Log Horizon 2 Ep. 4: Much ado about nothing

Log Horizon 2 - 0406

Yeah, I’m yawning too, Sia. I’m yawning too. In fact, this episode is just killing me. It really is.

— Sou: “Christmas means salmon to me, I guess.” Well, that’s different. Salmon is great, but… can we get back to the whole raiding plot line? Thanks.

— But after the OP, we get to watch Sia dress up in a skimpy Christmas-themed outfit. Sigh. Apparently, she’s supposed to be Santa Claus. The other characters get mad when Akatsuki confirms the girl’s suspicions that Santa Claus is supposed to be a man. Way to impose a glass ceiling on your fellow women, ninja girl! Still, I’d say Sia is missing a few too many pounds to be Santa… a few too many hundred pounds.

— So they make Akatsuki dress up as a loli reindeer. Goddamn, why do shows about MMOs suck so much?

— Then afterwards, the girls eat caeki. This is kind of pathetic, isn’t it? Shiroe’s busy fighting for the livelihood of Akihabara. He gets to actually do something useful. What about the rest of the cast? They’re playing dress-up and eating caeki. Not surprisingly, these characters are all girls. Why do the girls have to do such boring shit? C’mon, man. I thought Akatsuki had a super important mission to fulfill. Why don’t we watch that instead? Why am I watching her eat fucking caeki? Oh wait, you’re telling me she’s currently protecting the princess?! Fuck this life.

Log Horizon 2 - 0403

— Oishiioishiioishiioishii~

— Serara actually thinks Shiroe has simply locked himself away in his room. I know they’re trying to throw the spies off their trail, but don’t you think Shiroe’s blatant absence as of late is suspicious enough by itself? Simply claiming that he doesn’t enjoy Christmas won’t fool anyone. Then again, this is anime, so everyone is incredibly stupid besides Shiroe.

— It really looks like the animation quality is getting worse and worse. Serara’s head is literally just a circle.

— Afterwards, Akatsuki despairs: “When did I get so weak? Guarding the princess… I should be happy that my lord is relying on me. But when I realize that he’s thinking about her, it hurts.” This is why we can’t have nice things. This. This is it. Rest in peace, powerful ninja girl. All you get to do nowadays is eat caeki and be heart-broken.

— Oh no, someone bought the katana Akatsuki had been eying!

— That goddamn hairdo. Oh yeah, the minor side characters proceed to discuss Akatsuki’s feelings some more. Yeeeeeep, best MMO anime right here. I don’t mind character development, but this isn’t compelling character development. It’s just the primary heroine of the show losing confidence in herself, because she isn’t getting enough attention from the male lead. Fucking lame, man.

Log Horizon 2 - 0409

— Then now, I get to see Akatsuki rage and rant about Minori: “That stupid, too-perfect middle school girl. She’s a brat, a child, and a show-off…” So hateful! All over a guy, too! Seeing her get this mad about a little girl, you almost forget that Akatsuki is supposed to be a college-aged woman in the real world! Plus, she even admit Minori’s just a middle school girl. Does she have so little confidence in Shiroe that she thinks he’d go for a middle school girl? Wait, this is anime, so all bets are off.

— Yeah, she admits she’s embarrassed for being so jealous of a little girl, but it’s too late. The line’s already been crossed. This is pathetic.

— Plus, these characters are so oblivious. Shiroe hasn’t really shown any inkling of romantic interest in either girl. You’d think Akatsuki would realize this considering how much time she spends with the guy, but apparently not. Again, this is anime, so people will take one innocent conversation between two characters and conjure up an entire relationship out of it (i.e. shipping).

— Akatsuki: “That’s why my lord didn’t take me with him.” Should’ve seen this coming. Assassins are a dime-a-dozen in MMO raids. Should’ve been a tank or healer if she wanted to be included!

— After the commercial break, we still haven’t returned to Shiroe and his raid. Sigh. Sia tells her maid that she’ll go into town with all her friends the next day. If we get to watch that, double sigh…

Log Horizon 2 - 0412

— Sia: “They say we’ll have a delicious cream stew for dinner.” Oh boy, cream stew!

