Isuca Ep. 2: For the love of my cats

Isuca - 0201

When we last left off, Blondie wanted to kill Catgirl ’cause catgirl is supposedly an evil specter from the netherworld or something. On the other hand, Blondie looks like one of those generic aliens with the big heads and the small bodies. I have no idea how this is supposed to be considered sexually appealing.

Isuca - 0203

If you know someone’s true name in this anime, you can control them. It’s like a shitty Rumplestiltskin. The Harem Lead learns people’s names by kissing them. I imagine he’ll only kiss girls for the rest of the series, though. The show might have be pretty transgressive if he went about kissing every single person he came across, but nah, let’s just do a shitty harem instead.

Isuca - 0204

Catgirl gives Harem Lead a peck on the cheek, so he not only learns her real name, but what her past was like. Apparently, she literally used to be a cat. And now, she’s a haremette. A haremette who is reduced to this sort of bullshit. Sad times, boys.

Isuca - 0206

Yeah, Blondie lives by herself. And yeah, Blondie lives in a pigsty. Harem Lead’s going to have to prove his worth by cleaning up after the girl, and this way, he deserves sex. That’s the logic behind these shows.

Isuca - 0207

And now that Harem Lead has learned Catgirl’s true name, she clings to him and calls him master. Obviously, these people have never had an actual cat as a pet. See if an actual cat gives a shit if you know its true name.

Isuca - 0208

Haha, Perverted Best Friend, you’re such a card. Okay, now disappear from the rest of the episode.

Isuca - 0209

Cat Girl has thrown caution to the wind and decided to just wear a maid outfit.

Isuca - 0211

Elsewhere, a locker room full of girls is beset by ghost rats. They’re not real rats, because normal people can’t really see them. But even so, these ghost rats feed you the illusion that they’re eating away at your flesh, and despite this, you feel incredible sexual pleasure. Nope, you didn’t misread that. You feel incredible pleasure at having your flesh being eaten in this anime.

Isuca - 0215

Hey look, it’s Fabian.

Isuca - 0216

Well, this a convenient time to be useless.

Isuca - 0217

Cat Girl has never been taught how to use the litter box.

Isuca - 0218

But speaking of Cat Girl, she hasn’t actually attacked humans, so she’s running low on spirit power or some shit. And the only way to stay in the human world is to have spirit power. There are two solutions. One, they can feed the bad guy to her, but that requires beating the bad guy. Two, Harem Lead can just give up some of his “life force,” but this might kill him. Welp, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? *zip*

Isuca - 0219

Whoa whoa, I was just joking!

Isuca - 0220

Blah blah blah, the fight against Fabian doesn’t go to well…

Isuca - 0221

…so we’re just going to make out in this rat-infested cave.

Isuca - 0222

Ugh. My stomach just turned. Anyway, Harem Lead’s saliva is special or some shit, so french kissing him empowers Cat Girl enough that she can beat Fabian. Poor Fabian. He just wanted to be a doctor.

Isuca - 0223

Later, we find out that Harem Lead is special (no, really?). He can regenerate his “life force” really quickly, so he’s got plenty to share. So let the hareming begin…

Isuca - 0225

This generic shrine maiden will be the next girl to join the harem.

Isuca - 0224

Oh come on, she has to eat on the ground too?


9 Replies to “Isuca Ep. 2: For the love of my cats”

  1. Dear Isuca’s creator. Go fucking punch yourself in the nuts until you pass out and never touch a keyboard ever again.

    I can’t believe how astoundingly awful this is becoming.
    Just how INCREDIBLY generic can this cast get? Like fuck. I’ve harped on this in the last post, but REALLY? The most typical cat-girl ripped straight from other cat-girls in the early 2000’s. For fuck’s sake. Just degrading.
    Blonde girl that can basically be summed up to “blonde girl”. And harem lead looks like the most fucking basic bitch I’ve seen. Like is that REALLY the hair you’re going for? Black spiky bush? This motherfucker looks like “Male Classmate B” in the background found in every high school show ever made. Holy shit, why does this jizz-stain even exist? Are people still retarded enough to fall for Self-Insert Characters?

    Huh, a miko. A straight-up serious un-ironically made miko character. The manga was created in ’09. How bottom of the barrel can you get. C’mon, just bring out the mystical paper-tags that she uses for her attacks and let’s see that maiden-robe get torn up for to reveal the bandaged-wrap tits. Again, this character would’ve worked in 90’s anime. Amazing.

  2. You know what? every time I see this show, I go to this website:
    Now, why would i do this? it’s simply because it works as a countdown for better things to come. This is perhaps the worst winter anime season I’ve seen in many years and spring is taking it’s damn time to come. I can join you in the other four harem shows but this one I’m done 100%.

  3. It always amuses me how catgirls call people master. A dog might think that way, but my cat generally thinks it owns me, even when it’s affectionate.

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