Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? Ep. 10: What sort of hero needs a search party?

DanMachi - 1001

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First things first, Bellri is about to head down into the middle floors, and somehow, that dark red cloak is “flashy.”

— Remember those sad-looking ogres on… the tenth floor, I think? And remember how they were on a floor that seemed devoid of color? It wasn’t as though the tenth floor was creative-looking or aesthetically pleasing, but it was better than staring at caves and more caves.

DanMachi - 1003

Well, we’re back in a cave. And it’s also back to fighting cute, fuzzy little animals. Sure, that hellhound can breathe fire…

DanMachi - 1004

And these jackrabbits can wield axes… wait, what? Anyway, my point is still the same as it was weeks ago: the world-building here sucks mega balls.

— Elsewhere, people are still talking about Bellri:

DanMachi - 1005

And this person is none other than Hermes. But it’s not like it matters. After all, we don’t really know why the Gods and Goddesses are here, what they really do, what purpose they serve, so on and so forth. But by golly, do they sure have an interest in our boy hero! Who’s the god now?!

— Eventually, Bellri and company are surrounded by more monsters than they can handle.

DanMachi - 1006

Other adventurers are having the same problem. Maybe if you wore pants instead of a robe and shoulder pads, you might do a little better against axe-wielding bunnies.

— That desperate other party, however, hatches a dastardly scheme: they intend to train their monsters onto Bellri’s party, thereby allowing them to escape.

DanMachi - 1008

As you can see, it’s an evil, evil guy who comes up with the plan. Evil guys are always trying to make Bellri’s life difficult. I bet he’s smirking on the inside, too.

DanMachi - 1010

And it’s the cutiepatootie girl who feels guilty. Girls are angels. Guys are evil. Except the main character, but that’s ’cause he’s really just a kid. He hasn’t grown up to be an evil guy just yet. Oh, what a world we must live in that all older guys are not to be trusted.

DanMachi - 1011

— So more scenes of Bellri and company desperately fighting off monsters. I think these are supposed to be heart-pumping, edge-of-your-seat moments. But we’re in a dumb cave, fighting off dogs and rabbits. Whatever.

DanMachi - 1013

— An earthquake unfortunately all but incapacitate Lili and… the that other dude. The one dude besides Bellri who isn’t evil. Shit, that’s pretty much his only mark of distinction. Oh, he makes good weapons? Not even that unique.

DanMachi - 1016

— Oh no, a dog is going to vomit Fire III on our heroes! What will they do! Is this… is this the end?!!@!@!

DanMachi - 1014

— Oh good, let’s cut away from the tense moment to see Hestia running in her skimpy outfit. Our goddess is concerned that Bellri hasn’t returned, but when isn’t she concerned?

— When we finally return to our heroes, we see that they are…

DanMachi - 1017

…safe for the time being. Well, that’s nice. I sure am glad that whenever a life-threatening moment is about to occur, we just do a timeskip to avoid animating it entirely. When Indy was running away from that rolling boulder, Spielberg should’ve just cut to Jones being safe and sound back in the jungle. C’mon, Spielberg, learn from your Japanese animating overlords!

— So what do we do now? Thanks to that earthquake, our heroes are even deeper into the dungeon. Well, Lili suggests that they head on down to the 18th floor, because it’s apparently a safe zone with no monsters. That’s convenient. And although there’s a boss on the 17th floor, if our heroes hurry, Loki’s party will kill it and Bellri can make it through before it respawns! How heroic. Then when they get to the 18th floor, they can just wait until a kind group of adventurers help lead them back out. Doubly heroic.

DanMachi - 1020

— On the outside, those irresponsible adventurers confess what they’ve done, and…

DanMachi - 1021

…there’s this overly-highlight moment where Hestia recruits their help. She’s forming a search party for Bellri. Alright, back to what I had originally said, what kind of hero needs a search party? Seriously. Nothing is inspiring about this dude at all. He’s only strong because he’s been given the most awesome traits in the book. He gets the best weapon for free because his mommy is willing to work herself to the bone to pay for it (then he just happens to meet a guy who has no friends, so he’s willing to become Bellri’s personal blacksmith). And in the end, he still can’t even get anything done. He gets lost in the dungeon, so his mommy has to round up some of the neighborhood to go look for him. This really should just be a series about some special child who decided to go play in the woods behind his house, and somehow got lost. And just like that, the dogs and bunnies start to make sense. But it really doesn’t, because a child’s imagination is an amazing thing. Whoever imagined these boring caves are dead on the inside, and maybe that’s why they so desperately want to be a coddled, little kid.

