Fate/stay night – Unlimited Blade Works Ep. 11: Let’s talk it out

Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works - 1102

Alright, alright, let’s get this over with.

— Not much to say about the start of the episode. Shirou’s suffering more than he lets on, but he tries to soldier on anyway without confiding in his allies. He even avoids meeting up with Rin because of it. Oh, those wholesome shounens! Meanwhile, Kuzuki has called in sick to work…

— Since Shirou won’t come to her, Rin will come to him instead.

— Cool. Our heroes are now sitting around in a room and talking about their plans to stop the bad guys. Best anime of the year, boys!

— Hey, I’m not really complaining. Anymore, that is. It just means less work for me. I mean, there’s nothing really to analyze here. Oh, Caster will blow herself up if they corner her? Hm, hm, very interesting, yes… Excellent strategizing session.

— Uguu, you’re a girl, so could you please just go home already?

Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works - 1103

— Not really, no…

— The delicious food shots and Rin’s silly faces are really all that I have to look forward to in this adaptation. Of course, I was hoping to see some amazing action, but it looks like we’re not going to get any of that in this week’s episode.

— Rin and Fujimura-sensei are now bickering with each other. Best. Anime. Of. The. Year.

— Shirou would rather break a bunch of dishes then just admit that he’s feeling a bit weak in one of his arms. I mean, with magic flying around in this universe, what if he’s not just fatigued? What if his strength is actually being sapped by a terrrrrrrrible curse?! So honestly, dude’s just being stubbornly irresponsible.

— You don’t care if Rin hates you? What kind of thing is that to say?

— Episode’s half over. Time for some action, right?

Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works - 1107

Of course not.

— On the bright side, this scene at least develops Rin’s character a bit. A teensy, tiny bit, which is more than I can say for the previous five or so minutes.

— Rin studies magic for fun. On the other hand, Shirou studies magic to make other people happy. Just different strokes for different folks, right? WRONG:

Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works - 1108

Rin then storms off… only to then stay for the night. She may as well just stay here permanently. Gotta keep an eye on that wholesome shounen of hers. Plus, she’s gotta be lonely in that giant house.

— But during her outburst, she says something about how Shirou really resembles someone that she knows. Oh, I wonder who she’s referring to. This is where Fate fans will claim that I should already know this information, huh?

— I like how Shirou expresses shock at Tohsaka wearing a skirt. Oh man, a skirt and thighhighs? Be still, my heart!

— Later that night, Saber goes to see Shirou, because she’s noticed that there’s something wrong with his left arm. This would be a good time for the guy to open up and allow himself to rely on others, but… wholesome shounens just gotta wholesome it up. Yo, if you want to make the people around you happy, I bet hiding your pain won’t make them happy.

— Archer then shows up. With just a few minutes left in the episode, we may as well just talk it out:

Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works - 1109

Yep, an entire episode full of nothing but conversations. B-B-B-BEST ANIME OF THE YEEEEEEEAAAAARRRRRRRR!

— Welp, there’s no curse. Dude’s just not used to using so much magic, I guess. Something something about dormant circuits being flooded with mana. Whatevs.

— Psst, Archer went through the same arm numbness thing. Y’know, just in case it wasn’t already obvious enough that he and Shirou are one and the same.

— Rin wants Shirou to think more for himself. Likewise, Archer is only fighting for himself and no one else, blah blah blah. Just deep characterization things…

— TL;DR: Archer is a cynical dude. Aaaand… the episode’s over. Nice.

— Yeah, this is a short post, but for an episode full of conversations, it ironically didn’t give me anything to talk about.

Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works - 1113

There were some scant character development, but nothing particularly profound or meaningful. Everything here was just a repeat of what we’ve already seen before.


16 Replies to “Fate/stay night – Unlimited Blade Works Ep. 11: Let’s talk it out”

  1. Heh Kind of looks like Shirou is looking at the snow on your blog, mate.

    “Psst, Archer went through the same arm numbness thing. Y’know, just in case it wasn’t already obvious enough that he and Shirou are one and the same.”

    1. I’d like to point out that Archer being Shirou wasn’t so obvious in the visual novel. For one thing, since the narration usually followed Shirou’s viewpoint, you hardly saw a picture of Shirou in the visual novel. Not having the two of them standing side by side when people compared them makes a huge difference for your unconscious mind. You don’t stare at their hair color, their height, their identical expressions – you don’t compare them nearly as intensely. You just accept that they are different characters that somehow have a connection. There was foreshadowing, but I was still surprised- probably because I held the CTRL button down a lot…even during the badly written sex scenes.

