Sword Art Online II Ep. 13: It’s exactly what it looks like

Sword Art Online II - 1316

Rape Art Online part deux.

— The fight with the bad guy is finally underway, but please… please cut to Sinon and have her feed us a pointless monologue:

Sinon: “Right now, Kirito is trying to translate his words into action, by stopping the criminal named Death Gun, who carries the darkness of SAO.”


— Now back to the fi–… oh, we’re going to cut to Asuna instead, ’cause that’s exciting. Please, keep stalling. I don’t even know why everyone’s watching the fight with great concern anyway. There’s no threat to Kirito’s life. Even if he loses to Death Gun, he won’t die in real life (uguu, his heart rate is high!!!). Sinon’s the only one who is in real danger.

— According to the nurse, Kirito is sweating buckets! BUCKETS! He will literally dehydrate himself if this keeps up! Well, why isn’t he hooked up to a saline drip, nurse?

— She goes on to say, “We can’t have him log out temporarily, can we?” And disqualify himself from the tournament? SURELY YOU JEST! Winning this shit is far more important than my own life as well as Sinon’s!

Sword Art Online II - 1319

— Asuna: “No matter what we say here, Kirito-kun won’t hear us.” These VRMMOs are beginning to sound more and more like a nightmare. They’re so goddamn unsafe. Obviously, we’ve covered how physically unhealthy these games can be. But man, you can’t even receive messages from people in the real world. What if your loved one just got into a car accident? Shrug, sorry, can’t hear you. What if the tornado siren just went off? LA LA LA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU. But seriously, do you think anyone would approve of such a device when it’s this unsafe? Of course not. There would be a huge uproar over this. But in the universe of SAO, everyone just accepts that this is how VRMMOs are. They’re plot contrivances to create drama.

— And it’s just like how GGO is operated by a foreign company, so you absolutely can’t receive any help from them.

“Hey, uh, we have concerns about something involving your game. We have plenty of evidence to support it, so if you don’t mind, could we open up channels of communication and discuss this matter in-dept–…”


It’s so mind-boggingly stupid, I don’t even know where to start. If GGO is literally as popular as the anime claims it to be, then why on earth wouldn’t the company listen to everything? If anything, it’s just good PR. People defended this shit, too. People who have no fucking concept how the real world works.

Sword Art Online II - 1320

— Asuna has to explain that the Amusphere will shut off automatically if Kirito’s about to die. You’d think that someone would’ve explained this to the nurse beforehand before letting her oversee the guy’s safety.

— Yui then tells Asuna to take Kirito’s hand. Uh-huh. Even though he can’t hear you in real life, the warmth of his waifu’s hand will reach him in-game somehow.

— Yui lament, however, that she can’t hold her papa’s hands.

No context necessary.


Asuna: “No, that isn’t true. I’m sure your hands will also reach him.”


Sword Art Online II - 1302

Don’t even get me started on how Yui even knows the hand is on the phone. Like how does she know? Y’know what? I’m dead. I’m dead, man. SAO has slain me. Instead of watching the actual duel between Kirito and Death Gun, this is what I get. This is what I get. DON’T WORRY, AI LOLI, PAPA CAN FEEL YOUR WARMTH TOO. GROPE THIS PHONE, BAE. YOUR FAKE E-DAUGHTER WANTS TO FEEL YOUR CARESSES.

— Yeah, yeah, cheer Kirito on together with your fake e-daughter. All Asuna gets to do in this arc is pray by the Gary Stu’s side. Wait, no, she may as well pray to him. I’m glad we cut away from the fight to show the world that Asuna is the perfect waifu! Take notes, ladies!

— Are you kidding me? Kirito suddenly links Death Gun’s red eyes to someone who had red eyes back in Aincrad. Are you fucking kidding me? Yeah, of the entire guild, only one of them wore a mask that had red eyes! That’s his look, yo. He’s the only one who was allowed to wear a skull mask with red eyes! Don’t steal it!

— And just like that, Kirito knows Death Gun’s real… uh, in-game name: Zaza. No, wait, it’s Red-eyed Zaza. Ain’t nobody else got red eyes! In truth, however, this just makes the villain come across as a complete idiot. If it’s true that he was the infamous Red-eyed Zaza, then WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PICK A LOOK THAT GIVES IT AWAY? I’m going to kill again… and I’m going to look exactly like how I looked in SAO!

— Kirito: “This attack via prediction line is an illusion containing all of Sinon’s experience, insight, and fighting spirit! I can’t waste this last attack… THIS PHANTOM BULLET!” Snort.