— Ooooh, wearing clothes you’re not used to is tiring! Oooh, you seem to be having a good time~!

kill me

— All of a sudden, Sia goes emo on us too. They’re not my friends! I’m not having fun! Man… it’s interesting how the male characters in this show never get introspective like this. On that same token, Akatsuki doesn’t get to go raid. Interesting dichotomy.

— We finally check in on Crusty. It ain’t Shiroe’s raid group, but it’s a brief respite from Akatsuki’s angst. I’ll take it. So what’s going on with Crusty the clown? He can’t stay focused on the task at hand, aaaaaand… the scene with him is over. Welp.

— There’s a short scene involving Nyanta and Roderic. then later, Nyanta and Shiroe. So basically, nyaanyaanyaanyaanyaanyaanyaa~ The cat man never ceases to be annoying to listen to.

Log Horizon 2 - 0411

— The next day, Akatsuki continues to watch people spar. Then we cut to the minor side characters as they do their Christmas shopping. Then Henrietta pines for Shiroe when she gets a moment to herself. Great episode, you guys. This is the only time you’ll ever see multiple girls pine for a guy who’s too busy raiding to pay them any attention.

— Fucking sweet. I now get to watch Lenessia go for a night on the town. She also learns that each adventurers are unique, you guys! How wonderful! But Akatsuki has to go and be a downer. She takes her leave without even having any cream stew! She’ll instead go to watch people train some more. Later, the girl even admits watching people train won’t make her stronger. This is just silly. I didn’t love her character in the first season, but what they’ve done to her in the second season is a travesty.


— At the end of the episode, the Enheart guy kills Kyouko even though PKing isn’t allowed in towns. Well then, I guess he’s not a player.

— But seriously, this episode fucking sucked.


8 Replies to “Log Horizon 2 Ep. 4: Much ado about nothing”

    1. To be fair, as a girl, it’s really easy to see why anyone would have a crush on Shiroe. I’d also have one if I was there.

      And I sympathise with Akatsuki’s feelings too. She feels useless, not just because of Shiroe, but of course he’d be front and center in her emotional landscape – she hasn’t formed ANY bonds with anyone except Shiroe since they got dumped into the game, and I really doubt she had any friends before then either. Every other character is in a better mental place than her. Maybe that’s why he pushed her to interact with the princess.

      She needs to open up more. She needs this character arc, on her own. She needs to realise this stopped being a game a long time ago, that skills and power matter less than human bonds.

      1. To be fair, as a girl, it’s really easy to see why anyone would have a crush on Shiroe.

        And I know many people who say the opposite. I don’t think it’s as easy as you think.

  1. Seems like an overly harsh take! I actually enjoyed this episode, though I don’t have the qualms you seem to have regarding the overall series. Akatsuki’s feelings can’t be flattened to “girl feeling bad without boy’s love” – it’s a mixture of her desire to be strong, her constant isolation, and her affection for Shiroe.

    Also: “Again, this is anime, so people will take one innocent conversation between two characters and conjure up an entire relationship out of it (i.e. shipping).”

    …That happens in the waking world all the time, no? If it hasn’t happened to you, at least, count yourself among the lucky few.

    1. Akatsuki’s feelings can’t be flattened to “girl feeling bad without boy’s love” –

      But it’s a significant portion of it. That can’t be handwaved away just because she’s also isolated.

      …That happens in the waking world all the time, no? If it hasn’t happened to you, at least, count yourself among the lucky few.

      Lots of things happen in the real world.

  2. Thank you, exactly my feelings… I started hating Akatsuki right there, and I didn’t like her to begin with. It’s so obvious that the show was written by a man…all the females are despairing for the main character, but he’s too cool to notice them… nice fantasy, especially from a gamer.
    I do get it, Shiroe is a cool guy, and Henrietta’s and Minori’s reactions and feeling for him are even okay with me, because they are more age appropriate. Henrietta sees things as an adult, and Minori faves over Shiroe, but I think that’s partly respect… what pisses me off with Akatsuki is that she’s supposedly a grown up woman in college. Seriously? She knows so little about relationships, one would think she spends all her time locked in a room playing games, but apparently she doesn’t, because she sucks in games… She’s definitely not the best assassin out there, that’s partly her problem… Just please tell me why she’s one of the main characters again???

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