Absolute Duo Ep. 5: Thor is all about the superflat movement

Absolute Duo - 0501

It’s a big deal that Lilith can use a gun because Blazes are usually simple. Y’know, if you actually cared about this show’s world building. Oh yeah, we’re back with another episode of Absolute Duo. It’s basically shitty anime night, so enjoy.

Absolute Duo - 0502

But in more important news, Thor and his friends are stronger or something thanks to the sublimation thingamajig. And by stronger, all we see is that they can swim better. It’s really just an excuse to stick the girls in those bathing suits.

Absolute Duo - 0503

The guys don’t do much besides create giant, unnecessary waves in the school’s swimming pool. Cool.

Absolute Duo - 0506

Well, all Brock ever does is flex. I’m not even sure if I’ve ever heard him speak.

Absolute Duo - 0504

This girl is still useless, though. She’s only in this story for one reason. Well, two.

Absolute Duo - 0505

They can flaunt it all they want, but Thor isn’t remotely interested. We all know what he’s all about.

Absolute Duo - 0507

Yep, Thor is only into his flat-chested Scandinavian princess. And she can’t swim to save her life ’cause they don’t swim much where she’s from. Poor vikings.

Absolute Duo - 0508

Thor thus had to save her, then throw a towel on her head so that she wouldn’t get cold. Real romantic, huh? Well, it’s romantic enough for Miyabi, who now wishes that she could be even more useless.

Absolute Duo - 0509

This is what Japan thinks of westerners, or more specifically, English people. Mighty fine brew there, ol’ chap. Pip pip. Anyway, Thor walks up to the girl to check up on her, because she hasn’t been to class recently. Why does he care? It’s just his business, okay? Oh yeah, I guess I should fill in some of the details. She apparently has finished her high school education a long time ago. She’s only here because she’s lonely as an Exception, and she thought she had found a kindred spirit in Thor. But unfortunately, she’s too well-endowed for his liking. And also not white enough. We can’t forget that.

Absolute Duo - 0510

Lilith then drags Thor to the magical kingdom just so we can kill some time.

Absolute Duo - 0511

It’s not like this show has a plot or anything.

Absolute Duo - 0512

Oh, Fin got a new job ever since she left Moe Sucks. But that is neither here nor there. By now, we usually get glimpses of the story’s villain, but other than Rito acting a little crazy, the show is relatively aimless. Here are some special kids, and here is what they like to do.

Absolute Duo - 0513

Yeah, it’s not like Japanese people have ever hunted as a hobby before. Nope.

Absolute Duo - 0514

Yeah, westerns just grow up with a gun in our hands. I have five on me at all times. In my tactical khakis.

Absolute Duo - 0515

Now that they’ve enjoyed each other’s company at the most magical place in Japan, Lilith tries once more to recruit Thor. But I’ve told you guys already that he’s not into that shit. That breast shit, I mean. Lilith can slap him all she wants, but it won’t change the fact that he knows what he wants.

Absolute Duo - 0516

Which is nothing.

Absolute Duo - 0518

The next day, Thor and his class were supposed to battle the second years in this coliseum.

Absolute Duo - 0519

Unfortunately, Lilith is mad. So instead, she takes out the second years, and now, she intends to fight the first years by herself.

Absolute Duo - 0520

Well, next week, we’ll probably put a close to her chapter when Thor somehow convinces her to join his harem as a side haremette. Honestly, Absolute Duo is probably the worst of the five harem shows airing this season.

18 thoughts on “Absolute Duo Ep. 5: Thor is all about the superflat movement

  1. Akumaten (@a9ma10)

    The Scandinavian chick reminds me of Mashiro.
    She has this one special skill but cannot do anything. This is going on observation, is this true?
    At least this Lilith chick is active and wants to do something with the self-insert
    I guess otakus just want dolls for waifus

    1. Anonymous

      Made more evident by the other anime where the otaku is trying to change a girl in his perfect girl and she just goes along with it ’cause… reasons.

    2. ironherc

      I’m pretty sure the only reason why they like them like that is simply for the purpose of them working like living blow up girls, why the hell else would you want an emotionless girl who has zero to no personality as their dream girl?

  2. Akeem

    The worst hmmm maybe you could do a poll, I’m certain the arrow one is worse even though it’s only at two episodes.

  3. spectreandy

    The writer is just a lolicon degenerate. Apparently there are only TWO types of tits in this world: Boards and Balloons. And the balloon tits are just weird in proportion to their bodies and it doesn’t help that their heads are MASSIVE.

    And yay for more throwaway combat that was just shoe-horned because we can’t forget that fighting is cool you guyz. It feels like it’s just filler. That’s really what it is in these types of shows, to pad out the minutes until they can cap out the episode.

    Obligatory school swimsuit: check.
    – BONUS POINTS: Universe and Dimension Straddling Japanese Swimwear (fuckin’ duh).
    Obligatory theme park date: check.

    Like really? Are we really not going to expect that there will be a real JAPANESE onsen just randomly somewhere in this fantasy world? But we also can’t forget that we gotta do the beach episode because we want to see the haremettes in their OWN risque swimwear since we’ve already seen the boring school ones. Although I’m pretty much riding on that one of the girls will bring their school swimsuit anyway, it’ll probably be Julie or Miyabi.

    Is anybody still watching this shit?

    1. ironherc

      We are watching it because of how bad it is. I agree, fighting here is just pointless filler that has nothing that makes action anime cool. Heck! there is more proper action in freaking Precure, a magical girl franchise aimed at young girls! This is supposed to be aimed for an older demographic and they can’t even give us at least something fun to watch.


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