Quick Impressions: Ace Attorney & Endride

Endride - 0108

For people new to my blog, these are shows I don’t expect to follow in the coming weeks. I’m just writing about them now to kill some time.

Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney 0102

I don’t know anything about Ace Attorney aside from those objection gifs I used to see a few years ago. The game has pretty much all but disappeared from memory, so that’s why it was semi-surprising to see the anime adaptation pop up. I was kinda like, “Oh, I guess Ace Attorney is still a thing.” Is it even popular anymore? And I don’t mean, “Do people still play it?” The more salient question is whether or not interest in Ace Attorney has peaked, and if we’re only now seeing an anime adaptation in an attempt to keep it relevant. After all, it’s not like this is a horribly expensive show to make. There isn’t a whole lot of action to speak of. Characters look stiff, and the background settings are equally unremarkable. I don’t know, this all feels pretty phoned in.

Also, the execution leaves something to be desired. Basically, it’s the main character’s first case, and not only that, he has to defend a childhood friend from a homicide charge. At one point, the prosecution calls the accused to the stand, and the guy pretty much shoots himself in the foot over and over. I mean, I guess I don’t know how Japanese courts operate, but defense attorneys don’t get to talk to the defendant first and coach him or her on what to say and how to say it? You could argue that the story’s told this way for comic relief or something, but… I wasn’t laughing. Was anybody else laughing? The prosecution then calls a key witness to the stand, and Naruhodo is shocked. Shocked! But whatever.

Ace Attorney 0103

I don’t want to quibble too much about Ace freaking Attorney, though. It’s not like it was ever meant to win any awards, that’s for sure. More ridiculousness unfolds as the cross-examination takes place, but I don’t want to nitpick the anime. Obviously, it’s not a gritty, super-realistic courtroom drama. It’s kinda silly, and it’s supposed to be fun. Not fun for me, but I guess this style is fun for a lot of people. The only thing that made me cringe was when the childhood friend started whining about how the victim — a.k.a. the dead girl — betrayed him by going on a trip to New York with (supposedly) another man. Dude, she just died. Someone just died. Like what the fuck is wrong with you?

But really, although her death is the catalyst that sets everything here in motion, no one really takes it all that seriously. You want to be stylistic about what occurs in a courtroom, that’s fine. Not my cup of tea, but who cares? I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. But it was just jarring to see how blase everyone was about the girl’s death, and especially the dude who supposedly loved her so much. The story’s approach to a tragedy merely cements the fact that I won’t revisit this show; it doesn’t engage me on any level. I can’t even feel bad at the fact that someone just died.


Endride - 0101

lol whut

Endride - 0109

Shun, our hero, blushes around crystals. These personality traits always seem gimmicky, because it does not feel as though the main character developed his love for crystals organically. Rather, crystals are important to this story that I want to tell, and oh would you like at that? My main character happens to love them as well! It doesn’t have to be crystals. It could be anything. But could you imagine, say, a Final Fantasy story starting off with the main character delivering a wistful monologue like, “Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved crystals…” It’s just lame.

Endride - 0102

It’s like this stupid shop. Hohoho, it’s not like I have any customers! I just opened a crystal shop for no damn reason! But jokes aside, does this place have any reason for its existence other than to set up this very scene? Do you even see the story revisiting this location ever again for the rest of the series?

Endride - 0112

But anyway, it’s a generic start for a pretty generic premise. Shun appears to be your average high school kid aside from his crystal fetish. So now it’s time to pluck him out of his suburban Tokyo life, and drop him right dab into the middle of some bog standard, hack-n-slash fantasy fare. Yawn.

Endride - 0113

Poor mom. First, her husband is too busy working on a weekend to come home and spend time with his family. It’s not just any dinky weekend, either. It’s his birthday. Then to top it all off, when her son goes to his father’s lab to drag the old man home, he ends up getting sucked into some fantasy world. I like to imagine he just gets lost in the world of video games or something simply due to his dad’s absentee parenting. But I digress.

Endride - 0111

Elsewhere, Emilio aims to avenge his father by stabbing some dude in his sleep. Daddy issues abound. Unfortunately, the guy wakes up right before the grisly deed can be carried out, then calls Emilio a coward. I mean, I guess this isn’t really a fair fight, but when you’re trying to avenge your father, who gives a shit about a fair fight? An uninspiring duel ensues.

Endride - 0103

This is how they fight in this anime. A giant, gaping hole appears in your chest, then a weapon comes out.

Endride - 0114

So we get some backstory about Emilio. He used to think that the current king was pretty cool, but then he heard some maids say that Delzaine was responsible for his dad’s death. So now he’s mad! Works for me. But the problem is that he’s weak. He needs to go questing and grind some exp if he’s going to defeat the evil king. That’s when Shun comes tumbling out of nowhere, and this kicks off their escape from the castle.

Endride - 0115

There’s really nothing else to talk about, really. Just a handful of things to snicker about.

Endride - 0105

Like how Shun cops an attitude even though he doesn’t know jack shit about where he is or how he just managed to kill three soldiers with a magical weapon that came out of his chest.

Endride - 0104

“Honey, if you don’t want to be a good father, fine, but at least know the whereabouts of your own goddamn son.”

Endride - 0106

lol whut part deux

Endride - 0107show me what you got

Then the episode kinda ends. No real climax or anything. We meet two more characters, but nothing to really compel me to watch next week’s episode.

Endride - 0116

So what are my thoughts? Don’t believe Twitter’s lies. This was not the best show to premiere yesterday. Or if it was, then yesterday was pretty shitty.

2 Replies to “Quick Impressions: Ace Attorney & Endride”

  1. “Is it even popular anymore? And I don’t mean, “Do people still play it?” The more salient question is whether or not interest in Ace Attorney has peaked, and if we’re only now seeing an anime adaptation in an attempt to keep it relevant.”

    The last game was a few years ago. Ace Attorney has been pretty quiet since then, but it’ll pop up again with the next game, which is coming this year. I can only imagine this adaptation is partly to build hype for the new game. I wouldn’t be surprised if AA has hit its all-time peak, but I expect it’ll stick around and earn profits for a while yet.

  2. “Is it even popular anymore? And I don’t mean, “Do people still play it?” The more salient question is whether or not interest in Ace Attorney has peaked, and if we’re only now seeing an anime adaptation in an attempt to keep it relevant.”

    The Ace Attorney games are still popular and the next game is expected to has good sales.

    The problem of this anime in my opinion was that the direction feel lazy. A-1 will just try to copy paste the story of the game in the anime. This was not a funny episode and don’t think that A-1 Pictures will improve.

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