Tokyo Ghoul Root A Ep. 4: Embarrassing

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0415

Yeah, I’ve seen the third episode. And I thought I wanted to focus on the fourth episode. But the truth is, Tokyo Ghoul is dead. It started dying near the end of the first season, and that finale episode that we all liked so much was just the show’s pathetic cry for help. But it’s no use. The shitty CCG episodes that plagued the last few weeks of the first season are now the rule. Even though the third episode finally turned its attention on Touka and Hinami, it didn’t even come close to capturing the spirit of the first season. All Touka did was visit Ken’s old haunting grounds and look sad. As for Ken, well… let’s put it this way. If this was a live action show, you’d think that the actor was just too busy filming a movie, and that is why he is practically nonexistent from the story. But no, that is not the case. The show’s primary writer has simply decided that he’d rather focus on anything but Ken. Anything but the characters that have already been established and developed. So instead, we introduce more characters:

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0302

And the sad thing is, these characters aren’t even fresh or original. They’re just shittier versions of the ones that have already died. The asshole that you see above is just a Yamori wannabe, but with the added benefit of being a whiny crybaby. And of course, Akira is just her father without his personality. I don’t even like Mado, but his daughter is so much, much more boring. And I suppose the writer can now pat himself on the back, because he has four different battles occurring in four different places. But I cannot find it in myself to give a shit about any of them.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0411

Juzo fights off against some twins, but he is already bad enough as it is.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0301

Seriously, who didn’t cringe hard when the guy picked up that shitty-looking scythe? It’s enough to make you think a 5-year-old kid wrote this story.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0412

These girls, on the other hand, are so nondescript, we may as well have two of them.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0410

Then we’ve got Touka’s boring ass brother, and his sole talent is to look angry over and over. Naturally, he gets to go up against this Terra Formars reject.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0413

Dude emotes about as well as Touka’s brother anyway.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0416

And I guess it wasn’t bad enough that Akira turned Amon down on that dinner. ‘Cause now, we get to watch those two attempt to rely upon each other. P-p-perhaps love can bloom on the battlefield!

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0414

But essentially, we got rid of Mado just to have a shitty Mado clone replace him. The only difference here is that Amon can finally fulfill his one wish to fuck his father figure like he always wanted. It’s too bad that priest was more interested in eating people.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0408

Then finally, we’ve got Ken fighting Danny Trejo. I commend Trejo for his ability to take on many roles across many mediums, but Tokyo Ghoul has got to be a career low. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. This show is dead.

16 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Root A Ep. 4: Embarrassing

  1. eternia

    It’s officially dead. Even harem anime know how to do better. Even them know important the opening scene is.
    When it comes to this anime : “Are you returning to the frontline, Yoshitoki-san?” My reaction was “YOSHITOKI WHO??”
    The author must have eaten something bad, or knocked his head on a pillar or something, and lost his intelligence. I can’t imagine anyone who would enjoy this.
    These CCG fellows are just boring guys in black suits (other than the crazy kid with stitches all over his body). They are not important. They are hardly memorable. They are too plentiful, without any backstory or proper character development. How come the story is focusing on them?
    The author should just show Touka touching herself at night while thinking about Ken. Lol.
    That’s bad. But it’s still better than these shit.

  2. Akeem

    It’s true I could say that it was probably a slow start for the first two episodes but this….I’m in pain. THE ANIMATION THIS EPISODE WAS SOO weak too. Like the fight had no sense of danger/power/life to them. That ken transformation at the end was terrible too. I liked that there was no monologue of his internal feelings as it left it up to us to imagine what was going through his mind, which to me was one of the charms of the first season, the psychological aspects.

  3. Plinfan

    You know what, I wish i would be able to dissagree, I wish I could say your totally wrong and Tokyo ghoul root a is amazing, but I just can`t. Studio Pierrot is butchering the manga even worse than they did in the first season, nothing makes sence. The only reason I have any Idea of what is going on, is because I read the manga, despite the fact that this is suppost to be Anime-orignal. The psychological Journey of Kaneki is basicly the central part of the manga but here in root a he is reduced to a sidecharakter with barly dialoge and inner monuloge. Also the Animation quality dropted so bad, it hurts when you compair it with outer animes this seaon. And when my eys, my brain and my heart all acree that this show sucks, I can only drop it. Fuck you pierrot, you trolled everyone AGAIN.

  4. jstorming

    As much as I liked the first season, the second season is appallingly bad so far. They could have just stuck with the source material and as long as they didn’t mess that one up too much, it would have still been fun to watch.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Or just not continue the series. I didn’t give a shit about CCG or Aogiri Tree in the first cour, and I still don’t.

  5. ironherc

    Man, this is such a wasted potential. You see, we do not get well done protagonists that often, I liked Kaneki’s grow from where he started to becoming this new white haired self, but instead of focusing on the next part of his life, we instead get all this other crap we don’t care about. We would probably get invested in all done if done better obviously but still, this was the wrong way to go. Action anime is my thing but even i know that a series like this need to tone it down and focus on it’s strong points instead. But at least we can enjoy anime danny trejo kicking ass……..even if it would had been better if it was another show.

  6. Nick

    Even if Parasyte is also short on budget, at least it can give its action scenes a bit of oomph and make them tense as fuck.

    Tokyo Ghoul is such a disappointment, I’d expected better from a director who’s gotten a freaking Oscar nom.

  7. Snokle

    Yeah this is just bad. I did enjoy the first series when it felt small focused on the ghouls in the coffee shop trying to live in the world where they are feared. I like the close feeling it gave you. They gave that up half-way through S1, and now into this crap in S2.

    It amazes me how convoluted and poorly directed this show became so quickly, after having such promise last year.

  8. Picu

    I agree with Snokle, there was a point half-way through S1 that the plot started to not make sense at all. There so many questions unanswered during those parts that I’ve lost all interest.

    Besides, if humans have at least some kind of understanding, why can’t they realize there are ghouls that want to live normal lives? I hate the fact that they are trying to make the “bad guys” good, making you feel that what they think they are doing is “right”. That chapter when they killed the mother and wanted to kill the child too, jeez, I hated the feeling…

    PD: I f***ing hate Amon
    PD2: Can someone tell me why Ken decided to join the Aogiri?

  9. gaddayuum

    Picu I couldnt agree with you more. I hate all the f***ing piece of **** humans in this serious. I hope Juzo and Amon dies a painful death, and also that stupid b*** that works with amon, I hope she gets tortured to death…!11!!


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