUSLY NOT REALLY DEAD.

    I can see the princess having survived, simply because it said she was missing and Slaine would presumably at least try to save her somehow, and also because her finding out that Slaine killed Inaho is probably going to be a big deal. I don’t think even that’s quite GUARANTEED, though. But I feel relatively confident in saying that Inaho and Saazbaum are totally fucking dead.

    1. I just think it feels kind of pointlessly cynical to dismiss these characters as OBVIOUSLY NOT REALLY DEAD.

      Give me a break. You can believe what you want, and you may even be right, but when 90% of anime characters don’t stay dead, no one’s being cynical for erring on the side of statistics. So fuck off.

      1. It’s a trope that’s REALLY annoying done by writers that don’t have the balls to truly kill of characters. And from what I felt from this show, there isn’t the degree of danger to characters of them just straight-up dying.
        The other, to a less lamer degree, is the simultaneous gunshot and scene cut to black. Although, Code Geass S1 ended with one, at least it had good enough set-up and then a follow-up explanation in S2 to justify the ending.

        But regardless, the explanation of how characters come back are like 99% unfulfilling. Other than, y’know, magic ’cause that’s just pure 100% bullshit.

    2. “this is a Gen Urobuchi series after all – the guy is kind of infamous for this kind of stuff”

      You do realize that Urobuchi COMPLETELY stopped being involved with the series after episode three, right?

  5. At the end of the first half of the story, I’ve come to the conclusion that finding out the fate of these trio of characters isn’t compelling enough for me to continue watching. I could accept and forgive many other things, including a lack of sufficiently interesting politics, if this weren’t the case.

    There’s some competent artistry, nice directorial work and the action was alright, as expected of this series, but I didn’t feel remotely sad or anxious when the bullets and the blood started flying. That’s a big issue for me. At this point, the likely possibility that nobody actually died because of some sort of Aldnoah magic would only add insult to injury.

    You’re kidding with the reference at the end, but I miss that other show.

  6. Even if I enjoyed Aldonoah nothing ever happens between the start and the end. We hardly see something that changes the course of the story in a major way or how the characters interact with each other and almost all of the new ones are irrelevant.

    Inaho character’s is interesting on paper but it never developed into a good one, and even if I think that Slaine is better I can’t say that he is relevant, mainly because nothing what he does is transcendental to the plot… Except for the final episode, so I really hope he will become the lead in the next cour because I think it could be pretty cool explore what he has become. Also I will flip shit if Inaho is alive.

    Also, this was posted on reddit: I think is pretty interesting and it may give a clue about what we can expect.

  7. “There’s no way Slaine, as obsessive as he is about the princess, would just leave her lifeless body there on the ground, huh? …what would he do with it?”

    WELL all I could think of was The English Patient, which obviously means Aldnoah.Zero confirmed for necrophilia end.

    1. But this is anime, so any sexual desire will be hilariously muted. Instead of eating out a girl, we’ll just drink her spit. And instead of necrophilia, he’ll just wash her feet while she’s in a coma or some shit.

  8. “And what would he do with it?”

    I’d rather not indulge the thought.

    On to more pressing matters! My guess is that Asseylum REALLY is dead and Inaho isn’t. That would perfectly set up season 2 as an all-out conflict between Slaine and Inaho. Two men mortally linked by the desire to avenge the one person they both loved and blaming each other for it (in the chaos I suspect the person who ACTUALLY SHOOT HER, Saazbaum, might actually escape unharmed). Cheesy as hell? You can bet it. But it’s the only thing that makes sense at this point imho. Which would make this series much more similar to Code Geass’ than it already is (and close its first cour on a similarly cliff-hanger-y note).

    1. But inaho got a bullet to his head so it would be more likely if he survives that asseylum would survive for sure.
      Even if she dies and inaho doesnt the anime will be more anoying to watch because one of the main characters just died.

  9. There’s definitely still going to be a conflict with the Orbital Knights, that’s for sure. I doubt they’ll break up after Saazbaum’s demise, plus there’s the glasses guy everybody seems to forget about who was shown in the second episode with the energy whip Kataphract.

    Asseylum’s the only one who can reasonably survive; her airbag deployed and Saazbaum could not have had the best aim with his injuries, so no Aldnoah “explanation” needed. I’ll say one can survive being shot in the back.

    As for Inaho’s pragmatism biting him in the back, that’s classic Urobuchi hamartia right there.

    I definitely find it hilarious that people who called Inaho an autistic Gary Stu are now sobbing over his death and hailing him as the hero Earth deserved. Expect the Terrans to suddenly gain competence in his absence in S2.

