Akame ga Kill! Ep. 20: Which lucky fool gets to die this week?

Akame ga Kill! - 2011

According to some of you guys, this show’s going to get an anime-original ending. Let’s see how original it can get. Someone still gets to die, though. Psst, it’s the dork you see above.

— A bunch of generic higher-ups are shocked — SHOCKED! — to learn that the outer regions of the empire would surrender without putting a fight. Yeah, yeah, all we do is rape and kill our people, so how can you guys be so disloyal! God, you just can’t get a good oppression anymore these days without people getting their panties in a twist!

— Oh, is this the first time we’ve seen Budou onscreen? I mean, we’ve heard about him, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen what he looks like before this episode. Well, doesn’t he look ridiculous? And meh, he’s as useless as the rest. He claims his family has been defending this empire for a thousand years, so he’ll sever anyone who disturbs the peace. Uh, it’s pretty obvious who’s disturbing the peace. Psst, it’s the fat guy eating those chicken legs during an important meeting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ll never understand why someone as strong as Budou or Esdeath would stand idly by and watch Honest run the country. On a related note, the boy emperor has pretty much all but disappeared from the narrative, hasn’t he?

— Honest claims he can quell the masses’ uprising with “a new elite unit.” This show is all about elite units. They practically pour out of the woodwork. There are probably more elite units than actual people to oppress. And the masses have to amount to what? Hundreds of thousands of people? Maybe even millions? It’s okay. Our latest elite unit has got this. And if they don’t, we’ll just make another one!

— And who will lead this elite unit? Why, it’s Honest’s son, of course. If you wondering why anyone would mate with this corpulent bastard, I doubt anything happens willingly around Honest.

— You can tell things are being rushed, though, because the rest of the elite unit hasn’t been introduced. Where are they? And what is this elite unit even called? C’mon, you can’t have an elite unit without a suitably kick-ass name!

Akame ga Kill! - 2013

— Wave is mad. Wave wants to fight. Wave wants to crush some rebel fools. Remind me why some of you guys think he’s a good guy again? Just because he’s similar to Tatsumi? This just goes to show you that what separate Tatsumi and Wave aren’t their personalities or even their philosophies. That stuff is meaningless if you’re going to do shitty things like aid the evil politicians in their quest to oppress people.

— I love how Tatsumi and Lubbock’s idea of being sneaky is to wear these heavy cloaks in broad daylight. No one else dresses in that manner, but it’s okay! No one will notice us whatsoever! Nothing suspicious over hear, folks. Just buying some Skittles and tea…

— Leone teases Mine about Tatsumi. Leone then teases that she’ll steal Tatsumi for herself. Man! It ain’t easy being a Gary Stu!

— The guys from the resistance have some sweet hoodies. I swear, the fashion in this show is hilarious. Instead of giving everyone a unique look, everyone just wears generic modern sports clothing. Anyway, Night Raid has lost contact with the western tribes or something. She says this is to be expected, but knowing this anime, that can’t be good. I bet Esdeath has singlehandedly subdued them all or something.

— So boring. They’re episodes away from the finale, and all anyone can talk about is the budding relationship between Tatsumi and Mine.

— And apparently, allies meet each other in dark alleys and just flat out ask stuff like, “Are you two members of Night Raid?” This is followed up with, “Do you belong to the resistance?” Why yes…. yes, of course! No secret greeting or anything. No discrete hand shake to identify yourself to your allies. If you’re not sure, just walk up to someone and ask if they belong to a covert group of assassins! Don’t worry! You won’t run into the enemy here in the capital!

— Unfortunately, Tatsumi and Lubbock walk right into a trap, and are confronted by Shura, who’s already killed off the resistance members within the capital. The bad guy then reveals that he was the one behind those Danger Beast attacks. Remember that subplot? And how it pretty much went nowhere after Tatsumi and Esdeath spent some quality time on a tropical island? Well, Shura explains his reasoning for why he did what he did: he was bored. Yep, that’s it. Yawn.

Akame ga Kill! - 2012

— Tatsumi stupidly throws himself into a fight when they are clearly outnumbered, and the girl with them probably doesn’t have a lot of combat abilities. What an idiot.

— As if they weren’t outnumbered enough, Budou shows up too. And, uh, why is he three times bigger than Tatsumi? And good lord, he just looks dumber and dumber every time we lay eyes on him. Anyway, it’s Tatsumi vs. Budou, and Lubbock vs. Shura. As you’ll recall, Shura can teleport to any area he’s marked. Lubbock makes the reasonable assumption that he’s safe in the skies, because who can mark the skies? Well, Shura can. So, uh, what did the guy do? Just walk around all day and mark up every random thing? Does this cost him anything? Does he have to sacrifice a small child to put a mark down? I mean, what’s even the drawback?

— If you’re wondering what Esdeath has been up to, oh, she’s just been doing Esdeath things… like freezing an entire army in a block of ice. At this point, it’s not even interesting anymore. Just how many times can we be entertained by the same overpowered shit?