Sword Art Online II - 1304

— This… this doesn’t even look cool. You’d think they’d put everything in this climactic moment, and it looks like that. Holy fuck.

— And for some reason, Death Gun explodes. Okay.

— Death Gun’s body is cut in half, but he is still “alive” enough to say a few final words to Kirito. How come you don’t see this when other people die? Why does Death Gun actually get to lie there on the ground and keep yapping? Because once again, SAO has never been about being true to MMOs.

— Then Kirito has to coolly walk away from Death Gun’s lifeless body. Walk away to what? Shouldn’t he log out now? Shouldn’t he rush to ensure Sinon’s safety in the real world? Didn’t he say the bad guy could be in Sinon’s room right now?! Like right the fuck now?! No, I’d rather look cool and walk away from the camera!

— And now, he’s walking towards Sinon! LOG THE FUCK OUT. BOTH OF YOU. LOG. THE. FUCK. OUT.

— There are so many reasons to log out. So many reasons! Sinon’s possibly in grave danger! I gotta give the name Zaza to my bosses, so they can track the bad guy down! Asuna and my friends will probably want to see me in real life!


Sword Art Online II - 1306


— Remember: it doesn’t matter that Death Gun is dead in game. First, he can just fucking respawn and wait for them to leave the tournament. Secondly, he’s still alive in the real world. He still has people’s addresses. He could be meeting up with his accomplices right now. But please, let’s just stand there and marvel at how fucking beautiful the sky looks.

— Oh right, right… we can’t possibly log out without first deciding the winner of this fucking tournament. All of the things I mentioned above are secondary to that. FIRST THINGS FIRST, ASSHOLES: NAME THE WINNER TO THIS TOURNAMENT!

— Kirito: “With Death Gun gone, his partner that was after you should have left. So if you log out, you should be safe.” How would you know that? HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THAT? That is so dumb. Welp, my accomplice died in-game, so I guess I should just leave! No hard feelings, right, Sinon? Oh right, you can’t hear me! Hahaha, silly me! Anyway, I’ll just be on my way!

— But even if Kirito is right, that’s such a dumb risk to take.

— And again, Death Gun isn’t gone. He was defeated in the BoB tournament. That’s it. He’s not gone. This is so fucking stupid.

— Kirito suggests, “But it would be safest to call the police, anyway.” Sinon comes back with, “What would I even tell the police?” Kirito replies, “Huh, that’s right!” It doesn’t matter! Someone possibly broke into your house. Even if they hadn’t, they know your address. That by itself is enougLDELEKJRLJDSFOJUDLFK

Sword Art Online II - 1322

— So Sinon leans in and whispers her name and address to Kirito. Yeah, she leans in. ‘Cause there are people around them. Save me, Gary Stu. Save me! I won’t call the police. Only you can save me! Yes, they’re still talking. Yes, it’s likely that everyone in the real world is still watching this entire shit unfold.

— Wait, wait. Let me fucking guess. She’ll log out, and her classmate will want to rape her, huh? C’mon, this is Rape Art Online, after all. If Kirito doesn’t save a girl from near rape, it doesn’t count! We’ve all seen the ALO arc!

— Oh hey, what a coincidence! Sinon even lives nearby. Tokyo is so small, haha!

— Kirito asks, “After I log out, want me to go there?” Sinon’s reply? “No, I’m fine. There’s a friend near me I trust.” And then the Gary Stu will literally save Sinon from this “friend” that she trusts, proving once and for all that you can’t trust other men. You can only trust the Gary Stu! Every other man is a rapist!

— Sinon: “Anyway, are you just going to have me reveal my personal info, and that’s it?” Who the fuck cares? It’s not like GGO will disappear. It’s not like Kirito will disappear. You fuckers can just log in tomorrow and share your shitty fucking info then. NO, I NEED TO KNOW THE GARY STU’S REAL NAME NOW.

— Jesus Christ, the giant heads and nonexistent shoulders. The animation in this show isn’t even good.

— Kirito says that before they log out, they need to end the tournament: “Want to have another duel like yesterday?” For fuck’s sake…

Sword Art Online II - 1308

— So instead, the two of them have a lover’s suicide. Sinon pulls out a grenade, tosses it at Kirito, then hugs him tightly. Yep. This will ensure that they are both winners of the game. But, uh, everyone’s watching you. Everyone just saw how you conspired to make this a tie. This isn’t cheating… how? But of course, in this universe, nobody gives a shit. The spectators are cheering gleefully instead. There are fireworks all across GGO as well. What a joke. Smartest anime, my ass.

