Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 26 (Finale): The least exciting ending ever

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2607

Well, you guys, it’s been a long time coming. But we’ve finally made it to end. It’s… it’s almost enough to make a grown man cry. What will we ever do without the Gary Stu! As you can see from the picture above, he is a living god. What will we do without his blessing?!

— Yeah, I’d be frightened too if I saw these weirdos approaching me from the sky.

— At first, it seems as though the evil foreigners are winning this small skirmish. But wait, what’s that! Oh, it’s the invincible Gary Stu. False alarm, you guys.

— The Gary Stu then proceeds to bring people back to life. The bad guys keep shooting the good guys down, but Tatsuya is so overpowered, he just keeps bringing his allies back to life just so they can get shot down again. Awesome plan, you guys.

— C’mon, if Tatsuya really wanted to, I’m sure he could kill all of the bad guys with a single fart, then revive his allies. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

— What’s even happening anyway?

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2606Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2605

Where does the blood on the ground go? Where does the bullet in the person’s body go? Why is this show so unmitigatedly bullshit? This is where some Mahouka apologist proceeds to write a 10-page treatise on how Tatsuya’s powers make perfect sense.

— Someone even utters the name Mahesvara as the camera zooms in close to Tatsuya’s face. Who cares? Who fucking cares? This doesn’t change anything. We already knew Tatsuya was a Gary Stu. Oh, so now he’s a religious Gary Stu? Big deal. It’s still a shit story, and he’s still a shit character.

— I don’t care what Tatsuya is supposed to represent if it’s not done in an interesting way. Even when they made movies about Jesus, the movies were only interesting when Jesus started out as a flawed and nuanced character with human struggles because — gasp! — it’s like we’re humans and shit!

— Even deities had an evil counterpart that gave them trouble. Mahouka can’t even be assed to give us that. We just have these faceless Chinese badmen, and they’re nothing more than ants beneath Tatsuya’s soles. Too bad he ain’t got any soul.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2608

— Even the bad guys are now sucking his dick. How do you identify with this shit? Does your life suck that bad that you need Mahouka to be your form of escapism? Are you that powerless that you need to imagine yourself as walking, talking, flying God?

— What have we come to? This is the final episode of Mahouka, and I don’t even feel as though the good guys are in danger. Hell, they’re not even slightly perturbed. Even Sword Art Online, an amateurish piece of shit in its own right, had enough storytelling chops to put a damsel in distress, thereby creating tension. Kirito still dicked around for an entire arc before saving his e-waifu, but at least he had a real mission that he could fail! Mahouka, on the other hand, is like a five-year-old’s fantasy. There’s no danger whatsoever. There’s no sense of urgency. There’s just this vague feeling of “Well, they’re going to steal secrets from the Magic Association Branch Office, so…”

— Basically, there’s just one really dumb-looking action figure bringing all the other dumb-looking action figures back to life, then they all proceed to destroy the toy tanks. But here’s the thing: it’s cute when a five-year-old plays with his or her toys and pretends as though he or she’s invincible. This is just… it’s just sad, man. Sad and pathetic.

— Lots of action lines. Lots of action lines on top of still shots. Then we shake those shots a bunch!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2609

Good job, Madhouse. We wouldn’t want you to overexert yourself or anything. I’m not even being sarcastic. Don’t even waste your time on this shit. Save your effort for Parasyte or something. God knows both your anime series this season have sucked balls.

— We see Zhou Gongjin surrender some of his allies to the Crimson Prince. Those dastardly foreigners will even betray their own kind!

— Elsewhere, Tatsuya’s friends sit around on an aircraft to discuss… sigh, they’re sitting around to discuss Tatsuya’s awesome reviving match. Even in the final episode of the series, we have to sit around and spew a bunch of bullshit about the “magic” in this universe.

— If you must know, Tatsuya’s special power is called Regrowth.

— Blah blah blah, the Gary Stu can restore anything back to its original state. One thus can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t just become a wandering savior, curing the sick and healing the wounded.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2611

Why is he stuck at some shit school, protecting a mentally-ill sister who wants to jump his bones? Well, Miyuki takes umbrage at the suggestion that Tatsuya should help people with his power, because in order to perform this spell, Tatsuya will have to feel 150 times the pain and suffering of his patients. So y’see, the Gary Stu had to hurt himself just to save his friends! Now bow to your god! BOW TO YOUR GOD! He takes upon himself all your pain and suffering just for your sake! 150 times! How do they even know it’s exactly 150 times? Well, it’s a big enough number to make us feel sorry for the Gary Stu, right? Right? Nope. As always, the self-martyrdom is off the fucking charts. But is the Gary Stu really healing us if he gives us cancer in return?

