Quick Status Update

fish eating

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been updating much lately. Why? Oh, y’know… work and such. I keep postponing posts for a number of culminating reasons. But really, I want to keep updating the blog and I will keep updating the blog. Honestly, I’m not a fan of too many shows this season, but that shouldn’t matter. Also, I do enjoy interacting with most of you guys. So no more excuses. Plus with the spring season is coming up, and I want to build a little momentum heading into it. Let’s set a date for this Sunday. I’ll unwind until Sunday, then I’ll try to catch up on as many shows as I can this weekend. I don’t want to let the few readers I have down, so making this post is kind of like a contract of sorts… I guess. But enough talk. Sunday.

See you guys then.

35 thoughts on “Quick Status Update

  1. anabchamploni

    Are you gonna update the blog? N-Not that I care, baka!!!!!!

    Ps: I also not a big fan of many shows of this season, but for some reason I loved Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! and all it silliness. And the cute evil hedgehog.

  2. gomegron

    I’m seeing a lot of animes, both recent and upcoming, that are either harems (which have an awful track record), continuations of other shows, and shows that look good but will most likely prove to be lackluster… I can totally understand you taking a break. :/

    Still, glad to hear from you, E!

  3. Anonymous

    Following your posts was one of the few reasons that I kept watching those shitty harem animes. So….. thanks for that? Anyways keep it up.

  4. Anonymous


    I haven’t been a fan of many shows these past several seasons. And I can’t even remember the ones that I legitimately enjoyed watching.

    I do like it when you write about the ones I hate though.

    But for real tho, write when you have something you want to write about, rather than just writing to keep up some momentum. I’d hate to think that this had become a chore for you to keep going. It’s okay to not be consistent in quantity so long as the quality is there, yanno?

  5. draggle

    Yay, can’t wait for you to come back! Take a break and then stop slacking off! Not that I can talk… only blogging three shows and falling behind on even that this season has been wonderful.

  6. eternia

    I always look forward to your posts.
    Your posts on SAO, Mahouka, dan Nisekoi made my day.
    The latter is getting season II. I hope you will write about it.

    1. eternia

      Death Parade is the only good one.
      And seeing the fact that I can’t remember anything about Parasyte’s ending even though I read the manga, please don’t have high expectation of it, you are going to be disappointed. The memorable content is only the beginning, really.

      1. Anonymous

        I read the manga ending, and it was complete doo-doo. Don’t take my word for it, but I heard there will be a different ending in the anime, but my expectations are low.

  7. I only watch 1-2 shows per season, but I keep up with all of the shitty ones with the blog. The worst anime can be the funniest to read about.

    1. Anonymous

      It’s the winter season. The worst season of all. They dump all good ones in the fall because of some award and stuff, and they dump the garbage, or what they think will make less money onto the winter.

  8. Jovian Dreamer

    This is a blood contract. I cut my finger and pressed it against my computer’s screen and everything.

    But I’m just waiting on a Death Parade post, since that’s really the only good anime airing right now.

  9. Puddo

    Well I can’t really blame you for taking a break this season, even if you didn’t have any reasons besides “meh I just don’t want to”. I’ve currently a lot of time on my hands, but even I’ve problems watching the current season. By now I have even put the shows that I actually really enjoy (Death Parade & Garo) on hold. I’m still watching anime (watching some oldies I’ve never watched), but something about the current season is just missing (maybe it’s your posts hehe) and watching the currently airing shows just feels like a chore.

  10. ironherc

    I can totally understand, this season has been pretty damn lame and it feels more like a shore to write about. Spring on the other hand looks promising as hell so I can’t wait for that.

  11. E Minor Post author

    Alright, the winter season does suck, but the reason is still work. Just want to keep the record straight. I didn’t stop blogging simply because I didn’t feel like it.

  12. E Minor Post author

    But yeah, thanks for the support. It’s the reason why I’ll keep plugging away at this on Sunday even though I’m dead tired often nowadays.

  13. 15FAN

    Nice to hear from you! You do an excellent of finding faults with an anime, Its keep me grounded on the shows! You have such a good eye and sense of story!

    Do I stop watching an anime because of it , No but somebody like would make an excellent QC for anime production!

  14. Herr Regisseur

    You’re not letting me down at the slightest. I’m already impressed enough that you can manage to find the impetus to sit through it all. But just for the sake of a little fan in me, I’ve always wanted to include this little quote from one of my favorite games, even if you’ve put up this quickie. I realized it’s lost a lot of the desired effect, but nonetheless;

    “Yo buddy… Still alive?”

  15. Anonymous

    I completely agree. The only shows a I’m watching this season are Tokyo ghoul root A, Death parade. I can’t understand why crap such as Love Live, Gourmet girl grafftiti and shows like that are so popular.

  16. Don Blake

    I definitely agree that the winter 2014/2015 anime sucked but in my opinion spring looks pretty sick. seeing the second seasons of decent anime. and the creation of some more. Also do a quick review on Shinmai maou no testament


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