Psycho-Pass 2 Ep. 6: Violent video games

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 0602

Let’s see what our buddies in the MWPSB are up to this week.

— The ensuing action scene reminds me how silly it is for Akane to be wearing a skirt out in the field. A pencil skirt, no less.

— Is the video games scenario realistic? Not remotely. The idea that the mastermind villain is simultaneously a master hacker and an expert programmer is beyond silly. But at the same time, we shouldn’t miss the forest for the trees. The realism here isn’t that important when the primary focus of the entire scenario is to be thematic. And what’s the story trying to accomplish? Akane thinks Kamui is trying to ask, “People who kill with no intent to kill… What color are they?” I really think this is a red herring. I doubt this is what Kamui is trying to ask, because if it is, then it makes no sense. In no reasonable world can you hold these gamers responsible for their actions. You can’t even nail them for negligence. In Kamui’s previous examples, you could at least see what he was going for. The bomber hurt people with the clear intention of doing so. The old man hurt people with the clear intention of doing so. The fact that these two bad guys had clear Hues was problematic for the Sibyl System. As for these gamers, they have done nothing wrong. As far as they know, they’re playing a game, and there’s no reason to think that they should’ve known otherwise. At the end of the day, the murderer is still Kamui and Kamui alone. So I think Akane is asking the wrong questions.

— Mizue is now firmly on Kamui’s side as we see her use a Dominator on one of the stray Enforcers. Of course, the Sibyl System allows the gun to be fired in the first place, so I guess we can only conclude that the Sibyl System has now outlived its usefulness. It can no longer distinguish between foes and allies.

— I just wish it was better understood why Kamui’s followers are so utterly loyal to him. Yes, he keeps their Hues clear. In that sense, he saves them from certain death. He’s a savior, he’s their prophet, so on and so forth. But at the same time, someone like Mizue is only in this position because of Kamui’s machinations in the first place. How is it that she quickly forgets all of that? How does simply keeping her Hue clear turn Mizue into yet another devoted follower of the Church of Kamui? Kamui even admits that he’s done something terrible to Mizue. Her response? “I didn’t like my eyes from the start.” C’mon.

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 0603

— Kamui can also fire the gun, because he now has one of Mizue’s eyes. This is just hilarious. Oh, an Inspector has gone missing for quite some time? Let’s just keep giving her access to a gun that can blow people up. Of course, this is supposed to be the point. The Sibyl System is so lost in its numbers and figures that it can no longer exercise common sense. It can no longer distinguish between foes and allies. Its many heads are shoved too far up its own algorithm-based ass to realize that it’s being played. At the same time, however, this is so goddamn heavy-handed. I just find it hard to believe that the Sibyl System can be this stupid. Lacking the ability to look beyond the numbers is one thing. Lacking common sense entirely, especially when the Sibyl System is made up of a bunch of twisted human brains working in conjunction, seems beyond silly to me.

— Collecting the Dominators makes sense… somewhat. The idea here is that Kamui can effectively neutralize the MWPSB’s army. The Enforcers all have high Psycho-Pass readings, so they don’t stand a chance against Kamui and his followers if they are all wielding Dominators. The Sibyl System can do nothing but send Inspectors, i.e. individuals with less combat prowess compared to the Enforcers, to try and stop Kamui… which is easier said than done. After all, aside from Akane, the Inspectors are vulnerable to having their Hues being clouded. So why I did I start this bullet point off with “somewhat?” Because, again, all we really need here is a little common sense. All the Sibyl System has to do is crosscheck any high Psycho-Pass reading with the identity of the Dominator’s current target. Oh, the gun is aimed at an Enforcer? Welp, let’s not allow the gun to fire then! So this scenario only works if we assume that the Sibyl System is this stupid and careless. That the Sibyl System doesn’t even bother to check whether or not a Dominator is aimed at one of its own Enforcers. And honestly, that’s silly to me. If you’re that immersed in data, then the Enforcers’ identities are just another piece of data to consider. It is therefore very silly to me that Kamui can even use the Dominators on any of his victims. You can’t tell me that a super-intelligent entity like the Sibyl System doesn’t have the time to factor in a few extra variables into its considerations.

— Elsewhere, Mika learns that Sakuya has been tracking Akane’s Psycho-Pass ever since he transferred into Division 1. Welp.

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 0604

— Goddamn, stop saying, “That’s impossible.” Stop being so goddamn dense. We’re already halfway into this season, and these characters are still dumb as bricks. Wuhhhh? Inspector Shisui has activated two Dominators?! Impossible! Kamui exists? Impossible! Someone can slip by the cameras undetected? Impossible! This was understandable after one or two episodes. In the sixth goddamn episode, this is just lazy writing.