    1. What? Who’s mourning over Inaho’s death? From what I’ve seen, no one really cares all THAT much about Inaho dying (let’s face it, he survived). They’re more interested on who’s dead and who survived than a memorial for the MC.

      Although I’m pretty much expecting the “classic” (ie. trope-tastic) hero’s return.

      1. Read animesuki and myanimelist friend, many fanboy just rant and go full retard like a rabid dog for him…which is funny as hell and even more entertaining than the show lol.

    2. There are more “Slaine you dumbass” voice than “Oh no, our dear Inaho died”. A lot of Inaho support is there just to spite Slaine. I almost did the same when I realized that Inaho’s gary stu ism was screwing around with other character’s & one last touching moment is not enough to redeem the guy. Though my take on Slaine has gone from “could be intersting” to “why should I even bother to watch next season with this guy as the main character”. I just hope that next time they give other characters like Rayet some development & screentime.

    3. I definitely find it hilarious that people who called Inaho an autistic Gary Stu are now sobbing over his death and hailing him as the hero Earth deserved.

      Are they really the same people though? Or just the people on the same blog/forum/whatever?

  10. What touching moment?!
    His creeping on the floor trying to get a feel of the corpse princess?
    Inaho was a vaccum. He sucked up drama, prevented any meaningful development for ANYBODY (because why would other characters need to shape up when mister fix it all here has all bases covered?) and had a worldview that is in stark contrast with what anybody with common sense would see. He seriously pulled clausewitz out.

    Inaho, Dude, wars have been fought over some of the most chickenshit retarded reasons.
    Also for perfectly understandable reasond.
    “Aw the light of my live just got killed by those guys…. hmm.. i happen to have this army here….”

    Funny thing is, The good guys would have won if inahos sister wasn’t such a slow cow. Having the need to have evrything explained in detail, then arguing about it or taking the time to meaningfully stare at the mechas…..

    Yeah if she was faster on foot and perhaps took a few more grenades with her, the princess might have been able to disable the aldnoah drives a few seconds earlier.

  11. First, I have to say that what you titled this one made me burst into laughter..

    I didn’t really enjoy this show, though the last episode was something of a redeemer for me, mostly because the two characters I liked the least were shot. Now, as someone said, it’d be interesting if Asseylum died, but Inaho didn’t. I like the idea of Inaho and Slaine duking it out somewhere over her while Saazebaum plans some counterstrike in a hideout somewhere.
    And a bunch of people seemed to be going “SLAINE Y U BETRAY INAHO BBY MY HEART :'(” when there are honestly a bunch of reasons for it. I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but you can bet that for every “slaine’s a dick” post, there’s one long post compiling reasons not to hate him.
    Inaho’s crawling towards Asseylum and the flashbacks struck me as pretty lame, as well. “Oh, look, in the last five minutes of the first season, we’re going to add more development to Inaho’s ridiculously boring character.” And then there was the sparkly KISSU KISSU scene which just seemed like a pile of crap. If he really cared, he should at least try and show it, but maybe he’s stuck so far back in his logical viewpoint that he feels like he has to be a jerk at all times. I mean, Asseylum was practically giving him the opportunity to be a nice guy every time she mentioned him saving her life, but Inaho was basically a tape recorder going “IT’S NOT BECAUSE I WANTED TO IT’S BECAUSE YOU ARE AN ASSET IN THE WAR.” I mean, really? If you really like her that much, you could be less of a moron about it.

    I don’t really want to watch the second season because half of this stuff is just so dull, but at the same time, I want to know what happens to our bland characters.

  12. I had no idea what sort of theme this show has. What is it trying to say? I’m getting anti-imperialist notions, but these political ideas are never explored. It’s more interesting in its themes than in its execution. What was with all of the other dumb high school characters? They needed to go, along with Eldurrritusio, who was just an exposition dropper and annoying comic relief. The other pilots have no personality. There’s Inaho’s sister, and the girl with magenta eyes, and the assassin girl, but what were their roles? Inaho’s sister was just there to say, “It’s dangerous!”, and I think there was some pseudo love triangle with the pink eyed girl. Inaho himself has no emotional response to anything, so we have to guess at his character motivations based upon his actions. Assylum is okay, but her character is mostly interesting due to her political position, and she only developes in the last few episodes. I found Slaine to be my favorite character, but that’s probably because he actually has a backstory, and shows emotion/pain. The scale of the show felt tiny, and the show would have been better off if it had reduced focus on the mech of the week aspect and focused more on an overarching storyline. Overall: 6/10, muddled and meh.