So dumb. So, so dumb.

— We see Sinon log out and proceed to search her house for the intruder. She doesn’t call the police. She doesn’t call her mom. She doesn’t even have a weapon on her in case she needs to defend herself. She just nonchalantly searches her house for the intruder.

— Oh hey, it’s her trusted friend!

— Even if Kyoji was truly a trusted friend, why wouldn’t they leave this unsafe location? Even if Kyoji wasn’t one of the three bad guys, the bad guys still know where Sinon lives. But do we see any sense of urgency in the girl? No, she sits there all proud and shit because she just “won” the BoB tournament.

— But now that the tournament is over, Kyoji wants her to be his again. Uh oh!

— Never change, Rape Art Online

Sword Art Online II - 1313Sword Art Online II - 1314

Never change.

— Truth is, she could kick him super hard in the balls right now, but…

— Kyoji starts crying about how GGO was his life. Good lord. Ban all VRMMOs. Ban them all.

— Kyoji: “I’m sure you’re the only girl in Japan who’s killed a real bad guy with a real gun.” Yep, only her. You got it, buddy.

— This scene just keeps going and going and going. Kyoji has to reveal EVERYTHING. Bad people just love to sit there and yap incessantly about nothing. Why he singled Sinon out, why he chose the gun that he chose, why he killed Zexceed, etc. It’s just bad, cliched storytelling.

— Oh my god, here’s the saddest part. Sinon then fades away to the inner parts of her consciousness because she no longer wants to hear or see anything in the real world. Basically, she just gives up. But then she remembers how Kirito was going to come see her! She can’t be fucking assed to save herself, but the Gary Stu is what changes her mind. This is so pathetic. Sinon’s in-game self suddenly comes by to give her a pep-talk. Ahahahaha, whatever. It doesn’t bother me necessarily that Sinon gives up. Obviously, she’s been through a lot of shit. Obviously, she’s traumatized. Obviously, some people freeze up. It’s the Gary Stu’s presence that’s troublesome. Just the mere thought of him alone gives her strength to fight back. Otherwise, she would’ve allowed herself to be raped. Just think how fucking insulting that is.

— But Sinon can’t even save herself:

Sword Art Online II - 1317

SAO won’t allow that. The haremette can’t be self-sufficient. All she’s allowed to do is buy time so that the Gary Stu can burst into the room and play the fucking hero.

— And that’s exactly what he does:

Sword Art Online II - 1318

Tune in next time to see Sinon cry into Kirito’s manly chest.


56 Replies to “Sword Art Online II Ep. 13: It’s exactly what it looks like”

  1. Fucking Shit Why! I had to paused once we returned to Rape Art Online. This entire season I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop and here it is. The worst part was I was starting to enjoy the show again. I had some modicum of investment in how the story with Death Gun concluded. I even started to thing that I was too rough on the show’s handling of Asuna or too pessimistic about the possible resolution Sinon’s character.

    But NOPE!

    SAO is still SAO. Fucking Hell. I can’t remember the last time a single sequence pissed me off so goddamn much.

  2. To think there are forum goers out there, right at this second, typing in these words:

    “See girls, this is what happens when you don’t give nice guys a chance”

    1. “Someday I’ll meet a nice guy like Kirito. I really want to say hi to his other girlfriends.”

      And they don’t have to worry about rape either since Kirito will omnipotently teleport and save them. Some people are bafflingly stupid.

  3. Sooo, BoB is basically the Hunger Games? How can people defend this anime?

    I’m not saying they can’t like something but when you start calling a hack job like this “the best anime ever” you know there has to be something wrong with people.

    This arc was basically a re-hash of both SAO and ALO arcs, only with guns and less characters.

    1. MAL is a fucking cesspool of retards that probably couldn’t tell which part of the bottle to drink from.
      Nothing resembling intelligence has ever been written there.

  4. This episode was so bad, it gave me a new apreciation for dieing of horrible diseases.

    Dumb jokes Aside:

    Wow. Just Wow. The part with Sinon and her Rapist firnd was was doomed this series forever.
    Its one thing if you are trapped in a program by a rich asshole who controls the.. hardware. Being helpless in that situation is kinda understandable (but at least asuna was allowed to make an effort at soem point) but sinon?
    She can rage-shoot a fucker in the face but can’t knee this turd of a scrawny boy in the nuts?!

