Akame ga Kill! Ep. 17: Double the fun

Akame ga Kill! - 1714

Alright, let’s see if anyone dies in this week’s episode of Akame ga Kill! What? This will only desensitize us to future deaths and render them meaningless? Pish posh! Pile on the body count!

— If you’ll recall, Bols’ last ditch effort is to create a giant, fuck-off explosion. Leone shields Akame, then collapses to the ground. Is she dead? Hm, nah. The anime isn’t milking this hard enough, so I bet she’s fine.

— As for Bols, we see a sappy flashback concerning his reluctance to eat with the rest of the Jaegers. Kinda hilarious how the story wants us to see the bad guys in a better light. There’s nothing remotely ambiguous about the results of their actions, but I’m supposed to care that the Jaegers have true camaraderie. C’mon, who gives a shit if they’re friends? So when the flashback ends, we get to hear Bols mutter the cliche-as-fuck “I want to eat with everyone again” line. Please, stop, you’re making me want to throw up.

— But this is the sort of sappy shit that the anime devolves into when someone’s about to die. So I can’t help but think…

— Somehow, he comes across a crying girl in the middle of nowhere, and he’s not smart enough to realize that this is probably a trap. Well, can you blame him? Look at his tiny, tiny head.

— In the middle of nowhere, after having just escaped a battle by the skin of his teeth, Bols nevertheless manages to bandage this shoujo’s scratched-up leg. With what supplies?

Akame ga Kill! - 1702

— Surprise, surprise… it was Chelsea in disguise all along. And just like that, Bols is dead. Hell, Chelsea disguised herself as this crying shoujo, because “[t]hat girl just now was from a village you burned down.” How does Chelsea kn-… meh, it’s not even important.

— Yes, yes, milk it hard. As Bols slowly dies, we get to see him think of his wife and children. I like how even when he’s with his family, he’s still in that ridiculous get-up. Honey, honey, let me express myself! Then back in the real world, we see Bols crawl desperately on the ground to try and make it back to his family. That’s why Leone’s not dead and Bols will most certainly die. Akame ga Kill! is very transparent, and the result of this is that nothing really comes as a surprise.

— But this is just a waste of time, ’cause no one in their right mind would feel sorry for Bols anyway. Like who gives a shit if he has a wife and child? Plenty of murderous dictators had families too. Doesn’t change the fact that their victim count numbers in the thousands. Has Bols killed over a thousand people? Shrug. But he’s a murderer. You’re just wasting time trying to get me to feel sorry for a murderer. It’s thus pointless and inane. I’m not saying we can’t feel sorry for an antagonist, but not these antagonists.

— Somehow, Lubbock was watching the entire thing unfold. Okay. Must be a small world. Still, Chelsea tells him that she isn’t done. She wants to go after Kurome, too. Uh, I think you should quit while you’re ahead. While I’m sure the story is more than willing to kill off Bols, Kurome is a special case. Considering her connection with Akame, do you really think a dinky character like Chelsea will be able to kill Kurome? Yeah, I don’t think so. If Chelsea insists on going after the girl, I think this will just spell her death. Again, Akame ga Kill! is very predictable. Characters can be divided up into neat tiers, and this lets you know who can kill who. Will Akame kill her sister one day? Probably. A dork like Chelsea or Lubbock? Nah.

Akame ga Kill! - 1715

— Nevertheless, Chelsea has gotten soft, and it’s all because of Tatsumi. Man, the story doesn’t even bother to develop the relationship between those two. Chelsea just started liking him one day, and as a result, she might potentially die by the end of this episode. Talk about a throwaway character.

— Now, we get a flashback regarding Akame and Kurome’s past. Ah yes, orphans from the start, trained by the government to become killers. Basically, your run-of-the-mill backstory for an assassin.

— C’mon, they’re little kids. Why are they barely dressed? You tell me the show can’t be bothered to at least cover up their torsos? Blah blah blah, they were separated because the bad guys don’t want the siblings to depend on each other too much. How very sad.

— Elsewhere, our heroes are recovering just fine. Oh, would you look at that! Leone’s just fine! Not only that, Lubbock will just sew her arm back on and her regenerative powers will do the trick. It’s that easy, yo. At the same time, Akame ga Kill! shoots itself in the foot. The only meaningful thing that ever happens is a death. There’s no in-between. There’s no sense of attrition. Lubbock will just sew her arm back on, and it’s like she never even lost it!

— Lubbock eventually returns to tell them all about Chelsea’s misguided plans. Akame and Tatsumi will try to back our schoolgirl up, but unfortunately, it’s probably a little too late.

— Apparently, Kurome constantly munches on her snacks because they keep her alive.