— There’s not much to say about the fight between Tatsumi and Budou. They pretty much just fellate each other. Ooh, he’s so strong. Oooh, he’s so strong. Snore. Well, what more can I expect from a simpleton like Budou: “If you’ve wronged the empire or His Excellency, I must destroy you!”

— Oh look, that girl from the resistance is betraying Lubbock. But why would Shura even need her help? And how is she managing to hold Lubbock in place when the latter is supposed to be an elite, highly-trained assassin? Naturally, Shura cuts her down because he doesn’t need help. But this is what I’m talking about. She betrays the good guys just because her parents are in danger. Sorry, but that doesn’t get you off the hook. You’re not allowed to do evil things just because your life or your loved ones’ lives are in danger. In no moral framework does this make sense. It’s only “justified” if you subscribe to the “Muh feels!” school of thought.

— Shura proves himself to be a chump. After all, he’s defeated by Lubbock, the lamest member in Night Raid. It’s just too bad that girl manages to get up once more and betray Lubbock once more. Good ol’ Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! - 2010

— Using this opportunity, Shura sends Lubbock to… to… what? Another dimension? Outer space? Using his strings, however, Lubbock pulls Shura into this world too.

— Lubbock: “It isn’t like I don’t understand what you want.” Man, stop saying shit like this. Stop trying to “understand” the bad guys. Who gives a shit what they want? He also doesn’t have to tell us that it’s wrong to treat people like toys. I mean, does that really need to be said? The bad guy will die for his actions. That’s all the explanation anyone needs. You do bad things, you die. You don’t also need to give a lecture unless you’re talking to a child.

— Then Lubbock falls out of the sky and gets impaled by the enemy. Akame ga Feel, indeed! Let’s have a moment of silence for our fallen comrade… ah, oh well! He was always expendable! That’s why it was pretty pathetic to see Shura lose after just one battle.

— As for Tatsumi, we don’t even get to see how he loses. We just cut to the guy in chains.

— Honest doesn’t really care that his son is dead, though. He’s more concerned with torturing Tatsumi… but luckily for our Gary Stu, Esdeath has returned just in the nick of time. There’s no way she’ll let anyone hurt Tatsumi. Anyone but her, that is. She’ll then offer to spare his life if he agrees to join her, but he’ll crush her heart when he confesses to her that he loves Mine. Dun dun dun!


29 Replies to “Akame ga Kill! Ep. 20: Which lucky fool gets to die this week?”

  1. Fans are already declaring this adaptation ruined forever because everything from here on out (including this episode) is Hellsing-levels of original material. Maybe if the show didn’t waste so much time on useless crap…but hey. At least we don’t get to see the clowns.

  2. “She’ll then offer to spare his life if he agrees to join her, but he’ll crush her heart when he confesses to her that he loves Mine. Dun dun dun!”
    I don’t think you’ll mind me confirming or denying your speculations since you clearly don’t like the show, but holy hell are you right

    1. Well, it’s as generic of a development as anything can get to be fair. Huh, maybe AgK IS a “parody” because it’s doing the most tired and predictable things ever. /sarcasm

      But since Tatsumi is the Gary Stu of this universe, the big-titted blue-hair dominatrix Nazi will still “love” him unconditionally until the end because he’s the main character despite whatever he’ll say to her. Anime girls don’t have the capacity most of the time to move-on from somebody so GRAND.

  3. Damn you adaptors! You killed Lubo!! Sins on you! More sins on you because he didn’t even get to die a badass! (Not revealing secrets even after he lost half his balls)

  4. Budou actually had it and by clean up he meamt the empire after he cleaned up the resistance. Well that is at least how he sounded in the manga his voice actor was far from great so I didn’t pay much attention to what he said. His whole character is ridiculous tho. This guy who is as strong as Esdeath who had a tone of free time is just now making his move and happens to dislike honest and the revolutionary army. So what was he doing wanking off the entire series.

  5. “You’re not allowed to do evil things just because your life or your loved ones’ lives are in danger.” Again sorry I am going to have to completely disagree shitty anime aside. Hell such behavior is even rewarded look at the movie taken for example

    1. And why would I agree with the movie Taken, a power fantasy where a white patriarch gets to go knock some evil Euro skulls together in order to save his precious daughter?

      1. First time I’ve heard someone refer to Taken as a “power fantasy”. It’s just a mediocre action film with Liam Nelson going from set to set killing everyone while spouting shitty dialogue. Nothing more.

