Psycho-Pass 2 Ep. 8: And it gets even worse

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 0806

Will Psycho-Pass hurt me this week? All signs point to yes.

— Wow, this is just ludicrous. According to Kamui’s surgeon, he has the bits and pieces of 184 different people inside him. C’mon. This supposedly includes seven people’s brains. C’MON! This isn’t even science fiction anymore. This is just stupid as hell. Multi-body brain transplant? Are you kidding me?

— In any case, this ridiculous story explains why he’s completely invisible to the Sibyl System. I take it back, Sibyl System. You’re not stupid. You just couldn’t believe something this stupid could actually exist. Seven brains in one. Holy shit. What have you done, Ubukata Tow? Holy fucking shit.

— The idea isn’t even bad in theory. Someone who is a ghost in the Sibyl System’s eyes? Someone that machines can’t recognize period? Okay, that sounds like a solid premise for the second season! Let’s roll with it! So how do we explain the fact that he’s invisible to the machine? Well, uh, he’s a composite of 184 dead people. Holy fuck. We saw a dying kid with parts of his brain missing, so we decided to stick seven other brains inside him. Genius! Last week, we wondered if there were 184 people working for Kamui, or Kamui posing as 184 people. I bet no one could ever guess that Kamui is literally made up of 184 different people! In fact, when the episode started up, I thought this was an elaborate hoax to throw our heroes off. I thought the bad guys were just pulling our leg. And now, this.

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 0807

— Here comes the long, drawn-out flashback. Kamui’s sad, sad story is that people avoided him simply because the Sibyl System avoided him. No one wants to do anything that is tantamount to doubting the Sibyl System. So naturally, he wants to destroy the entire system.

— The problem, however, is that the storytelling sucks. This is literally what a Panopticon is. Let me explain it to you. This is literally what the Season of Hell is. Let me explain it to you. There’s no attempt here to even be the slightest bit creative. We’re just sitting in a room, watching two people talk to “each other.” In reality, they’re just talking straight to us, spelling out every little detail in the driest way possible. The only small twist here is when the surgeon takes on Kamui’s appearance at one point to tell Kamui’s story. Then he morphs back to being the surgeon when he gets back to his part of the story. But that’s not enough to dispel the fact that they were just rattling facts off at us.

— What I also dislike is how conspiracy-ridden this story is.

— More barebones facts. Kamui simply figured out to heal people, so they’re all loyal to him. Masuzaki’s story at least somewhat makes sense. He used to huddle in the streets, frozen from stress until Kamui came along. But Shisui has had no characterization. We don’t know what her life was like before this series. We just simply see her become one of Kamui’s followers without much explanation. This is a sign of a rushed or lazy story. Maybe both.

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 0808

— Yep, I’ll just leave this right here…

Akane: “No, it’s probably safe to say that all the 184 people, the victims except Kamui, are the Holos that he wears. … It means they were all Kamui.”

— I’m hoping that one of these characters would apologize to Akane. Y’know, the ones who doubted her and said she was wrong? Psst, I’m talking to you, Ginoza.

— As for people like that politician, he was replaced by… an illegal alien! Even our very own leaders are actually illegal aliens too! See? Not keeping a closer eye on our borders helped to allow these tragedies to occur! Illegal aliens are bad! I mean, do I think the anime trying to make a direct political statement about illegal aliens. No, I doubt the writer even realizes it. I’m sure he thinks this is just a convenient way to explain how there hasn’t been a rise in missing persons cases in the past few months. Even so, he could’ve used anything here — anything instead of illegal aliens. The missing persons problem isn’t even a huge problem. No one would even think of it had the story not brought it up. Therefore, it says something that the writer defaulted to having illegal aliens play a role in destabilizing Japan.

— I don’t know what the conversation between Sakuya and Jouji was even supposed to accomplish other than dredging up information we already know.

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 0809

— I love how the entire case can be understood by simply looking things up on the Togane Foundation. Everything is there! Kamui wants revenge! And Sakuya has no father! And the Togane Foundation is clearly linked to the Sibyl System! And this is information anyone could have accessed if they had bothered to stop by the Ministry of Economy Patent Office’s archive room. Kasei later explains that they leave this information out in the open in order to lure in nosy people like Mika, but still. It all just feels so contrived.

