Akatsuki no Yona Ep. 10: One bishie down, three more to go

Akatsuki no Yona - 1008

My, my, my, what has this bishie been up to?

— Ah, the limits of animation. Yun keeps telling us he has good looks, but… I mean, what makes him more handsome than, say, Hak? They all look the same to me.

— I like how the old man has to point out that Yona has red hair when nobody else in this universe has red hair. It doesn’t really help when she has such a baked look on her face:

Akatsuki no Yona - 1002

“Whoa, how funny would be if farting was contagious like yawning?”

— I know you guys are a clan, but holy shit, does everyone have to wear the same outfit? What purpose does that serve?

— Everyone here is the descendant of the original White Dragon, but only one of them gets to feel uncomfortable every time he tries to masturbate. For his sake, I hope he’s left-handed.

— Goddamn, that hand is big, though.

— It seems so pointless to hide in some village, though. I know they’re supposed to wait for the red-haired individual to find them and recruit them. I know how that legend goes. But man, it would be nice for the story to subvert the legend some more. The only subversion here is that Yona is a girl. In any case, the old caretaker said something along the lines of “Maybe this era doesn’t need your powers.” That is clearly not the case, but there’s no way any of these people would know! Because by some strange design, their job is to seclude themselves in the mountain until the chosen one fortuitously stumbles upon them. Until then, however, the White Dragon’s power goes to waste. The lady even goes, “You need only stay in the village and not worry about anything.” That’s fucked up. He’s essentially just a prized songbird unless Yona shows up to free him.

Akatsuki no Yona - 1016

— He also begs for Yona to show up, because otherwise, he’ll have to marry not just one but multiple wives. They’re all descendants of the original guy, too. I mean, sure, at this point, genetic variation makes everything hunky-dory, but it’s still a bit cringeworthy. Reverse harem lead, you’re my only hope from having my own harem!

Random exposition from Yona for no particular reason.

— The White Dragon storms out to meet the “intruders,” because they think they’re assassins. Yeah, dude, assassins would totally just stand there in broad daylight. Luckily, one gaze at Yona is enough to “awaken” him, i.e. his right hand starts smoking and blood rushed backwards in his right arm or whatever. I bet blood rushed somewhere else, too.

— Some disembodied voice tells the guy that he must always love Yona. He also may never betray her. Man, what if she’s corrupt? I know this is supposed to be just a simple-minded retelling of some legend, and the only twist is that it’s a reverse harem, but still… I wish the story was a little smarter and a little more complex.

— I hope this guy is just a pushover, and the other colorful dragons will be a little tougher to recruit. Even Yun is amazed by how easy things turned out. Plus, this guy’s got such a creepy look on his face.

Akatsuki no Yona - 1015

— Yona: “He has silver hair, and skin so pale, it’s almost transparent.” If that was true, it would be kind of freaky.

— I guess the only conflict now is that the White Dragon doesn’t think much of Hak. Two boys fighting over the beautiful princess! Luckily for Hak, you can never abandon the childhood friend. Oh shit, I haven’t spoken to my childhood friend in over a decade! Nuuuuuu, muh shining anime relationships!

— Yona ends up assigning the White Dragon — can they give us his name already? — to protecting Hak. This won’t stop the two men in Yona’s lives from arguing incessantly, though. And I guess Yun’s a man, too, but for some reason, I just don’t consider him an actual candidate for Yona’s affections. But if we were to be honest, there’s really just Su-won and Hak in Yona’s heart.

— His grandmother is the leader of this village, though. Kind of cool that there’s a matriarchal society in this story even if it’s only some secluded village in the mountains. The rest of the episode is nothing to talk about, though. There’s just a bunch of people crying over the White Dragon’s departure.

— The bad news? Our foursome have no idea where to find the other three dragons. The good news? The White Dragon has some sort of magical link with them. Looks kind of silly, though.

Akatsuki no Yona - 1014

— Oh, now you ask for his name! It’s just Ki-ja. And with that, Yona’s harem grows by one.

— Like how it is every week, Akatsuki no Yona is nothing special, but it goes down easy.

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