Gundam: Reconguista in G Ep. 3: Don’t worry…

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0301

…no animals were harmed in the production of this episode.

— I’m not sure what Aida is complaining about. What international laws are they violating? All they’re doing is restraining her.

— So what’s so bad about being a Kuntala again?

— Those two-legged transports look like they can trip and fall at any point, but it’s anime, so I’m sure they’ll keep their balance perfectly.

— Taboo… breakers? And how does spying on said taboo breakers have anything to do with them taking Aida way?

— Who the fuck would have a giant hippo head mounted on their wall? Bellri’s mom, that’s who. Naw, it’s just more Tomino craziness.

— Bellri asks his mom to try and get Aida back, but when she asks him why, he doesn’t say. Okay then. In fact, everyone just keeps trying to change the subject. We jump from talking about the pink Haro to Bellri’s bleeding hand. Not once does Bellri explain why his mom should pull some  strings to get Aida back. Welp.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0304

— The anime cuts to the pirates, and we meet a new face. He, too, will try and save Aida. According to the new guy, it’ll work this time, because the Capital Army won’t be anticipating a second attack. Considering what we’ve seen in the first two episodes, however, one must naturally wonder if the “good guys” can anticipate anything… but that’s none of my business.

— Anyway, the new guy seems to insinuate that something unsavory was going on between Aida and the now deceased Cahill. Hmm.

— Good lord, Tomino is proud of that hippo, ’cause we get to see it again.

— A toilet is built into the cockpit of the mecha, huh? How convenient. Not sure why it was really necessary to learn that the new guy had just taken piss, though. I guess that’s just Tomino for you.

— …why is Aida dancing? Also, doesn’t she seem rather cheerful? Just an episode ago, she was super worked up over the death of her precious Cahill, but I guess she’s over it already. Also, her suit looks really silly, though I’m sure it’s intentional that they’re essentially highlighting her vagina.

— Aaaaaand Raraiya bursts into the room. Not just any room, but the colonel’s room. Nope, not really a security risk. After all, Raraiya’s just a cute anime shoujo! Still, I realize she was being held in the same building, but how did she know where to find our heroes? Or is this just a happy coincidence?

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0312

— Christ, there are a lot of animals in this episode.

— Man, this sure is one fancy research facility. The colonel gets food brought to his office and everything.

— Oh lord, is that some plot I see? Apparently, the Capital Tower is monopolizing all of the Earth’s energy. Bellri counters, however, that if they don’t do this, people will just misuse said energy and thus repeat the mistakes of the Universal Century, What were those mistakes? Dunno, but they were apparently bad enough that humanity nearly went extinct. I still don’t really know what they’re talking about, but I do know this: we should’ve gotten this conversation in the second episode if not the first. Oh well, at least the conflict is slowly taking shape.

— Anyway, the rather short debate is quickly interrupted, because the new guy has finally arrived. Goodie. As a result, we get to see more poor animals being terrorized by all this fighting. Innocent animals are the true victims of war!

— So, uh, isn’t Aida a prisoner? How come she’s just allowed to come and go as she pleases? The colonel even tells the kids how to reach the G-Self. Bellri says the colonel’s testing them, but I’m not quite sure I follow. Test them on what? Is he intentionally allowing her to escape?

— Honestly, the Capital Army seems downright incompetent. They were just attacked the night before, but here they are, sleeping through a goddamn siren.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0308

— Way to cop a feel, Bellri.

— The colonel can watch as Aida gets to the one mecha she can use to escape. Yeah, looks like this is intentional.

— More animals running and flying away. Hilarious.

— Holy shit, a dolphin too? What is a dolphin doing here?

— So the new guy’s name is Klim Nick, and according to Aida, he just wants to use her. For what? Shrug. We’ve already established at this point that Reconguista in G will only feed us details of its plot bit by bit.

— We proceed to get some retro Gundam action, and it’s whatever. I’m not bored, but I’m not terribly impressed either. Speaking of retro Gundam action, the ones over here crack me up.

