Inou Battle Within Everyday Life Ep. 1: Our high school students are special

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de - 0102

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de is such a cumbersome title. Even Inou Battle Within Everyday Life isn’t much better. So from this point on, I’m just going to refer to this show as Inou Battle in the body of the post. Anyway, here’s the new Trigger anime. Jokes about being triggered aside, when Kill la Kill finished airing, people kept asking me if I was going to look forward to every Trigger anime from that point on. C’mon, one good show isn’t going to seal the deal. Madhouse had plenty of good shows in the past, and look where they are now (but Parasyte might be good). I mean, let’s not run before we can walk. Let’s give Trigger a chance to establish a track record before we start having ridiculous expectations of the studio. Do I expect another Kill la Kill? Nope. Kill la Kill wasn’t perfect by any means, but I doubt any studio could just keep churning shows like that out. But Trigger can at least entertain us with Inou Battle, despite its less than inspiring premise. Plus, this seems to be what the fall is slowly shaping up to be. We still have plenty of shows left to air, but I’ve noticed that when the shows are good, they’re not trying to be too much. They just execute. Can Inou Battle follow suit?

Nah, it’s fucking boring as hell. Imagine that a bunch of chuunibyous are gathered in a club. If you don’t know what a chuunibyou is, they’re often young people who think they have special powers. You know how when kids pretend as though they can shoot fireballs or whatever? Well, it’s kind of silly when you’re in high school, and you still think you’re in some kind of action anime, huh? In fact, I’m sure we still remember that KyoAni had produced a show all about chuunibyous. I only watched two episodes of that anime; I found it unfunny and, of course, full of KyoAni’s moe bullshit. As for Inou Battle, our heroes are like chuunibyous, but I guess the special twist here is that they actually got what they wished for. That’s what we’re led to believe, anyway. I still can’t shake the feeling that these kids just have an overactive imagination. But yeah, that’s essentially the premise. Jurai likes to goof around like a chuunibyou in the Literature Club, but then one day, he actually gets powers and so do his classmates. They’re all girls too, by the way. Other than Jurai himself, the only other male soul in this episode is a bad guy. So instead of a guy and a bunch of girl pretending that they have superpowers, they might actually have said powers. Oh well.

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de - 0101

Well, not exactly. The girls seem to have cool powers. Tomoyo can stop time, Hatoko can control the elements, Sayumi can restore things back to their original state, and Chifuyu can summon stuff out of nowhere (I think). But what can Jurai do? He can summon a dark fire that doesn’t even burn. Apparently, it’s just lukewarm at best. So the biggest chuunibyou of them all ends up being rather useless. As such, he continues to overcompensate by being even more chuunibyou than ever. He might end up being the strongest of them all as the series progresses, but whatever. I don’t really care what he can or cannot do. More than halfway through the episode, the student council president confronts our heroes, and she has special powers too. She can’t quite do anything on her own, though. Rather, she can steal your special powers when she sees you activate them. The girls scare her off, however, when they realize they could just beat her up the traditional way. The club members then learn that someone had sent the student council president an anonymous message about the Literature Club. So I guess someone is trying to mess with our heroes. In the distance, a dork hangs upside down from a cherry blossom tree, and says some half-ominous stuff. And that’s it. The episode is over.

Okay, we’ve learned what each character can do. Now what? What’s the big payoff? Honestly, I don’t know. Yeah, they have powers, but to what effect? What are they going to do with said powers? That’s not to say there are no answers to these questions, but Inou Battle is in no hurry to answer them. For now, it’s content to be a light-hearted comedy that might lead to something more. Case in point, a bad guy sort of shows up at the last second, but it’s kind of hard to take him seriously. Unfortunately for me, however, I find Inou Battle incredibly unfunny. Even if Inou Battle is playing the long game, and some sort of plot — any plot — will eventually materialize in the later episodes, why wait so long? For the moment, Inou Battle just looks like a bunch of friends goofing off in a clubroom. They’ll probably run into more people like them, and maybe they’ll come to learn where their superpower had come from. The OP even hints that Jurai will eventually face off against an organization of bad guys. But if I have to sit through a bunch of unfunny fluff episodes before the story reaches that point, I’m not sure I’ll have the patience to stick around that long. I’m not terribly excited by Inou Battle’s premise. It’s just not very compelling.


