Owari no Seraph Ep. 1-6: Demons! Vampires! And…!

Owari no Seraph - 0302

High school. Woo. Alright, let’s cover one more show before I call it a night.

— I actually thought the first episode was… okay. It didn’t give the audience too much information about the setting, but it gave enough to tickle the imagination. And the tragic events towards the end of the episode? They were a decent way to cap things off, I felt. Even if cliched, there were emotions in those final scenes. And trust me, I usually detest child characters in anime. Right off the bat, we establish some strong motivations for the main character, but there’s a bit of a irony here. He managed to escape his fate as livestock only to walk right into the arms of someone who can just as easily exploit him. If the latest episode is any indication, Guren has been doing some shady shit to Yuichiro for quite some time now.

— But the second episode immediately brought Owari no Seraph back to earth. So you’re telling me that some deadly virus has devastated the world’s population, but heeeeere’s a giant fucking school! With all that missing manpower, where are people getting their food? Power? How does anything even get built?

Owari no Seraph - 0301

— Shinoa claims that the Demon Army (or whatever the fuck they’re called) encourages everyone to openly embrace sex. Well, sure. With so few people left, we may as well fuck like rabbits and repopulate the world, right? And yet after six episodes, I have yet to see any free lovin’. Pfft, we can talk the talk, but we can’t walk the walk.

— Still, I can appreciate the fact that the show has been pretty much devoid of any fanservice. Imagine that! Usually by now, we would’ve gotten at least an upskirt shot from Shinoa. Or maybe have Yuichiro walk in on her because they somehow share a bath. But no, there’s no such thing in this anime as of yet… wait a minute, why is that?

Owari no Seraph - 0101

— Because this is a show of bromances.

Owari no Seraph - 0204

And bromances.

Owari no Seraph - 0403

And even more bromances.

Owari no Seraph - 0604

Get a room, bruhs.

— Anything good to say about the anime? I mean, I kinda like how the backgrounds are done?

Owari no Seraph - 0102

I won’t say I approve of the overall art direction. The characters, for instance, look way too young and childish for my tastes. And the animation isn’t technically great anyway. But I don’t mind the backgrounds. Yeah…

— Yes, of course Mika is still alive. Why wouldn’t he be? And he’s a vampire now, too. Best of all, he’s been looking for his best bud Yuichiro. Bromances never die, bruh. Bromances for life.

Owari no Seraph - 0201

— One negative thing: the main character is such a loud, aggressive, in-your-face boor. Not a fan. He’s got one mode and one mode only: yelling at the top of his lungs about how he wants to get revenge. Boring.

— What about older Mika? Just skulking around wordlessly. Oh, those vampires… always so moody.

— And of course, the vampires in anime pretty much consist of dandy-looking guys who are in love with the sound of their own voices…

Owari no Seraph - 0103

…and loli-looking female characters. But don’t worry about whether or not it’s morally okay to fap to her character design, ’cause she’s got a dank soul.

— But all in all, the character designs are uninspired at best. What’s the better word? Ah right, ‘insipid.’

— What’s that? Our hero will soon start his training with the army?

Owari no Seraph - 0401

Aaaaaand it’s just another fucking classroom. Whoop-dee-doo.

— The constant violence between Guren and Yuichiro is also not to my taste. I guess it’s supposed to be funny? Like dad’s good ol’ domestic violence? It doesn’t really have any effect anyway. Yuichiro stays the same no matter how many times he gets kicked. I actually kind of wish the kicks actually worked.

Owari no Seraph - 0601

— And my god, the dialogue in this show is just…

Owari no Seraph - 0303


Owari no Seraph - 0402


Owari no Seraph - 0502


Owari no Seraph - 0504

Who wrote this cringeworthy shit?

— Guren simply walks into a classroom and stabs the ground, thereby causing black shit to seep out of the ground and assault the minds and hearts of all the students. The ones that don’t get knocked out are thus strong enough to form a contract with a demon!

Owari no Seraph - 0503

It’s weird, though. You don’t actually see the students do any training. It’s not that I actually want to see those cliche training montages. Seriously, ain’t nobody’s got time for that. But at the same time, I have no idea what those kids have actually been doing in this “classroom” this entire time. For example, were they being taught how to resist demons or what? ‘Cause it sure as hell didn’t look like the three main bros did anything to stay conscious during Guren’s assault. They just kinda stood there…

— Doesn’t it seem like every time these characters need to go somewhere, they just keep heading down? There’s like an infinite flight of stairs from the surface down to… well, I can only imagine some sort of anime hell.

— And yeah, you form contracts with demons so that you can use them as weapons or something. So demons vs. vampires. But the demons look lame as fuck:

Owari no Seraph - 0602

No, wait, it gets even worse:

Owari no Seraph - 0603

Remember when Homer invented a shotgun that could apply makeup to a woman’s face in an instant? Change makeup to anime, and shoot the kid from Ico at point blank range. Voila!

— The power of bromance, however, brings Yoichi back from the brink. I can’t wait until Yuichiro and Mika run into each other again. It’s going to be a great bro-off.

— All in all, a pretty crap show, but it’s somehow getting the split-cour treatment. And honestly, I haven’t got much to watch this spring season anyway. Sure, fine, I’ll laugh at this shit until something else catches my eye.

— Yo, are there even anything good on the horizon for the summer?

— One more parting shot:

Owari no Seraph - 0605


15 Replies to “Owari no Seraph Ep. 1-6: Demons! Vampires! And…!”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of people call this show attack on vampire because of how edgy the first episode was with the killing of children and all.

    And like every adaptation, the readers of the original material try to defend it and said that the highschool part is soon to be cut out and never seen again but will just become another 100% battle shonen about the power of friendship and yaoi shipping.