Akame ga Kill! - 1707

— Chelsea strikes first, but…

— Oh lord, now we get a flashback regarding Chelsea’s past, and how she came to possess her Imperial Arms. Her fate is definitely sealed. There’s no reason we couldn’t see this bit of character development before. We only see it now because she’s about to exit the story for good.

— Y’know, what bothers me is that it’s not as if Chelsea doesn’t have a weapon on her. Nevertheless, she’s so confident in her needles that she never double-checks her work. As soon as Kurome is on the ground, our shoujo assassin should’ve stabbed her repeatedly with the weapon she has on her. But making sure you do a thorough job is apparently not an assassin’s specialty. It’s also difficult to care for these characters when they aren’t even smart enough to do something as simple as being thorough.

— Surprise, surprise, Kurome is not dead.

— It was nice knowing you, Chelsea! Well, not really. We barely knew anything about you, you had just joined the team, and now you’re going to bite the dust. Ho-hum.

— Kurome even says that you have to behead her or pulverize her heart if you want to kill her.  So much for being thorough.

— First things first, Chelsea loses her fingers. Grisly.

Akame ga Kill! - 1712

— Then the girl even gets to die in a field of flowers. How needlessly dramatic.

— What have we learned today, kids? Don’t fall in love with the main character without actually spending time with him. Don’t go after a major character that you don’t deserve to kill. And always, always double-check your work. Good lessons, I’d say!

— Afterwards, Tatsumi comes across Chelsea’s head on a pole. Welp.


23 Replies to “Akame ga Kill! Ep. 17: Double the fun”

  1. The deaths are like a weekly episode of Power Rangers. The same thing over and over again. There’s a word for that… oh yeah: “lazy”. And because of that deaths feel like a chore to get done with instead of being drawn in emotionally. When the show can’t even get death scenes right, then it really has lost everything.
    Well, at least we didn’t get much of big-tittied Hitler this time around, because who cares about her.

    I wonder which haremette next will end up like our girl Chelsea here. Ooooh, killing harem girls is 3edgy5me.

    Why would you not just jack the sweet-ass headphones after sticking her head on a pike? Beats by Dre got nothing on those. Would she suddenly become anonymous if she didn’t have them? Actually yeah, that would probably be the case. Again the violence is so cheap, but I guess since it’s an anime girl’s head on a stick that it’s somehow more profound or some shit.

    1. It’s meaningless when nobody dies, but it’s also meaningless when people die left and right. You just stop caring. These stories don’t get it. It’s not like I’m watching a war epic. At the end of the day, Akame ga Kill! is just an edgy shounen, but one where death ironically means so little.

    1. The show’s defenders will just claim that you’re not supposed to take any of it seriously. At the same time, thousands of poor people die and get raped. I guess that is also supposed to be a joke.

      1. The action attempts to be serious. The jokes are heavily pointed out which makes em bad. I don’t even mind the character tiers but this show sense of humor is awful. Also I get the villains have a high kill count but aside from easdeath they are just soldiers carrying out their orders.

  2. Sooo is this show telling me that Kurome thinks Akame betrayed her based on what we saw in the flashback? They were forced to be separated and she thinks Akame betrayed her?

    Does the writer not see that these flashbacks basically confirm the deaths of these characters.

    lool Why are so many of these girls in school uniforms?

    1. Because in some parallel universe, all these girls go to the same high school and fight for their lives in there too, or something like that, so far in this world doesn´t seem to be a school whatsoever, maybe they are rebelling against lack of education? I don´t know, but they sure as hell need to be educated, all are dumb as planks!

  3. I liked Chelsea. Not as a character, mind you – there isn’t enough character there to even have a solid opinion on – but I did like her as the only assassin in this entire show who actually seems to have the skills, tools, and mindset to do the job she signed up for. She sneaks around, she deceives (incredibly dumb) people, and when their guard drops, she stabs them in the neck and walks off before anyone else realizes what’s going on. She’s the only character in the show whose gimmick is being even remotely difficult to notice, as well as the only one with no real ability to fight someone face-to-face.

    Alas, such an accurate and honest portrayal of the role has no hope of surviving in a show like Akame Ga Kill. At best, you’re looking at the life of a vulture, circling the edges of the audience’s comprehension and only making a strong appearance when everyone can smell death for miles and they’re just waiting for no-one in particular to deliver the killing blow. It’s not glamorous, but then again, you’re a fucking assassin.

    1. She’s the only character in the show whose gimmick is being even remotely difficult to notice

      Yeah, the other characters are about as subtle as a diesel truck.

  4. Each side lost a member, but they were also the most irrelevant, hell even Leone patched her arm, so in the end all this battle was a waste of time.
    This show is getting more and more predictable with each passing episode, the only time it took me off guard was when meganekko died and just because she was the first one, AgK is a one trick pony.
    All this “surprising” death are easily predicted, AgK is a one trick pony.