— Basically, the Sibyl System is trying to create asymptomatic individuals. To what purpose? To bolster itself? Probably. Sakuya was created to see if an asymptomatic individual could artificially be made. It didn’t work, but he’s still useful. He’s attempting to corrupt Inspectors, after all. So why Akane? Well, here’s my speculation. Her Psycho-Pass never clouds, right? Nevertheless, Mika seems to be convinced that Akane is doing all sorts of bad things. She’s wrong, however, in assuming that Akane’s reading will increase. Our heroine is perfect, after all; her Hue will never clear. In other words, Sakuya wants to corrupt Akane without actually clouding her Psycho-Pass. This would then turn Akane into an asymptomatic individual. The Sibyl System hasn’t gotten rid of Akane, because it has always had its eyes set on adding our heroine to its collection of brains in a vat.

— At this point, Kamui is just an unintended side effect from all those experiments. He feels like a nuisance that the Sibyl System refuses to take seriously. It wants to stop Kamui, of course, but at the same time, it seems confident that Kamui will inevitably be stopped. The Sibyl System has bigger concerns.

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 0810

— Having said all of that, I want to harp on something. This is what Mika had to say about Akane: “Many Inspectors and Enforcers have already become victims because of bad decisions made by Inspector Tsunemori.” Really? I didn’t get any impression that those deaths a few episodes were Akane’s fault whatsoever. They were just following a lead. What would Mika have done instead? Anyway, I guess Mika is going to hate Akane until the bitter end. As expected, she wants Akane removed from the MWPSB entirely. This almost feels like a vendetta for her. Maybe she has some deep-rooted resentment that carried over from the first season, but I can’t imagine or remember what Akane might have done to incur Mika’s wrath to such an extent.


— But this episode is terrible. Absolutely terrible storytelling. It starts off with a conversation between Jouji and Masuzaki. Then it was a conversation between Akane and her team. Then it was just Mika talking to herself… she talks to herself some more by typing out her report. We are just sitting here, listening to her literally read her report out to us. And of course, there were smaller conversations in between these larger conversations. A conversation between Jouji and Sakuya. A conversation between Sakuya and Akane. A conversation between Akane and Jouji. Good lord. I don’t have a problem with exposition. Exposition is a crucial element to all stories.  You can’t get rid of it. Nevertheless, but it should be used wisely. In other words, you don’t line these conversations up like this, and blow through all of them in one episode. It’s just so lazy. What’s next? Mika’s going to deliver her report to Kasei, and have a conversation with her?

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 0811

— Yep.

— So what does “AA” even stand for? “A priori acquit,” apparently. As expected, it has something to do with asymptomatic individuals, which is what the Sibyl System consists of.

— Kasei is sitting down, so what is Mika even looking at?

— Then twists upon twists. Kasei is really Sakuya’s… mother? Ugh. Worst of all, Mika simply slumps to the ground and gives up. Hell, it feels like the sequel has given up on us too.

51 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass 2 Ep. 8: And it gets even worse

  1. PTS

    Having never seen an episode of PP, it looks like they’ve managed to successfully transplant tiny bits of mouse brains into other mice. Whether it would work out well or not, I don’t see why it couldn’t be done to a human. Pair it up with a hemispherectomy and you could probably get some mileage out of that idea.

      1. sonicsenryaku

        yea based on what i know about biological sciece, the technique of transplanting multiple brain tissue and organs is possible but yes, i can see your problem with the large number…i did think it was a bit too much, considering what i know about current science. But i guess i was it eas just that: the fact that we exist in our era of science while psycho pass exists in it’s “advanced future” help me swallow that pill a bit better. Still though…this season is definitely not as polished at the first (the first season had blemishes as well but at least it was more cohesive) but im still down with what its selling

        1. Naota

          Think of it this way: why even use that ridiculous number or refer back to it so heavily unless it’s intended to be shocking and “cool”? There’s no logical reason anyone would need an organ transplant from more than maybe three other humans, and I’m having a hard time even picturing how you physically arrange 184 dead bodies for simultaneous surgery. It’s massive, comical overkill the writer barely bothers to justify.