13 Replies to “Inou Battle Within Everyday Life Ep. 1: Our high school students are special”

  1. On one hand, this show doesn’t seem to have an a harem in sight. On the other hand, there are definetly signs of it taking a Hamatora route, like you said. Also, I just realized that we don’t know a whole lot about any of the characters outside of their power and relationship with whatever the main character’s name was…

    1. It doesn’t help that the female cast is looking very harem-y. They look extremely “categorical” and unique from one another to pretty much cater to viewers’ tastes. “Mother hen-type with big boobs (OFC)”, “sultry big-boobied girl” and apparently “PINK-haired girl” (which apparently is still a thing). And, of course, they’re all super above average beauty. Because apparently ugly or fat girls can’t exist unless they’re bullies or the story absolutely dictates that they have to be.

      Oh, yeah. And there’s only one dude. Who apparently is “useless”… for now. You know, how like Touma from Railgun was “useless” at first and “remained useless”. As if I’m going to believe that by the end of this show, this dude isn’t going to go full Iron Man Repulsor Beams but like a magic flamethrower. Or maybe Tsuna from Hitman Reborn. And boom, of course he looks like every other protagonist that’s out there. Generic out the wazoo. Just fuckin’ hell guys. Can we get a Dante up in here sometimes? How much better would it be if we got somebody kind of cool but still has shit magic ability? It’d be more interesting than this.
      Regardless, a scenario where a dude is surrounded by beautiful chicks that are more likely than not, the hottest chicks at that school. That honestly sounds really fresh and promising than all the other shows that are basically the same.
      If it’s not directly a harem set-up, then why aren’t there other dudes? Dudes that matter? And if there is another important dude, then why are they always a bad guy? Is it because the main girls don’t like bad guys and won’t stray from the MC?
      Is it possible the writer specifically wrote this scenario into this corner to fake-out the audience? If so, then awesome.

      If I sound like I’m not too excited about this show, it’s because I’m not. Especially with a character line-up like this and, like the post aptly describes, a meh-nothing story (for now). Again, it’s in the “magic-battle” genre, so……… yeah. We all know how that goes. Bad guys to defeat and magic levels to gain.

      I get this ain’t the same people as GL and KLK, but c’mon.

      1. “You know, how like Touma from Railgun was “useless” at first and “remained useless”.”

        Now I know it’s your opinion and all but when misinformation such as this is stated as fact I have to say something. Firts of all Railgun isn’t the main series, Index is and Touma is the Main Character of the overall series with Mosaka being one of the other protagonists.

        Second, Touma isn’t “useless” his fights actually have him use his brain to come up with tactics mid-fight. His fights are mostly psychological pitting his enemies ideals against his, if someone loses it’s because their belifes in their ideals wasn’t that stri g to begin with and before you say he is OP or has plot armor (which he does to some extent) you need to first know that he is called “normal” but is actually inbetween being the weakest and being one of the strongest, the only broken people are the enemies (not villains because they all have good reasons to do what they are doing it’s just that their methods are questionable, only people in the series who are villains are mostly on the science side and that’s because of the liberty that Academy City gives them) loses fight even if the goal he is trying to reach is accomplished and last but not least has actually died 103,000 times to be exact) he is only brought back because before dying he mindfucks his enemy so hard he forces her to make a choice between rewriting the world or bringing back the one he came from.

        I’m not saying it’s perfect (even the fans agree that there are things that need work) but it is not as bad as you or otbers who don’t even give it a try make it out to be. If I where you I wouldn’t try speaking about a series if I don’t have even the slightest basic information, you know what they said about assuming. I at least give them a try and try to get as much information before making assumptions and just plain old putting down a series instead of just judging on first looks (like so many here do) like I said I enjoy making fun of bad anime but also of some of my favorites but before that I like to be well informed.

        Hell I hate SAO with every fiber of my being but I at least follow it so that I’m accurate when I bash it and point out the flaws.

        But hey, I’m pretty sure that this post us going to be regarded as a fanboy post, either way I’ve said my piece.

        1. Notice how those were in quotation marks, which means that it’s not meant to be serious.
          Critical reading skills are important, kids.

  2. There’s certainly no reason to get your hopes up just because it’s a trigger anime. Much more important in my opinion is checking the track record of the series director, and possibly other staff involved in key roles. Anyway, the series director for KlK doesn’t seem to be involved with this project, so I wouldn’t expect anything similar (or as crazy, at least).

  3. Hey, animators gotta eat, and this show is basically putting food on the table at Trigger while they think up some new big thing.

  4. Turns out, this is yet another anime adapatation of a light novel involving superpowers. Given the track record of most “light novel to anime adaptation” of most shows & light novels themselves, I have very low expectation for this kind of show. How many Baccano or Fate Zero have we really seen?

  5. I’d be amazed if the second episode suddenly shows this series will be an intricate character study of kids from broken homes using their fantasies to cope with their stark reality.
    …Something tells me that won’t happen

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