  5. When I saw Chelsea’s head on the pike I thought, “well at least SOMEONE makes sure they’re dead.” Seriously, they’re world class assassins with fantastical abilities, unless you pulled out their heart, cut off the head! Just to be certain.

    Anyways, I think I’m done with this show. It’s boring, even the action scenes are boring, characters are dumb underdeveloped cliches/fanservice. The whole show plays like a game of hot potato, with the characters tossing around the idiot ball instead. Hunter x Hunter wasn’t great, but at least it wasn’t this schlock. The art style and character designs don’t fit the story whatsoever. I’ve heard people saying “It’s a satire of dumb shonens”, but that seems to be the first defence for fans of something shitty these days, so I don’t buy it.

    Shows like these are why I wake up every morning and pray for Dorohedoro to someday get the anime adaptation it deserves. Just to see if quality is still appreciated in this world. Sigh. Rant over.

    1. I’ve heard people saying “It’s a satire of dumb shonens”

      Sure, we could grant that, but even then, it’s a pretty bad satire. People think the satire label suddenly means you have carte blanche to be bad or something.

  6. You’re gonna LOVE what happens with Bols’ family later. It only serves to show just how ridiculously bad this series gets. It’s just a huge, drawn out trainwreck of poor pacing and writing.

    At least with stuff like Naruto and Bleach, I can enjoy the randomness of some of the authors’ decisions. Bleach has begun to reach AgK’s level of stupid, but not quite. The villains aren’t just a wad of poorly thought out evil tropes(they at least have a purpose). It sounds like I’m heaping praise on them, but that’s just because AgK is that bad. It makes you appreciate the other, not quite as bad, series out there.

    1. Don’t characters in bleach pull out random powers and create random rules. Like a fucking spirit dieing from blood loss. Also last I looked up bleach has reached the stupidity where it has zombies and etc in it. Hell power rangers makes more coherent sense than Bleach. Naruto is just as bad as this show because it will try to humanize mass murdering villains who evenscommitted acts of genocide. Has a villian ever even died in naruto don’t they all join naruto later and get their sins washed away like naruto is jesus or something. In akame ga kill the rules and tiers are set I can moderately enjoy the action. Bleach and Naruto are some kids imagination gone rampant and no longer trying to make sense.

      1. Uh, no. Plenty of villains die in Naruto. Many never redeem themselves in any way. Most of the Akatsuki, Orochimaru’s little squad, Danzo, and a couple others. Oh, and having a “human” villain is fine. A villain should be more than its role. Hitler was a person too, despite all the horrible things he did. Don’t like it? Oh well. I prefer it over Akame ga Kill’s villains. Having a villain that is portrayed as a monster, and nothing more, is boring. People don’t like to accept the reality that, for the most part, villains are people too. They are more than their actions, but don’t take that as some sort of defense for them. It is what it is, and I doubt you’ll ever convince me otherwise.

        Bleach is a bit less consistent than Naruto, but still better than AgK. Its villains, for the most part, have more to them than their role. They have humor, and some even have consistent standards, Most of AgK’s villains are just lame villainous stereotypes. Rape and murder, and that’s about it. None of them, save one, have any ambition. Despite his ambition, that one exception just proved to be utterly incompetent and only served as a hate sink for the viewers.

        You make ill informed points here. Bleach has zombies? So does Akame ga Kill. According to your logic, Akame ga Kill is stupid. Naruto doesn’t redeem all of the villains. That’s just hyperbole. You offer nothing to defend AgK except that it has defined tiers and decent action, and I certainly don’t agree with that. The action is fairly formulaic, even counting the character deaths. AgK suffers from being a poorly written story as well as being predictable. Is a character getting a lot of attention in a particular arc? They’re probably going to die. It’s boring as all get out when character deaths go from something emotional to a game of spot the tropes. At least Kubo and Kishimoto are weird and make some goofy choices with some of their fights.

        I don’t really like Naruto and Bleach that much. But compared to AgK, they are masterpieces. You’re free to feel otherwise, but don’t try to argue unless you have some strong points to back you up.

  7. Honestly I prefer a show like AgK which has the balls to kill off some of its main characters rather than a standard shounen manga where nobody ever dies because the good guys have invincible plot shields. I am not saying that AgK is a masterpiece because it has clear flaws (see Esdeath’s crush on Tatsumi), but it’s not as bad as you make it.

    I also like the fact that the anime takes the time to explore the Jaegers’ side of things. At least some of them (Wave, Bols) seem decent guys who just found themselves on the wrong side of the conflict.

      1. Uhm, yeah? We saw that he was a nice guy to the other Jaegers, he had a loving family and he was conflicted about the murders he had to do. He did not enjoy the killings, he was just following orders from his government. Do you think that the American soldiers who bombed villages in Vietnam are bad guys too?

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