Psycho-Pass 2 Ep. 11 (Finale): Just hit the reset button

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 1101

Alright, alright. Let’s get this finale over with, so when it’s all said and done, we can just pull a Mika and pretend that none of this ever happened.

— Ah, Akane is protecting Kamui. But why would she need to? Doesn’t she trust Kamui to be able to fire a shot and stop Sakuya dead in his tracks? Honestly, I still think she’d rather apprehend the dude with the highest recorded Psycho-Pass reading ever instead of just outright ridding the world of such a monster. We gotta protect the law, remember?

— There we go: “But that doesn’t mean I should give up on protecting the law.” Protect that law, baby! She protects it so hard, she leaves Sakuya handcuffed to the ground but also unattended. Wise? I mean, are we to believe that the guy won’t somehow free himself and cause mayhem? Hmmm.

— Shisui seems to be on her last legs, but to be honest, it doesn’t really matter. Her character quickly ran into a brick wall early on in the season. We knew nothing of her before she became Kamui’s pawn, and we know nothing about her now. So for Ginoza, who’s another poorly utilized character in this sequel, to go, “She’d go that far for Kamui?!” it’s just useless information. We have nothing to compare her current disposition to. If anything, his utterance merely highlights the fact that we don’t know anything about the girl.

— The conversation between Akane and Kamui really just nails down how petty this whole thing feels. The latter bears the grudge of the people against Sibyl. That’s it. A grudge. Meh. Besides, you know what’s going to happen. Sibyl will finally be able to judge both itself and Kamui. As far as Kamui is concerned, he’ll be super guilty! Sibyl, on the other hand, will magically wipe itself clean somehow. I don’t know how, but it will. After all, it still has a role to play in the upcoming movie, and well, Kamui does not.

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 1103

— Really? Are we getting a flashback from Sakuya at this late stage in the story?

— So he’s sick for his mom. Like really, really sick for her. Well, that’s pretty cliche, but whatever. In any case, we learn that Sakuya corrupts the Inspectors that he works with, because this will allow his mother to stay “bright and shine bright.” What does that even mean? How can pushing other people to commit wrongdoings have anything to do with Kasei?

— Oh look, Sakuya has freed himself. Didn’t see that one coming.

— So Sibyl judges Kasei/Misako and that’s that. She’s dead. Okay, whatever. But wait, why does Akane stand idly by and allow this to happen when she, for all intents and purposes, prevented Kamui from finishing Sakuya off? All Kamui literally had to do was pull the trigger, but she jumped in front of the Dominator and acted like she was protecting Kamui from Sakuya. In both cases, the Sibyl System gave its “blessing.” In both cases, it’d be “lawful.” Likewise, why aren’t we bothering to arrest Misako?

— Of course, let’s just be real. Sakuya’s going to come back and get his revenge on Kamui, then afterwards, they’ll both die. With him, Kamui, and Kasei/Misako down for the count, the slate is wiped clean for the movie, and we can forget this sequel ever existed.

— So Kamui meets the brains behind the Sibyl System, and sees that its crime coefficient is over 300. All of a sudden, the Sibyl System announces that its evolving! As predicted, it’s going to acknowledge Kamui’s existence, it will now judge itself, and last but not least, it will rid itself of all the bad elements! Man, I knew something like this would happen, but not in such a lame way. Literally, Sibyl will just destroy the bad brains in its system and voila! We’re clean, boys! As a result, Sibyl’s crime coefficent is no longer high enough for enforcement action… as determined by Sibyl. That’s like a police department going, “We launched an investigation, and our conclusion is… we didn’t do anything wrong! Yaaaaaaay. By the way, the ‘bad elements’ have been put on paid leave!”

they bought our bullshit

— And Akane is satisfied with that! She buys SIbyl’s bullshit! Yep, yep, Sibyl has evolved! How do I know? Well, it said so! That’s good enough for me! AS FOR YOU, KAMUI-KUN…!!!

— We then see Shisui get taken down, but she’s not dead. This scene is just to wrap up this particular loose end, but again, what ends up happening to the girl makes no difference to me. Her character is threadbare, so I really don’t know why they’re bothering to keep her around.

— Akane: “If only you had chosen a way that didn’t lead to anyone getting hurt…” Can’t you say the same for Sibyl? Look, this is what’s missing from Akane’s philosophy: justice. She wants to protect the law so badly, she’s completely forgotten about justice to begin with. Can a serial killer suddenly have a change-of-heart one day and say that’s he’s no longer going to hurt anyone? Sure, he can say that, but we must still hold him responsible for his previous actions. I don’t see how you can get around that. That’s the only way to achieve justice. Law and order isn’t just about subduing people who have a high propensity for crime. It’s also about respecting people’s actions, and thus administering justice.

If you overlook a person’s previous crimes, you’re not respecting their actions. You’re not respecting the fact that they are autonomous entities, capable of making choices that will incur serious consequences. The same thing applies to Sibyl. So what if Sibyl’s crime coefficient is now low? It’s still true that Sibyl had committed numerous crimes against humanity. Even if we grant that Sibyl can and has successfully rid itself of its “bad eggs,” we still haven’t achieved justice if we just leave Sibyl alone. This isn’t hard to grasp. Justice doesn’t stop when you’ve learned your lesson.

— So Sakuya shows up and tries one last time to corrupt Akane. He does so by confessing to the murder of her grandmother. As his last parting gift, however, Kamui calms her down. What a cool guy!