— Miyuki continues, “Do you really mean to say that he should still use that power for others?” Give me a break. Don’t act so fucking self-righteous. When they suggested that, they didn’t know he felt 150 times the pain and suffering of others. The suggestion made sense then, and it arguably makes sense even now. But of course, Miyuki looks so fucking offended for her brother. She’s basically a Tatsuya Justice Warrior, and she can’t believe you plebes would even dare suggest that her oniichan should feel pain for other people’s sakes. She can’t even! Check your privilege, shitlords!

— Plus, this just makes Tatsuya look even dumber. Remember when I said this?

C’mon, if Tatsuya really wanted to, I’m sure he could kill all of the bad guys with a single fart, then revive his allies. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

Uguu, he feels so much pain! So he’ll just revive people, let them die again, then revive them again! Uh-huh, sure does seem as though he’s feeling 150 times the pain, guys.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2612

— Elsewhere, Mr. Polo Shirt is unfazed by the latest developments. Yo, we’ll just launch Plan B. What’s Plan B? Apparently, part of Plan B involves Lu Gonghu becoming a furry. Yeah, the Gary Stu just had to fart in his direction before, but pretending to be a tiger with boobs will somehow change that.

— Naturally, Tatsuya’s dumbass friends get the bright idea that it’s up to them to stop the furry. Hey, someone’s gotta do the dirty work to get some action up in here. All we’ve seen Tatsuya do all episode is revive people! It’s the last episode and all the hero can seem to do is just play God.

— C’mon, Erika, length doesn’t matter if you can’t even hit the pussy!

— I like how the battle between the tiger furry and Tatsuya’s friends is far more tense than all of the previous battles involving the Gary Stu combined. There’s actually a bit of back-and-forth between the two sides. The tiger furry initially has the upper hand, but Mayumi and crew slowly wear him down with their various powers. Would this have been too hard to do with Tatsuya? Does Tatsuya really need to just fart at people to beat them?

— Despite these high school students’ best efforts, Mr. Polo Shirt has infiltrated the Magic Association Branch Office. He even has to smirk as he does so. Oh no, he’s going to steal all of our donuts! But what should he find? Gasp! The Mary Sue was waiting for him all this time!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2616

Then she explains to Mr. Polo Shirt why his spell didn’t work on her. Good lord. Last episode, my ass. Go out with a bang, my ass.

— Y’see, Miyuki’s like her brother. She’s not like her friends whatsoever. As a result, she just freezes Mr. Polo Shirt to death. Her friends had to go toe-to-toe with the tiger furry, but nuh-uh, you ain’t getting the same from Miyuki. She just talks a bunch of bullshit, then she freezes him. Now that’s what I call a climax!

— We cut back to Tatsuya, who’s owning the Chinese badmen left and right. I mean, what else would he be doing? Breaking a sweat? Please. Pretending as though he feels 150 times your pain and suffering? Sure!

— So the Chinese badmen retreat, but the good guys don’t pursue. If they destroy the Chinese badmen’s ship now, the marine life would take too much of a hit. So we’ll just jump ahead in the day… and just like that, it’s now magically safe to gun down the ship.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2619

— Tatsuya aims this fancy ass rifle and just as he’s about to take the shot, the Chinese badmen have the following exchange:

Chinese Badman A: “Just as we thought, the Japanese military didn’t return fire.”
Chinese Badman B: “Humph… As if those people had that kind of guts. … They’re so caught up in their hypocritical concern for the environment that they’ll meekly allow the enemy to retreat.”

Just as he says that, his shit gets annihilated by a Material Burst, which looks like this:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2617

Ho ho ho, we sure showed you foreigners!! There’s no hard-fought victory or anything. Tatsuya just takes aim, the Chinese badmen humiliate themselves, then one explosive fart wipes them all out. Yay, we’ve crushed the Chinese badmen!

— But with just a few minutes left in the episode, the good guys receive news that more Chinese badmen are gathering elsewhere. Quick! We need to wipe more of the dirty foreigners out!

— At the same time, Miyuki has a boring, pointless conversation with her aunt that doesn’t go anywhere. Just something about how Tatsuya can’t break his vow.

— This is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard.

— But cut the bullshit. This is just another excuse to watch the Gary Stu fart at the Chinese badmen some more. Look, he even takes off his pants this time, so you know the fart is serious business:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2620

Let this image of the Gary Stu’s ass imprint itself into your memories forever, so that you may never forget Tatsuya, our one and only savior. When you’re 60, be sure to tell your kids that you were there to watch Mahouka. That you were there…

— Oh yeah, the Gary Stu is breaking some serious wind:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2621

Just listen to the splendorous music coming from Tatsuya’s butt bassoon:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2624

And that’s it:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2625

The Gary Stu blows a giant chunk out of the earth with his own hole. By itself, this event is so momentous, future historians refer to this day as “Scorched Halloween.” Yeah, I’m not even shitting you. And then… and then what?