— Bellri tells Aida that they’ll misunderstand her if she moves the G-Self. She then flat out tells him she’s using it to escape. After hearing that, our heroes don’t put up much of a fight. Noredo tugs on Aida’s arm for like a second and nothing more. As for Bellri, he doesn’t do anything. More specifically, I don’t know why Noredo is sticking around. She’s about to be dragged off the pirate faction, and she’s just a cheerleader.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0313

— But if you think that’s bad, the colonel’s just like, “Four people aboard the G-Self?!” What did you think would happen? But other than this rather mild display of shock from the old man, he continues to be rather blase about the whole thing. There just seems to be a complete lack of urgency with the adults in this anime. Oh by the way, the pirate girl is running off with the fancy mecha, so what do you wanna do, your Holiness? Plus, he’s the colonel. Does he really need the Holiness’s last word before he does anything?

— I also like how the G-Self’s shield has been repaired since the previous battle.

— Aida meets up with Klim Nick, then they just fly off. Alright. The Capital Army seems horribly mismanaged.

— In response to all this nonsense, Bellri’s mom suggests that they cut off Ameria’s supply of photon batteries. I hope we’ll soon learn that his is a significant move, because it doesn’t really sound all that significant at the moment.

— The colonel tells Bellri’s mom that there are four people aboard the G-Self. She knows that this includes Aida, Noredo, and Raraiya, but she apparently had no clue her son was with the girls. C’mon, really?

— Some plot details in quick succession: Ameria intends to use the Capital Tower as the location for their space base, and Klim Nick is the son of some president.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0314

— Aaaaand we now see Bellri take a dump, grunts and all. So that’s why we saw Klim use the toilet earlier. G-great! Welp, that does it for the third Gundam episode. As expected, it looks like Bellri will be fighting against his former allies in next week’s episode.


14 Replies to “Gundam: Reconguista in G Ep. 3: Don’t worry…”

  1. Kuntala are humans who are less than humans. They were raised as human cattle when shit really hit the fan. Anyways the jokes are off.Where as I laugh my ass off in build fighters, here it just feels badly timed, forced, dated.This show is just nonsensical.You know what the G-Self new name is the shit gundam. You don’t put a toilet in a mobile suit. I don’t dislike this show but I am just fucking lost. Was expecting a hard core serious gundam.

  2. I was going “WTF” with the dolphins.
    Real inconspicuous, Klim Nick.
    At least we don’t have to deal with the bane of all fighting mecha, holding on to your bladder.
    I have no idea with this show, but I’m liking it so far.

  3. Okay, I get that the hippo shows that Bellri’s mom is filthy rich. But why the heck does it look like it’s smiling in the first shot?!

    Apparently, the Capital Tower is monopolizing all of the Earth’s energy. Bellri counters, however, that if they don’t do this, people will just misuse said energy and thus repeat the mistakes of the Universal Century, What were those mistakes?

    Time for a crash course on the UC timeline shall we? As it is, most of the wars in the original timeline seems to have been brought about by competition for resources (particularly of helium-3, which in the original timeline, they had to mine from Jupiter). So, I guess that the Capital Guard sees itself as a benevolent provider, being the one to provide all of the Earth’s energy and supposedly eliminating conflicts.Of course, we all know where this one is heading.

    The ep is a bit too scattered though. It keeps jumping from one scene to the next.

  4. Can ihave build fighters season 2 instead?

    WTF is this bullshit? I just watched the supposed lead char taking a dump in a mobile suit. What.
    This is supposed to be fo kids? Kids want to see robots fight, not see some dude take a dump.
    Bah this is dreck.

    1. I’m just gonna chalk to this is what happens when people become old their sense of humor is off from society. Look at grown ups 1 and 2. I bet all the comedians in there thought they were still funny when the movie was awful.

  5. so they let her get into the gundam, do the whole start up sequence, and is only surprised when she says shes leaving? Did i miss something?

    also it seems like when tomino wants to tell us something he just has a character say it straight up, doesnt matter what the conversation is about. Like the last scene when she just says klim is the son of the president when they were talking about something else entriely.

  6. after the whole drinking piss = love in sidonia, we get a forthsome dump taking in a gundam cockpit. oh dear god, what have we done to deserve all this?

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