Tokyo ESP Ep. 12 (Finale): So bad

Tokyo ESP - 1211

What is this? Seriously, what is this? This is the final showdown between Rinka and Minami, and all they can do is talk about their boytoy?

Tokyo ESP - 1205Tokyo ESP - 1206

Why are you just teleporting around her in a circle? Why? She has no powers. Rinka has nothing. Can’t you just pick her up, teleport the both of you to the middle of the ocean, and drop the girl to her briny death? How is this even a fight? Why is this even a fight?

Tokyo ESP - 1214

Oh good, you took my advice. Too bad you can’t even do it properly so our heroine has a ledge to hang onto.

Tokyo ESP - 1212

What’s with this animation? Why did Minami just gain twenty pounds out of nowhere?! Needless to say, Rinka wins the duel… even though she doesn’t have any powers left.

Meanwhile, Kobushi hasn’t done anything all series long, but here she is:

Tokyo ESP - 1215Tokyo ESP - 1207

Magically kicking ass. So the Diet comes crashing down to the ground, but Rinka’s dad is there to do his best Goku impression…

Tokyo ESP - 1216

…well, not quite. But it turns out Minami and the floating Diet were nothing more than a distraction! The Professor plans to unleash a ton of those magical fish into the air, which will turn all of Tokyo’s inhabitants into espers! Quick, we must stop him!

Tokyo ESP - 1217

Shit, it looks like Rinka is no match for the Professor. What will we do, you guys! Whatever will we do?! Tuturu, it’s the revenge of the lamest bishie!

Tokyo ESP - 1203

Look at that face. Is that a face of a hero? Wait, why the fuck are you all dressed up? Weren’t you just on a raft? Weren’t you just trapped on a fucking island?!

Tokyo ESP - 1201

“Hey bird, I know we’re short on time, but can we stop by my house for a change of clothes? C’mon, a hero can’t fight in these rags!” But if you think the bird is impressive now, you haven’t seen anything yet! For example, how do we get past the Professor and his illusions? Haven’t his illusions foiled our heroes all season long?

Tokyo ESP - 1202


So the Professor commands Minami to finish Kyotaro off once and for all. But once again, it’s okay! Kyotaro just sweet talks her and that’s it. That’s motherfucking it.

Kyotaro: “I wanted you to let me protect you.”

Tokyo ESP - 1218


The Professor then tells Kozuki to teleport both Minami and the Ark elsewhere…

Tokyo ESP - 1208

That animation though… But we don’t even get a proper showdown between Kyotaro and the Professor. Oh, sure, they exchange some words. Some.

The Professor: “Now, Kyotaro. This is the best chance you have to kill me.”
Kyotaro: “You… Right back at you!”

massive facepalm

But then these half-naked weirdos show up out of nowhere and kill the Professor:

Tokyo ESP - 1219Tokyo ESP - 1209

There’s no cathartic moment or anything. There’s no triumphant climax where the hero overcomes the bad guy. The Professor simply goes out like a chump. Not only that, we don’t even know who these fools are…

Tokyo ESP - 1210

That goddamn animation though! It’s the last episode. You’re telling me you can’t even dig up a few pocket change to make the finale look good?

Of course, the good guys escape from the tower. All’s well that ends well, right? WRONG:

Tokyo ESP - 1220

But according to Rinka, it’s okay!

Rinka: “The situation has gotten pretty bad, but our justice hasn’t changed at all.”

Oh, well… I’ll be sure to heat my home with your wonderful justice.

This is different from my usual posts, but that’s because I have nothing to say. This finale is just that bad. Not only that, we even get an ending that implores the viewers to keep watching. Keep watching! Or in other words, please read the manga! Don’t you want to know who the two new villains are?! Don’t you want to know if Minami’s going to win Kyotaro back? ‘Cause watching her and Rinka fight over the blandest hero ever sure was exciting!!! Don’t you want to kn–…

Tokyo ESP - 1221

…naw, I’m done. I’m done with this bullshit.


10 Replies to “Tokyo ESP Ep. 12 (Finale): So bad”

  1. This show has the most lopsided budget ever
    70% for episode 1, 30% for everything else.

    Goes to show that not even final episodes are necessarily exempt from stills and speedlines. Also fuck this show, this ending sucked!

  2. Welp, guess I better watch the episode myself.

    But yeah, this show ended up sucking so hard to the point that looking at my positive comments on Tokyo ESP in its early episodes is embarrassing. This is like the first X-Men movie except without the things I liked about it (namely Bryan Singer’s touch, because other than the direction, I just thought the film was okay) and extended into a twelve-episode waste of time (that I dropped around Ep. 9 or so). Even the manga fans hated this show because of how poorly the staff handled it. Oh well.

      1. I’ve been changing my views on how to judge fiction since the beginning of this year or so. This isn’t my blog so I won’t go into more detail than that.

        By the way, I just saw the episode and could not stop laughing at how boring it was. Everything the Resonance detractors say about the finale for that show? Strip away the praise for how beautiful it is, and you’ve got my view on Tokyo ESP’s final episode in a nutshell.

    1. But yeah, this show ended up sucking so hard to the point that looking at my positive comments on Tokyo ESP

      Well, it was fine when it was just bland. Then it got stupid. Then stupider. Then even stupider.

  3. That ending is literally the worst way you can finish a show: “You like this show? THEN GO BUY OUR FUCKING MANGA/LN AND READ IT”.
    Like, really? First of all, like I’m going to buy shit from you guys who made this piece of fetid garbage. Secondly, what the hell is the point of the fuckin’ show if it’s not even completed full-circle? What is this? A elongated preview or advertisement?
    Were they confident that the first cour would do well to secure funds for a second? Or was it planned from the beginning to have only one? Either way, holy shit folks we got some grade-A geniuses up in here.

    And it made me laugh just how many pictures were in this post. They take up more space than the writing. That is absolutely appropriate. Don’t waste your words on something that doesn’t deserve it.

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