Mayoiga Ep. 12 (Finale): Explanations, explanations, and more explanations

Mayoiga - 1209

I heard you kids were clamoring for answers. Well, have I got answers for you! This finale episode is nothing but one clunky explanation after another. But oddly enough, it still manages to not answer all of the important questions. More after the jump. 

— When we last left off, Speedstar’s Nanaki had grown to a tremendous size due to his weird, clingy feelings for Mitsumune. We kick this episode off with everyone shocked and surprised that they can see his Nanaki. Why is that, by the way? Why are they able to see his trauma? Oddly enough, in an episode full of banal explanations, this is one of the few times we don’t actually get one. If I have to speculate, I guess our psychological scars are visible to others if it ever gets really bad. Let’s say I’m secure about my weight, so I become bulimic. When you’re in the early stages of bulimia, people don’t usually notice it. They only start to show concerns once it gets really bad, i.e. I end up weighing 50 lbs because I’m purging too often. So who knows! Maybe everyone can see Speedstar’s grandma for a similar reason! There, I provided an explanation. Woo!

— Somehow, Speedstar can also climb atop his Nanaki, and command it to kill people. Um, I’m not gonna try and explain that.

Mayoiga - 1207

— So Mitsumune tries to touch Speedstar’s heart with his words, and this almost works. Unfortunately, Koharun steps out from the shadows, and starts provoking Speedstar again. Very lazy framing here, by the way. The giant Nanaki then goes out of control, and starts chasing everyone again except Koharun. I guess she’s immune. In any case, Mitsumune tries to show that he’s developed as a character by carrying Speedstar on his back.

— But what’s this? Mitsumune drops his walkie-talkie, and Koharun hears a familiar voice coming through it… that’s right! Kamiyama is her dad! Explanation time! The best part is when Reiji shows up out of nowhere. Well, he’s a Nanaki so he can probably just teleport from place to place. But more importantly, he starts explaining Koharun’s motives to her. Um, I think she knows why she’s doing the things that she’s doing. But it would be weird for Reiji to just break the fourth wall and start talking to the audience. At the same time, there’s no one else for him to talk to. As a result, he’s speaking directly to Koharun. Isn’t anime just swell? Why is she exploiting people’s traumas? She’s doing this for her dad! If he keeps aging too fast, he’ll die! So if she creates a large enough Nanaki, it might, uh, amplify the other ones, and thus, they can locate her father’s lost Nanaki…?

— In the end, Kamiyama explains to his daughter that he’s perfectly happy in his current state, because even though he’ll likely die soon, he gets to use himself in his research. Why, that’s not selfish at all! What sensible man would allow himself to die early? What sensible man wouldn’t leave his loved ones behind all in the name of research? Can’t blame Koharun’s reaction here.

Mayoiga - 1218

— Also, people keep asking this question a lot. You might have noticed that she just asked the same question a few moments ago, but hey, he never really answered it, so she may as well ask it again!

— So we cut back to Mitsumune and company, and they’re still trying to escape Speedstar’s Nanaki. All of a sudden, our hero trips while trying to carry his buddy through that tunnel the story always returns to. That’s when Speedstar suddenly has the strength to get on his feet, and… uh, I guess he’s not psycho anymore. I mean, I just love how for the past three or four episodes, the guy had been this super jealous, super deranged clingy motherfucker who practically wanted to wear Mitsumune’s skin (“Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me.”). But I guess being carried by Mitsumune has given Speedstar a grand epiphany. As a result, he stands there and explains to everyone (and thus the audience) that protecting Mitsumune was giving him confidence, so that’s why he did it. And just like that, he accepts his Nanaki. Poof, both Speedstar and his Nanaki suddenly disappear. Well, that was anticlimactic…

— Everyone’s naturally confused by Speedstar’s disappearance. But it’s okay! Reiji’s here to explain everything! Speedstar’s back in the real world now! He’s good to go. Nope, no longer psycho, Perfectly well-adjusted youth ready to return to his abusive parents.

— Masaki is both shocked and happy to see Reiji, but he now gets to explain to the girl that he’s her Nanaki. How come her Nanaki is so smart, by the way? How come Reiji can talk and act on his own volition when all the other Nanakis don’t seem to have any smarts? Oh well. This isn’t an important explanation, I guess. Instead, we get a flashback to explain Reiji’s origins. He’s not her cousin. In fact, he’s not even based on anything real! He’s just an imaginary friend the girl used to have, but obviously, it’s a little weird to have an imaginary friend past the age of 5 or so. As a result, she came looking for Nanaki Village, because she heard stories about the place and how it can cause certain things to physically manifest.

Mayoiga - 1226

— Masaki is unable to accept the painful truth, so she runs off. To where? Who knows? I often like to imagine how these stories would play out if people had taken different actions. For instance, what if nobody had gone after the girl? What then? What would Masaki had done? Just stay out in the woods, crying to herself?

— In any case, Reiji sends Mitsumune after the girl. After all, at the end of last week’s episode, Masaki called out Mitsumune’s name when she needed. She used to always call out Reiji’s name, but for the first time ever, she… uh, she needs someone else’s help instead. As a result, Mitsumune gets to replace Reiji. Y’see, in order for Masaki to accept her Nanaki, she must also have someone to replace her Nanaki. Our poor girl can’t get over her imaginary friend by herself. Her void must be filled by a pathetic love interest! I mean, isn’t this kind of pathetic? She’s not really solving her own problems. She’s just going from an imaginary crutch to a real crutch.

