Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? Ep. 9: Levels mean squat

DanMachi - 0902

There’s all this hemming and hawing about how Bellri was really only level one until this week’s episode. So suuuuuure, he’s still weak on magical fantasy paper… but the proof is in the pudding. Here, we have a kid who is growing faster than anyone else. And why? Because he works harder than everyone else? Not necessarily. I’m not saying he doesn’t work hard, but there’s no reason to believe that Bellri is the hardest working person in the entire DanMachi universe. No, we should not forget that he is growing so quickly because he’s in love. Then it gets even worse in this week’s episode… oh, it gets so much worse…

DanMachi - 0901

— The big news is that Bellri has finally hit level 2. That sounds like nothing, but it’s all relative. In DanMachi, for our hero to gain a level in just one and a half month makes him more than just a wunderkind. For perspective, it took Eyes a year to gain one level. So blah blah blah, he’s still weaaaaaak. Whatever, man.

— The other big news is that someone is looking for a party… hmm…

— Hestia says that since Bellri is now level 2, he gets a title… I don’t really know what the title does for him, though. Like does it confer any benefits? He also gets a new skill, but we don’t get to find out what it does just yet.

DanMachi - 0905

— By the way, the goddess’s outfit is ridiculous here.

And if anyone still has any doubts about my reading of this show’s dynamics…

— Bellri is hoping to get a “cool” title, but it just shows how childish his mentality really is:

DanMachi - 0907

In the end, however, Hestia gets him “Little Rookie.” And of course, his childish mind isn’t excited about it. I mean, you could use it as motivation. Or you could even embrace it ironically.

— First, people hated Bellri because he was weak.

DanMachi - 0909

Now they’re annoyed because he’s getting strong. It’s just how these boring universes work. All the girls are in love with the hero, and all the guys hate him. You can simultaneously get your dick sucked while having a pity party, too.

— Blah blah blah, avoid the middle floor because it’s soooooo much harder…

DanMachi - 0911

…unless, of course, you have recruit yourself an extra party member! Gosh, now where might I find one?

— In these stories, you can immediately tell who’s a bad guy and who’s not. Shady characters look like this:

DanMachi - 0913

So you shouldn’t even bother telling him off. Just have one of your many mommies beat him up. And prospective party members look like this:

DanMachi - 0915

Bellri bumps into Welf, the guy that you see above, while looking for an armor upgrade. Luckily enough, Welf just happens to be the very person who made Bellri’s current armor. Wow, such a small world!

— Welf is more than willing to become Bellri’s personal armorsmith. Really? How do you hope to make any money that way? Oh right, he wants to join Bellri’s group. This way, he gets a split of the dungeon drops. But how did he know joining Bellri would be profitable?

DanMachi - 0917

— Lili and Welf aren’t instant friends for whatever reason. Reasons I don’t really care about. According to Lili, Welf comes from a long line of fallen blacksmith nobles or something…

— Elsewhere, Eyes and her group are grinding harder than ever because of — you guessed it! — Bellri’s growth. He’s even a great motivator! Bellri just does it all!

DanMachi - 0921

— Bellri’s right hand is sparkling all over the place. It’s time for him to pull another special power out of his ass — a special power only available to special snowflakes.

DanMachi - 0922

— All of a sudden, they’re attacked by a baby dragon. By RPG logic, you’d meet a baby dragon on the lower floors, then meet some elder, fuck-you-in-the-ass dragon on the upper floors. But in real world logic, what would a baby dragon be doing down here where it can be killed? Ah well.

— Bellri fires just one firebolt at the baby dragon and instantly vaporizes it. Ta-da, his new ability is the ability to overcome any difficulty. I’m not even shitting you. That’s his new ability.

DanMachi - 0923

A bloo bloo he’s only level 2. Who gives a fuck what his level is? His skill is literally cheat mode. It’s like he just downloaded a bunch of trainers and blasting his way through the game when everyone else takes a year or more just to gain a level. What’s next? Is he going to fly?

— Anyway. Hestia also doesn’t trust Welf, but of course, does she trust anyone who dares to get close to her Bellri?

— There’s something boring shit about how Welf can make magical equipment, but he stopped because they break easy or some shit. But at the same time, he’s wasting his talents… so everyone wants a magical equipment because they’re strong, but at the same time, they break easily and let the user down. Uh…

DanMachi - 0925

— Welf takes that chili pepper minotaur horn from Bellri, and makes a dagger out of it.

DanMachi - 0927

It looks like a kitchen knife, though. But nevermind that. Our hero now has two fancy knives. So… uh… is he going to dual-wield?

— There’s a boring scene after the credits. I don’t recommend watching it. I’m saving you time by not even describing it. You didn’t miss anything. So who do you got in the finals? Warriors or Cavs?

— The Food Wars post will come a little later. Not too much later, but not now. Still shaking off the cold from last week, and had to do overtime today, so…


11 Replies to “Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? Ep. 9: Levels mean squat”

  1. And so his quest to become Kirito 2.0 continues, I love how the fanboys don’t even see the similarities between the two.

    So far he has gotten:

    An ability that is literally an Exp. Boost, which let’s him put in some (not that much) of the work for all of the gains.