— A monologue from Miyuki is all we get:

“Not only was it a turning point in military history, it is also regarded as a turning point in history itself.”

We don’t even get an ending. The Gary Stu farts twice, and the show is now over. What was the point of all this? That some new fucking era has begun? Oh wow, what a conclusion. We just killed a bunch of people and ushered in a new era of destructive power, but yo, magic is so great!

— After the credits roll, Miyuki jumps into her returning brother’s arms:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 2623

But elsewhere, their aunt says something about inviting the two of them over to her place, and Tatsuya — even though he’s probably miles away from his aunt — suddenly looks like he needs to take a massive dump. Well, I’ve got to take a massive dump. Look, the Gary Stu hears all. Because I just sat through twenty-six godforsaken episodes of this trainwreck. But dear lord, they want to make a sequel, don’t they?

— Is this the worst anime I’ve seen in years? Yes.

49 thoughts on “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 26 (Finale): The least exciting ending ever

  1. Frostav

    I linked this article on MAL, so many fanshits gettin’ mad.

    I’m pretty a whole that big would probably fuck up a lot than just the Chinese badmen ships

        1. Anonymous

          Jesus Christ.
          There are actual human beings with brains and souls that actually LIKE this show? Are they a different species of homo sapien? What the fuck is going on here?

        2. Wesker

          Most of MAL users are weaboos with shit taste. No really, how can shits like Mahouka, SamFlamenco, Dragonar Academy get pass 7 is beyond me. If you want a ranking system that entirely reflects the casual anime viewers’ feel of a show then try ANN.

    1. SP

      Typical hypocritic weeaboos like in every anime/manga forum. It’s like every anime watchers are watching these shows to satisfy their ego & their observation skill is good as their stu jesus which somehow makes them unable to be wrong. Sometimes I wonder which is more annoying, shitty shows like these or their obnoxious loud mouthed fans who think their taste matters more than anything.

  2. Mick

    Ain’t gonna lie, I shed a few tears while reading this and every other post you made about Mahouka. I tortured myself watching this show because some guys I know were obsessed with it and recommended it to me. I just never understood how this show could possibly be liked by anyone, and I thought I was alone in that perception; all the right-wing bullshit, the boring infodumps, the xenophobia, the numerous undeveloped characters… it goes on. When I talk about this with the those guys, their only response is “Read the light novel.” So glad to know I’m not alone.

    1. andmeuths

      Right Wing Bullshit – It depends on what Right Wing Bullshit you are talking about (It’s certainly very much of the Japanese Right, but the Tea party will disown most of the Conservatism that Mahouka espouses)

      Xenophobia – par for course of the Japanese Right.

      Boring Infodumps – And that was only a fraction of the Infodumps in the LN. That’s why translating it into an anime medium blindly would have been a disaster. It has been.

      Numerous Underdeveloped characters – alot of characters simply got the shaft, for more screen time of Onii Sama that tells the audiencce nothing new. Skewed adaptation priorities here, I suspect for cynical commercial motives – ie : Incest implications sell.

      Etc, etc….

      The anime adaptation is bad. Negima tier bad. Stacked ontop of an exposition heavy LN with fanfiction grade characterization at the start that haunts the LN all throughout.

  3. FlameStrike

    Well it’s over! XD if there’s one thing I can say about Mahouka it was consistent! Basically one continuous wank of Tatsuya’s godliness.

  4. Vic Alvaran

    It isn’t actually “150 times the pain” every time he revives them. If you paid attention to Miyuki’s boring explanation of “Regrowth”, you would know it is bases on time.

    The formula would be:
    “tp(0.2)= p p= pain “data read”
    t= full period of time before injury

    In this case it would be:
    By the way, before you call me an apologist who refers to source material I’ll have you know that I received this info from the anime itself.

  5. T

    stop watching anime with 95% of source material parsed out jeez. i understand why people are like wtf is happening, why is tatsuya so op, this anime is a trainwreck mentality but having just read 13 volumes of mahouka light novel over 4 days… I can see it much clearly now 95% of the stuff that is left out in terms of background character storytelling, enemies’ motives, backgrounds, etc that can’t possibly be scrunched up in something as little as the last two episodes. Imagine you had to compress a 300 page book into 1 3-hour movie.. of course its gonna suck ass. well whatever, i hear this crap about the anime being terrible all the time because it on its own is always crap when you leave out all the good essential details. mahouka would need about 32 episodes to animate vol1-7 properly.

    1. Flawfinder

      Imagine you had to compress a 300 page book into 1 3-hour movie.. of course its gonna suck ass.

      And yet those Harry Potter films made buttloads of money and are generally well-received by both fans and critics alike, even to this day.

    2. Anonymous

      As someone that has read the source material, I wish I could erase it completely from my mind and would never wish it upon another soul.

