Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Ep. 12 (Finale): At world’s end

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis - 1205

It’s the end of the road, folks.

— Hell seems to be the way to go. Look at the guy with the instrument. As for the angels, they’re just a bunch of generic dudes clad in white.

— I guess Beelzebub really did not expect Bahamut to turn on him. So this entire time, I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. Oh, surely he has a plan! You wouldn’t awaken a world-destroying dragon without a plan! Nope. And as he’s floating away with just half of his body intact, the dude has the gall to go, “Why…?” Yeah, why do you have to be so stupid?

— Then of course, Bahamut proceeds to lay waste to everything around it. Fuck you. Fuck you, too. Fuck you over there especially. But I mean, if the green forest dragon that we had seen a couple episodes ago is any indication, then an ancient dragon probably has some smarts, right? So what is Bahamut after? Why does Bahamut want to destroy everything? Or should I just believe that it’s a force of nature?

— Somehow, Lavalley has turned into this pale-looking freak show. Well, the thing is, he’s really Martinet… or is he…?! It’s like the story ran out of time, so Rita continues to get us up to speed. Martinet/Lavalley is really… Gilles de Rais! Wait, who? I mean, I know who he was in the real world. He was a knight accused of murdering children. But who is he in this story? Apparently, just a bounty who wants the world to end, so he tricked both the gods and the demons in order to further this nihilistic goal. But there’s nothing more behind this goal. He just wants to see everything destroyed. Okay…?

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis - 1204

— Oh, I guess she does have a speaking role before it all comes to an end.

— Kaisar looks quite different with his hair down. Anyway, Favaro revives in order to keep the hammerhead busy, but the truth is that our afro’d hero has actually regained his senses. I guess Kaisar put the antidote into one of the crossbow bolts. Okay.

— It’s always a bit jarring whenever it starts to rain, but none of the rain ever falls on the characters.

— Aw, the good king is done for. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

— Damn, this is quite the sacrifice from Kaisar. Yeah, he allows Favaro to take his arm. You can see where this is going. The latter then uses the armband to turn Martinet/Lavalley into one of those stone cards. Well… that was easy? As for Kaisar, he just has a strange-looking stump that needs to be bandaged up.

— This entire time, Bahamut has just been floating there, shooting energy beams randomly at stuff. Two possibilities. One, the world has already been leveled. But our heroes wouldn’t have such an obviously bad ending, would they? So then two, Bahamut is just really dumb and inefficient with his destruction. Sure, he’s killed a lot of people, buuuuuut… he’s just shooting the same places over and over, so our heroes still have a chance to save the world. More importantly, if you save the world now, we can forget that thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of people have already died!

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis - 1218

— Favaro has made his decision to kill Amira, which pisses Kaisar off. Maybe it’s been ingrained in us that the heroes will always succeed no matter the stakes, but I’m disappointed with this. I’m disappointed that Favaro gave Amira this whole spiel about them being able to change their fate, but in the end, he readily admits that the old, green dragon was right. Well shit, you should’ve just left her in that pocket dimension for eternity, then.

— Poor Hamsa is then tasked with carrying our heroes to Bahamut. I like its facial expression.

— Both angels and demons proceed to work together to keep Bahamut under control. I’m still wondering where Lucifer and Gabriel are.

— Kaisar falls, which is something he has a lot of experience in. Then Favaro slips and falls, and has to be saved by his childhood friend. Man, everyone’s just falling in these past two episodes!

— Favaro stabs the key and stands there awash with golden light. In the distance, Jeanne observes this, and comes to the conclusion that Favaro is the holy knight? Well… I don’t know, that just feels really lame if it’s true.

— The guy then falls off the side so that he’s now in front of one of Bahamut’s eyes. A naked, shiny Amira then appears from it, and the two of them share some final words with each other. Then because we need some sort of storybook finish to their relationship — I wasn’t aware they had a romantic one — Amira kisses Favaro. If she’s mentally a child, however, which is what we’ve been led to believe… blech. Anyway, Bahamut blows up, Favaro was still stuck on the dragon as it did so, blah blah blah. Is this the last we’ve seen of Favaro?!