          If Psycho-Pass had simply settled for “a lot”, or maybe “I can’t remember how many… it took three days.” this plot point would go by smoothly and even with a bit of mystery. Instead it’s a brick to the head of any kind of cohesive world-building, just like the fact that Sibyl is apparently incapable of using cameras correctly, or adjusting its scanners to at least register the existence of a functioning life-form. Just like how Kamui is an omniproficient god-genius who has mastered computer hacking, medicine, drone engineering, holograms, diplomacy, and philosophy, yet people ignored him because… machines didn’t pick him up?

          You can’t just state this shit in conversation – it’s ludicrous at face value. You have to show us how it could ever possibly make sense in any world if you want the audience to take it seriously or you may as well be summarizing the plot of a Final Fanatasy game in 200 words.

  2. Akeem

    ”184 different people. 7 different brains. It’s the logistics.”
    That explanation shut me off, I mean what? why couldn’t he have put a little more thought into it and come up with something like a disguise or multiple people?

    The trailer for the psycho pass movie has Mika in it so it’s almost like a spoiler for who survives. She also seems to be an inspector still so I’ll just have to see how this plays out.

    Psycho pass has fallen though. Quite a shame really.

    1. Anonymous

      ”184 different people. 7 different brains. It’s the logistics.”

      This occured like 50 seconds into the show. At this point I facepalmed hard! I kept watching the episode in hopes that Mika would finally get killed in this ep. She didn’t and on top of the other stupid shit in this show I’m convinced that:

      a)this show was a blatant money grab (it really did not need a sequel, Gen said all that needed to be said in the first season)
      b)this is bad on the level of avatar the last airbender THE MOVIE bad
      c)because of b, I will be, form this point on, refusing to acknowledge the existence of this season.

      There is no psycho pass 2.
      There is no psycho pass 2.
      There is no psycho pass 2.
      There is no psycho pass 2.

      1. E Minor Post author

        I just think that for a show like Psycho-Pass, realism matters to certain degree. I’m not saying it’s impossible to combine brains in some distant, far-off future. But by picking these outrageous numbers out of the air — 184 people in one person and seven brains in one head — the episode takes me out of the experience entirely, and at that point, I can’t get back into the story anymore.

        And of course, the episode was just full of people sitting around and doing nothing but talk our ears off.

    2. E Minor Post author

      why couldn’t he have put a little more thought into it and come up with something like a disguise or multiple people?

      They don’t need to change the scenario completely. Just don’t be quite so ludicrous. 184 people. C’mon.

  3. BoyTitan

    Ok I actually did not mine the 184 body thing. It is a pretty cool sybll prototype. What I do not like is sybil system being reduced to a mere individual come on why you just ruined the damn system. It is bad enough sybil is no longer faceless but now you give it 1 face ugh. Also illegal aliens yea right not happening. Sorry but it took a genius like Makishima to get 1illegal alien into Japan and he was also a super hacker so I am not buying the illegal alien bullshit. Especially when death drones protect the border.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Ok I actually did not mine the 184 body thing. It is a pretty cool sybll prototype

      They should have picked a smaller number.

  4. BoyTitan

    Mika is beyond a horrible character. Also I thought this series was above shoving exposition down are throats I guess not.

  5. Wuo Long

    Okay, so Kamui is not a full body Cyborg (brain included), but instead Frankenstein. Psycho-Pass, I give you accolades for coming up with this kind of shit and trying to get through with it. I mean hell, do they even give a rats ass about biology? To be honest, having 184 people (and don’t even get me started on the seven brains which somehow equals seven personalities) transplanted into you is not just a problem of logistics. There is something called the immune system that rejects any foreign tissus being grafted onto your body. Even if you manage to do that with 184 transplants during the surgery by completly shutting of the immune system (which in itself is pretty ridiculous), how do you fucking expect the patient to survive afterwards? By bandaging him up like a mummy and hoping that it somehow grwos together? Even with todays medical standards, someone with one transplanted organ (like a heart) has to take immunosuppressants for the rest of his life which of course reduces his life expectancy like crazy. And then there is of course something like tissue compatibility that has to be checked before a transplantation even occurs. But no… let’s just randomly use the 184 victims and all of them miraculously posses enough genetic compatibility to even have a chance of not being rejected by Kamui’s body.

