Tokyo Ghoul Root A Ep. 5: About as fun as a root canal

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0517

It’s a shame that I have to blog Tokyo Ghoul the same way that I blog harem anime, but that’s how it is these days. The show no longer has any depth. It’s just one unending parade of cheap battles one after the other.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0503

Maybe if the battles even looked good, it’d be one thing…

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0501

Oh sure, the anime will try to develop these characters. But they’re characters I never even cared about, so why should I care what they were like in the past? Oh, they used to know Amon? Big fucking deal.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0502

Hell, I didn’t care for Juuzo before, and this flashback has changed nothing.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0506

Naturally, I don’t feel even the slightest pang when Juuzo starts hacking away at the twins, and that’s what makes this gratuitous. It’s just senseless violence.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0505

Laughably censored violence, too.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0504

Battles rage on elsewhere. It’s like the writer just can’t stop. He’s addicted to the shounen-esque. Either that or he’s making up for lost time. Maybe everyone laughed at how Tokyo Ghoul started out. Or maybe he just saw the lost potential to push manga sales, so he’s doubling up now. In any case, Touka’s brother continues to battle Shinohara.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0509

Supposedly, the armor that Shinohara is wearing used to be Touka and Ayato’s father. We see a flashback of him reading to his kids, then walking out on them. Aaaaaand that’s it. That’s what counts for character development these days, because we have to hurry on back to shounen battles!!!

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0507

So Juuzo’s battle against the twins ends only for a battle between two other fuckers to start up elsewhere in the facility. It’s sad, man. It’s fucking sad. These two apparently know each other, a revelation that only manages to make me roll my eyes. As if it’s fucking profound that these foes used to know each other.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0510

Oh Ken… Ken, Ken, Ken… what have you become?

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0512

It’s now his turn to battle Shinohara. He morphs into this thing, but he doesn’t even finish his fight with Sachi. Hell, why the fuck was he even fighting Sachi to begin with?

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0518

Blah blah blah, Ken can regenerate his shit even if they get chopped off or something. Yeah, bring on the shounen cliches.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0519

We see him ripping away at Shinohara’s armor, but I don’t see any blood or flesh, so I imagine Shinohara will survive this dumb encounter. Couldn’t have asked for a more boring character. Sad thing is, Ken’s been conspicuously absent from the story in the past three episodes, but now that he’s getting screentime, he hardly says anything. He acts a bit like Jason…

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0516

…then after Amon goes into a rage…

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0514

…he starts crying and says he’s tired of eating. Greeeeeat.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 0515

That’s when Eto transforms into this thing and rescues Ken. The end. Seriously, it’s the end. That’s the end of the episode. Blown away, aren’t you? I know I am. It’s fitting that the sequel waited until the winter to air. It’s the time when anime go to die.

20 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Root A Ep. 5: About as fun as a root canal

  1. flamerounin

    Ken’s been conspicuously absent from the story in the past three episodes, but now that he’s getting screentime, he hardly says anything. He acts a bit like Jason…

    Wait, wasn’t that supposed to be the point (at least in the manga)? That he acquired Jason’s mannerisms after all that torture.

    Still, I haven’t pick up the last episode (work constraints), but from what I am reading here, it doesn’t seem like I will be missing a lot if I don’t pick it up again.

      1. Apa

        He still talks a lot in the manga. Sure his mannerism changes, but he doesn’t talk less. And that makes his character seem much more interesting in the manga. And as I recall, they’re just using an alternate storyline the author had considered earlier, so he’s credited with the screenplay, but it’s still going to feel rushed because they’re still condensing at least 50 or so chapters of storyline into 12 episodes. Or maybe the director sucks, or maybe the animation sucks, or maybe both.

        As for your comment on how the “author” must be addicted shounen battles, it’s quite ironic because the battles in the manga are usually a bit short. And his recent chapters have been quite tame.

        Also, although I have many criticisms for this series, your words feels quite biased. Like someone who will be cynical about something, and will most definitely dislike that “something” no matter what….. like someone who tries to degrade everything about that “something”, even if it’s just weak speculation. It’s almost as if you fall into the hater “cliche” of noting the smallest details to criticize the most and grasping at every chance to sound like an asshole.

  2. Anonymous

    Root a isn’t an adaption of the original manga so I hope the author you’re talking about is the group of animation writers who are only use to writing shitty fillers. Why couldn’t they just follow the manga line it’s not even bad.

  3. Leslie Lim

    hate to say but after looking through this blog, you have some serious shit taste and attention span. All of the battles mean something, it’s not some cheap fight. If you can’t understand the various meanings and symbolism that Sui Ishida likes to seed in his work, you are better watching some Shounen anime where it really is all about the fights.

    All of the complaints you had were all clearly shown and explained, meaning your complaints plainly retarded when the anime already suggested or shown the answers to your question.

    Kakuja=Body armor made from Kagune armor(you have to be an idoit NOT to understand this)

    Sachi fight=Eto asked him whether he would like to meet Rize, explained his disappearance.

    Touka’s and Ayato’s backstory:Pretty sure more will be covered in future episodes, since you know Sui Ishida and his beloved foreshadowing

    Regeneration of body parts=It’s what Tokyo Ghoul already established since season 1, you have to be a dumbfuck not to realise it

    Dumb encounter=the kakuja armor was being sluggish, probably due to Ayato’s dad

    Acts like jason=Great Mr obvious, no shit sherlock. This was deliberately meant to show how fucked up Kaneki got, and the traits he actually obtained. He lost due to RC gas which was the only true asspull this anime did.

    Laughable censorship=You dumb or what? Bluring is still much better than black bars everywhere. Furthermore, the ISIS crisis.

