Cross Ange Ep. 17: Days of Ange’s lives

Cross Ange - 1722

Well, that was a dumb ending to the Super Bowl. Back to anime, I guess. Alright, let’s just get Cross Ange over with. What dumb “twist” will the show throw at us this week?

— Salamander Chick tells Ange that her people will soon launch an operation to save Aura. Seeing as how this is the 17th episode, however, you know the operation won’t work. Moreover, she no longer pressures Ange to join their cause. Because they’re friends now, Ange is free to do what she wants. Well, isn’t that nice?

— Later, Ange explains to Tusk why she’s reluctant to join the dragons. I’ll admit that her first reason makes sense. Everyone’s lied to her up until now, so how can she really be sure that that she can trust these dragon people? Alright, I’ll buy that.

— Tusk, however, makes up for Ange’s stupidity. He says that it’s not about doing what’s right. Uh, okay. I don’t know about, but sure, I’ll hear you out. He continues to say that it’s about “doing what you want to do.” Wow, really? Is that why he constantly has his face in Ange’s crotch? Y’see, it’s not about doing what’s right. You just gotta do what you wanna do.

Speaking of which…

Cross Ange - 1706

— For that, Ange beats him bad enough that he can’t use his hands? But later, we see him piloting his… whatever it is just fine, so the injuries must not have been serious. Still, it’s the same pathetic pattern that you see all the time in anime. Guy gets a free pass to do something lecherous, and the girl gets a free pass to beat the shit out of him. Sounds awesome. Keep it up. Never change. Never grow up.

— In any case, Ange finally decides on what to do. Remember, she’s not going to do what she thinks is right. She’s just going to do what she wants… which is already what she’s been doing all series long, but hey, she now has a man’s validation. Anyway, Ange decides that… she’s just going to return home. Woo.

— Vivian also decides that she’ll go and see her friends even though she’s perfectly safe here with her mother. It’s okay, though, because her mother even encourages her to leave. The mother then brings out one of Vivian’s baby clothes. I like how even a baby’s top has a hole in the middle to bare some skin. Gotta train them young.

— Tusk could stay in this dimension and build himself a harem out of dragon poontang, but he’s got unconditional love for Ange so that’s that. She literally made his day by calling him her knight. Still, it’s funny that his character even exists. Cross Ange could have been like a lot of shows and just made this one big yuri-fest. For a short moment, I even thought Ange and Salamander Chick would become lovers. I guess not.

Cross Ange - 1709

— Unless Tusk dies or something, but I don’t really see that happening.

— As they ready themselves to go through the singularity, Tusk reveals his dream of opening up some shitty cafe named after Ange, and they’re going to serve sea snake soup. Great story, man.

— But like I’ve said, it’s the 17th episode, so the operation isn’t going to work. Hell, it doesn’t even get off the ground. Instead, the singularity opens up into the middle of nowhere, and the dragon forces are immediately under attack.

— A bunch of black Villkisses show up, and Ange jumps into battle to help her new friends escape through the now rapidly closing singularity. And guess who’s piloting those black Villkisses? Yep, it’s Salia and… those two yuri girls, but they’re minor characters but who knows. But yeah, Salia is now working for Embryo. Isn’t that just grand? I thought she personally wanted the real Villkiss because she had looked up to Jill, and as such, she wanted to make Jill proud or whatever. I doubt Jill would look too fondly on Salia now that the girl holds such great reverence for Embryo. But it doesn’t matter. Cross Ange is the type of trashy, pulpy story where this sort of character development is commonplace. So long as we have drama and backstabbing, y’know?

— In any case, I hope Salia bites it in the end. Her character has just been insufferable. I dislike Ange a lot, but Salia is somehow even worse.

Cross Ange - 1715

— Yeah, yeah, the anime has never had great animation, but c’mon… this is just embarrassing.

— The black Villkisses initially get the upper hand on Ange, but like with everything else in her life, she threatens her own mecha with violence. Naturally, she gets her way. But instead of sending her to another dimension, she and her friends find themselves back on Arzenal.

— That’s when these things emerge from the ocean. They’re not even remotely threatening to look at, but our former princess clings to Tusk as if she’s just seen a ghost. Weird. The first time she battled a dragon, she wasn’t this freaked out.

— Anyway, our guests take off their mask to reveal themselves to be none other than Momoka, Hilda and some third girl I don’t recognize nor care about.

— For some reason, Hilda walks up to Tusk and grabs his balls. And with that, the episode comes to an end. And oh hey, the ED has changed… if that matters. I don’t think it does.

— Looks like Ange will be arguing some more with Jill next week. But y’know, they’re not on Arzenal anymore, so what authority does Jill have anymore?


9 Replies to “Cross Ange Ep. 17: Days of Ange’s lives”

  1. So Salia became the Shin Asuka. It’s all downhill for her. I actually liked her
    Vivian is going to die. She could had stayed with her mom and reconnect for lost time.
    “Decent” episode, but still dumb

  2. Wow! that “new” ED sequence is downright horrible. It’s like someone just pulled it off from an old Windows screensaver.

    Still, despite this twist being o so predictable (we all know Salia was bound to change sides ever since she started yapping about how the Villkiss should have been hers from ep 3 onward)., I actually found the last third of this ep interesting, particularly the smaller details. I like how that short comedic take of her giving stupid names for their tactical formations actually gave a darker twist on her magical girl fantasies.

    And while most of it are facepalm and eyeroll inducing, I appreciate the fact that this series still has some semblance of character dynamics, unlike Aldnoah Zero, where almost all of the cast are now reduced to simply chanting “All hail our Lord Saviour Inaho Stu!!”

    1. I find this show’s characters vastly more annoying than the ones in Aldnoah.Zero. Ange is stupid, Tusk is a creepy doormat, Salia is somehow even dumber than Ange… the list goes on. Seriously, they’re all horrible people outside of maybe Salamander Girl, but we hardly know her. Give her more screentime, and I’m sure she will be just as insufferable.

      1. This anime and many others develop characters that base on assumed perception that most of the audience would fill in the details from similar characters from past many shows…

      2. Yeah, the cast of CA is annoying, but it somewhat catches my interest more, since there is still something to watch in their interactions, unlike in AZ where majority of the cast has been reduced to a praise brigade for MC-kun. Rayet, for one, had an interesting arc in the first season, but she was reduced to an almost non-speaking role. I prefer it more to see dumb characters interacting with each other than have them droning the same phrases over and over again.

        I guess we’ll have to chalk this one to differences in views.

        1. I agree. Though my interest is only in their dynamics, and there is actually some interesting ones in here (nope, Tusk and Ange isn’t one of ’em). Whether I actually like them or not is outside that. That’s what I really find lacking with AZ at the moment, I wish the show could give its side characters something to do other than sucking MC-kun’s ass all episode. .

          1. I can be interested in the lives of bad people, but there’s a limit. A show pushes that limit when every character is bad. It would also be nice to have at least one person to root for. I despise every character in Cross Ange.

        2. I guess I have more tolerance for this one. I have yet to despise the cast in the same way I hated the entire cast of Wixoss and M3 (the latter lasted only 3 eps before I dropped it). Still, this one is very much a bad show.

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