Cross Ange Ep. 11: No more singing, please

Cross Ange - 1126

Exciting action, shocking revelations, and incredibly bad animation all in one episode!

— How does the episode begin? With Sylvia waking up from a nightmare about her most recent encounter with Ange. The little girl then thinks, “She won’t come back, will she?” Well…

— We then see Julio in bed with Riza Rundog. He even calls her “Mama.” Hoo boy, I can’t wait to hear the explanation behind this one. But that’s not all, folks! We see her drip some sort of purple liquid from her fingernails and into Julio’s mouth. Ugh, please don’t tell me that the guy is only being manipulated. Please don’t tell me that this asshole can be redeemed.

— Wait, don’t change the channel just yet! Not only is Riza screwing and manipulating the crown prince, she also has… wings? Are they dragon wings? Bat wings? Is she a succubus? Shrug, stay tuned, I guess. She has a devil-like tail, which she uses to choke out Silvia for walking in on hers and Julio’s sexy times, so for now, I’m going to guess succubus. She then asks Julio to open a singular point. Huh…

— Can’t roll my eyes any harder at this. So does she hate Ange or what? Is she scared of Normas or what? Oh, the show’s defenders will probably say that the little girl’s just confused, but I sure as hell didn’t see any confusion in last week’s episode.

Fancy food for prisoners, but I’m sure I’ve mentioned this complaint before in a previous post.

Cross Ange - 1132

— Man, the show has never looked great, but the budget is in the shitters this week. Even at moderate distances from the audience, the characters’ faces are all over the place.

— Apparently, they’re not even letting Ange and Hilda bathe.

— Yep, the animation is in the absolute shitters… Hell, the best-looking thing in the entire episode thus far has been the OP and that hot pot. Likewise, Salia looks absolutely hilarious. Oops, I meant “pretty and awesome.” Yep, “pretty and awesome. So awesome, I don’t even know where her face ends and her right ear begins.


— Salia’s all, “They called me onee-sama. Am I that old already?” Uh, I’m pretty sure they’d call any girl older than them “onee-sama.”

— We get a flashback about some “new” character that Salia had looked up to. Yes, “new.” Her name’s Alektra, okay?

— Ahhhh, I know this is supposed to be a sad moment, but I just can’t stop laughing at how these characters look.

Cross Ange - 1111

— The generic people in the background are the best. They’re just doing their best to keep their eyes on the Villkiss. “Don’t look up. Oh god, don’t even move an inch. This is so awkward right now…”

— Oh man, we’re back to square one. Everyone had just become friends too, but thanks to Ange’s prison break, Salia’s back to hating the girl’s guts. Blah blah blah, she’ll never hand the Villkiss over to Ange… except for the part where Ange has already been piloting it, has already excelled with it, and uh… am I missing anything else? Oh yeah, it’s not even Salia’s call! Yay! Just more hate between these girls for the sake of artificial conflict. There isn’t even a good reason for Salia to want the Villkiss for herself so badly. She looked up to Jill–… I mean, Alektra, and…??? Is that it?

— All of a sudden, a singular signature opens up right above Arzenal. Singular signature, singular point… the point is, Julio and that succubus is involved somehow. Emma Bronson then walks into the room and is like, “We didn’t even get a call.” I bet the poor dragons are not even trying to invade this world at all. They’re probably being dragged here for some sick purpose (I know someone out there keeps insisting that the dragons are being used as food, but eh…). I guess all we can do now is wait for Ange to realize this and thus team up with the dragons, then together, they can fuck some Light of Mana shit up.

— This poor girl’s face is just three circles within an oval.

Cross Ange - 1114

— Yep, that’s what lesbians do. They just have sex all day.

Neato. They’ve got weird tongues, though.

— Out of nowhere, the dragons stop attacking as this para-mail emerges from the singular point. Everyone then hears a song from the para-mail. If you’re not actually watching the show and are just following it through my posts, I’m sad that you can’t hear the amazingly terrible bit of singing. Anyway, the para-mail then goes Super Saiyan on us and kamehamahas away half of Arzenal.

— I like how the anime shows us the key to Ange’s cell, but it serves no purpose. Momoka can just use her magic to free her master.

— Jill orders Salia to stick Ange back in the Villkiss, which just prompts more angst from the twin-tailed girl. Blah blah blah, “Am I not good enough?” At this point, I’m tired of her whining. I want her to climb into the damn thing and fail already so we can move on from this pointless subplot.