  13. I also doubt Asseylum is dead, but I’m not so sure about Inaho. They deliberately didn’t show the trajectory of Saazbaum’s bullet, had the hood of her suit blow up to make visual noise, and hid her head from view the entire time. On top of that, we end with a statement that makes specific mention of how nobody could find the princess’s body. There’s just no reason to do any of that unless you’re trying very hard to make it seem like someone just died while actually leaving enough ambiguity that their survival is possible. If they really wanted her dead, they would bring all of the strength they could to that plot point, rather than deliberately planting this sort of uncertainty.

    Inaho, on the other hand… was very clearly shot right in the face. His only hope is space magic or the sudden, miraculous arrival of Doctor Kenzou Tenma. It may well be that I’m just overanalyzing things and next season he’ll rise from the dead by the power of Aldnoah (I’ve always thought something was fishy with Asseylum’s body double dying, leading directly to her alone, unwatched by anyone, and on the city streets), but I’d like to believe he’s gone for good. The series could only be better for it.

  14. If the characters weren’t all so absorbed with their internal autism we could’ve related enough to make their “deaths” actually dramatic. Evangelion had messed up, naval-gazing characters too, but why are Evangelion’s likeable whereas Aldnoah Zero’s aren’t even memorable?

    When I saw the three of them shot I finally realized I’d been duped…I thought, “I don’t care if any of them die, and why did I bother watching 12 episodes of this? Being familiar as I am with this author I held on to hope, because I at least hoped for some interesting monologs and a twist payoff at the climax, as happened in Gargantia, Madouka or Fate/Zero. However if he can’t even make the end of this arc interesting without resorting to stupid “deaths,” (which will probably be negated when the princess is resurrected as a cyborg thanks to the glowing alien technology in the room,) then it’s a lost cause.

    This climax just makes you realize how shallow everything is and it’s like they’re writing the show by formula without thinking through the implications. It’s like Goddamn Shit Density or Code Gayass: S2 again, where they think just robots alone are enough to sell any series, except those two examples had much better death scenes for minor characters and the resulting pathos always transformed the characters over time. This show stubbornly refuses to kill off insignificant characters, and maintains a huge but useless cast, until bipolar syndrome sets in and it’s time for some “dramatic action.” I never realized such an intense subjects as war or death could be so tensionless and undramatic when you’re not invested, and the characters have no stake in the conflict. Inaho’s city is already gone, and Slain is a vagrant….they truly have nothing to lose.

    The best way to salvage this series would be to start everything over fresh with new writers. Have a timeskip followed by Slain going on a vendetta against the emperor; introduce a whole new cast as he sabotages facilities like Rambo on Mars. Do that and the next season might be recommendable as a standalone one. As it stands I’ll only watch the next season if there’s nothing better on, and I won’t suggest this shallow show to anyone other than the type of people who go to the movies just because “I heard the Matrix Reloaded has got some new 3D effects.”

    1. Not that you aren’t right about the characters’ one-note personalities and shallow motivation, but… Evangelion characters? Likeable? I loathed just about everyone in that series for being all flaws, negative character traits, and all-consuming angst, with nothing to stand behind. It was the exact opposite problem, where not only did I not care what happened, but I was actually siding with the faceless enemies. Please kill these horrible people, angels. They deserve it.

      There’s a balance to be struck between flawless one-dimensional robots and caricatured nihilist wretches who you actively want to see destroyed. I don’t think either end of the scale is ideal.

      In any case, the reason this series lacks the Urobuchi twist you mention is probably because he only wrote the first three episodes. Again. I’m not sure why anime keeps doing this, but to Aldnoah’s credit it fared so much better than Gargantia.

  15. If there’s one thing I liked about the show is that the reasons for having young pilots seemed reasonable for a change. Though it is still really stupid how useless the adults were without the 15 year old leading them. You are right in that everything could be avoided if Inaho and Slaine teamed up, it not happening seems so contrived. What is the point of having two characters made to contrast if they do not meet and clash? In the end I think Inaho suffered the most from the lack of conflict because I really couldn’t care about his death as he was just so bland. In the end I don’t feel like the plot really went anywhere in all these 12 episodes. Even if they were totally successful it’d feel so empty.