DanMachi - 1022

— So Hermes shows up with his assistance, and volunteers to go look for Bellri. After all, Bellri is special, and everyone — including other gods — have nothing better to do than to involve themselves in his life. Supposedly, it’s against the rules for gods to enter the dungeon, but man oh man, it’s not like we know shit about these gods. Just throw some lazy theory out there. Like adventurers are all dead, and they need to go through some ridiculously long cave in order to make it back to the surface, i.e. life. And the gods are supposed to help them achieve reincarnation. I mean, who knows? But it’s more than what we’ve got now, which is nothing. There’s just some dungeon and we’re adventurers so we’re going to adventurer the fuck out of it!!! And there are gods, but they kinda don’t do anything…

DanMachi - 1026

— Eventually, Bellri and company run into brown minotaurs. I don’t even remember if the previous minotaur was brown or not. I’ll just pretend it wasn’t brown, so at least DanMachi has the palette-swapping part of JRPGs down. For a short moment, Bellri goes Kirito on their ass, but I guess he can only tap into this Gary Stu-ness every once in a while. Like a Limit Break. Maybe this series is really just Kirito being trapped in an MMO within an MMO, and made to think he’s a weak level 2 character. Inception, baby!

DanMachi - 1027

— After the credits, Chloe joins the search party. Ain’t nobody needs pants where we’re headin’! Anyway, see you DanMachi lovers next week for more crackpot theories about this series and why it even exists.


13 Replies to “Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? Ep. 10: What sort of hero needs a search party?”

  1. Why can’t there be any normal males?

    We got the overly polite pansy
    The pig headed DBG designated bad guy
    The dumbass who fights for his friends

    It’s almost as of anime likes to emphasize characteristics or at least leave them on the surface. That doesn’t have to be bad… so why does it feel so bad when I see it?

    Looks like character depth is actually character shallow.

  2. Other than being incredibly unimaginative, this world is also incredibly sanitary, which pretty much goes hand in hand with one another.
    Like, these dungeon floors are supposed to be dangerous right? If they are, then you literally do ANYTHING to make sure you and your party members survive… even if you feed others to do so… like what Other Party Guy does. Is it “evil”? I mean, it’s not nice, but this shit isn’t supposed to be a kindergarten playground; this is supposed to be the definition of “get rich or die trying”. I’d say his decision was pretty spot on, if this was a gritty fantasy show. Scumbag-tactics used for reversing the situation is more interesting to watch than hurr-durr im heero-moves. That’s why JoJo is enjoyable to watch, both good guys and bad guys do anything they can do gain the upper hand.
    But nope, because this is a Wool As White As Snow fantasy world, this kind of decision is framed as an utterly irredeemable crime because, with me everyone, “Bell Gary Stu wouldn’t do something like that”. He’d try and save everyone on that floor because that’s what boring-ass heroes do. Bellri’s not an adventurer, he’s a boring hero, like Superman.
    Why does the other party have to go apologize and make up for their mistakes? Why do they have to? Do they have some kind of obligation to Bellri and co.? You know, other than them being main characters? They know the risks of dungeoning, and if something happens to them then tough shit. Maybe don’t go do dangerous shit if you know there’s a chance you’ll fuckin’ die if you’re not up to it regardless of the circumstances.

    But don’t worry “Party Leader B” (who I think is a better character than MC in all respects), since Bell is a Gary Stu Hero he’ll forgive ya in the end because that’s what boring MCs do. They don’t have time to hold grudges when there are so many tits around!

    Huh, tell me if I’m wrong, but was there a part in this episode where Bell was actively trying to pick up chicks in this dungeon? No, right? Just making sure. Maybe don’t fucking call this show that then. There’s my obligatory “why is this show called this” section.

