Ore Monogatari!! Ep. 6: My eyes can only roll back so far

Ore Monogatari!! - 0615

Are you prepared to discover Rinko’s deep, dark secret? Well, are you?! It’s going to knock your socks off! Basically, take what Takeo’s doing to the cat right now, and… Nah, of course I’m kidding.

— Oh yeah, Ai is a college freshman. And Takeo’s a high school freshman… c’mon, girl. You’re old enough to know better.

— Meanwhile, Takeo is trying to read shoujos in order understand girls better. Well… I mean, I suppose it’s not as bad as reading Cosmo in the hopes of trying to understand the fairer sex, but it still seems pretty iffy to me. You wouldn’t read shounens and think you could understand boys, would you?

— But while he’s busy with that, Ai pulls Rinko aside and tries to extract the girl’s secret out of her. That seems kind of nosy. In fact, even if Ai does care this much about Takeo, I can’t help but feel as though this is none of her business. But luckily, it’s not like Rinko has a real secret worth giving a shit about anyway. Is that harsh? Good.

— So what is Rinko’s secret? Why, she’s not as pure as Takeo thinks! What does that mean? Like, she’s not a virgin or something? Haha, nah. You really think the story would take that sort of risk? Of course not.

Ore Monogatari!! - 0607

— It turns out she just wants to, uh, hold hands and shit. And uh, she wants to cuddle. Ooooooh, what a dirty cuddle-haver!!

— And like any normal person going through puberty, she’s attracted to the guy that she loves. Wow, no shit, Sherlock. So what’s the lesson here? It’s that girls can have these feelings, right? And it doesn’t make them dirty, right? And that’s a fine lesson to teach, but it doesn’t go far enough. Because even if high school girls (or guys, for that matter) wanted to have sex, it still wouldn’t make them dirty. But we’re not willing to go out on that limb. Instead, we’ll lob this softball bullshit about how Rinko wants to hold hands, and by golly, we shouldn’t shame her for having such thoughts!!!

— Yeah, I’m not impressed. It feels like the show is too scared to take a real stand against the expectations that girls must be pure and virginal. Sorry, wanting to cuddle doesn’t cut it when girls are being bullied and mocked for a whole lot worse.

— Anyway, Ai manages to convince Rinko that she won’t get dumped for wanting to hold Takeo’s hands. Again, no shit, Sherlock… I mean, a guy his age? Especially in 2015 when phones are pretty much mini computers? C’mon. Why are we pretending as though teenagers don’t have sexual appetites? Give me a break. But you wouldn’t ever see the hero admit to fapping it on the regular, because even boys have to deal with this pure-pure bullshit. Nuh-uh, I totally wouldn’t look up naked women on my computer! And then we wonder why people have such a negative attitude towards sex when we are so afraid to talk to them about it. The show had a golden opportunity to reach out to young people and tell them it’s okay to want to jump your boyfriend or girlfriend every now and then, but nah, softball shit all the way.

Ore Monogatari!! - 0613

— After Rinko runs off to find Takeo, we delve into Ai’s feelings. Like, for example, why she even likes Takeo in the first place. Apparently, she had an early growth spurt, so all of the other boys would compare her to some ugly statue. Takeo, on the other hand, compared her to a flower. As a result, she’s had a crush on him since… then? Even now, when she’s a college woman? Uh… sure. Whatever. I give up on understanding these stories.

— She laments that she had not been born a man, because Makoto gets to be friends with Takeo for life. But like a commenter had previously suggested, what if Makoto was gay? What if he’s also suffering as much as Ai as he watches Takeo get with Rinko…? Haha, nah, if the show’s too afraid to broach the topic of sex, I doubt it would make Makoto gay in a serious and mature way.

— So Rinko and Takeo finally meet up, and the former reveals that, like, she wants to hold hands and stuff. And snuggle. Uguu.

— She even apologizes for not being as pure as he thought she was. Yeah, you dirty hand-holder!

— It’s just funny to me, because Japanese art is raunchy as fuck. Have you seen some of it? I’m not even talking about the recent stuff like that statue of a guy holding his sperm like a lasso. But of course, stuff like the woodblock prints featured adults. And this is a show about kids. So our hesitation is understandable, right? Well, a little bit yes and a little bit no. This is a show about high school kids. There’s no doubt about that. No, I don’t want to see high school kids fuck like rabbits. But it’s also a show about growing up, and part of growing up is, well, coming to terms with your sexual feelings. Kids don’t have to bang like rabbits, but it’s not healthy either to pretend they just want to “snuggle.”

Ore Monogatari!! - 0621

— But it’s sad, really. Sexual feelings between teenagers are so rarely explored in mainstream anime that we have to watch a shitty show about bears. So clearly, we don’t have a problem when individuals of the same sex do more than just cuddling. In fact, they get to paw the shit out of each other all the time. Sometimes, it’s not even consensual. But when it comes to hetero couples, it’s like nuh-uh, man! Our love is too pure for that! So we end up creating another problem: we treat same sex relationships as less serious, which is why they get to explore the audience’s various fetishes, i.e. quasi-rapey shit.

— Even though they’re now holding hands, Rinko can’t help but think back to what Takeo had said to Ai on a previous day: he likes Rinko because she’s pure-hearted. This gives the girl some consternation, because — bear shock! — she’s “lied” to him before. Like, um, she purposefully left her phone at his place so that she would have an excuse to see him later. And uh, she asked people at his school about him. Welp, that does it. String her up and burn the witch. She’s totally wicked and rotten.