— But anyway, it’s a massacre as both Inspectors and Enforcers meet their end. Inspectors die to the drones, and Enforcers die to Kamui’s Dominator. All the good guys can do is have Akane go after Kamui by herself. Needless to say, we immediately cut to Mika talking shit about Akane, because after six episodes, portraying the young Inspector as a bitch is still fresh and original. She even goes so far as to say she hopes Akane’s Hue gets clouded. That alone should make Mika’s Psycho-Pass reading go up….

— These characters are hilariously out-of-touch. Sugo says he can disable the drones, but he might die in the process. But he doesn’t mind. He’s an Enforcer, so it’s no big loss if he dies! Really? Akane, being the only sensible character on the show, says she’ll do the job in his place. Ginoza, whose characterization has taken a beating since the sequel began, continues to do nothing but oppose Akane’s actions. He’s just a less mean-spirited Mika at this point.

— Sakuya hangs back at one point and aims his Dominator at Akane once more. Seeing that her Hue is clear, he goes, “That’s precisely why I want to color her black.” Welp. Dude’s definitely no fill-in for Shinya. You have to wonder if he even studied Akane’s former partner a bit to ingratiate himself with the Inspector. This would explain why we felt he was so similar to Shinya at the start of the series. He’s been stalking her this entire time. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to also look up various details about Shinya to imitate the latter. Still, with the sequel being this short, do we have enough time to develop two villains simultaneously? Or will we simply take care of Kamui for the sequel, and leave Sakuya’s fate as well as the Sibyl System to the upcoming movie?

— Look at all these characters hammering away at their keyboards, because that is how you counterhack or whatever. I expect this from a campy show like CSI, but I think a science fiction tale like Psycho-Pass can do a little better.

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 0601

— This bit of animation here looks really awkward, because we initially can’t see the boxes that she’s climbing on. As a result, her movements seem weird and unnatural.

— Our heroes eventually disable all of the military drones, but the game then switches over to having the gamers control the MWPSB’s drones instead. To prevent even more mayhem, the MWPSB has no choice to but to let the gamers see that they’ve been hurting and killing people all along. As a result, an entire area’s Psycho-Pass readings go up in an instant. Clearly, the Sibyl System is not equipped to handle such an influx of clouded Hues. Was this irresponsible on Saiga’s part? I wouldn’t say so. The alternative is to allow those drones to continue killing people. Between clouded Hues and certain death, I’ll gladly pick the former.

— Plus, it feels like Mika is more worried that the MWPSB is not equipped to handle such a huge problem. Maybe that isn’t a charitable reading of her motives, but I’m pretty tired of her character at this point.

— Akane eventually catches up to Kamui just as he’s making his getaway. Naturally, neither side can use their Dominators on each other. Sakuya thus grabs one of the traditional guns Akane had been carrying on her, and he intends to snipe Kamui with it. Great, you can take out the bad guy with one shot… assuming you don’t miss. But of course, Akane sees Shinya in Sakuya, so she prevents him from killing Kamui. I mean, c’mon, you can potentially prevent so much pain and suffering if you take Kamui out now. Yes, I get it. The Sibyl System is the bad guy, but Kamui’s methods nevertheless involve the deaths of innocent people. And he’s already killed plenty. So y’know what? This is ridiculous.

— No, the man hasn’t quite reached Hitler levels yet, but shit, if you could take Hitler out with one shot, wouldn’t you do it? Would you really try to put him on trial? At this point, Kamui is no longer a citizen who has committed heinous crimes. He’s basically a domestic terrorist. So why wouldn’t you take him out with one shot if you could? All because we shouldn’t bloody our hands? That’s patently ridiculous. And now, Kamui can get away and engineer even more bloodshed. Worst of all, Akane was, up until this point, the sequel’s one saving grace. But after this, I’ve got nothing.

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 0605

I simply cannot agree with her actions here.


18 Replies to “Psycho-Pass 2 Ep. 6: Violent video games”

  1. I haven’t felt this frustrated in a long time. I DESPISE shoe-horned, haphazard mishandling of “moral justice vs bloody justice” or whatever one can call it. The very notion this fucking idiot would allow the mastermind to leave because MUH SHINYA just– I can’t deal, dude.
    And why didn’t he do it anyway? It’s a rifle. It’s got good range. Screw what she says, just blast him.
    “No but she said ‘DAME~!!’ so I dame’d.”

    Oh, the breath I let out was heated enough to melt steel. I can’t believe this shit. Really, I can’t.
    I don’t remember a single moment as offensive to the thinking brain as this in the last series.

