Akame ga Kill! Ep. 24 (Finale): The unending epilogue

clash of the titaaaaaans

Wow, that determination on Akame’s face! This is truly the only fitting way to cap off the best episode of the year’s best anime series!

— So what does Esdeath think? Tatsumi’s dead because he’s weak… and yet, there’s still this strange pain in her heart? What could it be?!

— The people in this universe are so unlucky, because the idiots got all the superpowers. Everyone had just spent the entirety of last week’s episode dodging the boy emperor’s laser, because it’s his duty to keep the millennium-old kingdom in tact, and of course, there’s no better way to do that than to kill your own people.

— And now? Esdeath wants to wipe the entire kingdom out because it’s… weak? Because her hunt continues? Well, that’s what she says, anyway. She is also heartbroken over Tatsumi’s death, so that could be the real issue. Still, her motivations are dumb either way.

— Najenda’s only contribution? Giving Akame the orders to kill Esdeath, which the girl was going to do anyway. Thanks, boss!

— Nevertheless, the final battle comes down to Akame and Esdeath. What happened to the rest of the Revolutionary Army? Esdeath froze them all in a wall of ice. Welp.

Akame ga Kill! - 2425

— Knowing what Esdeath is capable of, she should’ve been able to flatten Akame right off the bat. But like every villain ever, she has to toy with her foe. Why? It’s because we can’t be assed to come up with a different way for the good guys to win other than to take advantage of the bad guys’ arrogance.

— Oh please, don’t start engaging Esdeath in a conversation about her motives. This can’t possibly be a fruitful endeavor. She won’t have anything interesting to say.

— That’s how compelling the conflict is in this final episode! “Everyone deserves to live!” “Nuh-uh!” Good debate, people. Good debate. Let’s keep it rolling.

— People have been like, “Well, I’m just here for the action, and I got it so I’m satisfied!” Sure, whatever floats your boat, man. But honestly, that’s so meaningless to me. Action without the proper context is nothing. I mean, this is an anime series, and as such, any action within it is really just a means to an end; a battle is just a way to tell that all-important story. And without a good story, a duel between two of the main characters — no matter how important those characters supposedly are — ultimately means nothing to me. Seriously, I may as well watch anyone else fight. We watch any particular duel for what it represents, i.e. the conflict between the two fighters. The action is really just an externalization of the competing philosophies between the two sides. If the action was really an end in itself, however, I may as well just watch the amateur stuff that you can find anywhere on the internet.

Akame ga Kill! - 2403

— The weak has no right to stand before Esdeath, but she nevertheless wanted to recruit Akame just earlier in the episode. In fact, if Akame had actually joined Esdeath, the latter would’ve treated the former so well. It’s just idiotic.

— Well, Esdeath should’ve destroyed Akame when she had the chance. It’s too late now. Akame cuts herself with her own sword, which… uh, makes her demonic or something? So now she’s faster and stronger out of nowhere. There’s no real drama here. We’re just watching one power level bar attempting to overtake the other one.

— Akame manages to stab Esdeath’s left arm, so the latter chops it off. Woo.

— It’s pretty uninspired choreography. Just one combatant appear and disappearing around the other combatant, because this is the only possible way to convey superhuman speed.

— Esdeath finally uses her time-freezing abilities, but ah ha! Akame somehow manages to “leave” behind an after image of herself. This fools Esdeath long enough for time to start rolling again. As such, Akame gets in a critical hit. The truth is, the after image was just… Esdeath’s own delusion!!! Haha, whatever. The only way to beat one overpowered ability is to pull something ridiculous out of your ass, i.e. Esdeath seeing things because she so desperately wants to kill Akame.

Akame ga Kill! - 2424

— Aw man, there’s still half of an episode left. Guess that means I’ll have to listen to these characters talk.

— Esdeath accepts her defeat, so she goes to be with Tatsumi’s corpse. I initially misread her line as “I wish that you had been inside me.” Would’ve been funnier that way.

— Tatsumi, the people’s hero… has his body completely shattered by Anime Hitler into a million sparkles. Welp.

— Oh right, this other Anime Hitler is still alive. So many Anime Hitlers nowadays, man. Luckily, this one can’t fight, so I won’t have to sit through another uninspired battle.

— Honest uses some fancy ring to destroy Leone’s Imperial Arms. He then pulls out a gun and shoots her. But her soul, man! Her soul! She ends up just punching the shit out of him with her fists. And uh, that’s that?

— Afterwards, we see the two remaining heroines — I don’t count Najenda — standing side by side on some cliff. Leone then bids Akame farewell, so I guess she allowed herself to live long enough to say her goodbyes. And now, like a poor cat, she goes off to die alone in some alleyway. But, uh, is Akame’s going to survive cutting herself with her own sword? I guess so.

Akame ga Kill! - 2423

— Man, what a long, boring epilogue. I can’t believe they left this much time on the clock. Why would I want to watch this celebration? I have no emotional connection to it. For the majority of the season, we’ve been screwing around with, well, everything but the people. But all of a sudden, I have to watch the people celebrate? It’s a hollow gesture. You have to build up to a proper ending.