    3. Thongor

      LotR would have a word with you lol
      Baccano have 12 episodes which cover book 1 to 3 without problem. Durarara despite latter episodes pacing problem, most of the time it’s fine. The fact that Mahouka can’t achieve the same is that the source material itself already shit. Its kinda prove itself how substantialess the LN as Madhouse still crammed with hours and hours of irrelevant pretentious technobables. A shit as source material, no matter how good you crafted will ended up shit.

      Jesus christ, these people who thought Mahouka LN was good must never read anything in their live.

    1. SP

      Threaten? I’ve read the next arc & this “USNA ace mage” doesn’t even come close to threatening mary sue, let alone our annoying gary stu. Our Gary stu defeats her by explaining her own “tactical class magic” to her & this US ace blows up her cover as soon as she meets the Gary Stu. She isn’t even presented as some top class ace, but rather similar to some clumsy spy wanabee.

      1. andmeuths

        That was sarcasm, though it was acknowledged that, as terrible as she was as a spy, she could have taken Tatsuya’s life, if she was sufficiently ruthless. Which she was not.

  6. Anonymous

    Those fanboy just rant at madhouse for destroying their god-tier light novel adaptation, and here I read that goddamn novel and can not find anything good about it.

    To be honest here I think madhouse just done a good job about this adaptation…in the point that they can endure the stupidity of this shitty light novel and make it an animation of 26 episode.

    1. SP

      Madhouse has nothing to get blamed for. They have adopted this fanfiction as faithfully as possible & even given it unnecessarily high production (this deserves even less production value than Tokyo ESP). And lol at these LN nuthuggers for trying to argue that reading effects of spells somehow makes these boring one sided stomps any good or deeper.

  7. jstorming

    I’m trying to decide what is the worst anime of 2014. I would say Mahouka but Pupa was also very bad…not to mention some crappy animation to boot. It was also short though and I am impressed that you made it through all 26 episodes of this Mahoukrap.

    1. FlameStrike

      Mahouka can be fun to watch if you switch your point of view around a bit. A lot of the people who enjoy it lol @ how powerful and ridiculous Tatsuya is. Of course that also means the show is terribly boring if you don’t enjoy watching a power trip.

      Man this reminds me of the first time I discovered cheats playing Starcraft all those years ago. I typed in Power Overwhelming and grinning like an idiot using one unit to take out the entire enemy base. It was just so amusing for me to see armies undone by one invincible basic infantry unit. I felt so POWERFUL!

      Today however, I would be BORED OUT OF MY MIND waiting for a cheat enhanced unit to slowly go through the enemy. The novelty has worn off and I know the exact out come. There’s no way for the enemy to damage me so no tension or pressure etc. I would be put to sleep. A real challenge would be much preferable.

      1. Anonymous

        I love watching with my friends because of the look on their faces every time they remember miuku is his sister. I mean wtf.

    2. E Minor Post author

      I think shorts should just stay in their own category. Plus, pupa was flawed, but it was thought-provoking at times. This was just an unmitigated disaster.

  8. Anonymous

    Just… Wow. Please have a sequel, please. I’m begging you.
    I really want to see how criminally low this writing can get.

    1. BoyTitan

      No I really don’t want propaganda spreading. We can find this stupid and funny due to how bad it is, but this crap could easily give some Japanese kids racist viewpoints they may not have developed with out said series.

      1. Anonymous

        Right-wing Japanese politicians are doing that pretty well themselves.
        And honestly, if a kid finds that he likes this shitty show, well, being racist is probably not the only thing we should be worried about.

  9. Anonymous

    “Apparently, part of Plan B involves Lu Gonghu becoming a furry. Yeah, the Gary Stu just had to fart in his direction before, but pretending to be a tiger with boobs will somehow change that.”

    Clearly you do not have a sufficient respect for the tactical element of surprise.

  10. tf5f89

    This show has espoused a lot of ugly views, but I feel like at the end of the day it doesn’t really have any coherent goal beyond just “make Tatsuya look like the victim.” The whole show is weirdly agoraphobic.

    And I like how the first line of defense for this show (and other bad shows) is always to explain why what happens makes sense. The problem isn’t that it doesn’t make sense, it’s that it makes sense and it sucks.

  11. Lordreynolds

    “So what happened this week on mahouka?”
    “The same thing every happens, pinky….. utter and undiluted bullshit.”

    1. Anonymous

      I’ll at least say that Hanayamata wasn’t OFFENSIVELY BAD. It wasn’t great-great but it was worlds better than what Mahouka is as a whole.

      Yosakoi > Racist Teen Power Fantasy

  12. kong ben

    its almost been a year :3
    and still couldn’t stop laughing. i really wish a second season comes so as to read new reviews like this. :D


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