Akame ga Kill! Ep. 14: A romantic getaway on a tropical island

Akame ga Kill! - 1405

And we’re back to the terrible anime.

— Naturally, Esdeath doesn’t seem the slightest bit mad about the fact that Tatsumi had run away from her. You’d think someone like her would maybe punish Tatsumi for his transgressions, especially since she hasn’t been shy about BDSM nonsense before. But no, she coos at him pathetically. Do you still need evidence that Esdeath panders to a certain anime-viewing demographic? Well, just take a look at her character right here. She wildly swings from a cold, brutal general to someone who handles Tatsumi with kids gloves. Essentially, she can be a hardass all she wants, but let’s not offend the audience identification character!

— And sure, she’s in love with him. But why is she so fucking stupid? He says he’s only here to hunt Danger Beasts, and she buys it wholeheartedly. C’mon. If they were already together, I could understand her being blinded by love. But they’re not even together yet. He resists her every step of the way. And yet, our brilliant general becomes a fool who hangs onto to Tatsumi’s every word. Okay.

— Esdeath: “Your physique has certainly become more pronounced.” Riiiiiight. Still looks as scrawny as ever to me.

— Unfortunately for Esdeath, her little reunion with Tatsumi is rudely interrupted by some hooded freak, the guy probably responsible for all the recent troubles in and around the Capital. He then uses his Imperial Arms Shambala on our couple. What does it do? It teleports the two of them to some tropical island. The night has also somehow turn to day. Amazing!

Akame ga Kill! - 1407

— Tatsumi suspects, however, that they’re just hallucinating, so he tells Esdeath to hurt him. ‘Cause y’know, you often pinch yourself to see if you’re in a dream or not. Why he didn’t just pinch himself or punch himself in the gut, well, I don’t know. But of course, Esdeath doesn’t hurt him. She instead kisses him as fanboys around the world go wild.

— Esdeath: “In the capital are forty-eight super weapons known as Imperial Arms.” Really? Are we really going to do this again?

— Esdeath summons a giant pillar of ice so that they can check their surroundings. I like how Tatsumi proceeds to sit on that pillar of ice as if it isn’t cold at all. Hell, maybe it isn’t cold. Not like Akame ga Kill! would even care about such a thing.

— Some giant creature then emerges from the ground to attack our couple. Tatsumi stupidly wonders if the two of them alone can defeat the Danger Beast. I don’t think he’s realized just how ridiculously overpowered Esdeath really is. She proceeds to knock the Danger Beast down in an instant. I mean, it doesn’t die, but she’s basically a one-woman army. Yo, who wins? Esdeath or Tatsuya?

— Her breasts are getting unwieldier and unwieldier with each passing episode.

— Not to be outdone, our shounen hero charges headfirst into battle, and deals a mortal blow to the Danger Beast. Esdeath is very impressed. Too impressed. The voice actress for Esdeath are reading her lines as if she’s getting an orgasm every single second she’s near Tatsumi.

Akame ga Kill! - 1402

— When another monster shows up, she summons a giant ice meteorite. Like a lot of Mahouka episodes, this isn’t even interesting to watch. She’s just pulling random moves out of her ass. There’s no narrative, there’s no drama, there’s no anything. We’re just watching Esdeath pick enemies off one by one.

— Next, we get a montage of our super-couple spending quality time together on the island. Great stuff. This is probably a lot of people’s favorite chapter, huh? Just look at our hero turn away from a woman in her bra. Uguu, my wholesome shounen innocence. It’s really sad, though. Akame ga Kill! wants to be the edgy shounen with all the blood and gore, but it keeps the traditional shounen hero. Why? Why wouldn’t you also “edge-up” the hero as well?

— Haha, we’re so meta, you guys.

— Esdeath knows how to get off the island, but first, she wants to learn more about Tatsumi. She then reveals some information about herself. Yawn.

— Tatsumi still thinks he can convince Esdeath to join his side, but what does he have to offer her? His friendship? He knows two things, basically: she values strength, and she’s in love with him. Either give it up and make the girl fall in love with you hard, or become so strong, she can’t resist becoming your devoted follower. But Tatsumi’s too much of a prude to take the first option. So much for having an edgy shounen. You have a hero who’s too limited to do anything interesting, so why even bother?