  16. The thing is tho, with Inaho shooting down Slaine, is that when you re-watch that scene, despite the backwards questions Inaho was testing Slaine with, Slaine pointed his weapons at Inaho first as if he intended to shoot. Also, Slaine just demanding to see the princess was not the right way to go about reuniting with her when no one knew who was involved with the assassination attempt. I’m not gonna lie, regardless of whether or not he helped with the fight unless you know a 100% he’s on your team then i would have shot slaine down too. Plus we have seen despite his loyalty to Asseylum, he was still willing to save the life of the man who outright told him he was trying to kill his girl, so… when you think about it, Inaho’s mistake wasn’t shooting slaine down, it was not killing him right then and there. Slaine’s attempts to find and save the princess has only made the mars knights aware she was still alive throughout the course of this season and put her in more harms way and ultimately what could actually be her death this time. I have to say, (thought i’m not necessarily an Inaho/Seylum shipper) that i would be so mad to watch Asseylum live and end up with Slaine. Considering that he got his shot off first, Slaine should have been grateful Inaho didn’t outright try to kill him. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

    1. Didn’t say Slaine was right. But at the same time, Slaine had just helped him hold off Femieanne all afternoon. Why wouldn’t you at least discuss try to discuss things with the guy properly, especially when someone as smart as Inaho should realize that the princess is an obvious emotional topic for any Martian?

  17. I have to say that I actually liked the consistency of the character of Inaho. He reminds me of an individual with a genius IQ who doesn’t understand how to emotionally relate to anyone. Also i think the reason you don’t see much development for him is because a) none of his peers truly challenged him to feel emotionally, they just accepted him the way he was and b) though it was made obvious at the end that he had feelings of some form for Asseylum, i think the show was trying to show him making efforts to remain detached and unemotional because his beliefs were that having feelings (as he explained) aren’t the reason why things happen but the result of the why and used as a drive. I also think that Inaho’s cold aloofness is meant to offset Slaine’s emotion (and as we have seen he can be very emotional) to the point of passing out in the middle of fight while he’s flying a plane. lol.

    1. Also i think the reason you don’t see much development for him is because a) none of his peers truly challenged him to feel emotionally, they just accepted him the way he was

      Sure, that’s one story reason, but ultimately, it’s really the writers who decide if he develops or not. And they chose not to find a way to develop him, thereby giving the audience a character that it couldn’t really relate to or understand.

  18. This is just anime afterall, anything can happen. I bet most of the arguments by the fans will not matter when the 2nd cour is aired.. Maybe what will happen doesn’t have much revelation in this first cour but instead revealed for the first time in the second cour.

    Btw, in almost all animes’ love triangles: 2boys 1girl, the anime girl always choose the black haired one. I think it’s a trend. The blonde boy will always be the unrequited one. So, it’s the black-haired Inaho who wins the princess love’s and the blonde Slaine who lose, by default. Sadly. No matter who we root for.

    That’s anime rule for you lol. I hope it’ll be different this time, but the hope is thin. I can sense that Asseylum likes Inaho more than Slaine. Inaho also helps the princess in pursuing her aims. They seem better with each other although i rooted for Slaine. Sometimes i hope anime can let the blonde guy wins. Blonde guys in anime are always more lovable and devoted. Sadly, anime girls or even japanese fangirls seem to like this kind of dense black haired guys though, dunno why.

  19. Well it’s pretty hard to believe Asseylum and Inaho are going to make it out of this alive since it literally looked as if the Count got a *headshot* on Asseylum but I guess with the previous encounter of “death” for Asseylum she’ll make it out alive again. I agree that she is probably taken by Slaine and revived and then Inaho is also taken by sister and co. and also revived, both lead to believe that the other is dead… Later on they find each other but Asseylum also likes Slaine by then? = interesting storyline. Guys fight it out perhaps? Not 100% sure about anything but thats my view of season 2 and onwards. Looking forward to it :)

  20. I think people were pissed with the ending (myself included) because they were expecting some actual character development from inaho. I was hopign the show would get into why he acts so damn cold. and some of the thigns that change him in the future. Same with Seylum. but then they kill them off? wtf? why spend all your time on delivering 1/2 of a character then kill that character off? Did the writter just have no idea what to do with that character, so decided to kill him to fix that problem? That’s . . .stupid writting, why even put that character in the show in the first place? ESPECAILLY after you (the writer) Shit on Slaine for the whole show, making his raison d’etre the female lead in the series (which is also just as one dimensional as Inaho) Except at least Slaine gets to be more fleshed out?? (and not the other two main characters)Are you kidding me? Why would I want to watch the second cour if you leave loose ends like that which CAN’T be tied up without a forray into -Bad Writing Territory-? (i.e. some b.s. fanfiction-y way of both of them being alive.)

    Just silly.

    1. I think it’s pretty obvious that Inaho wasn’t killed off in cour 1 (sadly): the reason of him being the MC of the story is not fulfilled yet, that’s all.

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