  6. Shura was rushed because him and his entire faction was nothing but a rape,kill an torture machine designed to make the Jaegers seem like decent human beings and give night raid and them a common enemy. Also it introduced one meaningful character from his faction who did not make it to the anime. It was vomit worthy and tasteless by far one of the worse things I have read.To put things in perspective It made cross ange look tasteful

  7. “Anime original ending” is just so full of failure that I don’t even know.
    Why? Isn’t the manga and show pandering enough to have garnered and retain a few loyal viewers?
    It’ll be pretty fuckin’ insulting if we get a The Flowers of Evil anime type of ending. You know, the “since this show is a fucking mess and nobody is watching it, we guess you should go read the manga to get the ending”.
    But what are the types of endings to these types of predictable narratives? Night Raid, nay, Tatsumi and Akame surviving victorious by “besting” the “king” despite paying a very high price? I’m not going to read the manga, but I’m betting my bones that’s pretty much how it’s going to end.

    There were probably some closed-door dealings that I don’t really care about, but I don’t see the reasoning of even starting an adaptation if you’re not ready to ADAPT the whole source material. That’s like having Voldemort just being swallowed by a ninja-dragon that ambushed him and that’s how the main evil was destroyed in the Harry Potter movies. That’d be pretty hilariously stupid, but I’m pretty much expecting that level of dumb of AgK’s original ending too.
    Hell, even if the manga’s not done yet, just do what the AoT anime (and several others) did and have a hiatus.
    Meh, really I’m only watching the show to keep up with these posts.

  8. I neither like or dislike AgK, But it’s a fact that the anime is worse than the manga.
    I chuckled too as soon as I saw Tatsumi and Lubbock’s outfits.
    Why the hell are they wearing those overly suspicious outfits??
    These two haven’t got wanted posters yet. They are free to walk around in public.

    Also Lubbock’s death is much more meaningful and cool in the manga.
    This, the way the soldiers gathered around to stab him with tens of spears, is soooo ridiculous.
    Why didn’t they capture him alive just like Tatsumi? To interrogate him? What’s the hurry to kill him right there?
    The circumstances allowed it, unlike in the manga, where he’s already captured and interrogated, but run away.

    1. “Why didn’t they capture him alive just like Tatsumi? To interrogate him? What’s the hurry to kill him right there?”

      He killed Honest’s son, that’s why, also they only did that to add “tragedy” to the scene, he could’ve died squashed in the floor, but no, AgK enjoy giving his (relevant) characters a “martyr like” death.
      Other reason could be that allowing two Night Raids alive could be troublesome, they just need one, they were buddies after all.

    2. The fall would’ve made him blow up in to blood and guts all over the floor. Guessing those spear-dudes didn’t want to make such a huge mess in the Capital. Blood dripping from spears isn’t so bad

  9. The only good part about this episode was when Honest dismisses his son death, hahaha for the first time this show intentionally made me laugh, that’s exactly my reaction when I see this clowns die without the crocodile tears of course.

  10. Hahaha they comprimed like 5 chapters or something in just one: the creation of those losers elite guys with a stupid name indeed, luckly we didn´t get to hear it!; the stupid plan of Tatsumaya and Lubaka to sneak in the capital and they getting trapped by Shure, the dead of those wimps and the reunion of Esdeath with the nobody, and even though they made the whole process different, leaving only the facts as they were, nothing changed at all! It was still made in the stupidiest way possible, everyone acted like a chump and everything felt out of place, yeah, AGK special for you!
    But really, I bet the studio can take over the work for the author and still the story would be shitty, nope, maybe better, because in just one chapter we will get to the conclusion of all that crap, and luckly we missed the torture of some chumps, the drama of others, even that filler chapter with some shojos getting raped for no reason at all!
    And if you ask, the original plan for those Night Raids was equally stupid as this one “uuuh, let´s sneak into the capital and look for those evil new elite guys and get rid of them!” the only thing is that maybe those evil new elite guys got more time on screen, but now that I think about it… maybe we skipped like 10 chapters with one? Well, who cares, we missed more torture, rape and uglyness, not that anybody cares…
    Maybe even the original series should end like this one, it is dragging its feet by now.

  11. The amount of commentssaying the show is ruined is disturbing. All the cut out really was 10 chapters of rape and torture. So we lost run and Lubbock’s good deaths a few fights at the expense of several chapters of rape,pedi clown rape,dog on human rape, woman on man rape, torture, torture, and finally murdering all in the name of making the Jaeger’s less evil. For you people saying the stuff that was skipped is wrong you have issues. The only thing the anime did worse was trying to justify shura actions while in the manga he died a evil bastard the same way he lived one. Sure shura extremly died fast but so what he was grossly violent and sick.

        1. Meanings of words can change. Literally never used to mean figuratively. Now it sometimes does depending on the context. If people want to call this shows a trainwreck, who cares? You know exactly what they meant to say. They meant to say the show sucks. Why quibble over the exact usage of the word if the communication is still clear?

  12. since that green haired guy from night raid is now dead and tatsumi is the only guy in night raid isnt this now a harem or what?

    1. It’d be a hilarious trend: have a cast that consists of half guys and half girls. Kill all of the guys off except the MC of course and kill off any of the girls that aren’t “harem”-material. Let’s drop everybody off into a highschool setting while we’re at it regardless of starting genre. They’re all at that age anyway.

      Voila! Mid-season genre transformation.

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