Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames Ep. 22: The no joke zone

Garo - The Animation - 2214

The story is wrapping itself up, so I think we should just get right to it.

— I hear this will get a sequel and a movie. Where will the story go? Develop Leon’s character as he becomes an adult and potentially a father? Hypothetically speaking, after the way they did Lara in, I wonder if people will be receptive of another love interest. Personally, I think I should be mostly fine with whatever happens. Just don’t, y’know, rush the ending.

— Case in point, it turns out German was scheming against Mendooza after all! Wow! C’mon, who didn’t see this coming a mile away? This was exactly what I was talking about in last week’s post, too. Garo isn’t above cliches, and for the most part, it has used execution to make cliches seem almost appealing, but this time, it hasn’t worked. And at such a pivotal juncture in the storyline, that’s a bit of a shame.

— “Dreadly Focus?”

— So you gotta play 3-D Tetris in order to revive Anima?

Garo - The Animation - 2204

— Again, the execution here leaves me scratching my head. It’s the classic old trope. German had Mendooza where he wanted him! He can cut Mendooza down right now! Unfortunately, the villain is not above using Octavia as a human shield, and big ol’ softy German just can’t cut Octavia down. As a result, Mendooza only loses an arm, German has to retreat, blah blah blah. And of course, Octavia was conveniently unconscious for the five seconds that Mendooza intended to use her as a human shield, so not only does she not realize she has been betrayed, she can also distract German! Cool! Man, c’mon.

It’d be one thing if Mendooza used some random child as a shield. Or some random baby. I don’t know where the fuck he’d get a random child, but you get my point. Ensure the success of the mission or save some child’s life? You know a noble hero like German would never choose the mission over a child. But Octavia? Octavia? Sure, our heroes don’t realize that she is super evil… but c’mon, it’s fairly obvious that she is evil. She’s literally by Mendooza’s side all the time. She’s literally getting in German’s way even though she knows some big bad Horror will be revived as a result of this. A hero’s gotta be all idealistic and shit, but you also gotta make some tough decisions. And I’m sorry, but trying to spare Octavia’s life is a bad decision. You’ve failed, German. You’re cool, but you’ve failed hard here.

— Elsewhere, Leon and gang stumble into a trap, and it sends them to…

Garo - The Animation - 2207


— But it’s all shock and awe, ’cause the story doesn’t even do anything with it. They don’t even run into anyone. Or even cars. Anything iconic about the modern age, y’know? Besides skyscrapers, that is. They split up to destroy some shit, and then the three of them return to their reality. When it first happened, my mind was in overdrive as I wondered what would happen next. Would Leon perhaps run into Lara’s reincarnation? Would he try to take her back to his time?! Naw, I’m not hung up on Lara or anything. I just don’t get why she’s in the goddamn ED if she’s only to die after three episodes! But seriously, I can’t believe the writers sent the heroes into the modern age and did nothing with it. Again, it seems rushed or poorly thought out.

— The only good bit is when Leon strives at all costs to break through Mendooza’s multiple barriers in order to reach his father. And just as he does so, German looks over his shoulder to his son and says, “You’re late. I was getting tired of waiting.” More specifically, they haven’t been the perfect father-son duo. German hasn’t been the perfect father, too. Hell, he certainly could have done more for Leon when Leon was at his lowest during the midpoint of the season. But in the end, he always knew his kid would pull through. Yeah, yeah, he was getting tired of waiting for Leon to grow up, but the point is, he was always going to keep waiting.

Garo - The Animation - 2211

— Anyway, German’s dropping hints that he might stick around for long. Would I be especially bothered if he does bite it in the end? Honestly, nah. It doesn’t mean I don’t like German’s character, but I’ve never been bothered when older characters finish their journey, so to speak. Their story should fittingly come to an end, and a narrative death is just a dramatic way to send them off. People, however, come to see these favorite characters as like friends that they’ve gotten to know in real life, and as such, they almost reactive to these narrative deaths as if a friend is dying in real life. I just don’t put that much attachment to these characters.

— Hm, yeah, I think Octavia did more than ruin her freckles and mole…

— Anyway, the story’s conclusion isn’t far away. Let’s hope things start picking up.


6 Replies to “Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames Ep. 22: The no joke zone”

  1. yeah execution has been pretty lacking in recent times and when I saw them being sent into modern times I actually paused the video. So many things were going through my head but the place was empty, like wth loool I couldn’t believe it.

    “People, however, come to see these favorite characters as like friends that they’ve gotten to know in real life, and as such, they almost reactive to these narrative deaths as if a friend is dying in real life. I just don’t put that much attachment to these characters.”

    I think that’s one reason why stories are so successful and can have such a huge impact. Viewers see the characters as real people and become attached. Whenever I’m really into a show though I cant help but get attached to the characters. I don’t have a huge problem with them dying though or sleeping with some other character.

    How have they managed to green light a sequel and movie though? Does anyone know if sales have been good?

  2. “So you gotta play 3-D Tetris in order to revive Anima?”
    lol, being a Makai priest sure is easy.

    Octavia’s transformation was hilarious rather than scary, Garo keeps being consistent in its goofiness.
    I was hoping for her to kill German during their last encounter, just to prove how wrong he was for sparing her life, she’s evil and he knows it… but meh they needed to transform her into horror to make it obviously right for our heroes to murder her, I don’t know lady, but I think you were more deadly being a non horror “innocent/confused woman”.

    1. I almost appreciate that they waited to kill her so she could transform. I haven’t seen monster-titties since the 90’s-00’s.
      You know the type: Mouth-titties (like Digital Devil Saga), sword/eye-titties (Devilman/Devilwoman), etc.
      Here we have what looks to be hornet-titties. It’s very classic “monster action anime”, you know?

      But yeah, bitch should’ve gone down way sooner.

  3. As a writer, I can appreciate readers/audiences who grow so close to characters that they feel hurt by their deaths, but no matter what your perspective, there’s never any reason for anyone to feel angry about a well done death.

    If German dies, we know it will be well-written. He’d go out in some kind of blaze of glory, or have a peaceful death after sacrificing his last to help save the day. In this kind of case, I can’t imagine anyone feeling irritated or offended by his passing.

    Like you said, older characters dying off and passing the torch is a great part of any narrative (when done right). It’s honestly why I like the Cell Saga of DBZ so much more than ANYthing after it, because it ended on a moment where the long-running hero counseled his son, the next hero, into taking up his mantle.

    We’ll miss German. Some of us will even feel sad he’s gone. However, we’ll readily accept his departure from the stage when he dies a good death.

  4. The whole modern era trap was very disappointing, for a second I thought it was a plan to weaken Leon by sending him into an alternate future where the horrors eventually win, or just to give plain good old fanservice and make him meet up with Kouga from the original live action tv series and have him fight a much more experienced Garo. If this is a sorta hint about future events in the next season, I will be fine by it.
    Now my take on older characters is that the problem I have with them dying is that most of the time they are made just for that purpose, which I find kinda irritating when they end up been more appealing than the main character who never reaches that love of investment, but here I like both Leon and German. Their relationship also is much more unique than almost any other action anime out there, we rarely get to see the main character having his father be a major player as well as a one of the heroes of the story. I really hope he doesn’t die so we can have him for another season and movie.
    Also, another thing never mentioned here is that the makai knight’s armor is made out of soul metal that tends to burn the flesh of regular humans if touched, I think this is the first time I ever seen someone actually doing it.

  5. So does this show get better in the next episodes? I Haven’t seen any follow up blog to this show. ..or did it just get so bad at the end that there was no reason to blog it anymore?

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