    And of course these guys do not even seem to be aware of therapeutic cloning, an alternative to rescue someone like Kamui without this whole transplantation bullshit. Never mind that there was a breakthrough last year in research, when scientists finally managed to reprogram adult differentiated cells back into pluripotent cells, basically making it possible to turn your skin cells into for example heart cells. (Before that, you could grow a heart with embryonic stem-cells, which are totipotent, but this has lead to serious ethical backlash) But why check new scientific advances when you can just write your phantasies into your cyberpunk story? Who needs actual science when writing Sci-fi, right?

    “I take it back, Sibyl System. You’re not stupid. You just couldn’t believe something this stupid could actually exist.”
    Thank you, this line made my day.

    1. E Minor Post author

      One of the patents says something about developing a “transplant rejection immune evasion medicine.” It’s not quite clear what this would accomplish since there’s a bit of Engrish at work here, but perhaps it would get around the immunosuppressant problem that you are talking about. Even then, however, I agree with you about everything else in general. Even if technology can somehow get around all of these problems, the idea that 184 body parts can coexist together is just beyond insane. If you have the technology to accomplish this, why wouldn’t you just do something simpler to achieve the same effect? Why does it need to be some ridiculously high number?

      1. Wuo Long

        “Why does it need to be some ridiculously high number?”

        Because that way, its more dramatic. And in fiction, drama is everything. (Just to be on the safe side, that was total sarcasm mode)

        “One of the patents says something about developing a “transplant rejection immune evasion medicine.” ”

        It seems that my mind actually blanked out this particular piece of information. My inner biologist was probably still raging about the whole stupidity. But even with this information, I would argue that everything the writer did was disguising a contradiction by using a label.
        I am of course not expecting the show to actually come up with a scientifically sound explanation that goes into technical details. Psycho Pass should still be primarily entertainment. The problem here goes deeper, because the immune system is such an integral part of our body.
        Let us for a moment entertain the thought that there is some “transplant rejection immune evasion medicine”. Could something like that exist in 100 years? Why not? I could not even remotely imagine a drug (or drug cocktail) that can shut down the immune system to such a degree, but I only specialized in neurophysiology, not biochemistry, so who am I to say? Or let us take the evasion part literally and say that the medicine does not shut down the immune system, but somehow makes it ignore the transplants like the Sybil System ignores Kamui himself, while the immune system works normally otherwise. That would be even more elaborate and difficult but again, why not?
        But this leads to the actual paradox. You shut down the immune system to a degree that it would not reject 184 different body parts? Then have fun living the rest of your life in a sterile room, which has to be kept free of any micro-organism 24/7. You try to be elegant here and just make the immune system ignore the transplanted parts, while its otherwise fully functional? Tough luck here, but you basically run into the same problem. When your immune system ignores you, it may not attack you, but it also does not protect you. If one wants to get an idea of what a person without a working immune system looks like, one just has to look at AIDS patients. And even if it just partially ignores you, the fact that they just had to make Kamui be a person with 184 body parts sealed any chance of redeeming any kind of plausibility. At this point the problem is not merely the fact that there are so many different parts. Its the implication that most of Kamui’s body right now is not originally his own, so an “evasion medicine”, even if it works or ironically especially if it works well, makes his immune system ignore the majority of his body and medically speaking that is a delayed death sentence.
        To sum it up, the problem is not a technical one (this is something that can be remedied through scientific breakthroughs), but a conceptual one. As long as Kamui has to have 184 foreign body parts grafted onto him, as long as the medicine he takes works by evading the immune system (I am just using what the show is giving me) instead of forcing it to accept his body parts as his own (which is why I mentioned therapeutic cloning in the first place), one inevitably runs into contradictions. They could only be resolved by revising the current medical theory, but come on, that’s not something an anime could or even should do.

        1. sonicsenryaku

          If medicine could somehow discover how to make certain proteins within the immune system recognize and accept each other rather than just “evade” then perhaps this whole kamui thing could be plausible but as of right now this whole thing is flawed. It just seems like ubakata had an idea and was like “wouldnt it be insane if this guy was like some sort of freak show,,hmm…but how do i convey to the audience that this guy is a freak show??…oh i know…make the number of body parts he has transplanted in him insanely high” As a result, instead of accomplishing his goal, ubakata sort of pushed his audience out of their realm of belief

        2. BoyTitan

          They probably don’t even need a immune system in the psyho pass universe. it is cleaned up by nano bots for 1 so it is extremely clean.

