Aldnoah.Zero 2 Ep. 8 & 9: Round and round we go

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0801

Look at me, look at me… I’m the ship’s navigator now. Our boy Inaho’s growing up right before our very eyes! Before he knows it, he’ll be HAL soon enough.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0802

That’s a good question. Y’know, I have a small feeling that invading Earth probably isn’t the trick.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0803

Well gee, that’s exactly what will make her happy. What else are you going to do? Force her to rule a defeated and conquered Earth? Hahaha… hah…

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0903nevermind

Slaine has more to add.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0904

Yeah, uh, that makes sense.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0804

Elsewhere, Dumb tries to pull a little misdirection.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0805

And Dumber goes yandere.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0902


Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0905

What happens when your girlfriend meets your side chick.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0906

God, why can’t she just understand that I’m killing millions — perhaps billions — of lives just for her? War is the only way to attain peace. You just crush everyone, and recreate the world to suit your needs. If you succeed, the defeated will get over it eventually.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0910

You know, for a gun to be a credible threat, you have to be willing to use it. Maybe this is the smart part, though. Maybe this is all just foreshadowing, and the princess will definitely shoot Slaine in the face at the end of the series.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0908

Wait, what?

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0907


Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0911


Anyway, I’m reduced to stupid memes because nothing ever really changes. When we last left off, it seemed like Slaine was going to go all-in on the good guys. But. Nothing. Ever. Changes. Big bad kataphract of the week? How ’bout three? One can go invisible! Another one wields lightning like Zeus or something. Last but not least, the third one can replicate himself seemingly endlessly! And y’know what? The battle against these three will take two whole weeks this time! Game-changing! Not since Trillram has the anime been so bold as to take more than one episode to figure out an enemy’s weakness! Unfortunately, the show’s execution is not there. Instead, the conflict merely takes two weeks to resolve, because we’re going to pad things out with some Slaine/Asseylum/Lemrina drama. If we had somehow managed to skip all of that pointless bullshit, Inaho and friends would have overcome the bad guys in a single episode. They are up against three Orbital Knights with three fancy gimmicks — hell, one of them can multiply! — and it still doesn’t amount to anything different or novel.

So Asseylum and Lemrina are now both under house arrest… whatever that means. The other Orbital Knights will wonder where “Asseylum” has disappeared off to, but then again, they seem pretty much like cannon fodder. Seriously, the knights are all cannon fodder. They just get sent to Earth and die. In most stories about counts and whatnot, there’d be multiple sides vying for power. There’d be political intrigue, treachery, backstabbings, secret alliances, etcetera, etcetera. Here, Slaine kills one dude, and everyone’s like, “Welp, we better fall in line!” It’s okay, though. With just a few episodes left, I guess Cruhteo’s kid and Mazuurek will stir shit up. As an aside, I like how Slaine is doing all of this shit on his own, and Mars is just sitting 140 million miles away, twiddling its thumbs. Oh, he and the princess are going to create a new country that uses all of Earth’s resources. Well… that’s nice… I guess we’ll just sit here on Mars with all of our superior Aldnoah technology and…

As for the good guys… welp, they’re even more boring. Other than Inaho getting eye pain every once in a while, there’s practically no character development whatsoever to be found on the blue planet. None. Zilch. Nada. Not even a single interesting interpersonal conflict. Forget interesting! Not even a single interpersonal conflict! Not even anything! When everyone still thought Inaho was dead, they were like, “Yeah, I hope Rayet can be the star of the show now!” Heh. And I guess Marito’s completely A-OK now. Spending two years offscreen can do wonders for a man’s PTSD. Yuki… well, her gripes were never really worth talking about to begin with. So that’s that. The bad guys are idiots, and the heroes are all personality-less losers. If only you could drop this entire show into the sun or something. That would be awesome.