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis - 1217

— C’mon. No one here honestly believes that, right? Of course, Favaro survives that giant explosion somehow. Just somehow. And I guess he’s back to being a bounty hunter. As for Kaisar, he doesn’t get a rocket fist like Rita, but he’s still the knight that he’s always wanted to be.

— Then the credits roll. Afterwards, we see Kaisar and Favaro horsing around like the good, old days. But of course, Kaisar no longer has a serious vendetta against his childhood friend, and all this cost was a hand and a forearm.

–The final eyecatch implies that Bahamut (and perhaps Amira) will be back. But that wasn’t much of a conclusion at all. I didn’t expect Amira to be back safely in Favaro’s arms or anything. But fuck, man. What’s the state of the kingdom? Who’s the new king that’s being coronated? What’s Rita’s going to do now since she’s still presumably immortal? What are the angels and demons going to do now? They kept Azazel alive, he just disappears shortly after finishing Beelzebub off? C’mon. C’mooooooooooooooooon. Give me something! All that world-building, and it led to nothing satisfying!

— Well, Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis was a mostly fun show to watch, but the first half was way, waaaaaaaay better than the generic fantasy tale that we got for the second half of the series. I think MAPPA just ran out of time and money, so they hastily cobbled together a half-hearted conclusion. It’s especially half-hearted because Amira, one of the show’s main characters, had like what…? Only a few lines of dialogue over the past two episodes? That’s ridiculous. She just became a supporting character out of nowhere. Anyway, I wouldn’t reject a potential sequel, but I wouldn’t be too torn up either if one never shows up.


6 Replies to “Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Ep. 12 (Finale): At world’s end”

  1. For me this is the most disappointing ending of this season, what a waste of potential, the main flaw was how they rushed everything.
    I can’t believe Favaro blatantly admitted that green old dragon was right, I was hopping that Kaisar could knock some senses into him, but that didn’t happen, so Amira is doomed cuz some shady old dragon said so.
    Martinet, Beelzebub and Bahamut, the main antagonists of this show were a joke, specially Beelzebub, he died after like a minute into the episode haha.
    Well Cerberus’s seiyuu didn’t die or anything so in the end her character was just fanservice… oh well, at least she got more screen time than Lucifer.

    In the end it was a nice show to watch and I enjoyed it a lot so if they “come back” I’ll probably watch the sequel, there’s a lot of loose ends like Amira’s fate, the future of the kingdom, how the hell Favaro survived such big explosion that could’ve killed even a god/demon.

  2. I really enjoyed the scene where Hamsa slalomed around the light barriers and went up Bahamut’s spine. Probably my highlight of the episode. Oh, and I wonder what Jeanne felt when she saw Favaro stabbing Bahamut. Looked like her world was shattered at that moment, but we weren’t given enough to be invested enough to properly feel the bitter disappointment she’s supposed to undergo. Is she one of Kaisar’s underlings now?

    Anyway, decent show all in all.

  3. I have a question and pardon me if it sounds silly. Why couldn’t the gods just kill Amira right off the bat when they were captured by Jean’s forces in the first half of the series? No Amira, no key–> no Bahamut Resurrection.

  4. I was expecting much more from the show after seeing the first half. It certainly wasn’t a bad ending, but I cannot help but feel a little disappointed at how the second half become more similar to standard fantasy.

  5. i think everyone missed gabriel. she appeared in this final ep for like 1 sec? LOL
    – just when all the angels started patching up that barrier thingy, u can see her appearing and casting a huge AOE holy spell (13:35 min in the show) which turned all of them invisible to that 2pid dragon. ( u can also see her power along with azazel’s @ 14:17min ) since both are higher level angel/demon.

    u may not see Gabriel’s face / hair color clearly, but u can see that fugly metal things on both side of her back which gives her away

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