— Again, the story could’ve taken a much more serious route without being overly dramatic. What might she have lied about? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe she used to think badly of Takeo too or something. Or maybe she’s lied about her identity in some way. Y’know, real issues that people would actually hide from their lovers at the start of a relationship. Not more of this softball bullshit.

— In the end, Ai leaves to go back to the adult world. As for Takeo, he doesn’t want his first kiss with Rinko to suck, so he tries to force Makoto into practicing with him.

Ore Monogatari!! - 0628

See? It’s funny when it’s between two people of the same sex! Hahahahahahaha… don’t do that to your actual girlfriend, though. That’s totally impure, dude.


11 Replies to “Ore Monogatari!! Ep. 6: My eyes can only roll back so far”

  1. Wow, it’s like the show wants me to post screenshots on the internet and say “l-l-lewd”, come on, at least try a bit.

  2. I’d even kinda understand her concern about wanting to move forward with their relationship (i.e. cuddle and whatnot) because maybe she didn’t know how to approach the subject or being shy or whatever, I feel like that’d be something worth talking over with someone else, but not “oh, he might dump me”, it’s just silly.

  3. Hey, this is no laughing matter. I feel so embarrassed admitting this but…once, I had the desire….to hug a guy. I had to take at least seven showers in holy water to even start washing the dirty thoughts away.

  4. I actually found it disgusting how after this entire episode is spent softballing, it then ends with Takeo kiss-raping Suna (it is not consensual and Takeo is clearly much more powerful than him). So many people online seem to be loving this though… Coupled with the very artificial way this show is built up with all those disasters and even in this episode when Suna’s sister comes to his school specifically to get him to help her fix Takeo’s relationship behind his back… I just don’t really care to watch any more of this show.

  5. I think the jury’s still out on that. I don’t think this show will get to the point of discussing sex too openly (I was pretty amazed when Parasyte, despite being fundamentally a shounen, unashamedly gave us the protagonist banging his girlfriend. 80s, I guess!), but it’s also true that these guys are high school kids and have just gotten together so I wouldn’t expect them to immediately go *there*. After all some of Rinko’s signals *have* been in the sexual ballpark – her first reaction hinting her “secret” last episode was to seeing Takeo half-naked, and this episode she went to great lengths justifying her desire with physical attraction. I would take it as realistic if it tackled the topic around, say, mid-series, or even as a last arc.

    And well, it’s no secret how Japanese culture works anyway. We can’t really fault a work for its entire cultural landscape. Seen in that light, it’s actually making an effort of sorts – more than it is asked for, being a comedy/romance. There are tons of problems with the purity complex, but this show is at least trying to dodge the ball there without being openly controversial. It may not be part of the solution, but I don’t think it’s part of the problem either.

  6. ” The show had a golden opportunity to reach out to young people and tell them it’s okay to want to jump your boyfriend or girlfriend every now and then, but nah, softball shit all the way.”

    But E Minor, premarital sex is a grave sin.

  7. I got disappointed with her secret as well.
    I thought it would be something like, she only liked him at first because he looks like someone she used to be with or something like that.
    And then when she started saying what she found attractive about him, I thought that maybe it would be that she wanted sex. But….okay.
    This episode wasn’t needed.

  8. To be honest, this review reminds me of a local radio show and for their anniversary they had Maria Ozawa guest in the show. There was a topic they brought up asking Maria Ozawa about a message to Filipina women who are pretty much considered holy and pure on the streets, but they actually tend to be wild on the sheets. Maria responds advising women to not be ashamed of their sexuality and that time I learned that despite the formality issues and all that shit Japan has no true problem flaunting sexuality in reality.

    Like I can understand people taking control of their sexual urges and actually keeping first moments real special. But the level Ore Monogatari goes with making hugging and holding hands as something as controversial in this girl’s world as sex, well… Is she what a woman is in Japan is supposed to be or is she what Japan wants a woman to be?

    Also, yeah tons of hypocrisy in basically EVERY modern anime where same-sex scenes between frands are treated as shenanigans, jokes, and slight fetishes, but men and women touching knuckles albeit accidentally is pretty much a hazukashiiii~ moment.

  9. Yeah… any real tension that I felt or curiosity that would spark such a bump in the storyline was dropped HARD. Harder than mostly anything recent that I can think of. The set-up certainly set itself up as being a darker kind of thing.
    I didn’t know why, but I thought it was some kind of abuse (sexual or not) that happened to her. Which, in retrospect was pretty dumb considering the type of atmosphere this show conveys. The shoujo genre doesn’t shy away from sexuality or even into more extreme cases, but this show is on the opposite spectrum of being sickeningly-sweet vanilla. And so the characters are just unrealistically sterilized.
    Takeo doesn’t have a stack of ero-mags or at least a couple of bookmarks of pornsites? Or Rinko’s friends’ raunchy conversations about dudes they banged not getting to her?

    I’m not really seeing what Suna’s sister’s role was supposed to be though. Is it just to show that a hot chick would be in love with a “beast” like Takeo? Isn’t that what Rinko’s role is and the whole crux of the show? An aesthetically desirable female that looks like Shoujo Main Girl NOT hooking up with Shoujo Main Boy?
    The threshold of “This dude is NOT supposed to get any” has been passed, which is why this show exists, so really any noticeable difference between “hot” and “cute” directed towards Takeo is largely lost on me.

    Even this far, this show is still more enjoyable for me than dungeon and cooking show. It’s mediocre but it’s not a steaming pile.

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