    Why was she denied the chance to actually have PAYOFF? We had to sit trhough this whole season of MEH and listen to the “get stronger” and “experience in VRMO matters speeches” and right then when it mattered, when her taking up arms agaisnt her attacker would have at least shown us that she has made some strides in these areas, she is denied her spot in the limelight.

    What a letdown.

  5. Somehow, this episode managed to be the dumbest episode yet. This entire season has been filled with dumb episodes, but when I compare them to this episode, they all seem smart all of a sudden.

    My favorite part was how Kirito said he was going to contact the police for Sinon, but he instead came to save her himself. It’s like at the last minute he remembered he was the Gary Stu and that he was therefore more effective than every police officer in Japan combined.

  6. The game is only a game when it feels convenient to the plot. Otherwise… it’s so SRS, I swear. Even the ones that are never meant to be serious has to be serious because plot.

  7. Ouch, painful. This blog is pretty much spot on about everything in this episode. Seeing rapist boy go all crazy was hilarious though, but painfully bad writing.

  8. “Smartest anime my ass.”

    I’d like to know who in the world actually believes this about SAO. If this is a widespread belief in fandom—and that MAL thread seems to indicate it just might be—that would go a long, long way in answering my question a few weeks ago about why people are so up in arms about this show.

      1. Excuse me for a moment.


        –ahem. Well, to be more fair than the author deserves, he had only seen the first half of the first season, which is the decent/good part. I wonder if he’d care to revise his opinion now, if he continued watching it.

    1. I don’t think anyone believes SAO is a “smart” anime (At least I hope not!), It’s BLATANTLY a power-tip wish fulfillment anime and advertises itself as such.

      1. Oh my god, that’s not even satire is it?? Well……………………………………… I’m speechless. SAO is fun to watch for many reasons, but yeah. -_-;

      2. Considering how Kotaku has been outed as a blatant clickbait website with questionable connections to the sources it reports on (I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a partnership with Crunchyroll), I really doubt the guy is being genuine about his position. He only writes what the audience wants to hear.

        Then again, there’s a Sufficient Velocity full of people who are aware of what makes good writing, yet come up with some of the most ridiculous “explanations” for plot contrivances just so that they can maintain the myth that SAO II somehow had a lot of thought put into its writing.

        “No, no, see, if there was this non-existent system I made up in my head in SAO II, then everything would make sense. Therefore, the author must be a good writer. I’m glad he came up with what I thought up.”

        1. To be fair, even though Shockz-kun found SAO II to be overall more enjoyable than SAO, he sure doesn’t mince his words when he sees things are going dumb.
          And the last few episodes have quite literally gone full retard.

  9. well…. i still agree on the title : Rape Art online @
    If anyone had read the Web Novel Version.. u did know a lot has been changed….
    the biggest change might be Underworld part…. where the 2 girls are actually……… raped ~

  10. 1. I’ve long given up on the technical details in this show. Reki has proven he doesn’t know the most fundamental elements of MMO design, so thinking he could intelligently write something coherent about technology is so overestimating him. It’s like asking a child to do calculus when they’re just learning how to count to ten.

    2. Wow, I didn’t know anything Asuna related would have turned anymore puke-worthy than it already was.
    The phone-moment… Jesus H. Christ. I had to pause there and re-affirm to myself what the fuck was actually happening. There were a lot of fuckin’ dumb moments in this season of SAO, but this has taken the cake without a doubt. I don’t care about what anybody says or thinks, the moment of Kirito touching the phone is the most nonsensical, flaccid and saddest attempt at being heavy-handed and emotional I’ve seen in years.
    Really? There was literally NO other way to convey this moment? Was this really the best they could do? Hell, I’d go for a phantom of the e-daughter standing near the bed; an actual physical form to look at. But no, we get a fucking hand on a phone. The stupidity of the scene is just… it made me speechless.

    3. Death-Gun. *yawn*. Like every time in the past few weeks that he’s been shown, alluded to or shown. Just nothing. I just ask myself, “Who cares?”
    And the fighting? *yawn*. If I could say one thing that first half of the first season did right was its fight scenes. They weren’t earth-shattering but they weren’t as lazy and offensive as this shit we’ve seen for this season. Maybe it was the storyboarders throwing their hands up thinking “fuck it” or the budget running low, either way too many resources were used to animate this garbage.