— As Mitsumune chases after the girl, he sees some brown turd wearing Masaki’s ribbon. He suddenly remembers that he still has that same ribbon in his possession. Y’know, the one she had dropped in that foggy place. By the way, we never learn what that foggy place is, but it’s okay. We have plenty of other explanations to offer. But to get back on track, Mitsumune realizes that he now has a new Nanaki. Yup, fucker accepted one trauma, then replaced it with another one in a jiffy. At this point, aren’t we just making light of psychological scars now? Well, I wanna save my love interest, so I’ll just cry about her, and voila… I’m back in the village!

— Speaking of the village, Reiji stops by the place, and tells the rest of the lethargic village idiots the truth. It’s ultimately up to them if they wanna stay in this dumb place, but they should consult their Nanakis first! I mean, it’s only polite. He explains that by going on this second life trip in the first place, these people were leaving their past selves behind. So of course, these Nanakis were just, like, sad. Bro, they just don’t want to be left behind. You can understand that, right?

Mayoiga - 1234

— You are so right, girl whose name I do not remember.

— But seriously, could you imagine this same premise working if someone here actually had a super real, super scary trauma? Oh, you were raped and now you’re scared of men? C’mon, you gotta embrace that shit, dawg. It’s a part of you! Don’t run away!

— There’s that question again.

— Back to Mitsumune and Masaki, we get more flashbacks about the girl and her imaginary friend. She just wants someone to tell her exactly what she wants to hear. Too bad Reiji’s imaginary. But like I’ve said, it’s okay now, because Mitsumune can totally fulfill that role. He’s spent all series white-knighting her, so you know he’s not blowing smoke up her ass. He’ll definitely tell her what she wants to hear. Cue blushing.

— So she calls Mitsumune’s Nanaki cute, and instantly, Reiji creepily smiles. Then bam, just like that, Masaki has accepted her Nanaki. The girl thus gets to leave the village. How very anti-climactic

— Back at the village, Lion confesses that she still wants to stay. Upon hearing this, others voice the same desire. So what if we’re running away! We have good reasons to run away! So Koharun, done playing the bad guy, pops out and explains that she’ll stay behind and research a way for people to stay behind without losing their identity. That’s… that’s convenient. I like how it was once a real danger that people could honestly die (or lose their identity) if they stayed in the village, but now, it’s… it’s not a danger anymore. Koharun said she’ll do some research, so we’re good now. What sort of research? Beats me.

— Also, can we really trust Koharun? She tried to screw everyone over just to save her dad. She misled everyone about this tour. Are we really just gonna accept her back with open arms?

Mayoiga - 1246

Oh okay, I guess it’s cool then.

— One girl says she’ll stay, so a guy says he’ll stay too. The girl blushes. Valkana then says he also wants to stay… to make sure Koharun isn’t a bad person. So she blushes. Fuck this anime, man.

— And just like that, the show is over.

— We see some wordless scenes during the credits. It’s like they ran out of money, and couldn’t bother to write the rest of the story. Here is the departing group, and here are the losers staying behind.

— We see Dahara lead people back through the forest… but what we don’t see is anyone accepting their Nanakis. After all, isn’t that what you have to do in order to leave? And it can’t be this easy to accept your trauma. Lovepon is haunted by memories of abuse. That one guy is haunted by the silicone boob in his head. And now, they’re just gonna walk out of the village? C’mon.

— But nope, that’s exactly what happens. They literally just walk out of the forest. I assume they accepted their Nanakis offscreen, but what a dumb way to end the story.

Mayoiga - 1252

— Eventually, Mitsumune wakes up to find himself back on the tour bus along with all the people who were willing to leave. Speedstar and Masaki greet him happily. I guess they’re just gonna put everything behind them. Hey Speedstar, remember when you wanted me to be your slave and shit?

— Like okay, they’ve accepted their Nanakis, but so what? They ran away from home for real reasons in the first place. Even if you’ve accepted your psychological scars, the reasons those scars exist are still there! How will Speedstar cope with his abusive parents? What about that Nyan girl and her bullies? What about Lovepon’s issues? Ah well, just forget about it. The show’s over.

— Even the bus driver’s back. Everyone starts singing that hippopotamus song as they hit the road. We catch a glimpse of Kamiyama and Yottsun watching the bus drive by. I guess the latter is gonna stay behind with his God.

— Finally, Mayoiga is done for good. Good riddance. Do I even have a final word for this series? No, no I do not. I think this finale speaks for itself.

5 Replies to “Mayoiga Ep. 12 (Finale): Explanations, explanations, and more explanations”

  1. honestly the only good thing that came out of this anime was being able to read this post and laugh, funniest shit I’ve read in a while.

  2. Meh… and here I am after so many painful episodes to watch yet somehow still hoping that Mistumune x Maimai ship would at least develop into a thing until the end….

    So much wasted potential.

      1. Because it blatantly showed in the beginning Mitsumune didn’t interested in her for shallow reason, that’s should be good start for a proper development considering his character that stupidly blushing every time he interact with a girl.

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