        3. 4590

          they didn’t specify the drug’s mode of action though. instead of making the immune system ignore the transplanted tissues the drug might have the effect of fooling the host’s immune system into accepting the foreign tissues (via cell surface receptors modification or whaever), hence effectively circumventing the situation where the immune system needs to be shut down. but man, i don’t know anything about fictional sci-fi medicine at all, so take this with a pinch of salt.

        4. Wuo Long

          Has there been any indications at all that Nanobot technology exists in the Psycho Pass Universe? If yes, I did not caught it and I would be very glad if you could point it out to me. If not then I don’t see any reason why I should evaluate this shows inner logic by assuming the existence of speculative technology that just happens to exist in the big body of Sci-Fi-Literature/media without any connection to the show itself.

        5. Wuo Long

          “fooling the host’s immune system into accepting the foreign tissues (via cell surface receptors modification or whaever)”

          What you are saying here is pretty reasonable, but it isn’t as if I hadn’t thought about it myself. I am probably being a semantic ass when I was arguing against the evasion part, but if there is so little information to work on (and the show does not need more exposition dump) then every word counts.

          Instead of going into detail why the modification of surface cell receptors through drugs is a totally unreasonable approach (not impossible, just unreasonable), I will just give an example how this whole transplantation scenario could have (barely) worked for me: Calling the patent something like “Transplant integration through gene therapy”. Compared to therapeutic cloning this method would still be needlessly complicated, but they could preserve this dramatic 184 body-part-bullshit. And if one wants to know what this gene therapy accomplishes, well, exactly what 4590 suggested. And before any kind of confusion arises, gene therapy is not the same as using a drug.

        6. Naota

          I have no doubt that somewhere out there in speculative fiction exists a plausible means of accomplishing Kamui’s surgery, and you guys seem to have hit upon it. What drives me nuts though is a lot simpler: Why? What possible reason could there be for anyone to do this?

          If you’ve solved organ rejection without immunosuppressants and can put any part of any person into another to fix them up, you have proven the theory. People can now get transplants from anyone, society is improved. Mission complete.

          …so what purpose does jamming 184 distinct human bits into a single host even serve? It’s not an experiment because it requires that technology to have already been perfected. It’s no more enlightening than inventing glue and then pasting all the objects in your house together to see if it’ll work. Well yeah… maybe… but what’s the fucking point?

        7. Naota

          Like… we don’t even begin to explore why any sane corporation (or indeed, computer algorithm) would think this was a good idea, or even think of it at all. The writer just dropped something this immediately ridiculous on the floor with the most dismissive explanation he could, and walked off with a “that’s just how it is.”

        8. Wuo Long

          “maybe… but what’s the fucking point?”
          Its more dramatic that way and in fiction drama is everything.
          I know I am repeating myself, but I couldn’t resist.

  6. Anonymous

    Is it more or less unrealistic than a society regulated by a cabal of 100+ brain jars?

    I’ll agree that the story telling this season weak but I don’t have any problems with the explanation for Kamui’s ghost syndrome.

    1. Wuo Long

      “Is it more or less unrealistic than a society regulated by a cabal of 100+ brain jars?”

      My short answer is yes. On a purely technical level, Kamui’s body is much more unrealistic than a cabal of 100+ brain jars. If you want to take the question to a sociological level (as in: would a society even accept the government of a seemingly computer based system?) then I have to pass here.

      To elaborate, the magical words are “brain jar”. The Sybil System uses a collection of brains, but what makes this system plausible is the fact that they are biologically separated, hence brain jar and this makes a world of difference when we compare that to Kamui’s condition.

      As far as I understand from Kaseis explanation from in season 1, the Sybil System is basically a hybrid computing system combining human brains and conventional processing techniques. This is of course beyond our current technology, but the underlying system is called brain-computer-interface which has always played a large role in cyberpunk fiction. (Matrix, GiTS or Neuromancer). Its an established Trope and current research in Neuroscience is also taking this direction, which is why I don’t have any problems with plausibility here, at least on a technological level.