    4. And I should’ve expected the pacing being all fucked. Remember when Asuna the primary-waifu was being held as a prisoner and was threatened with RAPE? Remember when Kirito doesn’t go full Gary Stu mode and rescue her? Remember he fucked around with bullshit nobody cared about instead of rescuing said primary-waifu? Is there time to fuck around? No, there isn’t, thus we should fuck around.
    It’s shit like this that makes my head spin from this typhoon of stupidity.
    I’m sure if there were ten seconds on the countdown before the bomb explodes, Gary Stu would have a monologue AND dialogue about inane bullshit with whoever’s the next haremette to come long.

    5. Okay, I was deciding which was dumber: the phone-thing or the BoB clutch “victory”. And the phone-thing won by a minuscule margin.
    Just what the fuck? Why the fuck?
    Again, just nonsensical gibberish that got birthed by Reki’s rotted mind. Seriously? No fuckin’ admin and judge saw what the fuck just happened and didn’t call bullshit? Isn’t this colluding to the most obvious degree? Collusion leads to disqualifications, why? Because it’s not a game or competition anymore, it’s a fuckin’ theater play.
    And yeah, they both fuckin’ DIED because they swallowed a GRENADE between each other. Doesn’t that at least count as a fuckin’ DRAW? You know, the decision for some reason all the competitors are wiped out at the same time? Or if anything if we’re being technical here, Sinon should’ve won even though she died as well, seeing how she was the one attacking by throwing the grenade.
    Oh yeah. Never mind, this is a universe that revolves around Gary Stu. And there’s no fuckin’ way our Gary Stu could lose. Game tournament rules bend to lead to a victory.

    6. Oh great. Rape. As if we needed more proof that Reki Kawahara is a pathetic virgin whose mind has rotted beyond repair by enjoying all those rape and NTR dojins.
    Guess what guy? When you throw something like rape around willy-nilly, it doesn’t have impact anymore. Rape was already used for Asuna. It was fucked up and gross, yeah. But here? Rape again? There’s nothing to be found here. Any semi-competent writer knows that rape as a plot point or device should be used sparingly and MUST be a springboard onto something more profound.
    But the attempted rapes found in SAO? It’s a fucking joke. Like with everything else, SAO sabotages ITSELF from being anything meaningful.

    7. Gary Stu rushing in and saving Sinon was as predictable as the sun rising and setting. Why else would Gary Stu be in the show?

    This show doesn’t even have the fucking decency to end with the season. The finale is going to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen I’m sure of it.

  11. Now THIS was offensive. I mean, yeah it was still hilarious and damn did your near mental-break make this even more fun to read through while I was watching, but wow did the “I can only find the will to defend myself via KIRITO” take a turn for the truly painful. You hit the nail on the head, mate.

    “If it’s true that he was the infamous Red-eyed Zaza, then WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PICK A LOOK THAT GIVES IT AWAY?”
    HAhaha!! WOW! I thought the reveal of Obito’s identity in Naruto was stupid. I never would’ve guessed we could find an even more ridiculous reveal for a masked villain!
    Thanks, SAO. You lower the bar so other plot-twists look good. You’re doing Kirito-kami’s will.

    Yeah, mate. Great post and I’m looking forward to how they’ll close out this nonsense next episode. I can guarantee it will feature Sinon crying into Kirito’s chest, and then Asuna will show up and the hug will have to part. Sinon will be sad but happy for Kirito, and yadda yadda.

    …That “touch her via the phone” thing had me in tears. I can’t even…

    1. “If it’s true that he was the infamous Red-eyed Zaza, then WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PICK A LOOK THAT GIVES IT AWAY?”

      It’s worse if you remember that their GGO characters are randmly chosen for them, so he got basically the same character on pure luck.

    2. The phone thing was bad, but what really got me was Sterben’s motivation. He wanted to be top dog in an a competitive shooter, but was shut down and swore revenge… because someone changed the meta and his build was no longer optimal. His dedication was such that he’d kill real people to get revenge, but not enough that he’d consider rebuilding his character (or hell, starting a new one).

      Jesus, remind me never to go pro in League of Legends. Somebody might literally murder me for popularizing AP Kog’maw.

        1. Damnit! The secret’s out! That makes me so mad I’ll… I’ll-

          Hang on. Just a sec while I check to see if “Death Maw” is taken as a summoner name.

          Why? Oh, no reason.

  12. I think the author of SAO has serious issues with consensual sex in real life. But hey, the rape plot show how serious and dramatic the anime is, so rejoice with this good plot!

    Ps: I like how all the rapists in anime are 100% bad guys mentally disturbed with the word “Rapist” written in their foreheads. Oh if just real life could be that easy!

