Hitsugi no Chaika – Avenging Battle Ep. 8: Taste the rainbow

Hitsugi no Chaika - Avenging Battle 0812

Alveric looking cool as usual…

This is starting to feel like a cheesy Japanese game show. These characters want to bring war back, but they’re still going to waste time farting around with convoluted obstacle courses? Alright then.

— Couldn’t you just cross the first bridge, then find some way to destroy it? Or will Hartgen actually get mad if you even dare to use any sort of ingenuity?

— Oh nevermind, I just saw some guy cut the ropes to a bridge. Well then, I don’t know why more people aren’t doing this.

— Vivi keeps saying how she’ll make this person pay or that person pay… let’s just wait until you actually get your hands on anyone. If it seems like I don’t have much respect for her character, it’s because I really, really don’t. What has she actually accomplished in over one-and-a-half season? Nothing. She’s either angry or in love, and these days, she’s just angry.

— Chaika asks Toru if he wants war to return as well. I wish Chaika was a sharp cookie who could actually keep Toru on point, but she’s not, so he instead turns the question around on her. Even after she answers it, she doesn’t remember to ask him for his answer.

Hitsugi no Chaika - Avenging Battle 0813

— Yeah, yeah, he’ll keep her answer in his mind, so maybe he’ll just do whatever she wants. But that’s a cop-out. I want to know what he wants. I want to see his thought process. Actually, check that. A deep, insightful conversation is one thing. If we keep encouraging anime, however, we might get Fate/stay night-esque conversations instead.

— According to a retainer, Hartgen wants to become the next Gaz. He even suggests that Gaz may have possessed Hartgen. Hm, we’ll see. Maybe he’s just become a war-starved maniac. Yeah, he supposedly studied up on how Gaz was trying to seize the continent, but if you actually had such grand ambitions, wouldn’t you do the same? I sometimes wonder if people in this show are giving Gaz too much credit. They talk him up, but their testimonials are all we have to go by. We never actually get to see the guy. How much can we trust these people’s word?

— Then again, maybe there’s something to this idea that Hartgen’s been possessed. After all, those girls keep referring to him as their father.

— Or maybe he’s just been brainwashed to think they’re his daughters.

— A mysterious figure always appears out of nowhere and bends the king under his or her influence. Most of the time, it’s a powerful wizard. Here, it’s the seductive Black Chaika. She just had to say the words, and Hartgen believed her. No background check or anything! Anyway, I’m being facetious here. Don’t lose your shit over it.

Hitsugi no Chaika - Avenging Battle 0805

— Akari and Frederica stumble across a room full of coffins and remains. What they don’t know, however, is that multiple Chaikas have been following them. Good lord, how many of these Chaikas are out there? Is there going to be a Chaika for every color too? Chartreuse Chaika? Eggshell Chaika? Bath Salts Chaika?!

— I mean, it was sort of interesting when you could at least associate these girls’ colors with their personalities. White Chaika is fittingly innocent, so she has no hate in her heart. She just wants to give her father a proper burial. Red is the color of passion, so Red Chaika is not only angry all the time, she also exudes more sex appeal. Now, however, the colors are just plan random.

— On the other hand, these Chaikas are just puppets. But if you’re going to use puppets, why even make them look like Chaikas at all? Why even bother? The concept of there being multiple Chaikas is what sets this story apart, so why are we running it into the ground?

— And goddamn, the anime sure is proud of shoving Teal Chaika’s crotch in our face not once but twice. C’mon, guys. It’s just a crotch!

Hitsugi no Chaika - Avenging Battle 0808

— White Chaika and Vivi finally reach their destination, and the latter discovers that Alveric is still alive. Naturally, he doesn’t recognize her. He immediately starts attacking her, actually. Honestly, I wouldn’t really care if she died. I don’t wish for anyone’s death, of course, but Vivi’s been a pretty annoying character.

— Let’s just grant that lots of people in this world want war to come back. Even then, Alveric’s a bad example. He had a job before he became one of Hartgen’s tools. If we’re talking about a hungry, desperate ex-soldier, then I can at least understand the whole “Because that is my job!” excuse. With Alveric, it just not thematically compelling.

— In the end, Vivi had to take a cut at Alveric to stop him from killing Nikolai. This somehow jogged his memory? We should go stab our grandparents, then.

— But wow, that was really all it took? Alveric is truly back? C’mon. First, he ends up in Hartgen’s employ without much fanfare. And now, he’s woken up without much fanfare. Talk about a letdown. Those Chaikas are right. This is boring. On the bright side, maybe this will mellow Vivi out and she can stop being such a brat to everyone.

— It’s time for Akari to face off against Brother Shin again, but it’s okay! This time, we have Frederica on our side–…

Hitsugi no Chaika - Avenging Battle 0811


— And now it’s time for White Chaika to face off against Red Chaika. Guys, we can all be friends. But unfortunately, Red Chaika is stupid. She honestly thinks she can just defeat White Chaika and take the latter’s remains. White Chaika, to her credit, wants to team up with Red Chaika, but the mean girl will have none of it. But common sense should tell her that Black Chaika won’t simply let her have the remains. I just want smart characters. Is that so much to ask?

— At first, everyone splits up, but at some point, Red Chaika joins up with David in the middle of the ring. Granted, David was losing his duel against Toru, but still, I’d just go all in and try to get White Chaika before David goes down. I bet Toru doesn’t even have taunt. Guys, guys… have you never PVP’d? You gotta assassinate the backline!

— Eventually, Red Chaika just accepts defeat. Instead of teaming up with White Chaika, however, she exits the stage. Welp.

— And now it’s Toru vs Shin, round two…

— Oh man, look how easy it is to disable Chaika and drag her away. In fact, she would’ve had a better angle if she had been patient and didn’t move. These are just your run-of-the-mill soldiers, too. Tsk, tsk, Red Chaika…

Hitsugi no Chaika - Avenging Battle 0815

— And as expected, Toru loses to Shin again. Oh well. It’s the eighth episode, so he’s not allowed to win yet.

6 thoughts on “Hitsugi no Chaika – Avenging Battle Ep. 8: Taste the rainbow

  1. Anonymous

    This episode was a mess. I think the reason why the evil man had Chaika puppets was because he was trying to imitate Gaz.

  2. kaoknight

    I found this episode a bit unintentionally funny with the tournament fights and all but this episode felt super rushed to me and I didnt even read the source material. There are only 10 episodes in this season so they only have 2 more left to conclude the story, so that’s not a good sign.

    maybe it because it’s a rushed adaptation that tried sqeezing 11-ish volumes in 2-cours but it feels like none of the characters had any depth and the whole story was just a dismantled macguffin quest with some decent action scenes.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I wonder if this means there’s going to be another sequel on the horizon. Oh well, disappointing form from Bones.

      1. kaoknight

        well, I’ve read news that the novel it was based on will end at volume 12(which was said to only be a side story volume and technically vol 11 is where it ends which will be covered in the last two episodes).

        So no second season for chaika unfortunately…or maybe it’s fortunate. At least this was one of the more bearable light novel adaptations compared to the standard wish-fulfilment ones.

  3. Akeem

    Sales for chaika were low so I doubt they will be doing another season. They didn’t even have their adaption specialist on the job for this one. It was fun while it lasted for me at least. I enjoyed the fights and the episode overall all the different chaikas were pretty lame though and why are there 3 black chaikas. Then there is the fact that one of the black chaika loos older than the rest when we learned that all chaikas are supposed to be the same age. Maybe shes a special chaika, the real daughter that his retainers had no idea of.


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