— Sweet. She’s going to do it. Just fail so we can put this whole, sordid business behind us.

— Ange ends up hitching a ride on Hilda’s back in order to get her para-mail back:

Cross Ange - 1133

But of course, Salia remains stubborn. Just let the girl fail. I want to see her fail.This is what you get for having such a huge attachment to some machine without any good reason whatsoever. Seriously, she just wants to Villkiss because she had promised Alektra that she’d own some dragons with it. That doesn’t cut it. You can own dragons in any goddamn para-mail. This is just drama for drama’s sake.

— Oh good, she failed. Now let’s never speak of this again.

— For such an action-packed episode, this one looks pretty bad… just pretty bad.

— How embarrassing for Salia. Not only did she screw up in front of everyone, Ange literally gets to ride her ass.

— Yeah, there was no other way to remove the girl from the seat. Just deal with it!!! This is a smart anime about discrimination!

— Meanwhile, the only thing that Hilda can contribute to this scene is a bunch of shocked expressions and “Huuuuuuh!!!” utterances.

— I love how Ange hasn’t much to eat for the past week, but she can still totally push the Villkiss to its limits.

Cross Ange - 1134

— The enemy para-mail is thus forced to fall back and use its amazing island-obliterating powers on Ange and just Ange alone. But right before this can happen, you get to hear that crappy song again! Guess what Ange does next. C’mon, just guess!

— If you said, “Do a sing off to counter the enemy para-mail’s song, you’re absolutely correct!”

— I love all these shots of Ange’s cleavage, ass, and crotch as she sings her heart out. Really puts her performance into perspective.

— We’re in The Matrix! Ange’s the one!

— So the Villkiss also goes Super Saiyan thanks to Ange’s singing…

— … and it’s a goddamn DBZ episode all over again. Sweet! No wonder the girls are half-naked!

— Ange proceeds to have a telepathic conversation with the enemy pilot. Apparently, she just sang “the true Star Song.” Both girls proceed to see visions of their past lives. They used to be enemies. They used to be lovers. Apparently, they’re bound to each other by some red string of fate. I don’t even know anymore, man. I don’t even know…

— And with that, the enemy pilot just leaves. Okay.

Cross Ange - 1135

— After all those ridiculous revelations, the rest of the episode feels pretty irrelevant. Apparently, they lost some important “plant,” but whatever. I’m way past the point of caring, and I’m sure we’ll find out all about it next week anyway. As such, I’m just going to end the post here.


17 Replies to “Cross Ange Ep. 11: No more singing, please”

  1. Silvia burned her bridge instantly, I don’t give a shit about her. Hell, I was laughing at that part.
    So the shitty kingdom is causing these gates to appear

    Salia: Why am I not the Vilkiss pilot
    Me: Because you are not a Mary Sue

    And our Athrun expy arrives with Project A-ko vibes
    This episode had a lot of the Gundam Seed tropes
    Sword clashing
    Beam Clashing
    Seed Modes
    Not-Newtype Newtype communications

  2. Wow! Jasmine was actually a looker during her younger days.

    So, Tusk is actually a red herring and the actual love interest is that mystery pilot? I don’t even have a word for it.

    I guess I’ll be sticking to this series till the end after all.

    1. So, Tusk is actually a red herring and the actual love interest is that mystery pilot? I don’t even have a word for it.

      Well, we’ll see. At certain times throughout history, they were enemies, so there’s no guarantee they’ll be lovers again.

      1. Now, you have made me even more interested in seeing this through to the end. Will they or will they not be a yuri couple, that is the question :D

  3. if i write the plot, my guesses:

    Ange in this timeline is most likely a reincarnation of Ange in various period of history of the planet where dragons were part of human history or else an evolution of humans in the future, if not humans and dragons managed to merge into one at some point. Just this Ange or others who reincarnated may or may not remember what happen in the past life due to unexpected influences.

    It is possible there are different factions in history tries to deal with the dragon / human relations, Ange belong to one of these fractions and she carries genetic / plot device uniqueness that are key to the current solution to the human / dragon conflict.

    As there were various attempts to deal with the dragon / human problem through time, the current universe/time represent one version of solution the issue but carries some serious consequences, resulting the Mana and utopia empires. That singular point structure would be some sort of shield that separates both reality/time which also appear to be source of Mana.

    This current solution may upset some balance with another timeline/dimension resulting the side of the dragons want to change the status.