    1. They also always have the CRAZY EYES.
      It’s a shame because the anime crazy eyes thing is actually a cool visual detail at mirrors real life crazy eyes. It carries a kind of unnatural, unsettling look that’s perfect for capturing the mental disconnect between serious intent and utter delusion.

      But since it’s so idiotically played out it just looks lazy now, much like the “lunatic/obsessive villain” trope. It’s great when it’s implemented properly (Perfect Blue, for example), but when it’s just thrown out there without any real reason it’s ridiculous.

      I mean think about it: If you want a moment like this you need to build to it. Give a reason for the concept of rape to even enter the villain’s head. If he loves her so much he wants her all to himself, rape isn’t the first thing to come to mind. If this was just about obsessively keeping her to himself like his dialogue suggests, he would also be more inclined to kidnap her rather than just rape her, especially if he’s so “clever” as his monologue tries to convey.

      But why try to make sense at all? HE’S JUST SO CUH-RAZY!!

      Like E Minor does, we should just let it roll off our shoulders and mock the show for it’s ineptitude and hack writing.
      Thinking about it too much will just frustrate us. It does with me, anyway.
      Better to mock Rape Art Online, since that’s the kind of attention it deserves.

      1. “If he loves her so much he wants her all to himself, rape isn’t the first thing to come to mind. If this was just about obsessively keeping her to himself like his dialogue suggests, he would also be more inclined to kidnap her rather than just rape her, especially if he’s so “clever” as his monologue tries to convey.”

        On the contrary, I think the fact that rape is the action of choice when it comes to ‘wanting a girl all to himself’ says a lot about the values reflected in this show. How do you ‘make a girl all yours’? Why, you rape her and therefore ‘sully her’, making her undesirable to other men! Such, she will always be yours. When it comes to rape in SAO, so much of it is basically the equivalent of claiming property. Have sex with a girl, she’s your property to defend and always yours!

        It’s a staple of NTR and it’s a staple of SAO and how it treats female characters. Sickening, but sadly true.

    2. Well, I doubt he’s a rapist. I just think it’s a classic case of, “What’s the worst thing you can do to a man’s woman? Rape her!” Once again, the female character is defined by whether or not a claim has been staked upon her. It’s like how guys won’t back off if you say you’re not interested. If you say you have a boyfriend, however, they’re more likely to get a clue. This is just some extreme example. Oh shit, my haremette is about to be raped. I better save her before she gets sullied. It’s an antiquated mindset, but it doesn’t stop our author from dipping his pen back into this well repeatedly.

      1. So what happens when Sinon is ACTUALLY Raped? What will happen then? Kirito would just reject her because she ain’t pure enough or something?

        Because we see a lot of times where Kirito successfully saves his harem bitches from being defiled. What happens when he fails to?

  13. I’m kind of interested in learning more about how rape is viewed in Japanese culture now. Shows like SAO just baffle me with stuff like this.

  14. “Yeah, of the entire guild, only one of them wore a mask that had red eyes! That’s his look, yo. He’s the only one who was allowed to wear a skull mask with red eyes! Don’t steal it!”

    It was to be expected, but when Trusted-Friend started to assault Sinon, I facepalmed so hard I think my forehead might have imprinted itself on the back of my cranium. And I felt genuinely sadder and sadder as the episode went on. Why can’t Kawahara think of any other way for a female protagonist to be in danger than threatening her with rape? That’s not only, you know, rape, that’s also bad in terms of narrative and story developement. And Sinon has to hold to the thought of Kirito, the only thing to shine through her dire circumstances, because OF COURSE SHE DOES.

    Thank you for tearing this episode a new one, E-Minor. I felt this recap had just the right tone, and you made pretty valid points throughout. You’re *my* beacon of light though dire circumstances, even if I still cannot get over the fact that so many people don’t seem to question what’s on their screen. (Out of curiosity, I checked the twitter feed for Sword Art online recently… Never again.)

  15. What pisses me off more than anything is how they completely flipped Shinkawa’s character from an unacknowledged lover to an psychopathic killer who wants to rape.
    Not to mention that the entire murder explanation feels consulted and out of place. (Personally, I thought it was a virus- when it fails once…)

    1. Reki still wouldn’t know how human beings act and think even if you put him in a roomful of screaming anthropologists and psychologists tossing science journals at his face.

      All of these “characters” are just robots. Fuckin’ retarded-ass robots. They’re calculators… no scratch that, calculators are actually useful.

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