    A dagger that levels up with him (that he barely uses anyways, why? ‘Cause fuck logic that’s why)

    A convinient magic ability given to him from a book that was convinently left behind.

    An insta-win ability, but the fanboys say it has a cooldown, but let’s be real he won’t need to ever use it more than once, at least not until that one fight where it will miss, then all of a sudden before he or someone is about to die the cooldown won’t matter because he’ll be able to pull it off convinently at the right time.

  2. Is it wrong to feel bad for the baby dragon? It was just frolicking in the woods only to get burned alive by some asshole trying to impress his mommies.

  3. Well, this show as officially entered irreversible-schlock territory.

    I wonder why the writer even bothered to write this story. This is just lazy horse-shit.
    So we already know his Hyper-EXP gain is unadulterated bullshit, and now he’s got super powerful spell killshot. Okay? Why not go Full Retard and do a SAO? Introduce Special Snowflake, do a time skip and then bring him back in when he’s Special Snowflake trademarked powerful. At least it’d save us the trouble of watching the fluff that is 95% of what we’ve seen so far. There’s no journey here.
    Bellri’s really great at being a multi-classer! Isn’t it incredible that he’s got such an incredible super powerful attack that can kill a fucking dragon in one shot? It’s almost as if he jumped up the tech-tree because fuck it. Nah I’m not gonna chuck weak-ass level 1 fireballs, let’s just get straight to the “Ifrit Planet Core Anal-Fisting”.
    Again, just fucking lazy. Other than not having magic at all, why not be a little more imaginative? What about a FF Death style ability? Sure, you miss like a motherfucker but when the planets align and the gods will it, you kill the guy dead. What? Then he won’t be over-powered anymore? Yeah, forget everything I said then.

    Aw, I don’t want to associate with those big tough guys because they’re so mean. Guess what bitch, those big, tough, mean guys are veterans that probably curb stomp all kinds of monster ass. You know, without pissy daggers and plot-given spells.
    But nah, it’s fine. Just go with the guy that looks the most like anime onii-chan. But don’t worry! Plot armor will keep you both safe.

    I’m 99% sure that he’s going to dual wield knives. Why? Because this is anime and he has the PERFECT number of daggers to dual wield: TWO.
    As much as I pretty much hate swords because of how much it’s a Predictable MC Weapon, it’s better than backseat knives. What, is it because it’s more original? Because it’s not and that’s fucking dumb.
    And it’s not even like he’s a cloak-and-dagger character. The class you see mainly utilizing daggers are thief and assassin types that have abilities for high evasion (that Bellri doesn’t have because he gets knocked on his ass like a chump), and critical, poison, and bleed skills to make up for the lack of slashing power (which he has none of).
    But again, nah. It’s because thief classes are SO LAME and NOT HEROIC. So don’t give him fucking knives then. He’s already wearing retarded-ass looking armor that a novice swordsman would wear. And fuck, that red armor made me want to puke.
    Oh, right, his daggers get more powerful has he does? Yeah, because the universe isn’t revolving around him already, just give him more advantages. By the end of this shitshow he’ll probably have flashstep and some dumb X-Strike move using both daggers just to show for its originality.

    Meh, but who am I kidding, nobody’s actual watching this for the story or even 99% of the characters, not even the other chicks. Who actually cares about Eyes (Aiz or whatever dumbshit) or bimbo-goddess chick? The writer thought of String-Tits and wondered how he could get that into a story. Did it have to be a fantasy story? Nope, String-Tits would’ve worked just fine in your generic highschool harem show.

    1. Dont u worry, this guy will have omislash (The advent children version) as his basic skill and by the time he hit level 3 (at this rate, probably another 9 episodes or season 2) and he would have some skill that nullify all damage from all sort, after all, that’s what he is currently missing.

      Kirito must have been real proud of this beater.

  4. And during the last blog some guy tried to correct me when I said that he was going all kirito since his stats went all S, bringing useless details till we end up with this episode. Insta-win ability? working hard my ass. This anime is shit and for everyone denying the mother theme going on on this show was even proved by the series itself. And Hestias dress makes me feel disgusted by her. It’s not cute, nor sexy, I really can’t tell why. Viewers who believe this is the best show of the season are pretty much the same who said that SAO was a masterpiece…..fuck this shit, I’ll go watch Slayers (didn’t know it was on hulu) a true fantasy adventure series that I’ve haven’t see but so far, way better than this.

  5. “All the girls are in love with the hero, and all the guys hate him” you pretty much described every harem anime out there

    1. “pretty much described every harem anime out there”
      Yet this series is somehow considered by many the best anime of the season……..this is why anime and it’s fans are never taken seriously.

      1. I’m kind of losing hope in anime all the character just feel the same between Nisekoi, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU and Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches I just get confuse on how similar the characters are, and like you said people would still see them as the most original shows ever

        1. Its just a sad but rather common occurrence in many media. When money is more tight there is less experimentation with an emphasis “safe” materials. Only thing is that these “safe” materials make a media more and more niche as people slowly wander away from homogeneous entertainment till it becomes nothing worth talking about. I hope this doesn’t occur with anime but each new season recently makes me a little more cynical and the fact that this show is just so creatively lazy is just… ugh

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