    The current status would be result of that guy in the OP with long hair. Which is behind all of the paramail technology whom himself has an agenda.

    Yet, there would be a more fraction in this conflict, which is human dragon hybrid trying to change the status as well. The people in Arzenal also wanted to change things on their own.
    possible fractions:
    Dragon human coexistence fraction represented by the dragon princess.
    Dragon enslave / harvest faction represented with the current empires with Mana
    Dragon human hybrid / Ancient time traveling mastermind?

    I fully expect complexity of the conflict and scale of world affecting events on the level of EVA as the show progress forward and possible matrix. (we already seen map altering WMD at work.)

    I do not think they are in the Matrix but if they are, this is going to be a bit too EASY AND LAZY on the writers part. Still, it will be too easy to explain the ‘incarnation’ with Matrix concept. A
    Matrix solution would involve a side that want to break the reality, a side want to protect it and one want to keep the status.

    On the production front: They clearly use the budget on the CG mechs so they must CUT corners on other scenes lol Fukuda direct most of the action sequences in this episode, you can tell cause HE actually recycled the opening sequence of the first episode for the singing Ange. The number of songs appeared in this show will be more than enough to fit a dozen song album.. and they actually have actual singers with a decent track record as both voice actress and singer, unlike Macross’ recent trend.

  4. > This is just drama for drama’s sake.

    There’s actually a word for that commonly used in TV and anime circles nowadays: “forced drama.” (In case you didn’t know.)

    > I love how Ange hasn’t much to eat for the past week, but she can still totally push the Villkiss to its limits.


    Wait. I mean, SHOUJO POWAH! (I guess?)

  5. Reaching for complaints there. What none main character does not want the bad ass lead suit. Sorry but fuck you Ange. Hell way I see it if I don’t get the gundam,red ranger suit, Dragon zord etc we are not saving the world and I am killing you all in your sleep. Also in full hd on my setup the show did not look to bad. I remember you saying you watch anime on your way to work or something so anytime you bash animation quality I have to question it. Aside from the shitty fan service I did not mind this episode.

    1. Reaching for complaints there.

      Nah, you just don’t really get what I’m saying. I didn’t complain about Salia before. So why am I complaining about it now? Man, I wonder… Could it be that we’re dragging out the same, tired conflict?! Nah, no way, I’m just reaching!

      I remember you saying you watch anime on your way to work or something so anytime you bash animation quality I have to question it.

      The show comes out at 2AM on a Sunday for me. Obviously, I’m not working during that time. Reaching for complaints there, buddy.

  6. The girl crying out for Ange is pretty simple. Until now she has been on her brothers side and found him as her protection. Seeing her bro get used by a demon girl and bout to die she yelled out for the only person who could protect her. The person who was her protection befor her bro Ange. In death she realized she screwed up but it was to late. Btw when you complain about animes in the future spelling out stuff. The last episode of Garo and this episode of Cross Ange are exactly why animes spell out shit because when they don’t the viewers do not get what happened.

    1. You’re fucking hilarious. I’m not wondering about anything. I’m calling Silvia’s characterizaton out for its inconsistencies. She goes from whipping her sister to begging for a Norma’s protection. Literally just a minute ago, she’s afraid that her sister might come to get her. The story then cheaply has her character do a complete reversal. This is hilarious inconsistent, which was what I was implying in my post. How can she go from torturing her sister with such conviction to suddenly thinking that Ange is the only one who can save her? You can’t have both. You, however, seem to think I’m confused when apparently, I need to spell out my criticisms to you.

      The last episode of Garo and this episode of Cross Ange are exactly why animes spell out shit because when they don’t the viewers do not get what happened.

      Haha, okay. I’m done with your shit.

      1. I agree, the little sister character is badly written with her reaction toward her sister and now turning to her for real… She is more real in doing nothing and stay a sheep under his brother, lure ange out under orders, then she her reaction to the brothers secret is believable.

  7. What a piece of garbage, this episode was all over the place, I would hate if Ange ends up saving her jackass brother and imouto, well I’m sure this anime will try to redeem her crippled imouto like they did with Hilda, because they’re hot, but at least I’m expecting some kind of real punishment for her down the road.

  8. She said star citizen, so does that imply time travel? “Cross-ange,” as in crossing over, or “Cross-channel,” would imply it’s trans-dimensional stuff. Usually whenever you have some super advanced mech just sitting in a warehouse for ages its because of time travel.

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