    In conclusion, nothing to complain? don’t cokplain

    1. Boo

      Don’t bother, he blocks anyone who disagrees with him.

      That being said Root A is awful. Right now I’m only watching it for the great EDs & insert songs. That’s it. S1 was excellent (except for ep 9/10/11 when they introduced Aogiri Tree and rushed through material like they’ve been doing this entire season).

      This adaptation made it further clear & confirmed my thoughts that the main appeal of Tokyo Ghoul is Ken Kaneki and his journey, by leaving him out you are taking away a big part of what Tokyo Ghoul is.

      It’s sad considering how good the manga is. This anime-plot twist of making Kaneki join Aogiri Tree is so random and doesn’t make sense. In the manga he creates his own anti-Aogiri Tree group and you actually get to follow him and see his thoughts.

      Let’s just hope there will be a Tokyo Ghoul: Brotherhood one day, and that it doesn’t get one fucking cour to get through 60 chapters.

      1. flamerounin

        Don’t bother, he blocks anyone who disagrees with him.

        Well, that’s odd. I disagreed with him on several series, and here I am still commenting. Hey E, when are you going to block me?

        1. Anonymous

          Just don’t make any snarky comments about his jokes,and don’t justify the inaction of a character’s subjective ignorance.

  4. Naota

    Given that last episode, which failed on about every front that existed to fail by, I’m a bit surprised anyone can stand to Tokyo Ghoul’s defense… and I say this as someone who enjoyed the first season more than anything else that aired alongside it. It was series that deviated from its source material in order to keep the message and themes of the story strong in an anime format. It wasn’t perfect, especially in the last batch of episodes, but unlike so many other series airing alongside it – so many gormless exercises like Terra Formars and Akame ga Kill, it had a soul.

    These days, I don’t even know what Tokyo Ghoul is about. We’ve had five episodes with almost zero meaningful dialogue, an almost galling focus on characters and conflicts we’re given no reason to care about, terrible animation, and the total absence of any reasoning behind Kaneki’s pretty radical actions. He wants to join the people – plainly evil people – that caused him and his friends all of this trouble… because he wants to get stronger? To… protect people? What is this, Akame ga Kill?

    1. E Minor Post author

      and I say this as someone who enjoyed the first season more than anything else that aired alongside it.

      I wouldn’t say more than anything, but I’d like to think most people on this blog were pleasantly surprised by the first season. But yeah, the second season flat out sucks, and it’s serving as a pretty good barometer right now for a couple things.

  5. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    I have to admit, I’m surprised you’re still posting about this show. Is it that you’re curious to see if there’s any kind of turn-around for this thing or simply that it helps fill out the schedule?

    Either way it’s clear now that this was always going to be a “gritty, bloody” (de)evolution of the shounen story. First we had glorious DBZ, then Naruto, and it seems Tokyo Ghoul wants to be the next-step. It’s the edgy Naruto, the gorey DBZ. Thing is, DBZ had genuinely likable characters with a whole series of actual characterization behind them. Naruto, love or hate it, also kinda did (though the cast became WAY too bloated and the writing got ridiculously convoluted).

    We never expected this from Tokyo Ghoul since the series was more thought-provoking than DBZ or Naruto. It wasn’t a gore-fest of great 80’s cliches like Fist of the North Star and wasn’t a schizophrenic combo of grim and cartoony like One Piece.

    It involved mature and intricate themes that most shounen don’t even attempt.

    But, like you said, artistic integrity doesn’t bring food to the table. Besides, as we’ve all said by now, we knew this was coming the instant what’sherface speed-slashed glasses-guy in the very first episode. There’s no excuse for us to whinge about how this show turned out when it was obvious from the start where it’d head, but still, it really sucks that this sequel series collapsed into xxXBLACK NARUTO: BLOOD EDGE: PALE GRINNING MANEATERSXxx

    1. E Minor Post author

      I have to admit, I’m surprised you’re still posting about this show. Is it that you’re curious to see if there’s any kind of turn-around for this thing or simply that it helps fill out the schedule?

      There’s no turnaround for it. I’m blogging it ’cause I can. And also because my posts get such good reception!

  6. Anonymous

    I had such high hopes for this “unique storyline adaption”, but I don’t know why I bothered. Like half the people in the comments are saying, the manga was good. This is…well, you already know about it.

  7. sonicsenryaku

    this definitely feels like a rough draft of the manga; i personally dont think this season of tokyo ghoul sucks or that the fights are pointless. It’s just that most of what has been happening so far seems underwhelming and i wish it wasnt. The only things i could actually enjoy so far was seeing touka sort of grieve at the loss of her friend, that at least felt like it had substance. Lastly, I wish the show would capitalize more on how Jason’s torture has affected Kaneki and his almost emulative behavior of that psycho

  8. ironherc

    Oh hey! More characters nobody really knows or cares unless you’ve read the manga! (Never read the manga). Many shows based on manga like this need a longer episode count like it was back in the old days to avoid this crap. No matter how much you try, you can’t expect to do a good adaptation of a 14 volume series in 24 episodes, usually it needs double to pull that off. Besides, wasn’t the manga finished already? It’s not like they were afraid to catch up to an ongoing, that is stupid. Also Juuzo blows, can’t believe he’s actually popular.

  9. Snokle

    I think I might of missed it, but when did Ken’s mask magically change? Are they trying to say he changed from his “internal strife” and working for Aogiri Tree and looking for help again?

    Again with the terrible exposition on flashbacks to make sure we care about one dimension characters during those horrid fighting scenes, it is just plain bad. I wonder how much it will default to more cliches and cut corners to show how angsty Ken is and how he will save everything.

  10. Lukas

    I am saddened by the fact, that the anime to my favourite manga is so horrible, that it drove you away from the series/franchise. Terrible.


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