— Aaaaand it keeps going. People are like, “Man, why are you taking this show so seriously? It’s not meant to be taken seriously!” But look at this unending sequence of events. What here is remotely “not-serious?” Right now, we’re witnessing the solemn execution of the boy emperor. Is this supposed to be a joke, too? Nah, man, the show tries to be serious, so it deserves to be criticized seriously.

— Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it keeps going.

— So who gets to survive this entire ordeal without any scratches? It’s Wave, of course! My readers’ champion! He can do no wrong! He merely helped the Jaegers oppress an entire nation, because little bitty him didn’t know any better!

— I like how the two of them are telling Kurome’s grave that they will protect the kingdom and help the government be just. From what we’ve seen of Kurome, I doubt she would’ve given a shit about any of that.

Akame ga Kill! - 2422

— Wave then looks up to the sky to say a few words to Esdeath: “I wish you could give us some of your strength, Captain.” Sure, you murdered entire nations, and you allowed your men to rape and kill civilians… but dat strength doe!

— Hurr hurr, I hope she’s finally with her one true love Tatsumi! Anime Hitler deserves at least that much!

— We can’t stop! We won’t stop! More wrap-up scenes with people I don’t care about! Oh goodie, Tatsumi managed to send money back to his village right before he died! Ah, these poor villagers don’t even realize that Tatsumi and his friends are long dead. Hell, two of them died before the story could even properly begin…

— Man, this is like that ending to the last move in the The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but here, you just want to put the anime out of its own misery. Considering how much they veered from the manga, even some of the show’s most ardent fans want to put the show out of its misery. I don’t really mind it when a studio makes changes, of course. I think it’s stupid whenever a show just blindly sticks to the source material. Still, I suspect it didn’t change anything. Akame ga Kill! is a terrible anime no matter what.

— I guess it’s called Akame ga Kill! ’cause she’s the only one to survive. Again, I don’t count Miss Rocket Fist, ’cause she’s useless.

Akame ga Kill! - 2421

Anyway, why is Bulat in this group picture twice?

— Finally, the credits are rolling! Wait, what’s this? Oh come on! We’re done. We’re fucking done.


29 Replies to “Akame ga Kill! Ep. 24 (Finale): The unending epilogue”

  1. What on earth are those black ball like things hanging on Esdeath’s hair? And as the author points, she could have just diced Akame in one shot and be done with it. Why is every villain in anime afflicted with Vegeta Syndrome? “I must allow the enemy to evolve after pushing them into a corner. Then they will be truly powered up and 100% and defeating them at that stage will make it all the more worth it, although the possibility of it backfiring is definitely not zero.”

    The feelings Esdeath has for Tatsumi is laughable: she can allow blood to be shed without a second thought, allows rape and torture..but when it comes to Tatsumi, the pitutary and hypothalamus malfunction and the hormones go nuts. If Esdeath wasn’t a vile barbarian, that scene with Tatsumi would have been very touching. The love Esdeath had for Tatsumi is so forced into the plot, it feels ridiculous.

    Akame was slicing the ice all over the place, but she is magically unable to cut through the ice wall barrier and rescue Tatsumi’s corpse. Jesus, the very least he needs is a decent burial to commemorate his sacrifice– not to be shattered into a million pieces by the enemy in a bizarre show of “love”.

    Fucking Najenda, what did she do in this show except stretch her metal claw out for a close up of her saying “Wareware wa Night0 Raid0!”? How convenient–her lifespan has been shortened, but she’s totally gonna dedicate the rest of it to building the new country. And she just screams to Akame to kill Esdeath. If Najenda was worth anything she could have atleast taught Akame a strategy, seeing that Najenda and Esdeath shared some time on the battlefield before.

    Thank god this dumb show is done.

    1. I didn’t say that he had died, because it wasn’t a sure thing until this week’s episode. After all, anime heroes come back to life all the time, so I left it open in last week’s write-up.

  2. HAHAHA, even the catlady had to die! She was like “meh, I won´t die, I´m pretty important to the plot and such!” aah, they were saving her to kill honest, I see. Is like… in reality, the real enemy of the people was Esdeath, yeah, she was bad and such, but was she behind all those atrocities made to the country? Nope! She was only helping the culprits, because it was funny and shit, but Honest should have been outted in a more meaningful way! Maybe public execution by the people itself? who knows, everyone loves forks and torches. But whatever, they just felt the need to out so many characters in the least possible time! I´m glad Tatsumaya is gone too, hell! It would be better everyone out and the people finally getting to build their own country as they see fit and no more assholes taking control of their lives! Also, why Akame didn´t do that sword trick before? It doesn´t seem it cost her anything, so she was just waiting to feel like it? All in all, what a shitty anime! And the manga is no better, I can assure, at most is larger, but that´s all… Conglaturation a winner is you for having watch all this crap and still be sane!