  2. It was silly of me to expect another fight. Maybe they can manage such gorgeous fights because they have the characters staying still and talking for so long. It’s been 11 episodes and I don’t feel as if anything has happened. Sure there were some fights and we met the masters but has anything really changed? It’s even worse when episodes like this happen and we’re forced to sit and listen to BORING dialogue. They had an episode zero for crying out loud that was over 40 mins long and it seems like the next episode will be just as long. How can you have all this luxury and just waste it.
    I don’t mind the show having such a large budget but I would expect them to use it better than this. Anime of the year indeed.

  3. what happened to berserker?

    Seriously, what happened to that little girl and her big man? Also, come on, where is the sexy time gonna show up?

  4. Sigh…I wonder why I even bothered clicking on this. You don’t read this blog if you actually like the anime, that’s for certain. When this guy is given a steak he’s too busy criticizing the temperature and color to actually go ahead and eat it. It’s actually kind of depressing. Though the criticisms are not very good either. Mostly just “Har har, this is stupid.”

    1. Pretty much the worst steak I’ve ever seen, but you probably don’t think steaks can be shitty, huh?

      You don’t read this blog if you actually like the anime, that’s for certain.

      I’m not here to validate your tastes in anime.

      Though the criticisms are not very good either. Mostly just “Har har, this is stupid.”

      There’s nothing to criticize. The episode is just a bunch of people talking about inane stuff. You guys are resorting to defending a bunch of boring conversations. In that sense, though, Fate has been pretty entertaining.

  5. This episode was about 24 minutes long, right?

    Well, it certainly didn’t feel like a half-hour episode. It felt like it would never end. It took me about three hours to actually finish watching the episode. It got so boring so often that I just had to switch to a YouTube video every 2-3 minutes to relieve the boredom.

    I’ve watched Ingmar Bergman movies that felt shorter than this. It brings to mind something Roger Ebert said once: “No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough.”

    It’s too bad that your blog doesn’t get as much traffic as other anime blog giants like Random Curiosity. I would really love to see those F/SN bootlickers over on that website (and other F/SN-fawning sites like it) going ballistic over your commentary. It would have been far more interesting than watching this shit.

    1. That site is beyond help, man.
      You must have seen the latest review of SAO II.
      “Oooh. It’s so heartbreaking.
      Asuna and Yuuki’s relationship is so sugoi.
      And I am glad to see Kirito-kun’s involvement too.”

  6. Fate/Stay Night had some serious issues: a plot with more holes than a Swiss cheese, awkward dialogues without any sense, Shirou trying to be a alpha male without the super awesome swords and don’t forget about the ridiculous transition of Saber from a independent knight to a prudish maiden. But besides all of this it was a fun anime with cool fighting at low costs. UBW is just a bunch of infinite boring dialogues with Rin’s ugly nose. After Fate/Zero, UBW is just a big letdown. Definitely I don’t feel I’m missing something not watching this show.

    Ps: People die when they are killed.

  7. I think the director just phoned this series in because he knows it will sell. Even the original 2 cour anime with its crappy animation had longer fights – check out the fight between Berserker and Archer for a prime example. Thanks to youtube I can compare the anime fight to the visual novel and guess what – you have nearly ten minutes of awesomeness that didn’t even happen in the VN. (Or rather it happened off-screen.)

    The visual novel clips where the two actually fought are really short. In fact if I’m right, you never see the scene because the author wisely didn’t want to reveal any secrets about Archer in the first route. Instead the relevant youtube clips are before and after the fight which are: “Fate/stay night – Fate – 11th Day – A Distant Back”; and “Fate/stay night – Fate – 11th Day – Archer and Berserker.”

    The original anime didn’t chicken out, and elaborated with ten minutes of chanting and acrobatic fighting stuff (“Youtube: Archers Duel To The Death”.) he final result was that Archer still mysteriously kicked some serious ass, but it happened on-screen this time.

    By contrast in the UBW anime after the first few episodes, they have hardly elaborated on the fights, and I just hope they’re saving their budget for the climax. They’d rather talk a lot and then usually fight for a minute at most. The talking wasn’t as big of a problem in the visual novel because I could hold down the CTRL button to skip it, (I always skipped the teacher and school scenes), and once you reached the fights, it was honestly fine to read the inner-narration and smack talking. Without those grand words, just watching the same reused sword striking sword CGs would have gotten boring. Clearly, visual novels can’t be expected to animate fight scenes on the same level, so you get lots of narration, desperate “what should I do” thoughts, and narration about rules & power levels instead.

    You might even argue that animation aside, the visual novel has had better fights than the new anime! (Because, at the very least the inner-narration added to it and made it longer.)

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