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 1102

— As predicted, Kamui and Sakuya shoot each other and… well, that’s that. Slate’s clean, boys! Well, Sakuya is still barely alive, but he can’t do anything anymore in this current state. Mika shows up intending to shoot the guy, but ends up changing her mind in about the most pathetic Mika way possible: she’s going to just forget that she knows anything, including her own involvement. Nice!

— But despite its “evolution,” Sibyl won’t “institute a collective Psycho-Pass for all of society as of yet.” Great.

— Time to wrap up even more loose ends! We don’t need ya anymore, Saiga! Back into your prison, you go! Oh look, Yayoi is now suspicious of Mika! Oh no, I guess no lesbian sex between those two! And Kasei’s back! Yaaaaay.

— I don’t even want to listen to this final conversation on law and society. After what Akane’s done — or is unwilling to do — I don’t want to hear any of it.

— Anyway, we’ve hit the reset button, so the movie’s good to go. Nothing to worry about here! This sequel may as well not exist!

17 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass 2 Ep. 11 (Finale): Just hit the reset button

  1. gedata

    So how is a collective Psycho Pass going to solve anything? Given how many loopholes were exposed/exploited in the current system throughout the series, is it worth trusting these brains with the decision of which parts of society ought to be exterminated and when?

  2. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    “Justice doesn’t stop when you’ve learned your lesson.”
    True, for the most part. The debate on the proper perspective and procedure of justice is older than time, as is the argument trying to separate Justice and Revenge, often times being two heads of the same animal. However if there’s one objective thing that can be said about this issue it’s that no, people like Kamui or Sakuya don’t get let off just because they say sorry.

    So, yeah… Huh, you know I can’t remember the last story that desperately tried to erase itself from existence like this. I know the term “narrative suicide” applies more to moments like, well, EVERYTHING from the “NO DON’T SHOOT KAMUI” scene onward, but in a sense the way this story tried to end itself and slink into a forgettable oblivion gives more of a suicidal feel.

    We just watched the story swallow a 12 gauge, and frankly we’re all the better for it.

    1. E Minor Post author

      There’s no revenge in it at all. It’s about creating a society that people can trust and rely upon. As such, actions must have consequences. I mean, it cuts both ways. Say you do good, but you’re also well-off. Is it okay to not reward you because of that? Of course not. That’s not just. The flip side is true here. If the Sibyl System has really reformed — which is doubtful but let’s just grant it for the sake of the argument — then that’s great, but at the end of the day, it’s walking away scot-free. We can show mercy to those who have repented, but justice will not be served if their actions have absolutely no consequences.

      1. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

        Heh True enough, mate.
        You know, in their effort to wipe the slate clean they really did unintentionally make Sybil into an allegory for how our (or any) government deals with blatant corruption and criminality.

        Like, the entirety, save for a select few, was behind going to a brutal and costly war based on a lie and ended up with countless traumatized, ruined and dead.
        And so the people just move on because, hey, some people got fingers wagged in their faces.

        But either way, I do agree, mate.

        1. E Minor Post author

          Yeah, governments are evil, but worst thing for me is how the characters simply buy into it. Few shows actually have adult women play such prominent roles in the narrative. Sure, there are plenty of heroines in anime, but they’re always schoolgirls doing some magical bullshit and getting half-naked. Here, the majority of the difference makers are women, and other than few odd scenes here or there, there is hardly ever any fanservice. But here’s the kicker: they’re all fucking idiots. Mika? One of the most hated characters of the entire year. Kasei? Ridiculous. Akane? Couldn’t even survive the sequel unscathed.

  3. andmeuths

    And the conclusion of the Mika Arc:

    To quote 1984 (which I suspect was what they were trying to go for, but failed) – “And she (once again) loved Sibyl-Onee Sama.”

  4. Akumaten (@a9ma10)

    Sybil running away again by killing off its bad brains.
    Not good enough.
    I want it blown up..
    Sakuya pulling a “Psycho” in Psycho-pass (the whole dead mother thing)….go fig.

  5. Chakraborty

    This episode as well this whole series was just unbearable. The only thing worse than this train wreck of a sequel would be a 100 hour long Youtube video loop of Kamui saying: “Watashi wa nani Iro?”

  6. Anonymous

    I would have never guessed the sequel would be this disappointing. I remember I liked the first season and was looking forward to this one. I can’t bear any of the characters anymore.

  7. Pia

    Akane believing in Sybil once again, what a dork, first it “killed” her friends and now even her grandma just to mention the tip of the iceberg, her definition of justice will never gonna be imparted with the actual Sibyl System, maybe she should heed Kamui’s advice about seizing power.
    In the end this sequel wasn’t needed, no wonder why it just have eleven episodes, this was just propaganda to promote the movie and get a quick buck I guess.
    So, there’s no need to patch this shit in the movie since this apparently never happened, that give me some hope.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Well, we’re not going to see the movie for a while (unless you live in Japan), so I think we’ll have memories of the sequel to stew on for quite some time.

  8. Anonymous

    This PP season didn’t go down hill. It gone down a bottomless pit. This is not even fanfiction tier, This is something a 10 year old wrote..

      1. fgfdfh

        Yeah,it’s a exaggeration. I’m just too angry right now. That said, when you can find fanfiction that is better written than this show, it’s horrible.


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