Log Horizon 2 Ep. 7: The calm before the raid

Log Horizon 2 - 0706

It’s time to get ready for a raid in Akihabara. I hope everyone brought their consumables.

— So the Byakumaru is a raid drop, but it was just sitting in some shop, waiting to be sold? Uh, I suppose this isn’t impossible, but it’s definitely uncommon. Most developers wouldn’t want you to get your hands on a raid drop without, y’know, actually doing the raid.

— I think we can all see where this is going. They can’t do anything about the villain’s weapon, but they can do something about his royal guard armor. Yes, it’ll leave the city defenseless, but hey, this is just yet another step to making Elder Tale feel more like real life. Akihabara would actually have to defend itself from now on.

— More specifically, Byakumaru is from the tenth expansion pack. I know Everquest has had a lot of expansions, but I never really got into it. I was young when EQ was a thing. As for World of Warcraft, it is getting up there in age, but it’s nowhere near ten expansions much less twelve. I don’t even know if I could ever play a game with that many expansions, but more importantly, I don’t think I’d be able to keep track of all the game’s lore and information.

— Elder Tale is also on its twelfth expansion, so it’s interesting how a weapon from two expansions ago is still considered a powerful weapon.

— Man, if flavor text are coming true, then certain raid drops are pretty useless. I mean, why would you bother wielding the Byakumaru if it turns you crazy? And how does Rieze know all this stuff? This is the point I was trying to make earlier. At the moment, I check external sites constantly just to know anything about the MMOs that I’m playing. I sure as hell wouldn’t memorize the lore of some raid boss to heart. Maybe she’s just an Elder Tale fanatic.

— Rieze: “So, as a raid monster, Rugrius was described as angry and hateful.” Hah, name a raid boss that wasn’t angry and hateful.

Log Horizon 2 - 0704

— Soujirou: “I believe in the strength of girls.” Inspiring words.

— So Akatsuki joins this motley crew in hopes of learning… ~~THE TEAAAAACHINGS~~. I like the guy who looks like he’s been chilling on the beach, and someone just had to drag him back to civilization to raid.

— It’s odd to see everyone clap for Akatsuki. When you join a guild or even just a raid group in any MMO, people just go, “Hey.” That’s if they even say anything.

— These Teachings sound like a player unique thing, i.e. Akatsuki will just have to discover her own. Maybe others can inspire her, but no one can really teach them to her. She’ll probably get something ninja like. In Final Fantasy XI, ninjas had this mostly useless ability to detonate themselves and do a large amount of damage to everyone around them. Unfortunately, the ability also killed them. I would love to see this become Akatsuki’s special ability. She’ll probably just get super speed or the ability to create illusions, though. Y’know, something boring like that.

— Exciting training montage.


— I don’t know why Lenessia is so impressed with Rieze’s ability to explain her raid strategy to an audience. Am I supposed to be impressed too?

— Predictably enough, Rieze suggests that they disable the magic supply that defends the city.

— I still don’t care too much about Akatsuki. The story has given us a steady diet of Akatsuki in the last few weeks, and I’m over it. When a scene focuses on her, I just drone out.

Log Horizon 2 - 0705

— These are high level characters, but it feels like we’re starting at square one. For instance, this is what Rieze has to say to Akatsuki: “What’s important is to truly know your enemy.” C’mon, really? That’s like Fighting 101. What other boring platitudes are you going to throw at me? You don’t get to level 90 and not know something as basic as that. Here, I’ll even throw in some useful advice too:

“Dude, sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something!” — Jake the Dog

— Akatsuki literally trains at night by just swinging her katana. Does that even give her XP? I know the world is becoming more and more real everyday, but as long as you still have levels and experience points, I’m going to keep asking these questions.

— We then get boring scenes like Lenessia showing up to make rice balls. Akatsuki then eats one of the princess’s clumsy creations, and that makes Lenessia happy. Yawn. What I said earlier about Akatsuki applies to the princess as well. They’re both just not interesting characters to me. Their troubles are simplistic and boring. And at the end of the day, the message is always the same: “I’m your friend.” I need a little more meat to the story than this.

— Near the end of the episode, Tatara stares at a weapon with some overpowered flavor text. It looks like it’ll be our next Chekhov’s gun.

— The episode ends with Akatsuki running into Nelrath, then charging at him. Well then, good luck to her. All in all, however, this was a set-up episode, and it was thus a very boring episode. Log Horizon’s second season feels like a waste.

6 thoughts on “Log Horizon 2 Ep. 7: The calm before the raid

  1. Anonymous

    Akatsuki’s hair reminds me of tagliatelle 99 % of the time, every time.
    That flavor text though: “Any blade it clashes against grows duller with each blow”. Katanas and Nodachis were not designed to parry shit.

    1. E Minor Post author

      And yet, in every JRPG out there, samurais and ninjas seem to have this magical ability to parry more than other classes.

  2. Eerevaenshee

    A lot of the comments in the article are assuming that Elder tales still feels like a video game. That’s not the case, being killed does cause pain, there is not that much emphasis on this in the anime but lots of adventurers don’t do anything dangerous because they are scared or have no interest in going outside the city and adventuring. So yeah, training with weapons or raiding a boss is worth applause. Remember that people of the land are also pretty much undifferenciable from real person and obviously haven’t been programmed by any modern technology, the fact that this should be considered a game is debatable.

    And “teachings” are unrelated to xp so swinging katana could be usefull

    “Lenessia is so impressed with Rieze’s ability to explain her raid strategy to an audience”
    Well, for lenessia people nearing lvl 80 90 and capable of resurecting are pretty much gods, and their target is completly invulnerable for people of the land. That’s pretty much the central theme of log horizon. Modern people suddenly become gods in medieval setting and don’t know with it. Or at least it should be the central theme.

    The second season is completly off on its focus. The ark on akatsuki should be on someone who despite being one of the most powerfull being in the world has pretty much no goal in life. She’s a skilled assassin but that’s useless : raids are so rare now that elder tale isn’t a game anymore that you only need the few best with the better stuff which she hasn’t. So yeah, she can gain xp but what for? What use would it have? Her guild isn’t a raiding guild so she won’t have drops (that’s also why she wanted to come with Shiroe). There is no need for her to do anything else than killing a few goblin to buy food then haning with friends. Having teaching would make her amongst the very few that have skills independant from leveling, seeing as leveling is garanteed on the long course, those are pretty much the only skills that count. Not explained here but cooking food that has taste or building steam engines without using the game menus are “teaching” lots of people have and it give them purpose…

    Everything was mostly explained in the novel in inner monologues who would translate badly in anime. They cut most of it but didn’t put anything in it’s place which make it not interesting on any level.


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