  7. Pia

    I noticed the animation really worsened in this week episode, it’s sad because this was a “talking episode”
    Having all that true incriminatory information in Togane Foundation It’s really contrived indeed, is like they were trying to kill 2 or 3 birds with 1 exposition stone.
    184 people’s parts and 7 brains in one guy, that’s really fucked up, I know is the future and everything but that still sounds like BS, they somewhat wrapped almost everything in this episode, but in the most lazy way: everything is tied to Sibyl System psycho brains.
    This episode was so bad that I almost felt like Mika when she broke down: I don’t wanna hear anything, I don’t wanna see anything (more)!”

  8. eternia

    Nicely said everyone. Being a graduate of computer science, I hardly know about surgery and transplantation, but we don’t need an expert to figure just how ridiculous that number is.
    Isn’t there compatibility and stuff when it comes to transplantation? That’s why we can only get kidney from a relative? What a bullshit they can join 184’s people organs.

    I don’t wanna see.
    I don’t wanna hear.
    Psycho pass doesn’t exist.

    1. Chakraborty

      If I recall my classes in undergrad, the set of genes called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) dictate what the body sees as “self” versus “non-self”. So if the right donor-acceptor match isn’t made, the donor’s MHC protein molecules are seen as “foreign” by the acceptor’s immune system, triggering T-cell activation and subsequent antibody production…leading to tissue damage and rejection.

  9. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    And I thought the Kamui boat escape was bad. Still, I suppose we were right in thinking that moment was the death knell of the season and possibly the series as a whole. Things have only gotten worse since, and now? Well, now we have
    -184 composite people cause fuck logic
    -seven brains cause let’s rape the Suspension of Disbelief
    -actual villain motivation is something out of Naruto
    -Fate/Stay Zero dialogue exposition bursting in one episode
    -sucking ALL enigma out of the mastermind
    -twisted twists of entwining, twirling twists
    and a lot more we shouldn’t think too much about or else our skulls with crack open.

    I feel the worst for you, though, mate. I know you really liked Psycho-Pass even more than me, and with good reason. Yet the abject retardation this season is spewing must really suck the most for fans of the show. But thankfully no one subscribes to the Word of God theory (or in this case the auteur theory?) of canonical narrative, so even though this sequel is awful it won’t dampen the accomplishment of the first.

    “Therefore, it says something that the writer defaulted to having illegal aliens play a role in destabilizing Japan.”
    It really does, doesn’t it? I mean there’s a million things to be said about border control, the need for keeping a close eye, the need for humane restriction, etc. but to just slap such an important issue in here from nowhere is kinda strange. Maybe he’d just finished reading a news report and felt like slipping it in there.
    _But hey, as long as this doesn’t turn into the ending of Angel Cop then I doubt we’ll have anything to be too concerned with in this regard. Then again it would be kind of funny to see Mika abruptly shoot off into a diatribe about the evils of the Jews haha

    1. E Minor Post author

      I feel the worst for you, though, mate. I know you really liked Psycho-Pass even more than me, and with good reason.

      Meh, I’m not really affected, to be honest.

  10. Chakraborty

    This episode really broke any expectations I had of this season being a decent follow up to the first season. Our antagonist, Kamui has the personality of a cardboard box. Atleast Makashima had a reasonable excuse to be criminally asymptomatic: he was born that way. Kamui? Dude is made up of every crash victim on that plane. For what cause, towards what end? 7 brains and personalities in one head? This is pushing the envelope too far.

    Makashima was also an intellectual and truly made the errors of Sibyl and the complacency of administering justice by its means known to the Inspectors. Although the show did seem to slightly force some philosophical passages and poetry, it really showed how Makashima exploited his pawns and advanced his agenda too. The finale on the previous season was one of the greats. Would anyone care if Kamui kicked the bucket?

    Finally, although Akane is a great character and logical thinker, the absence of Kogami in some form or the other is keeping this show from really taking off. Characters like Tougane and Mika don’t really fill the gap.

  11. anabchamploni

    I’m a little bit tired, so later I will do a properly comment about this another hilarious episode of PP 2. So for now I dedicate this song for you, Psycho Pass 2:

    Baby don’t hurt me
    Don’t hurt me
    no more

  12. SP

    The more they revealed about this Kamui, the more I hated this guy, this show & everyone making it. It feels like they take the idea of suspension of disbelief for granted & expected that audience will just take whatever they shove at them. It’s very hard to swallow some explanation which fits in toonforce heavy cartoons or silver age comics in a serious anime like psycho pass.