— Esdeath’s backstory is basically a broken record. The weak deserve to die. The weak deserve to die. Aaaaaand… yeah, the weak deserve to die. Nothing deep, revelatory, or interesting here.

Akame ga Kill! - 1406

— Esdeath’s Imperial Arms is some Danger Beast’s blood. Naturally, the power of the blood drove everyone else crazy, but Esdeath is an exception because she’s just one giant Mary Sue at this point. Seriously though, Tatsuya or Esdeath?

— Ah man, this episode has gone on long enough. Tatsumi realizes he can’t change Esdeath. Elsewhere, the new bad guy reveals that he’s the prime minister’s son. Bam, done. Exciting plot developments? Life-changing information? Nah.

— The portal that had sent them to the island suddenly opens up. Tatsumi has a small window of opportunity to not only escape, but strand Esdeath on an island for a little while. Of course, she’d eventually find her way off the island by herself, but still, he’d at least delay her. Unfortunately, Tatsumi feels bad. He feels bad, you guys! They had spent such quality time on this island, he can’t just ditch her! Even though she just told him that she’s irredeemably evil, he can’t just ditch her! Hilarious stuff, you guys.

— The episode ends with Tatsumi hiding behind a rock to avoid Esdeath’s detection. Truly, an inspiring hero. Truly, a great episode that has completely changed how I look at Esdeath.


14 Replies to “Akame ga Kill! Ep. 14: A romantic getaway on a tropical island”

  1. Oh, look. A beach episode. Great, because we all need one of those.
    It’s like bikini-wearing Hitler and Pol Pot on a sexy deserted island doing ecchi stuff.

    No, wait. I forgot. Esdeath has tits and is hot, so that makes it different.

    Shit like this makes my faith in the Japanese anime industry dive into the negatives.

  2. So much pandering in this episode… particularly those ecchi POV where Esdeath was riding Tatsumi and so on, it was truly hilarious, to bad they can’t even do that right, since the animation quality is terrible.

  3. Basically all that great monster attack and new guy revelation was just an excuse for getting some beach episode quality time, I mean, maybe next time we can have the moon festival episode meanwhile they are hunting some corrupt nobody or something like that, this is just so mandatory, and the author couldn´t let slip the opportunity to put those dimwits together for that. Still, Esdete tits are way too big for her to be able to do her job adequately, maybe they are full with that demon blood! Hahaha

  4. Hello, first comment here. Let me just say that I am an avid reader of your Akame ga Kill! posts. They make my friggin’ day, sir (or ma’am. I’m assuming sir). I’ve literally just come from the Myanimelist forums – I know, I know, silly me, right? – and after reading this I was hoping, praying even for mostly negative reviews for this episode.

    Nope. Damn near 70% of the posters gave it a 5 out of 5. And that really hurts my faith in anime fandoms in general, because I’m certain this show has a fairly large fanbase. The things you say about Esdeath really strike a chord with me, since this series, as well as an incredible number fans seem to be obsessed with her. Curious to see what people would counter with, I posted on MAL comparing Esdeath to Josef Mengele in terms of atrocities. The literal reply I got was “Is Josef Mengele a fictional character with a ridiculous amount of cleavage and massive tits? No? …Okay then.”

    There you have, it folks. Fanservice solves everything.

    1. Same way fans like Alucard, and Frieza who literally committed multiple genocides had fans. If I had super powers bet your ass I am committing multiple atrocities with em. Just because some one is a villain does not mean people can not be a fan of them. I am not much of a fan of her i did like the scene of her taming the danger beasts blood.I see the appeal for her character. Point is comparing them to hitler is dumb. I love Raoh and Alucard they have committed atrocities in their respected series.I how ever think dictators in real life are scumbags. .

    2. And that’s what I don’t like about fanboys/fangirls, they ain’t open to even a little criticism on their waifus/husbandos. They’ll mob on you for saying anything bad. They scare me.

      Even shows, characters, ideas, I like, I do not spare them from my honest criticisms.

      As much as I like Esdeath, she doesn’t strike to me as a compelling character. Though her background has some sense to it, it wasn’t really believable to me.If she wasn’t ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ I can imagine a buttload of people hating her the first time they see her.

  5. What the flying fuck does the smean everyone else got driven crazy?!

    Yo, Esdeath, you are certifiably crazy! And kinda dumb.

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