      Akame apparently has to abandon her humanity in order to use that technique…. Well, they rly made it seem like a simple trick lol

      I actually am a big fan of the manga but well, the anime was indeed shit lol. I can’t think of anything to defend the final 7 or so episodes… Well, I like the 2nd opening Liar Mask at least lol

  3. The ending was so empty I can’t even laugh at it.

    Also why the heck would they show us Bols’ family (who got raped and murdered by a clown in manga) and the three side-story girls (who again got raped by a dog in the manga). Is it a middle finger to the manga readers that the anime is better without this filth? If so , I agree, that’s the only good thing about the anime.

    1. Also why the heck would they show us Bols’ family (who got raped and murdered by a clown in manga) and the three side-story girls (who again got raped by a dog in the manga).

      Ugh, the manga sounds worse and worse the more I hear about it.

    2. Wave and Kurome became canon in the manga. The only couple that actually made sense lol

      I don’t care what any else says, I was waiting for that moment

      Honestly Akame X Tatsumi would’ve made a lot more sense than Mine but whatever lol

      Well, if they didn’t kill Bors family then I would’ve been fine with it. My only problem with the manga’s story tbh. I was screaming for Wave to just come out and kill the fuck out of wild hunt

      I don’t think the prime minister would dare do anything against esdeath anyway

  4. Despite all its shortcomings, I can’t find myself hate or despise the Akame ga Kill anime. I enjoyed the ride for its majority and the anime only material had some shining moments going on. Imo both the manga and anime are good in their own ways. I know my opinion is far from a popular, and I totally understand why it has received a major backlash since a few weeks ago, but eh — the things it offers makes me overlook its flaws.

    Also, are there any other anime shows out there that deal with revolution or rebellion in a positive manner and that’s not Code Geass or Gurren Lagann?

    1. Guilty Crown, aka: the failed son of Code Geass. Dat trainwreck.

      Kill la Kill…kind of. Well, the action is gold, and the characters are okay to nice.

  5. I think EasyDeath should have been given a much more plain death. Not one where it’s like it’s all happy and contentment and acceptance of death. Personally, I don’t think she deserves nor needs this kind of end. I would have preferred it if Akame defeated her, but lets her live (Don’t worry, this plot armor got chinks in it). Afterwards, during the end monologue crap, we see her again, but she’s lying, dead, on the ground, perhaps with a bullet to the head or something. No big rapey times, no battered woman syndrome, just a plain old death with no immediate, apparent cause. (like for leone except she got 10 bullets for 9 lives.)

    I think this would be good as an end for Esdeath’s character beause it reinforces the idea of weakness that this show portrayed and displays some irony that may or may not be recognized. First, it employs the idea that despite such strength displayed by the “Empire’s Bitch”, she is still a human, teigu or not just like everybody else. Second, it could show how ironic it is that the Empire’s Strongest could end up in such a sad pathetic state, despite her preaching that Strong/Weak shtick.

    Oh wait, Esdeath = Best girl, every other opinion = shit taste. Screw the anime community. Shame on me for trying to add a sense of depth to the Teemo-esque ending.

    This anime, no the manga didn’t even know what it wanted to do with it’s characters. By constantly introducing new cannon fodders, the failure to expand on these characters and address the “Why” of it. So instead, they turned up the gore factor and just made it super bloody and heart wrenching so the fooled people could mistaken it as “Deep”.

    Also, teigu are retarded. Why can only a dead emperor make those shits? Ah who cares. I’ll say that I liked the anime because I can’t stand Mr clown giving it to Bols family but hey, that’s deep (no lol) and I’m just a “pleb with shit taste”.

    1. I agree. Chelsea was kinda of a minor character and you know how horrible her death is shown. The least they could have done to Esdeath is give her a death of a weakling or at least made her feel what it means to be weak for once but that would been too smart for Akame ga kill.

    2. Personally, I don’t think she deserves nor needs this kind of end.

      You put a lot of thought into this, but you can tell by her portrayal that the author likes her too much to do anything inglorious to her. Hell, the story’s targeted audience loves her too.

  6. and in the end AgK still felt like a creative writing class excercise where the goals were set out ahead of time.

    Anyone else get that?

  7. “So who gets to survive this entire ordeal without any scratches? It’s Wave, of course! My readers’ champion! He can do no wrong!…”
    Hahaha! that really crack me up

    Anyway, I’m very happy that this lame overrated anime ended, time to move on.

  8. well their remaking it now that the manga is done,heres hoping this one turns out better,and
    to hoping some other studio takes it up,maybe the studio that SAO,Kill la kill,gurren lagan(need to finish watching that anime),or Attack on titan could try and save this show,its a long ass shot hoping for the people of the Fate/ series to try and help or pick up or remake this anime,tho if would be nice if they did,seeing as that would make the anime epic as fuck with kickass animation to the boot.considering the unlimited budget works Fate/ has access too

    1. Well, if this gets popular, clown rape jokes are gonna be a lot more common

      I don’t think any studio has the guts to make a faithful adaptation of AGK

      Would be awesome if it really happened but I highly doubt it unless if they cut off the entire wild hunt arc and just tell us to read the manga for that OR if they make it into an OVA

  9. They should have a time traveling,wish granting or resurrection imperial arms in this show to help save all the of other Night Raid members or everyone back to life or stop the revolution before it begins in a brand new season,hopefully.

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