8 Replies to “Aldnoah.Zero 2 Ep. 8 & 9: Round and round we go”

  1. How could you compare Inaho to HAL? Come on now, mate. Be real.
    At least HAL had a lovely singing voice. haha

    I’ve come to expect nothing from this show and still find myself frustrated with it for some reason. If it wasn’t to add context to the interesting/fun posts you make on it I’d have dropped it entirely (like I did with season 1).

    The really fun part is that I just got a box set of Cowboy Bebop, and damn does watching that series make viewing this one a bitter experience. And look, while comparing most contemporary anime to such a classic is akin to comparing a more usual SciFi/Fantasy novel to Dune, it’s not unfair to compare the passion and execution behind both projects. Though I do suppose comparing this to Gundam Wing would be more appropriate, I have a feeling that even then this show would still falter under the burden of how hollow it is.

    Reminds me of a bad relationship, really. It has glimmers of hope and goodness but all that falls short in light of everything it does wrong. Can’t exactly speak well of a show that doesn’t put in a real effort beyond budget.

  2. Excluding than every season’s share of pathetic ecchi/harem anime, I don’t remember a show that has a cast this uninteresting in a long time. Visually, they’re FINE but that doesn’t matter to me at all. It’s just the lack of character inventory and worse, a seeming lack of interest to even TRY to make these characters interesting. Does PTSD, autism and being a “Martian” count? No, it really doesn’t.
    PTSD-man bitches and moans but doesn’t contribute anything meaningful to the larger theme of the story or even as a sub-plot. Autist-Gary-Stu is the most desperate attempt at an asspull of “Boy is GOOD at fighting” that got I lost interest of after S1E5. And “Martian” is only present to do that whole “US vs THEM”-typical war theme. Hell, Rayet is a Martian on the GOOD-side, but she’s a supporting character, which basically means she’s as significant as dick-growth pill advertising spam email (yeah, that old).
    It’s kind of a big deal because, like you know, characters CARRY the story. You can’t just rely on “Oh big robot fight this episode” kind of shit.

    At least the CG is still…… kinda good? I dunno.

    And it’s a real damn shame though. At least the characters aren’t melting consistently on-screen thus far, which probably means they have a semi-decent animation team that was stuck on this corpse of a project.

  3. I think that the Vers side not acting is due to the portal on the Moon blowing up. In fact, up until now I had the impression that everything but long-range communications was completely cut between Moonbase and Vers. In general, I’d say they started the war when the portal allowed easy transport of troops between the two planets, but after Heaven’s Fall (aka the portal blowing up) the logistics of transport became horrendous and the Orbital Knights were basically stranded and on their own. I suppose Chrutheo’s son arrival demonstrates they can still send people from Vers, but it probably takes months to do so.

  4. Every main character has plot-armor……ugh….

    I really wanted to see his classmate die or his sister.
    This show is turning me heartless… or I’m just so angry at Inaho being perfect that I just want to see him get really hurt someway…anyway will do!

  5. I love how they’re spelling out “evil” by casting a thick shadow above Slaine’s eyes lol, this show doesn’t even trying to be subtle.

  6. I hate how the princesses are powerless against Slaine. The bastard simply hold her gun, indirectly said that ‘you don’t dare to shoot me anyway’, and put all of them into house arrest.
    I was actually pumped up when Gary Stu dropped from the sky. Yahoo. It’s time. And then he proceed to wipe the floor with everyone.

    I love the total ass pull science too. How could Quantum teleportation allow you to make copies of yourself? All right, it’s just a fiction, the writer can say whatever he wants.

    But there’s still problem. All those copies are apparently real. Which means each of them has a real count / orbital knight, with full human conscience sitting in there. And yet, they perform mad rush, jumping into enemy’s barrage? Sacrificing some of themselves in the process? “It’s fine. It’s fine. My other one hundred selves will take care of it even if I got killed.”

    Oh. I am pretty sure I can’t do that. So what if there are 100 copies of myself? This me, who’s currently thinking and talking, is irreplaceable! :-)

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