    1. If this were a gritty fantasy show there would likely be blood feuds between each familia over such occurences. Which would be rather awesome as well as add some depth to each faction other than we are helpless pseudo-women that love Bell or we are evil men who hate bell and are evil just ’cause.

    2. “Bellri’s not an adventurer, he’s a boring hero, like Superman.”
      Comparing a pathetic mommy’s boy gary stu whose been given everything to him to one of the most memorable and iconic characters of fiction who has endured for over 75 years is pretty damn absurd, specially since Bell will be forgotten pretty soon……..but besides that, I agree with everything else.

      1. There are a sizable amount of people who think that Superman is an OP Mary Sue. Considering the amount of superpowers he has and his near spotless reputation (discounting side-stories where he’s turned into an anti-hero/villain), they’re not wrong.

        Superman? Yeah, he’s a classic just because of the wide-spread media attention he’s enjoyed for decades, but that doesn’t mean he’s imperfect. A lot of DC superheroes have the same problem, but that’s a topic for a different time. I wasn’t pointing to popularity, but rather their character flaws as Gary Stu’s.

        Although I will give Superman the benefit of the doubt because he was created in an era where today’s literary criticism didn’t exist. If he was created after the year 2000, he would’ve been ripped apart and tossed aside.
        Bell on the other hand? Yeah, he’s the weakest example of a character that’s just another self-insert character to be later thrown into the trash heap. Are there like only three or four types of male characters that Japanese writers can think of? Pretty much.

          1. To be honest, I kinda pulled that number out of my ass but…

            1. Apathetic guy that’s too-cool-for-school
            2. Bungling idiot who’s “great” at plot-role
            3. Try-hard that NEEDS to help everybody and do everything.
            4. Mr. Generic who isn’t particularly unique or rememberable.

            Any and all are and have been Gary Stu’s or harem leads, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. Although, if a character is #4, then they probably shouldn’t exist at all, yet they commonly do… as main characters.

        1. Just like there is sizable group of people who believe superman is a boring Op gary stu, there’s another one that disagrees so i really don’t see the point of bringing that up. But since I really do not want to start arguing about it, I’ll just simply say I don’t agree with that claim since I actually read superman and action comics in a monthly basis and understand the big blue enough to see that he’s one of the most human superheroes of them all despite his heritage, he isn’t invincible, he has the daily struggle of deciding how much he should be doing before he’s seen as an unstoppable oppressor or the fact that with has so many powers, he still can’t be everywhere at once and save everyone as he knows better than anyone that he’s not a god but a man who wants to do good in the world, there is more to this but it would take too long. It’s pretty understandable why he has managed to survive for so long when many others have disappear into obscurity. Even if it kinda helps that he’s the archetype of all superheroes. But yeah, different opinions and all but come on, sups should not be compared to a lameass momma’s boy like Bell.

  3. You know the basic ideas of exploration and deities is rather amazing if put together properly. I mean exploration and cartography in a hostile environment was a large inspiration for many past fiction works. Deities from around the world have always been fascinating because in many cases they are either contradictory or represent multiple concepts depending on interpretation. The potential to create a fascinating experience when using a late 20th or early 21st century perspective is incredible. Too bad more often than not you see these kinds of shows that never even put a real effort in examining well any of these concepts.

  4. “Maybe this series is really just Kirito being trapped in an MMO within an MMO, and made to think he’s a weak level 2 character. Inception, baby!”

    You just described Season 3 of SAO in one sentence. No, I’m actually not being sarcastic.

    1. I’d be interested in knowing what real SAO fans think about the latest books. Yeah, I know they’re pure schlock but you never know what SAO fans even see in the series in the first place. Is it more of what they like or is it the Star Wars prequels?

      I took a peak of what’s to come and wow, it’s pretty fucking disgusting.

  5. Another lame episode, I mean, is nice having another male on the main cast yet he still hasn’t shown anything special. But now that I think about it if we follow this stupid world’s logic, he’s the second nicest person male, so he should be getting a lot of ladies too right?…….right?………….yeah, this is trash.

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