  13. Caustic

    Whelp, looks like this entire season is Takahata basically destroying everything Urobuchi worked on in the original PP, just so the movie can have a black-and-white conflict for the theatergoers to understand.

    Like seriously, I *hate* when writers write in a convoluted and impractical conspiracy just to have an easy way to tie all the narrative strings and loose ends together. “Oh, there needs to be an explanation for why the villain can’t be read by Sybil, and why this random character has be hanging around being vaguely sinister? They’re both assembled human beings from this incident elaborately orchestrated by this weird ass company! Companies are always involved in these sorts of incidents, right?” It gets reaaally blatant with all the retconning this episode (“Hey, remember this thing named Panopticon that’s conveniently everything better than Sybil, and which was never referenced before this point?”). The writer shouldn’t even need to write in new crap to force his narrative agenda, or even force one in the first place.

    1. Anonymous

      ^ this. I think there is a SERIOUS shortage of decent writers in Japan, maybe they’re all recruited by Ghibli or Hollywood or something whenever they make something good.

  14. Akumaten (@a9ma10)

    I would had accepted that Kamui took the Holo’s of all the aged-up plane crash victims as a sign of revenge to remind the perpetrators. But transplanting, that’s really pushing it.
    WHAT REALLY PUSHED IT was the chief being Togame’s mom…..
    Seriously, an Equilibrium-style ending is the only way to save this show. Sybil needs to go.

  15. Wuo Long

    I am not quite sure why the bit about the Sybil System being Togane’s mother drives some of you into disbelief-territory. I just took her as one of the brains out of the brain cabal making up the system, who is right now inside of Kasei, because she is the one most fit for the task at hand. After reading some reviews and comments on other sites, there is some mention of some kind of rogue brain. Did I miss something?

    1. E Minor Post author

      I think it’s just the fact that everything is intrinsically linked like one giant contrived conspiracy web.

  16. anabchamploni

    After this week revelation I think the scriptwriter of this season also needs a transplant of seven more brains to help him make a history that makes sense. Seriously? This hatred of Mika towards Akane doesn’t make sense at all even considering the fact that Mika is immature and stubborn. So your boss was right all the time about Kamui, managed to save some lives during the drone facility attack and is really working on the case (thing you should be doing) and you still think that she is incompetent and irresponsible? Common , I know you can do better PP2.

  17. mexicano21

    I don’t know if the fansub I watch got it correct, but what I understood is that a multiple transplant of brains can only be achieved with criminally asymptomatic people. Normal people can’t bear this. RIdiculous numbers, technology and biology aside, a brain made of parts of some brains is not that much different of some brains connected by electronic devices to form a single super brain. Putting everything together, I think that Kamui’s operation was a experience to make the brains’ array of the Sybil System itself. Togane’s mother “died” in the same year of Kamui’s accident. Of course, Sybil was already running, so I need to assume that the brains’ array it has was unstable or something like that, or maybe Sybil was not made of brains yet.

    But, yeah, worst Psycho-Pass episode ever. And knowing that Tsunemori will continue working under Sybil after all this shit (as the movie trailer reveals) is beyond frustrating.

    1. E Minor Post author

      a brain made of parts of some brains is not that much different of some brains connected by electronic devices to form a single super brain.

      No, not really. You can have multiple CPUs working together to crunch numbers. You don’t take different parts of different CPUs and make them into a whole. Even then, the sequel could’ve played it safe. The sequel could’ve been satisfied with just stitching two halves of a brain together. But no, it went with 7 distinct brain parts, all somehow wired to work together.

      1. mexicano21

        A CPU is a lot different from a brain. To put this in terms of body parts, you (probably) can’t make a heart out of two hearts, but I think it’s not that far-fetched having a liver made out of two livers, because a part of a liver operates like a full liver. As yourself said, to join two half brains would be credible. Anyway, I understand what you are trying to say, and I don’t have much faith that I got this right from the anime. This part was nebulous to me and I’m trying to reason something out of it, but maybe it doesn’t have any sense from the very start.

  18. Anonymous

    This anime is 1 of the greatest supreme bullsh!t i’ve watched in my life and i’m just so disappointed. Psycho Pass 2 is a complete failure.


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