    This is one of the few shows I’m following this season just because of how unintentionally funny it is.

  2. Why is it fucking high school AGAIN in a FANTASY setting? People give shit to the FPS genre, but FPS has got fucking NOTHING on the high school genre. This shit is more tired and loose than a tranny hooker’s asshole on Bangkok’s busiest corners.
    And like EVERY high school setting, it does absolutely nothing more than say “look hi skul unifirmz evrybudy”.

    Can we get at least a university level of cast? You know, after high school when it’s possibly the most mundane and fleeting period in most people’s whole lifetimes? The time young people do nothing but try and cram every boring standard piece of knowledge into their heads to puke back out onto university entrance exams? No amount of animu-bullshit can make this setting anymore abysmally unexciting, and the last three dozen of high school shows have thoroughly shown this.

    At least in university, people got time more time and freedom on their hands. To do, y’know, magical shounen battles against evil people and shit. Not to mention, they don’t have to wear those god-fucking-awful school uniforms. Like God-damn, please tell me at least the Down’s-ridden otaku masses have figured this shit out.

    Again: High School Magical Shounen Battle Anime. What show in the past two decades are we talking about?

    1. It’s really sad considering the only shounen I have enjoyed for an extended period of time recently was My Hero Academia because it was willing to tip toe a little outside its own bland and sterile zone and borrow ideas that come from U.S. superhero comics. If you have not tried it, it might be worth reading the first chapter.

      1. In the end, Boku no hero is still a generic shonen packed with same tired cliches and plot progression that makes the genre feel so stale and overdone, especially as of right now. You got your standard boring protagonist that starts from the bottom and wants to become the very best hero, that no one ever was. Why? Because heroes are soooo cooool, like that other big guy over there. It even has a main rival and childhood friend with all the other standard tropes that you can find, just to further tell you that “Hey, I’m yet another battle shonen, number 2618”.

        Say what you want about a series like Fate/Snore Night but at least it’s trying to do something different and does make an interesting take on the whole “typical shonen protagonist formula” by giving us a look into its inner workings and by telling us that there’s a lot more to it in a “hero” than selfishly helping others simply because it’s an awesome thing to do.

        1. I will have to disagree with you on this. While it is inspired by both Shounen and western Superhero comics, it takes a rather well formed view of why people become heroes in the first place. The main character in My Hero Academia is one who simply sees someone in trouble and feels compelled to help. There’s nothing wrong with that as many societies say putting others before yourself is one of the greatest of virtues. Along with this he has a person he aspires to be. Look at firefighters and police officers, many put their lives on the line because it is their job. Yet why did they choose that job in the first place? Some want recognition and the perks that come with the job, others because of their family, and others because at some time during their lives they aspired to be one. This is all reflected in the childhood friend, the rival, and the main character of the story. Now will this series degrade over time? It’s likely and its also just as likely it will get a terrible cash grab anime adaptation at some point. However from what has been presented so far it is above many of its peers in terms of writing and I am going to include Fate/ Stay Night UBW as well.

        2. I would have to say the same as well. Maybe I am simply burned out of the whole typical battle shonen formula and Boku no hero brings absolutely nothing new to the genre at all. Or maybe I am simply spoiled by the works and writing of people like Miura, Takehiko Inoue, Makoto Yukimura and Naoki Urasawa. Compared to those guys, Horikoshi’s writing just doesn’t stand out to me at all and so far and lacks the level of intrigue and well fabricated development of their works. The plot progression of BnH is as predictable as the sunrise. It really is just another Naruto style underdog story with characters that have a very simplistic mindset and goal(s), written in an age where the manga/anime industry is full of these types of shonen works.

          Granted, F/SN isn’t devoid of those cliches, on the contrary and the writing itself can be all over the place. But, it does bring something new to the table by taking a revisionist sense to what the superhero and its concept might really well be. It actually feels more of an homage to the American superhero comics than BnH does, more specifically to the Revisionism era of the 80s where superheroes have just become a lot more gritty and “realistic”. While Horikoshi’s rising shonen might take inspiration from the powers, attacks and character designs of the US hero comics, Fate stay borrows more from the inside of these characters/heroes by giving us a look into how a real human being would handle trying to follow a superhero trope in a very real world and how hollow they can truly be, inside of their cape and mask.

          After all, wouldn’t someone who continuously risks his life for others without any regard for his own, subjects himself to constant pain and obsession, constantly doing things for people without asking for anything in return and who literally feels empty inside when they don’t help others be considered mentally unsound or at least really atypical as a human being? Personally, I find those themes a lot more intriguing.

    2. Such is the curse of seishun. I suppose it’s just Japanese cultural values. Westerners envision the twenties as the epitome of youth, Japan sees the late teens instead as the best time of their lives.

      I think the problem is lazy writers who just pick what’s done the most rather than try to construct an original formula.

  3. Basically Attack on Titan with a more generic anime setting. Gotcha. Like what AoT got for them was basically the non-high school setting of it all.

  4. For me this feels a lot like a shin megami tensei game than attack on titan (I mean seriously guys? are we going to limit ourselves to try to compare every monster caused post apocalyptic anime setting to that?) Though it’s not a very good one. If this was more like a military school and they already wear their demon corp uniforms I wouldn’t mind as much as they actually would look like soldiers. (those uniforms look 100000 times cooler than the pointless high school ones). We are already at the halfway point of the series already and we haven’t moved on from the prelude. I really hope the next half and season two can show us some good action and hopefully a satisfying ending.

    Also about the sex thing, it actually make sense but it also there is a very annoying double standard that gets highlighted a lot in anime. When a girl is teasing a male lead’s lack of sexual experienced while keeping all the waifus pure, how the fuck does that work?

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