    The weird thing is, this could have led to the switch in villains that you mentioned. Just run it like Kara No Shoujo and have the first half be about one killer and the second be about a villain that was teased in the first. Blast this prick and then move onto another arc. Hell, SAO has had three arcs this series so far, why did P-P feel the need to lazily elongate this one in at the detriment of making the audience hate the characters?

    1. The worst part is P-P 1 did the “moral justice vs bloody justice” so well. Mainly by having it build up to that point. Having Shinya and Akane represent these contrasting ideals. And finally, when bloody justice ultimately is served, it feels hollow. If Akane had been able to enact he kind of justice it would still feel hollow because P-P 1 had some semblance of finesse in it’s storytelling.

      1. “P-P 1 had some semblance of finesse in it’s storytelling.”
        Exactly. Despite the more heavy-handed moments and otherwise blatant symbolism, this point can’t be stated enough as to why the first series was a success.

        This is a story-breaking moment for this season. Really, there’s no coming back from this. Even if they somehow make excellence out of the remaining episodes this will forever be a cancerous stain on the story and characters especially.

    2. Honestly, I think the story here should’ve just been a movie. It would lead to the events of the actual upcoming movie. But I guess they thought they could stretch this out into an actual series.

  2. My worst fear became true: it’s a complete unnecessary sequence that almost all the character development was thrown in the garbage. I will still watch the rest the anime because I want to understand the events that lead to the scenario of the movie, but I’m very disappointed with the course of this season. But it is not like I will get depressed or frustrated because of Psycho-Pass, in the end it just a anime, just like when Brazil lost in World Cup it was just a game. At least for me and my nerd friends, the country was in a state of national commotion for one month.

    1. That game. I loved every minute of it up until David Luiz’s interview. Seeing him profusely crying on live TV as he fumbled his way to an apology was heartbreaking… :(

      As for this episode and the PP2 experience as a whole… Yeah. The less said the better.

    2. There’s no reason for me to stop watching the show, really. It’s still better than half of what the season has to offer. I’m just harsh on it because it could’ve been so much better.

  3. I blame the incompetence of the new writer. Sybil System sure has it’s own will and common sense. In season 1, we saw the police chief kills an enforcer who found out about her secret, by overriding the Dominator.

    It’s so f*cking ridiculous that she’s can’t turn off the dominators which have been stolen by Kamui. It’s so f*cking ridiculous that she can’t track down Kamui using them.

    Does she deliberately let her subordinates die and defeated by Kamui? Doesn’t seem so.
    Does Kamui take apart the Dominator so that it can no longer be remotely controlled? Nah. He wouldn’t need the eyeball if he is such a ‘supah hackar’

    In the end. Incompetence guy. Yawn.

    1. Exactly their was even hackers in sybil season one. Sybil is not some computer you can just hack and bypass it is a collection of all watching super brains of highly intelligent individuals.

    2. I blame the incompetence of the new writer.

      Welp, Mardock Scramble was pretty bad. I guess even if you give a writer decent ingredients to work with, he’ll still spoil the broth.

  4. This shit isn’t even believable with in its own context. Sybil was able to match Makishima move for move at times but now is a useless dumb ass. Sybil is arrogant but it is not arrogant to the point where Kamui would not have been stopped earlier. The psychiatrist is turned into a deus ex machina for the hackers which are just a deus ex machina fucking great. Kamui is fucking stupid no kamui the guys who killed earlier even if they didn’t really want to kill were lunatic murderers and were guilty. The people who killed recently where innocent people you tricked.

  5. So here is where I am with Psycho-Pass 2. I feel like I’m watching two shows. This second season has a lot of good ideas. All the events and scenarios are fine. But it just feels so forced. The show feels like it doesn’t trust the audience to figure out what’s going on.

  6. The last shot you posted sums the entire mediocrity of the show in a compelling nutshell: it fails both graphically, contextually, in overall presentation and promise of the first season’s fundamentals.

  7. Ginoza has been reduced to a broken record, he basically has 2 lines and both involve Akane: “you’re too reckless” and something about clouding her hue, is almost as tiresome as Mika bitching all day long, also I can’t believe Sybil System is sooo damn incompetent, I can foresee Kamui, his sex slave and his followers killing innocent people caught by the commotion with the stolen dominators, btw why they must frame those casual gamers like rapist chasing a loli, heavy-handed at his finest.
    I wanted to like this sequel, but each week my interest for PP2 is reduced by leaps and bounds.

    1. The funny thing is, these developments were approved beforehand, because they wouldn’t start on the movie without knowing what had happened in this sequel. So I just can’t help but wonder what the movie will be like.

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